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Focusing on Their Musical Craft: Nigel and Evan Rise Above the Haters

For most musicians, the COVID-19 outbreak means halting their careers. No more concerts, musical gigs, or live performances. Despite it all, the pandemic also brought an outburst of musical creativity, as can be witnessed over the social media landscape like Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and whatnot. It seems that music is being used as a means of coping up with the current crisis. In fact, music in itself releases “happy” chemicals that can boost anyone’s mood. For musicians and performers like Nigel and Evan, music became their greatest motivator in overcoming social isolation. It also gave them the perfect opportunity to master their musical craft, share them on social media, and as a means to connect to the world outside. And so far, they have been succeeding.

But having reached a certain level of success, the American Pop Duo is now facing a stumbling block in their career path. Haters. They usually hide behind phony usernames, blank profiles, and unsolicited opinions. There seems to be a surplus of trolls, haters, and harsh endless criticisms in today’s age. However, Nigel and Evan are not fazed by the criticism from the naysayers. Their dedication and deep-rooted love for their craft inspired them to continue sharing their music on various social media platforms. As a matter of fact, they try to see the better side of things. For them having haters is an indication of their growing success. The chances are that they are pop stars in the making, and the world has started to take notice.

On a positive note, Nigel and Evan remain to dominate the music scene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with their happy and upbeat songs. They are currently engrossed in doing live performances on social media. Each performance has garnered them an increasing fan base. Fans even dubbed them as the Yin and Yang of the music industry because their exceptional talents genuinely complement each other. With Evan as the lead singer and Nigel as the drummer, the two are just bursting with creative energy every time they are together. 

Despite the difficulty of performing during a pandemic, the American Pop Duo still managed to rise to the challenge. Social media has become their primary tool to express their creativity in the musical scene. With platforms like Tiktok and Spotify, live shows have become their thing. Unfortunately, their recent post was flagged by Tiktok because the two were shirtless during the performance. Instead of feeling down by it, they opted to move to Instagram. “We wanted to continue doing these shows because we don’t want to miss out on doing what we love and the whole purpose of us making music is to share it and what better way to share it than to use the advantage of technology and social media to create art for the public to see,” Evan stated.

Although the past few weeks have become a roller coaster for Nigel and Evan, they believe there will be far better days ahead. For now, the duo is investing their time and effort in their weekly live stream concerts on Tiktok and Instagram. You can also stream their music on Spotify.

Light Warriors Group Seeks to Bring Ripples of Inspiration, Hope, and Positivity Through the Power of Music

With one global challenge after another, the world is undeniably at a place where negativity thrives and hopelessness effortlessly seeks its way in, disrupting people’s lives in the most unpleasant ways possible. Determined to pursue the mission to bring a powerful difference to society, Light Warriors turns to music as a tool to effectively channel encouragement, hope, and love for the world. Ultimately, the rising music group intends to heal and unite people through unique blends of sounds to help them realize what the world truly needs today.

Light Warriors is a surging music powerhouse that navigates through the realms of rock, funk, and reggae sounds while incorporating indie sensibilities that, albeit familiar, also bring a fresh feeling to the listeners. Composed of seven dedicated members, the group of multi-talented artists pools in their creative insights to form music aimed to uplift its listeners and bring positivity. 

Light Warriors places heavy emphasis on bringing positive energy into community. Its musical works focus on collective frequencies that bring love into action. Much of the group’s performances have been described as incredibly uplifting and encouraging. Some of their hit albums include Raise the Frequency, Survival of Joy, and the anti-gun violence single, Rise Above. Their most recent international collaborative release is “Book of One,” described as a true innovation on the single for the music industry, perhaps an industry first. Overall, the group’s sound has been compared to a mixture of music legends such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Sublime, Dispatch, and Bob Marley. “Book of One” covers multiple styles from pop hop and rap to jazzy funk, trap, and reggae, for multiple reconstructed interpretations on the single, “One”. 

While the rising music group is catapulting to success today, the journey toward its present-day milestones has been challenging. What was initially formed by Erik Rabasca as a solo project in 2016 has now grown into a seven-member group with Erik on guitar/vox, Steven Jean Baptiste on drums, Kris Brewer on saxophone, Jamar Jabari in percussion/vox, Karen Johnstone on keyboards/vox, Liz Page on percussion and vocals, and Angel Sanchez on the bass. 

Admittedly, after a few cycles of talented musicians entering and exiting the group between 2016 and 2018, Erik was ready to pursue a solo career. Fortunately, in 2018, he landed a residency in Brooklyn with rotating musicians. But what truly sealed the deal was Angel Sanchez’s initiative to join the project. Eventually, Light Warriors 3.0 was brought to life, with its current lineup coming together by the summer of 2019. The now solidified lineup then explored newer paths that led them to the success they hold today after nearly 40 shows together and a dozen recording sessions that will yield more new music later this year.

Today, Light Warriors remains at the forefront of giving hope and positivity not only through music but also through other philanthropic endeavors. Through the universal language of music, the group now serves as ambassadors to WhyHunger’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty program, urging artists, industry leaders, innovators, and tastemakers to use their influence, voice, and power to address the systemic challenges that prevent underserved and disadvantaged communities face from accessing nutritious food systems. With the newest “Book of One” release, Light Warriors is donating half of all album proceeds to WhyHunger. 

Their latest single “One” declares, “One, the volume of unity…One, collectively transforming community.” Equipped with their gift in music, the group continues to use their talents to inspire and ignite hope in the hearts of their listeners. 

Learn more about Light Warriors by visiting its official website. Band photos taken by Tucker Mitchell. Album art created by Kimberly Young Sun.

Rising Musician YngSolomon Organizes Pop-Up Concerts to Encourage and Inspire.

Music is powerful medicine. These challenging times make it more important than ever to feed your mind positivity, so it can be channeled to create a positive environment of motivation and success.

YngSolomon aims to create music that is not only conscious of the world around us but is also inspirational and elevates the soul. 

YngSolomon is a Northern California-based singer and songwriter who is co-founder of the acclaimed hip-hop and pop duo, The Collective Conscious. The duo aims to create catchy music that shines through the darkness of the global plandemic. They knocked it out of the park with their sophomore album titled “Full Moon Intentions” which they released in Feb of this year. 

The esteemed musician is also the founder of YngSolomon Presents, a series of live music pop-up concerts that began in July 2020 after being inspired by Reprezent Clothing – a local conscious clothing company. The pop-up concerts continue to gain traction in the north bay.

YngSolomon is a holistic individual – when he’s not creating uplifting music and performing at live events or organizing them, he can be found enjoying a game of basketball, practicing guitar or exploring the wonders of nature. 

The world-renowned musician is also a leader in the local chapter of a Buddhist organization, which has been a major driver for his personal development over the last six years. Through chanting the Buddhist mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and sharing this practice, he has managed to stay happy despite the challenges of 2020.

YngSolomon is the only person in California who is actively organizing and promoting pop-up concerts. He understands that live music heals, and should be spread as much as possible. With the mounting suicides since the lockdowns, YngSolomon has taken it upon himself to encourage troubled youth. 

“Now is the most important time to provide a platform for people to commune and dance while helping artists pursue their dreams….most of the world has put their dreams on indefinite hold,” says YngSolomon. Anyone who enjoys listening to live music and loves to dance will greatly benefit from his pop up concerts.

He is determined to host events, and is not afraid to fail. “If a pop-up gets shut down, I find another location,” says YngSolomon. “The very first event I hosted this summer had to be moved twice. Once due to the fires, the second due to a park ranger shutting us down near Fort Mason, so we moved a third time to Ocean Beach, and everyone had a great time,” he added. Most promoters would have canceled or postponed their events, but YngSolomon is different. 

Find out more about YngSolomon by checking out his Instagram account.

Robbie Burke’s Builds Genuine Care for Clients’ Health Lays Foundation for Innovative Coaching Business Mindful Muscle

Robbie Burke designs fitness programs characterized by his genuine care for his clients’ physical and mental health. This holistic approach, practiced in Mindful Muscle, helps clients recognize their potential and work towards self-improvement.

As a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and professional bodybuilder, Robbie Burke draws from a wealth of experience and expertise in the fitness industry. He started his coaching business to help people achieve transformative results. Robbie built Mindful Muscle around his holistic understanding of health and fitness. Of course, this approach still promises the possibility of having a summer body year-round. Beyond those benefits, Mindful Muscle also shows how people can boost their confidence by keeping both the physical and mental well-being in check. 

The coaching business equips its members with innovative tools to reach their potential. By integrating training practices with technology, Mindful Muscle provides constant communication and other convenient services. The user-friendly mobile app allows Mindful Muscle members quick access to a workout library, helpful exercise and nutrition tips, and custom programs.

Live calls, weekly check-ins, and 24-hour text support are available for Mindful Muscle clients. These open communication channels give members the opportunity to reflect on their progress and interact through in-depth discussions. Thus, a culture of mindfulness and introspection complements the coaching business’s programs.

Mindful Muscle offers stylish and functional merchandise, calisthenics programs, and meditation practices. In addition to these products and services, Mindful Muscle also boasts a Facebook group with close-knit members. Committing to a new lifestyle can be a daunting experience for many, and social support is a powerful resource for fitness enthusiasts. A worldwide Mindful Muscle community and family allows members to engage with others who share their goals.

In the Mindful Muscle community, health and wellness go beyond looking good. A holistic approach to fitness is a recognition of its impact on human connection and feelings of belongingness. Through this integrated platform, members enjoy the security of being understood, which empowers them to become the best versions of themselves. Often, receiving genuine care pushes people to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Robbie Burke introduces a fun approach to fitness. He knows that making lifestyle changes can be an overwhelming experience. To shift his clients’ perspective, he keeps his programs enjoyable and engaging. Instead of dreading their workouts, Mindful Muscle members look forward with excitement. An emphasis on fun fitness also encourages people to develop a lifelong commitment to wellness.

The motivation to start Mindful Muscle came to Robbie through his personal engagement with the fitness community. After watching inspiring influencers for years, Robbie Burke realized that he could make a similar positive impact on others. He wanted to take a more active role in promoting health and wellness. The creation of Mindful Muscle is also a reaction to the growing number of YouTubers and fake gurus who promote false hope with unproven claims. In contrast, Robbie passionately pursues his mission of contributing to lasting positive change.

To learn more about Robbie Burke’s coaching business, visit Mindful Muscle’s website.

WYF Clothing Brand Sparks Deeper Conversations Through Fashion

The global pandemic left no industry unscathed on an international level. The unfortunate lockdowns left businesses with no choice but to temporarily close, incurring monumental losses in the process. Many businesses would not make it out alive and were forced to close. Mark Bold was unfortunately one of those entrepreneurs who took a massive hit due to the global pandemic as his business permanently closed. His wife, Emily Bold, was lucky enough to still have her business regain its footing, albeit at a more limited pace.

Making the best out of a horrible situation, Mark and Emily decided to pivot and create a brand-new business venture to survive in the industry. Thus, What’s Your Fantasy was born, a fun luxury clothing brand, dazzling customers with its unique and eye-catching clothing designs. Much of the brand’s originality stems from the mind of Mark Bold.

He has seen and heard so much negativity, since many people have been suffering through the stress of just surviving the ordeal. He acknowledges that the events of 2020 caused mental anguish and increased stress, with people unable to socialize in person with others.

Mark Bold created the concept out of love for everyone and seeks to help them reach a better place. He’s spreading positivity through fun fashion concepts that serve as ice breakers. He hopes that What’s Your Fantasy, or WYF, items would spark deep conversations, allowing people to talk about 2020’s troubles and their fantasies for the future.

Emily and Mark firmly believe that everyone has a fantasy, either related to health, finances, relationships, travel, or fitness. Many have fantasies that would incite brilliant conversations when given the right amount of time.

WYF sells apparel and accessories designed by Mark with high-quality materials. They offer clothing for both the ladies and the gents, including tank tops, sweats, hoodies, leggings, bikinis, and skirts. They also carry a wide range of accessories for travel, like the weekender bag, luggage tag, and WYF duffel. Customers can add WYF flair to their home with the wood canvas, color-changing mug, or bath mat. He’s designed something for everyone!  

Mark Bold and Emily are determined to bring more positivity, social interactions, and conversations through WYF. The couple has already been invited to different state events and shows across the United States to promote their massively successful apparel brand. Soon, they will hold coaching sessions that push deeper conversations deeper. They aim to motivate people to achieve their passions and pursue them the right way, much as they have.

They also want to establish a non-profit organization that helps children and adults alike get back on track and stick with their goals until they achieve them.

To know more about the amazing Mark and Emily Bold, make sure to check out their official website.

Kayana Herndon Finds Fulfillment in Working within Her Passion and Purpose in Music

Breaking away from the confines of traditional genres, Kayana Herndon takes on R&B, pop, and hip-hop. The artist grew out of making song cover videos and is pursuing a music career full-time. Her songs embody the journey through fear and hope individuals and communities go through during the pandemic.

As a teenager, the singer-songwriter posted covers on her YouTube channel, “iAmKayana.” Her videos have now gained over 100 thousand views and counting. 

Kayana Herndon lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding herself with more extra time than ever before, she re-committed to her passion for singing and writing music professionally.

The musician hit the ground running and soon released her first original song entitled “Fade Away.” Wanting to build momentum with her productivity, Kayana Herndon recorded her follow-up single. She went a step further, directing her first music video to accompany the song “6 Feet.” Listeners have described the hit single as the “perfect pandemic jingle.”

Kayana Herndon was born in Palm Springs and raised in Oceanside, California. Even as a child, Kayana found opportunities to share her talent in music. Her career as a performer started with roles in school plays and musicals.

Even though she has not been signed to a label yet, the upcoming independent artist is deservedly proud of her journey. Kayana Herndon is enjoying the process of gaining new skills to create and produce music herself. In addition to learning how to engineer songs, Kayana’s goal is to direct, choreograph, and edit music videos for herself and other artists.

Despite the high level of uncertainty brought by the pandemic, Kayana Herndon decided to pursue her passion. Instead of getting discouraged, the artist considers these challenging times a reminder that life is often unpredictable. Kayana hopes to inspire her listeners to make the most of each day.

Like most young adults, the 23-year-old singer dedicates her hard work to providing for her family financially. At this stage in her life, Kayana Herndon’s focus is on establishing a fulfilling career doing what she loves. “My family and my fears of leaving this Earth without pursuing my dreams full force motivates me to build and make a name for myself,” explains the artist.

Kayana Herndon’s personality, style, and branding stand out from other young musicians. In direct contrast to the wild characters preferred by her peers, Kayana describes herself as a family woman. This departure from cultural norms, stemming from her personal convictions, is most evident in the absence of profanity in her songs. Early in Kayana’s career, she vowed only to create the music she felt comfortable listening to around her mother and family. As the eldest of four siblings, the artist is serious about being a role model. Above all else, she plans to make her loved ones proud.Through her music and example, Kayana Herndon is inspiring a growing number of young adults to work within their passion and purpose. For more information on the artist, you can visit her YouTube channel. Kayana Herndon’s music is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Rising Artist Chucky Royale Brings a New Vibe to the Industry as He Inspires People to Build Their Own Royale Lifestyle

The influence of music knows no bounds as it reaches out to impact people in several areas of their life. For certain people, music is their escape from their problems and for others, their motivation. Chucky Royale, a rising artist in the music industry, sees music as a way of life and uses it to inspire others to achieve great things in life.

Chucky Royale was born and raised in Jamaica where he spent several years of his early life. He would later fly over to Orlando, Florida, paving the way to his music career. Chucky Royale took his name from a nickname he received as a baby. According to his uncle, Chucky was such a troublesome child that he reminded him of the Child’s Play character, Chucky. 

In the eighth grade, Chucky added Royale to his stage name. He believes that everyone has the chance to become a self-made king or queen. Chucky believes that not being born into royalty shouldn’t be a reason for people to enjoy the treasures of the world. He believes that the only thing people need is to have a Royale Mindset to achieve anything they want.

As he grew older, Chucky took his beliefs to heart and implemented them as the foundation for his brand. He didn’t like how the world was running and believed that people could be doing more to improve their lives. With a desire to inspire others, Chucky felt that the best way to do so was by building a career in the music industry and creating a clothing line.

As a musician, Chucky’s style is a cross between rap and Jamaican dancehall, separating him from other artists in the industry. By crossing hip-hop, rap, Jamaican dancehall, and reggae, Chucky creates an entirely new sound with a different vibe. 

His music’s content serves as a blueprint to teach and inspire people about improving and becoming the best version of themselves so they can learn about getting rich. Chucky’s music bridges the gap between the haves and the have-nots as he initially started as a have-not. He wants to show people how they can become a ‘have.’

Outside of music, Chucky Royale runs a clothing line called UPNXT. The line is dedicated to using their clothing to empower individuals with their authentic, top quality products. In keeping in line with their mission of celebrating people’s individuality, each piece is only made once. The brand’s motto is “Work hard in silence.”

They are dedicated to improving their customer’s quality of life with their content and clothing. Each piece inspires people to work hard in silence with a strong mentality and reach the next level of life.

Chucky Royale may just be starting in his music career, but he already has his sights on greatness. He hopes to build a following of over a million subscribers on YouTube with millions of social media followers.

To view more of Chucky Royale’s music, you can check out his YouTube channel. You can also find him streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. For updates on his next releases, follow him on Instagram.

Kinnu Cobain Is Determined to Dominate the Music Industry No Matter the Obstacle

The road to stardom is never easy. Oftentimes, the path is paved with obstacles and difficult situations that one must overcome in order to get where they need to be. Brandon Jefferson, better known by his rap name Kinnu Cobain, is no stranger to struggle. Before he reached the pinnacle of his successful rap career, he was met with a tragic situation that most people can’t recover from. 

Kinnu Cobain’s story begins at the age of eight years old. As a talented child, he had already been making music at such a young age. However, it was only until the age of 17 when he finally got the chance to record in a recording studio. From then on, the rising rap artist hasn’t looked back. Everything was smooth sailing, but tragedy suddenly struck when Kinnu was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October.

Instead of stepping on the brakes on his latest projects, Kinnu Cobain refused to stop. He has been on the rise these past few years, and he isn’t going to let some illness stop him from pursuing what he wants. “This year, I’m living my dream, owning a production company, launching my shoe line, promoting my music, getting the acknowledgment I deserve for my talents. All while battling this tumor, I refuse to let my illness stop me from pushing forward and doing big things that God has put me in the position to do,” explains Kinnu eloquently.

As the rising rap star continues to push forward with his dreams and projects, he hopes that more and more people will be motivated and inspired by his music and his actions outside of the music industry. Kinnu Cobain recently released a song entitled “Money, Power, Respect,” which was released on Grammy-nominated rap legend Da Brat’s mixtape entitled Hey Listen Up. The song was also featured on the front page of, amassing critical acclaim.

Nowadays, Kinnu Cobain continues to cement his position within the music industry as he appears in a variety of events across the country. His latest gig sees him opening for Diamond of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta on March 28, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Ice Bar. Aside from his music career, Kinnu is also a celebrated actor, and he owns his own production company called MAKATTI Production.

Recently, Kinnu Cobain has been cooking up a brand-new release in the form of his own shoe line called MAKATTI COBAIN. The shoe itself is available now for pre-order, and audiences who love his music will definitely enjoy his custom-made merchandise. Back on the music side of things, he is set to release a brand-new single entitled “Brighter Days” on March 5, 2021, on his Soundcloud

The song speaks about the very important topic of suicide, helping spread awareness on it and the struggles that people face when encountering dark thoughts. “My music comes straight from the heart to my pen, and I’m just trying to reach fans’ hearts when they listen to my music,” explains Kinnu. He hopes that his new song will help people in their times of need and spark some inspiration within them to keep going.

In the near future, Kinnu Cobain knows that he will become a household name not just in the music industry but in the film and fashion industry as well. He is a true lyricist who wears his heart on his sleeve, baring it all for the entire world to see. Kinnu is a genuine musician who is inspiring thousands upon thousands of his fans all over the world. He is a rare gem that has become hard to find in the music industry today.

Listen to Kinnu Cobain’s music by dropping by his Soundcloud. For more live updates, make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Shoplift Spittz Rises Within the Music Industry to Tell His Story Through the Power of Music

Most artists draw heavily from their personal experiences to tell their genuine stories. Deon Williams takes this to another level by passionately crafting his music and carving out his lyricism from his own life. The talented musical artist reflects on his experiences and weaves together emotional songs that have managed to captivate audiences worldwide. He does all of this through his musical persona known as “Shoplift Spittz.” 

The rising musical artist recently released a single entitled “Distance,” which managed to captivate a large audience with over 300,000 views across massive streaming platforms. He even managed to be featured on the massive hip-hop platform World Star. “The culture is me, and I am it; I couldn’t imagine my life without music,” explains Shoplift passionately. “My purpose is to push the culture forward with my personal encounters through my music,” he adds.

Shoplift Spittz has experienced a host of trials and tribulations throughout his life. His father was a former member of the Four Tops, a famous American vocal quartet from Detroit, Michigan, who helped define the city’s Motown sound of the 1960s. Shoplift looked up to his father a lot, but tragedy struck when his father suddenly passed in his arms years ago. The experience became one of the many devastating experiences that impacted his life.

He considers it the ultimate loss in his life, which left him in a very dark place. Shoplift’s father had always encouraged him to never quit, so he picked himself back up and pursued his dreams with a fiery passion. “I knew there was more to life and didn’t want to disappoint my mom or those who have sacrificed to put me into better positions,” says Shoplift Spittz. “I realized something needed to change just didn’t know how to go about making the change happen.”

Eventually, Deon Williams started making music and has now become a celebrated artist in the music industry known as Shoplift Spittz. The renowned musical artist upholds an outstanding musical career under the local label Do Something Entertainment. He has worked and toured with various artists such as Fred Da God Son, Tabius Take, Obie Trice, Lil Boosie, 50 Cent, and many more. 

His experiences touring with music mogul Obie Trice have given him national and international recognition, which allowed him to do more through his media appearances. Apart from his musical career, Shoplift Spittz also pursued and launched his apparel and merchandise brand, SLVM LXRDZ, which will promote the same concepts as his music exuding positivity and success.

He is also an active youth mentor who teaches them music. Shoplift Spittz also joins an annual picnic that promotes youth safety, inspiring them through music and providing them with a more positive outlook on the future. Lately, the budding musical artist is cooking up his latest project; an album called Every Day Above Ground

The album stays true to Shoplift’s sheer artistry by reflecting on his real-life experiences as he recounts his growth by overcoming the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at him. “I’ve been through all this to get you through this very moment, to get you to this present time, to get you past your own scars, your own wounds, and your own fears; this is a reminder to you. Fear doesn’t control me!” explains the rising star.

Shoplift’s latest album also features Love and Hip-Hop’s Tabius Tate, with beats by Mr. T the Producer and engineering by Selasi Duse. It is a passion project that he is proud to unveil this coming February 21, 2021, followed by captivating visuals shot by filmmaker Jordan Garland. Old fans and new fans should be on the lookout for this astounding project that aims to captivate different fans with its diverse musical styles and genuine lyricism. 

For more information about Shoplift Spittz, make sure to visit his official website. Follow him on Instagram for more live updates.

Top 25 Rising Musicians of 2021

Nobody expected the cacophony of events that shook the world in 2020. However, the world adapted and moved on, and the music went on. Despite not having concerts or any form of shared musical experience, musicians had to find a way to gain attention organically. It was hard but not impossible as many turned their attention to social media, live streams, and challenges while others just let the music do the talking.

In the last year, many of us spent more time alone than we ever have. Music became the go-to company, and many new artists were discovered. These artists are some of the most impressive artists, and we have compiled 25 rising musicians in 2021 that are worth keeping tabs on in no particular order.

  1. The Weeknd

Photo courtesy: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, best known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. The Weeknd made his mark with his vocal versatility, unique production style, and eclectic performances. He is often regarded as one of the biggest influences of contemporary music. The Weeknd’s first mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, generated a buzz in the music industry. After signing with Republic Records in 2012, The Weeknd released his album Trilogy, following his debut studio album Kiss Land in 2013. The artist is recognized for his Billboard-topping singles “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” and “Beauty Behind the Madness.” 

Instagram: @theweeknd

  1. Nick Porcaro

Nick Porcaro is from the same family name as Jeff Porcaro, former co-founder and drummer for six-time Grammy Award Winning band Toto. Nick is a rock and metal drummer based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Nick’s experience spans four decades. 

Nick is an artist for SJC Drums, Collision Drumsticks, and Soultone Cymbals. He is also an Ambassador for Destroy A Drum, Salvatore Franco Fine Clothing, and Waylon Wristwatches. Nick was number #11 on the Music Observer’s Top 20 Artists of 2020. He plays in 2 bands and teaches people how to play drums. Nick is also an independent artist posting videos on Instagram.

Instagram: @nick_porcaro_drums_

  1. Drake

Photo courtesy: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur from Canada. He was born on October 24, 1986, and since his rise to prominence in 2010, he has become one of the biggest rappers globally. He released his debut album, Thank Me Later in 2010, and since then, he has four other albums, namely, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, Views, and Scorpion. He has another album in the works titled Certified Lover Boy, but its release date has been postponed indefinitely. Drake has won four Grammy awards out of 42 nominations, two MTV Video Music Awards, 27 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, and three Juno Awards. He has been on Complex’s Best Rapper Alive Every Year Since 1979 list. He is signed to OVO Sound Record Label, co-founded in 2012 with his longtime collaborator, 40.

Instagram: @champagnepapi

  1. Lady Gaga

Photo courtesy: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, professionally known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist, dancer, and fashion designer. She was born on March 28, 1985, in Manhattan, New York City. Lady Gaga is of Italian, French-Canadian, English, German, and Scottish descent. Her debut album The Fame made waves across the globe, surpassing record holders in the industry. The artist is best known for her smash hits “Paparazzi,” “Love Game,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and more. In 2018, Lady Gaga starred in A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga has won coveted awards, including Academy Award for Best Music, Billboard Music Award for Top artist, Grammy Award for Best Music Video, and more. 

Instagram: @ladygaga

  1. Michael Melvin

Michael Edward Melvin (born 8 November 1998), better known by his stage name MELVIN, is an American DJ, record producer, musician, and songwriter of electronic dance music from Greenwich, CT. MELVIN was formerly known as MoŁ; his career began to take off through mixing live sets at parties whilst attending school at Syracuse University. He is especially known for his eclectic style, melodic production, and his distinctive palette for fine organic wines. MELVIN has recently gained some fame and notoriety through performing at various private venues, with social distancing of course, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

SoundCloud: Melvin

  1. Cony

Cony recently signed a deal and is moving to ATL in a few weeks to create his new album. The budding musician recently got a ZAYTOVEN co-sign. Several months ago, Cony made the billboards in Times Square New York and appeared in many magazines. His name is also becoming a trend in various radio spins and industry talks. A native of New Jersey, the rising star is reaching stardom faster than people expected. Everyone wants to be around Cony and his musical virtuoso definitely proves what all the hype is about.

Instagram: @theyscream_cony

  1. Ric-a-Sha

In the past three months, Ric-a-Sha has been interviewed on iHeartRadio. The artist has been making waves because of his single, #BlackLatina, which has been featured on several publications like Fox, ABC, and NBC News. It received over two dozen blog placements.

Ric-a-Sha currently lives in Tampa Bay and he’s taking Tampa by storm, making headlines for #BlackLatina along with the Weeknd. Now, #funkflex is promoting #BlackLatina through social media on a 24-hour rotation. It has gained over 20,000 monthly listeners and 10,000 followers.

Spotify: Ric-a-Sha

  1. EvrYwhr

Born Michael Jefferson from Port Huron, Michigan, evrYwhr, pronounced as everywhere, is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, spoken wordsmith, and producer—a true musical visionary. Recognized for his eclectic take on R&B and pop with cinematic and orchestral feels, evrYwhr is easily one of the most promising artists of his time. His love for music began at the age of 5. 

Despite earning a degree in Sales and Business Marketing from Western Michigan University, evrYwhr knew his passion lay in music. He worked to achieve his dreams until he got the opportunity to collaborate with artists like Leona Lewis, Mila J, and Aaron Carter. 

evrYwhr has co-written “Gravity” and “Confessions” for the 2013 Grammy-winning album Gravity by gospel rapper Lecrae. His empowering single called “Letter to the White House” received acclaim from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Harlem Chamber of Commerce, Harvard University, and iHeart. It was also used as a leading soundtrack for numerous campaigns during the 2020 US Presidential Elections. 

Instagram: @loveevrywhr

Youtube: evrYwhr

  1. Jamaar Milton

Jamaar Milton has become one of the most promising independent artists of our generation. His latest body of work “9” which seemed to drop in perfect timing has earned him several accolades and undoubtedly propelled his career from years in the underground circuit into the mainstream arena. 

Reigning from Long Island, NY this  “woke-hop” rapper/producer has been seen seemingly everywhere in 2020 not just dropping some of the most relevant material we’ve heard in decades but also leading activism and philanthropic efforts throughout NYC and Flint, Michigan. His new anticipated album “As Above” has been rumored to have A-list hip-hop artists and producers attached to the project, including young hip-hip legend Joey Bada$$, and more! After a 2-year run of singles and jaw-dropping videos which also included some Neo-soul gems showcasing his versatility, he is without a doubt a sure shot for what we’re looking for in terms of the total package to open up the 2021 year! 

Instagram: @jamaar


  1. Zay Shenron

After storming his way through the New Jersey hip-hop scene, Sicklerville’s very own Zay Shenron has to be on this list. Credits to Power 105 NY as a showcase artist, and two placements on SoundCloud’s “Hot Tracks” playlist with his major track “Showtime”, but we’re all anticipating his 2021 year. After almost nothing in 2020, what’s next?

Instagram: @zayshenron

  1. Damon Fletcher

Damon is a new artist and has created two soon-to-be dance floor packing hits. He was inspired by Usher’s words and understood that the COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Damon has a few hits planned to be released in 2021 and cannot wait for the world to hear them. With Damon, always expect the unexpected.


  1. Elli$D 

Ellis Pascal, aka Elli$D, is an artist who realized that “if life is just a dream, so why not dream lucidly?”

The triple entendre is a meningitis survivor and an activist for special needs. As an individual who has many classifications and who has completely conquered a very severe case of Tourette Syndrome, High Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Spasticity, PTSD, etc, Ellis became a stronger person. Walking around, people would think that he is just an ordinary guy. Not unless he has told you his story.

Ellis has a Second Degree Black Belt he got in 2001 and a Pro Bowler in 2016. Bottom line, from not being able to control his mobile and vocal motions/actions at one point in his life to taking full control, Ellis has an understanding of language that very few have. As an artist, he understands his place in the world and has the utmost confidence that his passion will not be broken. Ellis intends to help others in the community as well as sharing his art through any medium he can.


  1. MLG Ki

MahKi, called by his peers as “Ki,” is a 14-year-old aspiring rapper. Since he was young, Ki always had an ear for music. At 12, Ki started taking his passion for music seriously and booked his first showcase in East Palo Alto, CA, his hometown. 

For Ki, the fulfilling joy and excitement of performing and hearing the crowd chant his name brought him an unmatched feeling. He decided to continue on this path, and assumed a musical identity, “MLG Ki.”

And since, MLG Ki has been dedicated to getting his name out there and letting the world know that he’s here to stay! Follow MLG Ki on his journey to greatness on Instagram.

Instagram: @thefamousmlgki

  1. Evan Pietrzak

Evan Pietrzak has taken the next step for his career by performing for Super Bowl LV with 2Hot Radio. Singing his smash hit “Back Again” by his band Nigel & Evan, the young singer dominated the music scene in Tampa, Florida this past weekend by being the most standout performer by being the first and only pop singer at the entire event. 

Pietrzak stated that “It was a great opportunity to share my music with a whole group of people who have the same dreams as I do. It was an honor to be invited to perform, and it was an experience I will never forget.” 

Being humble and grateful for every opportunity he gets, Pietrzak is destined to become the next big pop star. He also plans to release a brand new song called “Where You Goin’’’ with fellow bandmate and producer Nigel Seibert. The song deals with the heartache and challenges of the teen dating lifestyle. Be sure to check out Nigel & Evan on Spotify and stream their new record “Where You Goin’’’ while it leaves you dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Spotify: Nigel & Evan

  1. Zoah Silva-Landry

Zoah Silva-Landry is an artist out of Boston Massachusetts who has been involved with music his entire life. Since his early years he’s played many instruments, including, drums, guitar, piano and most recently began experimenting with vocals. “Music for me is a hiatus. Whenever I’ve needed to vent or needed to get something off my head, I would resort to music,” he said

“Music was my first love and since starting it, I’ve made so many connections and met people I never would’ve had I not been in the industry. It has also taught me so much about myself. How to be resilient and devoted to something if I care about it. It has taken me this far and can’t wait to show the world where I go next,” Zoah added.

Instagram: @zoahsl

Spotify: zoahh

Soundcloud: zoahh


  1. Linda Washington

Linda Washington is a nurse, singer-songwriter, author, single mother of four, and breast cancer survivor from Phoenix, Arizona. Linda is the genius behind the song “Love Again” ft. Superstar Lamar, a song dedicated to breast cancer survivors like herself who need the motivation to believe that they are beyond their illness. Linda is also the author of Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars, which recently released its Kindle version on Amazon. The book shares her journey from pre-treatment to post-treatment procedures for breast cancer and how the experience made her stronger as a woman.

For over a decade, she has built herself to become one of the most inspirational persons in her community and even appeared in the dazzling billboards of New York. Linda is currently a licensed practical nurse in Phoenix. Considering herself as a warrior and a fighter, Linda aims to enlighten breast cancer survivors’ lives and leave a mark in the world.

Facebook: Forbidden And Broken Finding love behind the scars

Soundcloud: Linda Washington

  1. Heri Iznaga

Heri Iznaga is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He was originally born in Cuba and at a young age, he already took piano and guitar lessons but never continued his studies with the instruments. At the age of 14, he moved to Miami with his family to pursue a bigger dream. He quickly fell in love with music and taught himself how to sing and produce music of his own. 

Heri’s debut EP, “State of Flux” was his first experimental album which took him three years to complete based on personal experiences. A year later, he booked a flight to Iceland to film his very first music video ever for “Dancing in the Mirror” single which is OUT NOW on all platforms. Heri has produced songs both English and Spanish owning up to his Hispanic roots.

Instagram: @heriznaga


  1. KCAST

Born Kenneth Angel Castro, KCAST is a singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and a musical package. A native of South Bronx, New York, KCAST has listened to almost every genre of music growing up and that affected him spiritually as he got older. 

“God’s music was the first sound I was introduced at a very young age of 3. Hip-hop, pop, rock, and many others became a part of who I am today,” said KCAST. 

KCAST enjoyed music all his life, but he never got the chance of creating it until he graduated high school. Instead of only writing songs and recording them, he wanted to learn how music was made by studying audio engineering alongside making beats/instrumentals. Before, he has been considered a ‘loser trying to be the best,’ and he really didn’t find his true talent until he started creating music. KCAST intends to become one of the best in the music industry, reaching the ultimate dream of making the world a better place through music. 


  1. Kweku Smoke

Kumasi, Ghana-born Kweku Smoke, is the hottest rapper making his name with a unique type of music in Ghana’s hip-hop scene. He has been proclaimed as the “King of Drill Music” and is living up to the name with his catchy beats, witty wordplay, and deep lyrics in English, Twi, and Pidgin. As the pioneer of Drill music in Ghana, he has influenced a new wave of musicians to adopt his sound style, which is taking over the hip-hop scene in Ghana. His new album, Snoop Forever, is one of its kind and the style of music on the album has never been heard before.

Kweku Smoke has his sights set on breaking into the global market. His influence on the Ghanaian music industry is profound, and his authenticity, combined with his talents, is poised to take his music beyond African shores. As one of the few artists who retain their original sounds without using auto-tune in their songs, Kweku Smoke has inspired a new wave of authentic artists.

Learn more about Kweku Smoke on his official Instagram page.

Instagram: @kwekusmoke_

Facebook: Kweku Smoke 

Twitter: @kwekusmoke_

YouTube: Kweku Smoke 

  1. Tyler Porterfield

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, LA-based artist/producer and label owner, Tyler Porterfield (Pop Cautious), provides a soulful blend of rock, reggae and indie folk. West Coast and Southern influences can be heard in the music and production styles. The artist currently has a few singles and a four-song self-titled EP available for streaming and download. The debut LP titled, ‘Troubadour’, is in the works.

“Pop Cautious continues to inspire people with his ambitious goal of peace and unity for all, and the accomplishments both he and his record label achieved in working towards that goal” (Music Industry Weekly, 2020). Check out the link below to view the music video for “2 hearts” by Pop Cautious on YouTube. 

Band Camp: Pop Cautious

Instagram: @popcautiousmusic

Facebook: Pop Cautious

SoundCloud: Pop Cautious Records

Spotify: Pop Cautious

YouTube: Pop Cautious – 2 hearts


  1. SCY

SCY, pronounced “sky,” is a musician from Los Angeles. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, SCY developed a profound love for music at a very young age and has carved a niche for himself as a musician using his real-life experiences and observation to create music. Beyond writing music and performing, SCY is also a recording engineer and music producer with many music projects credited to him.

He is signed to Real Life Music, a record label that represents everything he stands for, which is to embrace artists’ creativity, unique sounds, and realities. At Real Life Music, SCY amplifies messages that speak about crime, drug addiction, prostitution, and other social vices that many other artists glorify. He is currently working on an album from which he released his latest single, “The Sky Is Falling,” available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. You can reach 408-669-3053 to get information about his upcoming album.

Beyond music, SCY works a 9 to 5 job, which he claims has given him a closer look at the things that many people go through daily and inspires the bulk of his music.


  1. Que Rasheed

Quran Rasheed Salaam, professionally known as Que Rasheed, is a musician to watch out for this year. The Gainesville, Georgia native was born on October 16, 1997, and started getting into music when he was still 8 years old. Que grew up with his brothers in a musical family. Their parents were singers in a traveling choir, and they would always be with them at their shows. The deep history with music made him want to pursue music. Later on, he played the trombone in middle school. 

Listening to artists like Andre 3000, Big Boi, Eminem, Nas, and B.o.B is really what made him start rapping, and these artists shaped his sound to this day. Recently, Que Rasheed dropped two singles, “Under Pressure” and “Footsteps.” The songs were produced by a platinum producer and are based on his experiences in life and love. Que will drop a new album soon and fans could not wait.

Instagram: @que_rasheed

  1. The Gore Boyz (TGB)

The new generation is already gearing up to replace today’s pop stars. Part of the new generation is the group, The Gore Boyz (TGB). Every few years, a new boy band emerges that captures our hearts. The three brothers (Herman III, Edwin and Sean Michael) who make up The Gore Boyz (TGB) are poised to become the next boy band to grace the covers of young teen magazines while thrilling listeners with their unique and catchy sound.

The Gore Boyz have a sound that blends Motown, newschool, pop, hip-hop and R&B to create a sound all their own. Having been mentored by the likes of Usher and Jackson Five, The Gore Boyz are making big moves. Groomed in true Motown style since 2009, TGB is a blend of new and old school in the vein of Boyz II Men and The Jackson 5, with a bit of Justin Bieber mixed in. Their latest single “Spend A Bag” has gained 600,000 streams on Spotify and over a million views on YouTube during the month since its release. It was produced in Los Angeles by a team headed by Grammy Award winning artist, Theron ‘Neff-u’ Feemaster (Men In Black). TGB makes R&B music that appeal to pop audiences of all ages. The Gore Boyz does not only manifest excellence in music, but also in their personal lives. Each of the Boyz is a National honor roll student.


  1. Jonathan King

Seen in publications from Source Magazine to Market Watch, Thousand Times is an American music producer who blends hip-hop and pop elements in new and refreshing ways. Based in Charlotte, NC, and working exclusively out of Soule JukeBox recording studio, the veteran music producer has worked with Grammy-winning and Billboard-charting artists. In addition to music, the serial entrepreneur has written 12 books and is the CEO of Lift Off Credit Services/Lift Off Ventures LLC, a multi-faceted small business development firm. In his free time, he likes to relax with friends and family, play basketball, and walk his dog, Major.


  1. Ray Guell

Ray Guell is an artist, singer, and music executive from Miami, Florida. He’s the owner of Groovy Tunes, a record label he started back in 1996 and has worked with many influential producers, including Grammy award-winning executives Chris Barbosa and Carlos Sarli. 

The artist’s music career started after joining a new wave band as their lead vocalist and started passing demos to independent labels. While the band would not work out, Ray would land a deal with a music label and work with Tolga Katas, an up-and-coming Turkish producer. He is also the founder and owner of Sir Ray Music, a new label he started in collaboration with dance music producer Giuseppe D.

Today, Ray Guell writes, publishes, and distributes his own music alongside his production work. He released the single “Don’t Wanna Cry,” which has exceeded one million streams on Spotify. His other hit,  “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul,” would enter the iTunes top pop music charts in France and Germany within a week after its release.