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DJ Pinto Takes Center Stage With His Dynamic Artistry and Latest Single, M.B.A.P.

The music scene is known to be the home of some of the world’s most brilliant and gifted individuals. More than their talents and skills, the people who have made their marks in their respective fields are armed with the vision and passion for conquering their creative endeavors. Such is the case with Pinto, a must-watch DJ who has been creating significant waves with his musical flair and outstanding work ethic. The visionary has his eyes set on revolutionizing the industry with his powerful beats and dynamic artistry. 

​​Pinto is an up-and-coming DJ, musician, and artist whose primary goal is to connect with his audience and create music that resonates with people from all walks of life. Although he is originally from New Jersey, he eventually moved to South Florida and maintained his residence therein. Heavily determined to take his career to greater heights, the multi-faceted personality has been relentless with his pursuits. With his commitment, resilience, and dynamicity, he is bound to inspire countless aspirants across the globe. 

On a mission to share his music with the world, Pinto has made an impact with his latest single, M.B.A.P., which is currently available on different streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. With two versions—radio edit and extended mix—the song speaks volumes about the emerging artist’s creative prowess and his ability to come up with upbeat melodies and unique sounds. Truly, the rising star is more than ready to dominate the industry and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. 

Widely acknowledged for his incredible knack for creating beautiful beats, Pinto takes pride in his single, M.B.A.P., because it is not only reflective of his talent but is also telling of his remarkable character. As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, the artist has been working day and night to get to where he is today. His good reputation and current success are proof that anything is possible for those who work hard and persevere. More than anything, his diligent efforts have shown how dedicated he is to his career. 

Aside from his unparalleled skills and unmatched talent, Pinto is also acclaimed for his grit and determination. In fact, it was the artist’s tenacious spirit that made him a resident DJ in major clubs in South Florida and had him traveling for shows to get his music to a higher level. In an interview, he talked about some of the things that fuel his passion for music and those that inspire him to do better. 

“Ever since I moved to South Florida, my love for music has grown exponentially and continues to do so to this day. To see crowds going crazy about my music is one of the best feelings I have ever felt,” the DJ revealed. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Pinto uses his creative ingenuity, original grooves, and professional look to make his work stand out. Having released his first song, M.B.A.P., he consistently works on new music by crafting mixes and blends. In this way, he can always bring something new and impressive to his shows. In the coming months and years, the artist hopes to tour the world and work with corporate organizations during events and festivals. 

More Than Music Official, the Latest Addition to the Podcast Space Covering Music and Entertainment

The past two decades have seen society advance further than before with the technological leaps within a few short years of each breakthrough. Since then, the digital world has also immensely evolved with the introduction of social media platforms, media outlets, and streaming platforms. As a result, entertainment and news have also steered away from books, radio, newspapers, televisions, and movies and taken new forms in podcasts. 

Podcasts have been one of the most entertaining platforms in recent years, as it allows the hosts to tackle a number of topics, from industry gossip and guest appearances to current events. Much like the radio, it is an audio broadcasting medium that can be found on several streaming platforms or websites. Recently, ShawnDon joined the podcast space to create a community that can bring people together to talk about various topics.

Like most people, ShawnDon is passionate about the music and entertainment industries and often found podcasts to be one of the most innovative platforms in recent years. He found everything he wanted to learn about the industry, including the newest artists and the latest tracks of established names. ShawnDon started toying around with the idea of creating his own podcast until he eventually came out to put his plans to action, resulting in the birth of More Than Music Official.

“I’ve always had a passion for entertainment and music specifically,” ShawnDon explained. “I wanted to create a platform that would allow me to interact with others that feel the same way, as well as introduce others to some of the things that I love.”

More Than Music Official is a platform that covers a wide range of content focusing on music. Created in February, the platform is currently in its development stages. Still, ShawnDon has clarified that More Than Music will not only be covering the latest releases from everyone’s favorite artists but also shed light on some of the newer names in the game. In addition, despite its focus on music, the platform will also cover other topics, including TV series, movies, food, and current events.

ShawnDon wanted to develop a safe community for all, and his goal with More Than Music is to make it a point not to showcase negativity. “We want to be a place where people can come to laugh, reminisce, and learn,” he elaborated. 

While other podcasts are in it to generate likes and feed egos, More Than Music strives to provide content apt to leave the viewers and listeners feeling good. So when they visit More Than Music’s Instagram or YouTube channel, they will be presented with interesting and engaging content. Although the platform is new to the scene and still getting its bearings, ShawnDon promises that it will continue to grow. Recently, on their YouTube channel, ShawnDon sat down with established artist Project Pat to reflect on his career, his upbringing in Memphis, his impact on the new generation, and how he feels about the current hip-hop scene.

With the future still up in the air, ShawnDon is optimistic about elevating More Than Music to a higher platform. “I’d like to be at the point professionally where entertainers reach out to More Than Music Official for interviews,” he revealed.

Rising Star MDN Zane of the Million Dollar Networking Inc Pushes the Boundaries of Music Styles and Genres

The hallmark of a true artist lies in their versatility. The music industry is filled to the brim with talented artists who can craft the most distinct musical stylings, creating their own mold within the music industry that only they can fill. MDN Zane is a bright and talented young artist who is pushing the boundaries of music-making, garnering the support of loyal fans and the music industry as a whole.

MDN Zane isn’t confined to a single genre of music. He has paved the path of success in his own way, unrestricted by the limitations of a certain genre. His sheer artistic talent has allowed him to maximize his musical potential, captivating music lovers from all over the world in an entirely new sonic experience. In 2021, the rising star released his mixtape, which quickly drew fans to his eccentric yet genuine musical stylings.

Zane is part of the Million Dollar Networking Inc, a music company established by his brother, Anthony Parker, and a group of his friends. The brand’s vision was to become an inclusive company that encompasses other artists in the spectrum. Ultimately, Parker envisioned a music label that would represent the Black community and all other aspiring artists who want to etch their names in music history.

MDN Zane dropped his mixtape on November 11, 2021. The record had four features involving three members of the Million Dollar Networking Inc. Zane also collaborated with his longtime friend and college teammate Eelmatic in his mixtape. Eelmatic is a rising artist and producer who is originally from Upstate New York currently living in Kansas. MDN Zane also worked with DJ Marc B, Bankhead, Pharaoh Goddy, Trapset Troy, G Money, and Dizzi Chopin on his mixtape.

The release of MDN Zane’s mixtape propelled his music career to insurmountable heights. Currently, he plans on following up on his most recent success as he hopes to further share his talents in music-making with the world. Despite juggling his nine-to-five job and his music career, MDN Zane is fully devoted to his rising rap career. His pristine work ethic involves him going to the studio twice a week to craft up some new music. 

When asked what motivated him to pursue a career in music, MDN Zane replied: “I wanted to show how versatile I was. Whether I am rapping, singing, producing a club hit, or creating a song that anyone at any given time can vibe with, I aim to please my listeners and give them a breath of fresh air in the music industry.”

In the near future, MDN Zane envisions himself becoming an independent artist that most aspiring artists can look up to. He is currently blazing a trail in the music industry, and his blueprint for success is something that most artists can definitely aspire to achieve.Ultimately, with Zane’s story, it’s clear to see that Million Dollar Networking Inc has played an important part in elevating the careers of many rising artists in the industry. These names include MDN EA, MDN Kash, and Soufside Spody for his last project. Million Dollar Networking Inc is also crafting up an exciting event this summer to launch its upcoming female artist Million Dollar Lex and the push of already member MDN Michigan.

Keeping It Real – Must Watch Artist Gabe Griffin on His Authenticity and Distinctive Artistry

A person’s craft is an extension of their soul. The same is said to be true for musicians with regard to their music. As a matter of fact, one can tell a lot about an artist based on the lyrics they write and the kind of songs they create. Such is the case with Gibson Gabriel Gabe Griffin Gerace, a rising star from Southern California whose music speaks volumes about his genuineness, honesty, and authenticity. Today, he serves as a source of inspiration and hope to countless individuals across the globe. 

Gibson Gabriel Gabe Griffin Gerace, more prominently known as Gabe Griffin, has gained recognition for creating songs that have the propensity to tug at the heartstrings of listeners from all walks of life. Widely acknowledged for being raw and real, his music is proof that he is not afraid of speaking his truth and sharing his journey with others. At the heart of his career is the vision of touching thousands of lives with his craft. 

As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, Gabe Griffin worked nonstop to get to where he is right now. When he was only fifteen years old, he began writing poetry and used it to unleash his creative prowess. At seventeen, he tapped into his musical flair and dabbled in the world of composing music. It was during this time that he realized he wanted to make a career out of his passion. 

On a mission to take his career to greater heights, Gabe Griffin connected with Bailey Rae Harrison, co-founder of Ruby Entertainment Group, LLC. Immensely fueled by the desire to bring his music to the next level, the emerging artist embraced his distinctive artistry and started combining his poetic lyrics, exquisite musical composing, and determination to share his art with the world. As a result, he was able to come up with an identity that would soon shape who he truly is in the industry. 

As one of the foremost advocates of dreaming big, Gabe Griffin believes that magic begins to unfold the moment one chooses to have faith in their hopes and dreams. His blossoming career is a testament that being dauntless in the face of conquering endeavors will lead any aspirant to a place where they can fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals. A world of endless possibilities and promising opportunities awaits those who are brave enough to be relentless with their pursuits. 

Although the path toward the forefront of the music industry is paved with challenges and difficulties, Gabe Griffin has shown that he has what it takes to succeed. Armed with an incredible sense of authenticity and individuality, the artist is able to distinguish himself from others, even those whose names are already established.

With music that resonates with any audience, Gabe Griffin sends across a message that upholds positive and meaningful imagery. According to the artist, his legacy will be his ability to create an impact and make a difference in the lives of others. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, he continues to create significant waves in the industry by releasing music that reflects his huge heart and overflowing creativity. 

50 Cent wife, Mrs. 50 Cent aka Kimberly Ms. MTV talks Telosa TX, the New Silicon Valley Utopia vs Dystopia

In the 1990’s The Blair Witch Project used a marketing campaign based on a fabricated curse that was made to appear true.  The entire marketing campaign included newspaper articles, newsreels, television reports, and interviews.  The film was very successful, but some reviews were critical about the story being completely fictional.

Utopia vs Dystopia: The Fight of Good Against Evil Part 1 deciphers fact versus fiction.  Mrs. 50 Cent posted on IG declaring herself the wife of 50 Cent. She has been gifted by 50 Cent a Black American Express credit card, a 50 Karat diamond wedding ring, high-priced designer goods, a luxury penthouse apartment, cars, dinners, and trips. Most recently Mrs. 50 Cent appeared in a wedding dress and kissed 50 Cent during a public appearance and requested a public marriage, the rapper stated, “I will think about it”. Onlookers say they appeared to have very positive chemistry for one another. 

The novel Utopia vs Dystopia is a mixture of tantric romance, violence, suspense, supernatural forces, science fiction, and a cliffhanger ending. The novel ends after the 6th chapter.  Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “Christ had 12 disciples and so a total of 13 were included. Some people feel 13 and 666 are good numbers, especially in numerology. It symbolizes death and passing into a higher spiritual level.  The opening character in the book dies and is reborn after being shot 13 times.  He then goes on a spiritual journey that leads him to the Himalayas. He falls in love and untaps supernatural abilities.”

The novel is based on very similar real life or actual events.  Since COVID-19, many people are trying to go back to the old way of living while others predict this is only the beginning of the New World Order.  Theories about how the world is transitioning to a new regime is not a new idea. Mrs. 50 Cent brings another theoretical perspective while incorporating illuminated enlightenment and current events. 

In 2011, Discover Magazine’s new stories broke about the United States Government funding a multimillion-dollar scientific research project to turn US soldiers into telepaths.  The research was allegedly conducted by New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center in Albany Medical College with a team led by Albany Paranormal Research Society.  Since then, we have seen countless disasters- natural weather catastrophes, swarms of locusts, COVID-19, rivers turning to what looks like blood, a flock of birds falling from the sky (killing hundreds for no apparent reason) … It has made millions believe biblical prophecies. Many now believe the world as we knew it has ended and the New World Order has risen.

In 2021, news broke about a new city of utopia called Telosa.  That same year, Tesla, Oracle, Meta (which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), TikTok and other Silicon Valley corporations relocated to Texas along a tollway that stretched for miles and had acres of clear land large enough to accommodate an entire city. These stories provide clues for the reader to decide what is fact or fiction. 

This is a real-life expedition interwoven in a story about a superstar rapper, who happens to also be an undercover federal agent, meeting his soulmate and transitioning into a sovereign New World Order. The reader must search for evidence or lack of evidence to decipher facts from fiction, proving whether we have entered or are entering the New World Order. 

New Single Alert from Ludovica. Artist Set to Give Us the “Answer” 

Photo by @bravo.finessed

The music industry is brimming with talent. Up-and-coming stars have shown the world what they can do with chart-topping hits and certified bangers. Ludovica Angelica Giusti is among these talented musicians, cementing herself at the center of the modern music era with her inspired music.

Born on September 11, 1995, Ludovica is a 26-year-old rising star who started her music career in 2020. In such a short span of time, she had already broken records, surpassing her first 180, 000 views, 80,000 all-time streams, and 60,000 Spotify monthly listeners in the first six months of her career.

Ludovica graduated from NYU Tisch Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Billboard and Music Leaders. The esteemed artist released her first record label collaboration through EMPIRE Distribution, Inc. on her YouTube channel LudovicaVEVO and now releases music on her own label as a self-acclaimed manager.

She was also the former student of legend Stevie Mackey, vocal coach of legendary musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jhené Aiko, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Mindy Pack, and many more.

Photo by @bravo.finessed

“This is an extremely special song stemming from a real and personal place in my life, emotion wise, I truly think people will rethink about how essential it is to not put the blame on someone or point fingers, you hold the answers to every problem you just gotta work together,” Ludovica explained.

“Answer” is not just a typical love song. The song explains real emotions that we don’t often address. This always leads to conflict and it’s always too late to fix when things go wrong.

Ludovica is an extremely unique artist in today’s modern music industry. She utilizes custom-made beats produced by her fellow artist Smoov which resonate with her the first time she hears them. “I don’t usually pick typical beats, nothing from YouTube,” shared the rising star.

When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in music, Ludovica said: “I was once asked what keeps me going in music? It’s not about what keeps me going, I can’t do without it.”

“I recognized that music is my true essence, the reason we are on this earth is to find our purpose. You can look and sound like someone else but your actions are what separates you from everyone else. I’m extremely strong on moving forward in this industry the way I want to, the way that feels real to me,” she added.

In the near future, Ludovica is poised to become a mainstay in the music industry and a household name. Her passion for her craft is something the world has never seen before, and it’s extremely exciting to see where the future will take her. There’s nowhere to go, but up from here for the talented musician, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down real soon.

Bad Bears Transcends Boundaries in the NFT Realm as It Dives Into the Metaverse

Innovations in the digital space have paved the way for numerous financial ventures that are no longer rooted in the conventional ways of generating wealth. With all the recent developments in technology, people have learned to resort to other means of earning passive income and making more room for value-adding projects. Among the trends that have established a reputable standing in the crypto world are non-fungible tokens. One of the NFT projects that have conquered the blockchain game is Bad Bears—a project that is now ready to dominate the Metaverse.

Ever since they gained popularity in 2021, non-fungible tokens have been unstoppable at enriching the financial landscape with novel and creative ways to create wealth. With how saturated the digital space has become, it can be challenging for upcoming projects to set themselves apart from existing NFTs that have already established reputable names in the crypto scene. However, the Bad Bears NFT knows what it takes to make an impact and stand out, capturing the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. 

Widely acknowledged for being a project that has its holders’ best interests at heart, the Bad Bears NFT is heavily focused on bringing in more value. Moreover, it seeks to revolutionize the digital space by dabbling into ventures that offer a variety of benefits to its holders. As a result, it has set a precedent for other emerging projects that wish to make their marks in the NFT realm. 

At its core, the Bad Bears NFT is all about helping holders create a roadmap that would lead them to opportunities and more streams of income. With a founding team composed of brilliant visionary leaders driven by their common goal of enabling success for others, the project will be taking over the Metaverse. Through its one-of-a-kind and tokenized ERC-721 ecosystem, this emerging name creates more value for its holders and allows them to maximize their NFTs throughout their holding period.

Holders of the Bad Bears NFT can generate passive income in the form of $MSK, which is distributed to them every day while maintaining a fixed supply. In addition, the non-fungible token also serves as a ticket to exclusive access to Bear Labs’ drops. Bear Labs is an entity grounded on enhancing and evolving the NFT’s features and capabilities in the Metaverse. Every serum consumed enables holders to enjoy an added set of perks and compatibility in the months to come. 

Although it has its eyes set on taking over the Metaverse, the Bad Bears NFT believes that this leap is only the beginning. As a matter of fact, the project is set to drop a few more NFTs that will help holders maximize the benefits of their mints. Bad Cubs is set to release in the first quarter, while VX is set to drop in the second.

In the near future, Bad Bears hopes to reach more enthusiasts worldwide. With the value it holds and the benefits it offers, the project intends to transform the financial landscape in the most revolutionary way possible. Much can be expected from this emerging force as it continues to come up with innovative solutions that transcend boundaries in the NFT realm. 

Mont’e Millions Off to a Spectacular Start for the Year with Red Bull Commercial

Closing the first quarter of the year with a significant win will always be a big deal for anyone, and pop, country, R&B, and hip-hop star Mont’e Millions is doing it in style. The musician recently teamed up with Molly Flynn and Molly World Productions to land a spectacular deal with Red Bull, which sees the musician become the face of the company.

In what Mont’e calls an exciting deal, the musician, entrepreneur and author is set to play a major role in one of the areas he’s heavily interested in: the business world. The partnership between him and Molly Flynn, the owner of Molly World Productions, will see the musician campaign for the new Red Bull Commercial, co-directed by Molly. Bringing this project to life will surely send 2022 to the top of Mont’e Millions’s achievements, and he believes strongly that such a huge win heralds even bigger things to come.

Born Montressa L. Cullingham, Mont’e Millions has built a career inspiring and motivating his audience globally. His work as the new face of Red Bull will also serve as a reminder to every entrepreneur and talented person watching his journey that they can achieve their dreams by simply moving on the path that can get them there. “Never stop believing in yourself, and don’t joke with your network. If you have a relationship with the best in the business, your work is cut out for you,” Mont’e said.

Content from Mont’e Millions is for everyone looking to achieve their dreams and better their lives, ranging from entrepreneurs to entertainers and the average person out there. The firm belief that he can achieve the impossible regardless of odds stacked against him has kept Mont’e going strongly over the past years. His biggest motivation is the clear vision to become successful and use his success to uplift other people. The new collaboration with Red Bull edges him towards that goal, and his excitement about what’s to come is all he needs to keep making these landmark collaborations.

Mont’e Millions hopes to work with more brands, expand his brand’s reach, and become more bankable as an entertainer and entrepreneur in the next few years. His success in the music world with his record label with a seven-figure value and his pop-country hit “SALLY,” which has garnered over 12 million streams, has inspired confidence in many of his associates who believe the sky is the starting point for him.

Mont’e Millions also expresses his enthusiasm towards working with Molly Flynn, a director who, like him, began to follow her dreams at a young age. He looks forward to more collaborations and hopes the upcoming one with Red Bull achieves the desired impact.

Musical Bridges and Dancing Cobblestones

Washington, DC is known for politics and political fodder. If the buildings within DC proper could speak, they would tell possible stories of American history, scandal, and progress. A silver lining to a city rigid in 

bureaucracy is its arts scene. With an arts history that spans decades, DC has become an arts destination for many tourists, artists, and local supporters. One artist makes space for music and dance to collaborate and grow together. Shawn Short, a talented DC dancer, and musician, has made strives to share his artistic spaces with dancers and musicians alike. Short carries an extensive background in classical and musical theatre music, is a former professor of Catholic University of America’s Rome School of Music, and is an active music collaborator through DC’s Dissonance Dance Theatre. 

 Short’s musical journey starts in the halls of Prince George’s County’s public – a suburb outside of Washington, DC. Starting in youth choirs sponsored by the county, Shawn, a thin, tall, boy soprano with a sprightly personality enjoyed regular performances at community events and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts along with accomplished classical musicians. At eleven years old, he began his training as an instrumentalist, developing his skills as a flutist; playing the works of Chaminade, Mozart, Bach, and more. His love of classical music led to Short performing in touring engagements with the Lions Honors Band under Dr. Sparks formerly of University of Maryland College Park’s music department.  Shortly after his grade-school years, and as a graduate of Duval High School’s vocal and instrumental department, Short attended college as a music major furthering his development as a musician. Taking an interest in musical composition and musical software, Short performed across college campuses, and the Appalachian region. Shawn studied music at Frostburg State, and Bowie University, but eventually completed his Bachelor’s degree at Howard University where he blended his love of dance, theatre, and music into a theater degree in musical theater. 

As a student of the many artists in Washington, DC’s arts community, Short utilizes his love of music alongside his love for theatre and dance – building youth programs and higher education alike. Communities take work and time to develop, and luckily Shawn has patience for the vision he has for the arts. Short was Program Director for the Kelsey E. Collie Children’s Theater Experience (KECCTE) for more than four years. In the same fashion, Short aided in the development of the Adventure Theater’s acquisition of the Musical Theater Center, Adventure Theater-MTC (AMTC). Invited by AMTC’s former Artistic Director Michael Bobbitt to assist in the growth of its new teaching staff and student development, Shawn provided several years of student instruction, and organizational advisement that led to Adventure Theater-MTC becoming one of the leading musical theatre training programs in the Washington, DC area. It would be remised if Short’s contribution to higher education were not mentioned.  Catholic University of America’s Rome School of Music was in need of assistance. The musical theater concentration, under the direction of Jane Pesci-Townsend, wished for a revamp of its program to produce competitive artists to work in their industry. A founding faculty member of the Washington Ballet’s south education campus in southeast DC, WSB@THEARC, Short gracefully transitioned to higher education. 

 In 2012, The Washington Post’s dance critic Sarah Kaufman shines a positive note on Short’s student’s performance in a professional production of Hairspray, “The ballet training of Catholic University graduate Patrick Thomas Cragin, who plays pompadoured heartthrob Link Larkin, is clear in his aerial pep.” A favorite professor and loved by his students, Shawn guided the ballet coursework annual enrollment from 33 to 77 per semester. Short used his love of the arts to develop singers who wanted to dance and act, but many of his students have made an impact in national/international tours, regional theater, and tv/film; including actress/playwright Asia Martin, and actress Maya Allicock, Broadway 2015 Matilda-performer Cole Edelstein, Equity Actress/playwright Melissa Victors, “Dolly” 2019 national tour (Barnaby) Sean Burns to name a few.  

 Ultimately, Short created his own platform that brought together his love of music, dance, and theater – Dissonance Dance Theatre (DDT). Founded in 2007, DDT’s mission is to challenge the audience’s assumptions about the human experience through dance. According to Ngoma Center for Dance, DDT’s parent organization, DDT is the only nationally-recognized, Black-led contemporary ballet company between NYC and ATL. Named “One of the 11 small-but-mighty dance companies outside of LA and NYC” by Dance Spirit Magazine, DDT’s first musical collaboration was with Short himself in 2010. Short composed and produced the musical score for his choreographic work What The Eye Sees. 

 Dissonance Dance Theatre has collaborated with local musicians and ensembles. Shawn’s love of music brought new artists to the growing dance company. DDT’s past musical collaborations include composers from Catholic University’s Rome School of Music – graduate and undergraduate – performed by local musicians and CUA’s Women’s Ensemble. Blues Alley’s Sine Qua Non, a DC jazz sensation, connected with Shawn and magic was born with the dance and music production Transoul. Classical music touring ensembles, Atlantic Reed Consort and the Georgetown Quintet, have graced the stages of DDT’s performance season – bringing new audiences and artistic zest.  In the world of hip hop, collaboration with contemporary ballet artists is few – especially African-American artists. Shawn enlisted local rapper Trenie Marquis (Tru Ghost) for his first hip-hop-infused ballet Key in Ebony

As the world of live theater has been disrupted by the COVID pandemic, new creative innovation is required. Shawn Short is making new opportunities for musicians, dancers, and actors. It would take a musician to feel the underpinning rhythm that makes the people dance. 

Christine Sako Dazzling Music Heads with Her New Single “Coda”

Every dream has a beginning, and every move towards a destination has something fueling the drive. For Christine Sako, it took listening to “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne in 2002 to decide that music was something she wanted to do. Two decades later, she has found her feet and has effortlessly dazzled the world of music with her impeccable sound and lyrics. Her latest single, “Coda,” was released last year and gave the guitar-wielding songwriter all the props a musician needs to know that they are capturing people’s hearts with music.

Delving into music was a bold step laden with uncertainty and fear of untoward judgment for the Minneapolis, MN-born singer. When she recorded her first songs, she would send them to her friends on AIM and claim that she found the songs online, since she wanted to know their honest opinions about the songs. She got a confidence boost when her friends showered the songs with positive feedback, so she took the music bull by its horns to launch a fully-fledged career.

Christine Sako’s first shot at mainstream spotlight came in 2009, when she toured with the indie-pop band Now, Now. For the next two years, she continued to work with different bands like Paramore, Paper Route, and a host of others, opening for them at their shows. Then, she decided she wanted to take her solo career more seriously and actively put out songs to build her name. So in 2012, she drove across the country to San Diego, CA, with her guitar and MIDI controller and set to work immediately on her first full-length album. The album, titled The Math Project, was released in 2014 as a hybrid of acoustic and synth-based pop-inspired heavily by California and its numerous characteristics.

Since her first project, she spent the next decade evolving as an artist and adapting to new trends. In 2021, she released songs like “Sediments” and the upbeat indie-pop song “Seasoned.” Then, during the summer of 2021, she wrote “Coda,” which has now become a well-loved anthem that explores themes that many people can relate to. 

Describing the song, Christine said: “The song is all about being tired and desiring to move on despite being aware that history is repeating itself. Despite this desire to let go, there is underlying friction, a tugging in the direction of what we know will never end well. It’s this conflicting feeling that drives the pleading to have the other party leave well enough alone since the strength to do that on one’s own isn’t quite there.”She recorded the song in her home studio in San Diego, CA, and the production process infused synth bass tracks, drums, vocals, and then more synths to make the song more wholesome. With “Coda,” Christine Sako has proven that her style has evolved, and with her beat-driven melodies and distinct vocals, she hopes to continue taking her audiences globally on a journey through various emotions. The song is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.