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The Dream Boys Shut Down the Internet with New Release “Break Even”!

(The Dream Boys’ cover art for new single “Break Even”)

It’s been a long time since there’s been a rapper or artist that could even come close to the speed and wit of the legendary Nicki Minaj, but The Dream Boys have accomplished exactly that in their new single titled “Break Even”! While hearing for the first time, the listener feels the nostalgia rolling on as the melodies and energy of this track can be reminiscent of early 2000’s Punk Pop with a nice hip hop twist.

Kalon Justice (26) and Troy Taylor (25) were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and are checking off their bucket list one by one. Kalon is a trans-disciplinary artist who employs drawing portraits, paintings, and music to create conceptual work that explores how notions of identity are disrupted by strength and pain from black and LGBTQ+ community. Troy Tyler is also transforming the standard for uniqueness, authenticity, and beauty through various forms of expression. All this genius could not be left in the dark, so it was time for these two to form a group!

The Dream Boys took things to a whole new level when the announcement went public on Instagram. The artwork, which showed The Dream Boys covered in blood and holding a heart, was accompanied by their stunning figures and faces with the title of the track written in red!

Kalon Justice sweeps the first verse with an articulate and concise delivery enough to blow the average man away. Troy Taylor makes a flabbergasting follow up for the 2nd verse with his grunge pop baritone vocals bringing the song a flare only these two pop stars could pull off. Immediately, the listener is immersed in a world that feels simultaneously familiar and also still very foreign.

After all the commotion on the internet, The Dream Boys have had an influx of DMs, booking offers, and overall new fans flooding their timelines. Ever since opening for Tamar Braxton, the opportunities and partnerships won’t stop pouring in for these legends in the making. Luckily for all of us, this is only the beginning of what’s to come from The Dream Boys! We can’t wait to see what they cook up!

Mont’e Millions Off to a Spectacular Start for the Year with Red Bull Commercial

Closing the first quarter of the year with a significant win will always be a big deal for anyone, and pop, country, R&B, and hip-hop star Mont’e Millions is doing it in style. The musician recently teamed up with Molly Flynn and Molly World Productions to land a spectacular deal with Red Bull, which sees the musician become the face of the company.

In what Mont’e calls an exciting deal, the musician, entrepreneur and author is set to play a major role in one of the areas he’s heavily interested in: the business world. The partnership between him and Molly Flynn, the owner of Molly World Productions, will see the musician campaign for the new Red Bull Commercial, co-directed by Molly. Bringing this project to life will surely send 2022 to the top of Mont’e Millions’s achievements, and he believes strongly that such a huge win heralds even bigger things to come.

Born Montressa L. Cullingham, Mont’e Millions has built a career inspiring and motivating his audience globally. His work as the new face of Red Bull will also serve as a reminder to every entrepreneur and talented person watching his journey that they can achieve their dreams by simply moving on the path that can get them there. “Never stop believing in yourself, and don’t joke with your network. If you have a relationship with the best in the business, your work is cut out for you,” Mont’e said.

Content from Mont’e Millions is for everyone looking to achieve their dreams and better their lives, ranging from entrepreneurs to entertainers and the average person out there. The firm belief that he can achieve the impossible regardless of odds stacked against him has kept Mont’e going strongly over the past years. His biggest motivation is the clear vision to become successful and use his success to uplift other people. The new collaboration with Red Bull edges him towards that goal, and his excitement about what’s to come is all he needs to keep making these landmark collaborations.

Mont’e Millions hopes to work with more brands, expand his brand’s reach, and become more bankable as an entertainer and entrepreneur in the next few years. His success in the music world with his record label with a seven-figure value and his pop-country hit “SALLY,” which has garnered over 12 million streams, has inspired confidence in many of his associates who believe the sky is the starting point for him.

Mont’e Millions also expresses his enthusiasm towards working with Molly Flynn, a director who, like him, began to follow her dreams at a young age. He looks forward to more collaborations and hopes the upcoming one with Red Bull achieves the desired impact.


Music is an industry that, according to many researchers, is impossible to date. The history behind this art of symphonies and lyrics is an immense one that can be seen in all phases of history. Music has been the crowned jewel of all gatherings, be it beggars or royalty gatherings. Music has been a widely indulged art that played an imperative role in making the mood for a gathering. The beauty and uniqueness of this art were that it could be used to accommodate any occasion or preference. A factor that played a big part in increasing the beauty and superiority of this art was the musical instruments used while singing. These musical instruments can surely be considered the MVP of the whole performance, as, without their symphonic support, a performance feels unfulfilled. Without these instruments, regardless of how beautiful the performer’s voice is, it still lacks the touch of the spark that completely mesmerizes the audience. One company that is making its mark in musical history by fulfilling the needs of musical artists is Upton Bass.

Musical instruments can astonishingly be dated back to prehistoric times, with the first-ever musical instrument discovered in Divje babe cave near Cernko. It was a flute named “Neanderthal flute” by the experts, and it dates back to at least 60,000 years in the past. This flute was made from the bone of a cave bear, and after great research, it was deducted that the making of this flute was no accident and completely deliberate. Therefore proofing that the interest in musical art for the human species is as vast as this species time on earth. The world’s first guitar was of Egyptian concoction and belonged to a court singer in 1500 BC. This guitar was used to entertain the queen of the lands of that time Queen Hatshepsut.

The current civilization has come a long way from the previously used instruments, and new technological advances have enabled great progress in the musical instrument industry. New instruments like the Bass guitar and Electric guitar were developed to bring a flavor to the industry and make it possible for new genres of music to be made. However, one problem that has continued since the start is the need for instrumental artists to have their instruments repaired and maintained adequately. Musical instruments are delicate tools that need the utmost care and expertise when being maintained or repaired. Artists consider them an extension of their own limbs and want their instruments to receive the same love and care while being maintained that they do when using them. There was an immediate lack in the industry of service providers that ensure superior quality of maintenance and handling. It is imperative to tune the instruments to their prior settings as it is very difficult to achieve those settings at the time of a performance. The founding of Upton Bass fulfilled this need.

Upton Bass was founded by Gary Upton in 1999. The foundation of this company was based on the understanding of Gary of the needs of this industry. Gary himself was a famous guitar artist, and over the years of his musical career, he had gained in-depth about the needs of his fellow artist. Gary understood that a maintenance expert that had advanced knowledge about the fine details of the instruments and could give the instruments the care they deserve was a rarety. Therefore he founded the Upton Bass that could service all stringed instruments that were his specialty.

Upton Bass started its operations from a shop located in Jewett City, CA. Having a name already widely known in the industry, the company experienced a boom in business from the very start. Artists from high and low came to Upton Bass, knowing that their instruments would receive the quality of service they expected. As their clientele increased, they felt a need to have more experts readily available to work, which would entail having a bigger location. Therefore Upton Bass moved to a bigger location in Downtown Mystic, CT, in 2004. Upton Bass quickly had higher levels of success and needed a bigger location to fulfill the phenomenal number of orders they were receiving. Soon afterward, they moved to an industrial park in Stonington, CT. Although fulfilling the functional needs, these locations did fulfill the need of the right nuance for the theme the founders imagined for this business. Hence, soon the team was on the lookout for the right place to call home. However, the perfect location was hiding right under their noses, unbeknownst to the founders.

While looking for a new base of operations, Gary and his wife discovered an old barn on the property they owned. After giving it a more intensive look, they discovered that this place had the right origins as well as the potential to give off the perfect statements they imagined. Therefore in October 2013, Upton Bass moved its operation to this barn after a few renovations were made. The company currently has eight full-time employees and service technicians working for them. The quality of service provided by Upton Bass has been awarded awards such as the 2009 Silver Medal for best overall tone by the International Society of Bassists and the 2013 Certificate of workmanship by the International Society of Bassists.

The vision that Gary envisioned when founding this company has been fulfilled. However, the efforts of Gary and his team are far from over. Even after such streamlined success, they are motivated to grow even more and reach all corners of the US, helping musical artists everywhere.

Keith Milo DOMINATES SxSW Music Festival!

(Keith Milo Poses Backstage After Performing at SxSW)

It’s one thing to be the King of Texas, but this weekend, Keith Milo has shown us he’s also the King of the Stage! The pop star performed this past Sunday for a private party held by HBO Max during the SxSW Music Festival. With guns-a-blazin, he immediately owned the stage and commanded the attention of everyone in the room. From executives in VIP sections to the locals standing outside wishing to gain access all night, everyone unanimously praised Milo for his vocal technique, stamina, charisma, dance moves, and overall stunning aesthetics and a sonically amazing 4-piece band.

(Keith Milo wears a hand-beaded pearl bodysuit)

For his performance, the singer was dressed in a vintage bodysuit with hand-beaded pearls all the way down, paired with knee-high leather boots. Styled by @EphranceVintage of Austin, TX, his look matched his energy and superior performance!

Just before he flew in to prep for the show, Keith Milo visited Miami, FL, for meetings with different industry reps in the music and NFT spaces. With this festival being the follow-up to all his travels, it was the perfect place for his art to come alive since the event featured all kinds of ground breaking AR/VR immersive technology! It would seem that the artist is in for quite an exciting season. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of his journey!

(Keith Milo Performs At SxSW)

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Big Sky Song Records Proudly Presents: Tom E Morrison — “Eyes of Love” featuring Shalane and Rachel Morrison

London based multi-genre music producer, composer, musician, and sound engineer Tom E Morrison presents his first single for 2022. “Eyes of Love” was unleashed on Valentines Day, Feb 14, 2022, via all major digital music platforms. The music video was released on March 12, 2022. It was featured on the radio thrice, first on February 3 on the Soho Radio Magic Mix Show by Kate Magic, second on March 3 by the legendary German radio host/DJ Peter Urban on NDR Radio, and third on March 13 by WCR FM Radio’s “Pandora’s Box” hosted by Fay Morgan-Hine.

But take hearts and clichéd strings out of the equation—this is a cool, mood-enhancing soundscape.

“Eyes of Love” was, for Tom E, unfinished business. A drum groove, an insistent bass line, and the soulful vocal lines of Rachel Morrison: it was sounding good but had been left as a half-finished project.

Lockdown gave him the opportunity to breathe new life into the track, and this happened via a chance reconnection: a Californian poet turned rapper/singer/ songwriter called Shalane, who he had crossed paths with in London some years ago, got in touch from her home in LA.

Tom E suggested a collaboration on the incomplete track, and she added rapping and melodies from her own studio. Tom E finalized the production in London, and so “Eyes of Love” came together.

“Eyes of Love” is a chilled out fusion of electronica, soul, blues and jazz, featuring Shalane’s and Rachel’s haunting, soulful vocals. Their vocals are embedded in Tom E’s atmospheric guitar-keyboard soundscapes and hypnotic bass line. Marc Layton-Bennett (Jah Wobble, Bliss, Meeker) drives a gentle drum groove. And the track is topped with a passionate saxophone solo from Rob Hughes (ABC, Swing Out Sister), whom Tom E had met on tour.

Rather than edit it down, Tom E’s vision for “Eyes of Love” was to keep it at its full 7.20min. “It’s a vibe, it’s an atmosphere,” he says. “It works as it is as a soundscape, and I wasn’t going to compromise on that.”

Tom E Morrison’s (Bliss, Meeker) extensive list of multi-genre collaborations include Andrew Roachford, Bonnie Tyler, Shalane, Carroll Thompson, Rupert Hine, Kuljit Bhamra, Underworld, Sydney Jo Jackson, James Brown JR, Deth Enemy, Carl Sentance, Michael Voss and Darren Emerson.

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact Big Sky Song Records | Music Publishing | Music Production |

BreakingHITS Provides a Fresh and Engaging Platform for Artists and Musicians

A new music app and rating platform BreakingHITS has become the latest innovation to disrupt the music and creative scene. With the power to change the music industry landscape, this new tool offers emerging and established music artists an innovative yet traditional way to engage meaningfully with audiences, influencers, and fans. 

BreakingHITS serves as a dynamic research tool for producers, music executives, brands, and radio outlets, providing consumer feedback in real time. Not only does it give artists a new way to engage directly with listeners and build a personal connection to their brand, but it also gives consumers a first-ever opportunity to become bonafide music critics and influencers, even allowing them to track their predictions and earn rewards.

BreakingHITS is passionate about helping artists and labels reach consumers quickly. The app has helped prominent Sony / Orchard-backed record labels like 2Maro Media, and Hitskope Music Group release chart-topping new music for their artists.

Various record labels are already seeing positive results from integrating the app into their campaigns and marketing plans and have been proving to be an effective way to connect directly with influential music fans and get their feedback on new music. Major label artists like J. Balvin, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, and Dua Lipa, and independent label artists like Ali Caldwell of 2Maro Music and Michael Lanza of Hitskope Records have debuted tracks on the platform.

BreakingHITS will host an official SXSW (South by Southwest) Showcase on March 17, 2022, at Wisdome in Austin, a 360 dome with a fully immersive audio and visual experience. The showcase features notable artists like Tayler Holder, Shanice, Ali Caldwell, Justin Clancy, and Eddy Kenzo. The showcase is followed by an industry “Hitfluencer After Party,” a red carpet event with even more performances and celebrity appearances.

By using BreakingHITS, an artist, manager, or label will sign-up and share unreleased or unfinished music with the BreakingHITS® community to be anonymously rated. Then, the artist or label can get a report with measurable feedback at any given time. In addition, the app provides them with accurate data on different aspects of the music, such as how many people liked the song, how many did not, and what the average rating was. They can also see the comments on different aspects of the song. 

“BreakingHITS was designed for the industry by the industry to open up a new unsaturated channel of communication between artists, influencers and fans so they can effectively interact in a fresh, engaging and meaningful way,” shared the company’s CEO, Neil Collins. “New artists can get discovered, and established artists working on new music can get real-time feedback and potential collaborations with other artists. Moreover, artists can use BreakingHITS® to identify better and engage a dedicated audience while creating a direct line of distribution to consumers and establishing a personal connection.”

The service is currently in its open beta mode, and its base version is offered free to all music influencers and independent artists. Users are notified when there is a new song that they listen to and vote whether it’s a “Hit” or “Miss.”

As this music discovery app grows its community, they are looking to attract people primarily in the music industry. That includes aspiring musicians, music executives, record labels, artist managers, songwriters, and more.

TheNativeBarbii, the Rising Musician at the Helm of Youth-Focused Company, “Break the Cycle”

While every success deserves to be celebrated and lauded, those involving go-getters who barrelled through numerous barriers and managed to rise from humble beginnings will always hit differently. Anastasia Cleopatra Kirkwood, better known as TheNativeBarbii, is among today’s emerging musicians whose journey toward the limelight was made possible thanks not only to her arsenal of skills and deep-seated love for the craft but also to her determination in the face of a long string of challenges.

TheNativeBarbii bears a story that resonates with millions of people across the globe. Born in Thompson, Manitoba, her childhood was everything but easy because apart from being bullied every day, she had to deal with two alcoholic parents. With her environment a far cry from the white picket fence and cottages that were central to the realities of teenagers her age, it wasn’t a total surprise when she ended up joining a gang and getting caught up in messes. 

Eventually, as a result of ill-informed decisions, TheNativeBarbii had to be moved to Winnipeg and find solace in girls’ homes, including the Manitoba Youth Center. The entire ordeal—mentally burdening and in stark contrast with what she envisioned her future would look like—introduced her to the comfort music can bring. Highly cognizant of and eternally grateful for its power to make a difference in the lives of people, she set her eyes on entering the music scene and securing a coveted spot at the forefront. 

Currently, TheNativeBarbii is going all-out in establishing a name in an industry known for its cut-throat and saturated nature. In the time since first dipping her toes in the field, she’s demonstrated an awe-inspiring level of grit and tenacity, setting an example for other aspirants to follow. Admittedly, the road hasn’t been smooth-sailing, but she clung to her long-held dreams, pouring her heart into giving a voice to songs that convey messages listeners need to hear. 

The “Grew from the Dirt” singer has dropped several tracks so far and continues to showcase the potential to hog the spotlight one day with every song release. However, it isn’t solely her distinctive artistry that has allowed TheNativeBarbii to reach great heights. To be credited, as well, are her efforts toward empowering the youth. 

At the helm of Break the Cycle, this self-starter spearheads a purpose-driven platform dedicated to helping young people suffering from mental health issues, bullying and more. Through her company, she goes the extra mile in maneuvering those under her wing in the right direction, enlisting the help of a roster of motivational speakers who can raise awareness about suicide, shed light on the ways to overcome generational trauma, and tackle mental well-being. “We also organize live concerts, bring in food, and offer whatever support we can,” shared TheNativeBarbii. “We use all the money we get for the children to have warm meals, books, and merchandise.”

TheNativeBarbii is only getting started both in her pursuit of creating a legacy in the music industry and empowering youth from all walks of life. Highly fueled by the overarching mission to wield music to help unserved and underserved children, she will keep carving a path toward the summit. 

Chris Dobry, the Mind Behind Promising Power Player Stryker Records

The music industry is home to countless powerhouses whose success results from talent, hard work, passion, strategic utilization of marketing tools, and more. Many of these artists managed to secure a coveted spot in the limelight through their own efforts, fueled by the vision of a future where their names are written on top of the charts. But while their journey proves a testament to the feasibility of carving a path toward the forefront of the music scene without the help of industry giants, the fact remains that it pays off to seek the guidance of those who are well-versed in the comings and goings of a field known for its cut-throat nature. Stryker Records, a label launched by Chris Dobry, is among today’s go-to enablers of success.

A self-starter on a mission to propel those under his wing to great heights, Chris Dobry is becoming a widely familiar name in the music scene not only for the top-notch services that his well-rounded company provides but also for the inspiring story behind his rise. In 1997, the go-getter started Stryker Records without a dime to his name. “I had an idea to put on a battle of the bands in my hometown,” he recalled. “After a series of press releases, I was able to secure an interview on the local CBS station the same night as the Grammy Awards, which led to the event gaining a lot of attention and drawing the initial funds needed to create the label.”

In the decades since then, Chris Dobry has spearheaded Stryker Records’ purpose-driven initiatives and its transformation into an industry authority, making bold moves to solidify the company’s standing in the music scene. Apart from managing talented artists, he has promoted live events involving a long list of personalities, from Saving Abel and Trapt to Tantric and Rick Monroe.

Chris Dobry has also poured his heart into elevating the career of those signed under Stryker Records, opening doors of opportunity and pushing them toward the spotlight. In 2020, he teamed up with Holly Hutchison, a former VP at Capitol Records, and her company to pave the way for one of the record’s former rock groups to the #20 spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator and #7 on the Concrete/Foundations chart.

Currently, Stryker Records is home to numerous promising musicians, one of which is Drew Lines. The hip-hop artist is the voice behind the single “Rise,” which landed on the 18th spot of the NACC chart and hit #1 on the hip-hop category of the M3 Radio chart. On March 11, Chris Dobry’s venture is set to continue its successful streak with the release of “15 Minutes of Fame,” a hip-hop remix of the hard-hitting but lesser-known Saving Abel track. 

More can be expected from Stryker Records as it keeps cementing its reputation as a trusted label and event organizer in the years to come. On top of promoting and producing live music events around the country, it will go all-out in providing its artists with the chance to make a name for themselves in the music industry. In the meantime, listeners and music enthusiasts can look forward to March 10 and the kick-off of “The Borrowed Time,” a tour headlined by Drew Lines and will feature Space Kase, Caesar Reddington, and JPS Production’s recording artist Trotter Water. 

Inspiring Artist and Entrepreneur DMTS Shares Thought-Provoking Message Through His Song “The System”

Turning one’s life around is perhaps one of the most fulfilling things for anyone to accomplish; however, it does not come easy. And this is something that Deivone Tanksley knows from experience. As such, he has devoted his life to helping others, especially the youth, follow a path of integrity.

More commonly known as DMTS, the inspiring man hails from New Britain, Connecticut. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, author, musical artist, and activist. What motivated him to pursue this path was his childhood.

Growing up, he experienced all sorts of adversity, from poverty to violence. As a result, he went in and out of jail from the tender age of 11.

Fortunately, he was able to break the vicious cycle of a typical young black kid coming from the bottom. What helped him bounce back was making a conscious decision to change his life for the better. Now that he has become successful, he is fully dedicated to giving back to his community. 

As a musician, DMTS uses his craft to bring awareness and inspiration to the masses. He creates captivating tunes and writes lyrics with powerful messages. His latest EP, From Poverty To Prodigy, contains seven tracks such as “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain,” and “Can Be Anything.”

On top of that, he has written and performed the single, “THE SYSTEM.” He highlights the prevalent issues the black community still faces through the song, including police killings, mass incarceration, and having very little economic power.

As the artist perfectly explained about the song, “It is talking to the hearts of people black and white. My kids, my wife, and mother are on that list, and I want to make history by creating real change.”

More than earning the appreciation of his audience, DMTS intends for his music to be heard and understood. He wants people to listen to every word as they reflect his values and principles. But, most importantly, it helps others see the world from his perspective.

Aside from being an artist, the extraordinary individual champions his advocacies through other inspiring ventures. For example, he started a basketball mentoring program for the youth called New Britain Legacies, which was incorporated in youth jails around Connecticut. 

Additionally, he is an outstanding entrepreneur and owns the impressive restaurant My Wife Didn’t Cook. Furthermore, he is the founder of the DMTS Network, an entertainment platform for artists and creators. 

In everything he does, Deivone Tanksley ensures that he remains faithful to his vision. When asked what motivates him, he profoundly replied, “My purpose is to help shift the energy and mindset in the hearts of others to help them believe in a world of opportunities, ownership, and building economic development in communities all over the country!”

Moving forward, the insightful entrepreneur and thought leader sees himself changing the mindset of young boys and girls, black and white worldwide. He plans to make a significant impact with his causes and earn accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies.

But above all, DMTS aims to scale his success so he can donate millions of dollars to bettering the lives of others, help end hunger, and invest in a new world of young entrepreneurs.

Rising Artist Jessie Berg Captivates the Audience With Her Versatility and Authentic Music

The music scene is a highly competitive and cutthroat industry. With so many individuals aspiring to make it big, it can be pretty hard to stand out. However, one gifted artist is making waves for her one-of-a-kind versatility and incredible range—Jessie Berg.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the talented young woman is on a meteoric rise to stardom. Taking inspiration from her vibrant personality, she is known for her distinct vocals and for creating captivating songs.

As the musician insightfully explained, “I try to convey emotion through my voice. There are moments where I’m calm and chill, but I’m also hyperactive. There’s no in-between. I’m drastically different—either super relaxed or very energetic. Depending on the day, I’m everything.”

Jessie Berg first broke out of the music industry in 2019 with her hit debut single “Monster.” The track earned hundreds of thousands of streams and even caught the attention of The Hype Magazine, which gave nothing but praise for the artist.

The magazine said, “Jessie Berg is a true model for women to feel empowered to talk about real issues, feelings, and ideas with confidence.”

In 2021, the singer-songwriter worked with producers Jordan Omley and Mike Summers for her second single, “Faithful to Toxic.” Since its release, the song has generated over 224,000 streams on Spotify and 500,000 on YouTube.

Talking about the process of making the track and her experience with the industry professionals, the young musician shared, “We didn’t think twice about anything. The songs just came out immediately. We were all on the same page in terms of the writing and the production.”

After the resounding success of her first two projects, Jessie Berg dropped the EP Stages, which contains three tracks, “Pray,” “Safe Space,” and “Stages” in the same year. The mini-album perfectly reflects the singer’s versatility, with each song having a unique message. 

“Safe Space” features a nervous beat with sincere confessional-style lyrics exploring her past anxiety episodes. On the other hand, “Pray” is more of a warning to “be careful what you wish for.” Finally, “Stages” highlights deeply personal lyrics as she explores her tendency to retreat from others. 

Because of her passion for her craft and innate musical prowess, the artist has earned the admiration of fans and music enthusiasts. As a testament to her success, she has racked up over 2 million cumulative streams and received critical acclaim from several organizations. On top of that, she has amassed a significant following on her Instagram.

There is no doubt that Jessie Berg is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next prominent artist. But as she continues to rise to the top, she is committed to staying true to herself and her story. As the wise young musician profoundly explained, “When you hear my music, I want you to be like, ‘That was definitely Jessie.’ So it’s important for me to create a sound and vibe for myself. At the same time, I want to be a voice to make you feel.”