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Who Is Sam Mattick? Age, Parents, Nationality, Kids, Net Income

Who Is Sam Mattick?

Sam Mattick is a copywriter and marketing communications specialist who has worked online for more than ten years. In this article, we’ll discuss some of Sam’s strategies to help his clients succeed online.

Sam Mattick age

Sam Mattick is a 28-year-old musician and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known as the former guitarist and vocalist for Converge’s hardcore punk band. In early 2017, he announced his departure from Converge to focus on his solo project, Ghost Box.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Sam Mattick began playing the guitar when he was 11. After forming Converge with his childhood friends Jake Bowen (guitar) and Jacob Bannon (bass), the band quickly became one of their most influential hardcore punk bands. Throughout their career, they released five albums and toured worldwide extensively. In early 2017, after 19 years as a part of Converge, Sam announced his departure to focus on Ghost Box – his solo project consisting of original material that draws inspiration from disparate genres, including ambient drone and post-rock.

In addition to his musical career, Sam is also an accomplished writer. His debut novel, The Fire This Time, was published in 2016 and received critical acclaim. He resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he continues to write music and tour with Ghost Box.

Sam Mattick Parents

Sam Mattick was born in Massillon, Ohio, on May 3, 1994. He is the son of Jim and Sue Mattick. Sam is a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

Mattick attended Massillon Washington High School. In 2013, the Associated Press named him to the All-Ohio Second Team. As a junior, he set records with 28 wins and two shutouts. In 2012, he won 18 games with two shutouts and led his team to the state semifinals.

After high school, Mattick attended Purdue University on a baseball scholarship. During his time at Purdue, he earned All-Big Ten First Team honors in 2013 and 2014. While at Purdue, Mattick also played for the United States collegiate national team.

The Pittsburgh Pirates selected Mattick in the first round (14th overall) of the 2015 MLB draft. He made his professional debut with the Billings Mustangs of the Pioneer Baseball League that season. In 47 appearances (24 starts), he posted a 12-7 record with a 3.17 ERA in 183 innings pitched.

In 2016, he pitched for Altoona Curve of the Eastern League and Bradenton Marauders of the Class A-Advanced.

Sam Mattick Nationality

Sam Mattick was born in 1942 in New Hampshire. He is an American artist whose works often center around landscape and abstraction. Mattick has exhibited his work throughout the United States and Europe and has received numerous awards and commissions.

Sam Mattick’s Debut Album

Sam Mattick, the young banjo player from Kentucky, has released his debut album and is sure to please banjo fans. Recorded at various locations in the Bluegrass State, the album features 11 original tracks written by Mattick.

The album’s title, “Dirty Girl,” is inspired by the songwriter’s wife, who always manages to keep things “dirty” despite their low-key lifestyle. The album’s first single, “Hey Mama,” is a catchy tune that keeps listeners up and moving. With its upbeat tempo and robust banjo playing, this track is perfect for impromptu dance parties or just kicking back with some friends.

Fans of old-time music will love “The Ballad of Hank Williams.” This track pays tribute to one of country music’s most legendary figures and features a stirring arrangement by Mattick and his band. This track will surely tear any listener’s eye with its emotional lyrics and soulful vocals.

If you’re a fan of bluegrass gospel, then you’ll appreciate “To Be Loved.” This heartfelt song was written as a letter to God and featured some stunning vocal harmonies from Mattick and his band.

Sam Mattick Kids

Sam had already stated his passion for Egypt when speaking at their engagement celebration. According to him, the first lady with whom he was open about his history was Egypt. And because of that, even after he had disclosed to her within the first week of their meeting the existence of his two children and the “huge child support,” Egypt had remained loyal to him. He continued the first person I ever informed I had encounters with a trans lady was Egypt.

On Instagram, Sam’s mother goes under the handle “loving atie.”

On rare occasions, Sam also uploaded photos of his kids to Instagram, highlighting how well-cared for they are. However, many of his supporters were dubious. Then Sam said he made $2500 for every episode of Growing Up Hip Hop in response to someone stating that he didn’t spend his money.

Sam Mattick Net Income

According to Forbes, Sam Mattick’s net income was $7.5 million in 2017. He is the founder and CEO of the private equity firm SandRidge Capital Management. SandRidge invests in various companies, including semiconductor manufacturer Micron Technology, airlines Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways, and retail chain Lowe’s.


Post Malone Bruised Ribs, Returns to Hospital

Post Malone is taken to the hospital one week following his rib injury on stage. 

The rapper, born Austin Post, postponed a show in Boston on Saturday evening after he awoke to “cracking sounds on the right side of my body” and suffered from a stabbing pain. 

“I felt so good last night, but today it felt so different than it has before,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m having a very difficult time breathing, and there’s like stabbing pain whenever I breathe or move.” 

According to the singer, he was in the hospital and apologized to fans for putting out the show at TD Garden, stressing that tickets will be valid for a rescheduled date when it is available. 

“I’m so f—ing sorry. I love y’all so much. I feel terrible, but I promise I’m going to make this up to you,” he said. 

Malone was given medical treatment on September 17 at a hospital following his tripping on an opening, which was used to lower his guitar, on stage at his show at Enterprise Center in St. Louis. 

“Thank you for putting up with my dumbass,” he stated in a clip posted on Twitter during that time. “There’s this big ass hole so I go around here and turn the corner and bust my ass… winded me pretty good.” 

Announcing that he just got back from the hospital, Malone guaranteed fans that “everything’s good” and “we can keep kicking ass on the tour.” 

Malone is obviously regretful about the incident for concert-goers: “Thanks so much for coming to the show,” he stated. “Next time I’m around, we’re going to do a two-hour show for you so we can make up for the couple missed songs.” 

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Malone Incident

While singing “Circles,” the musician tripped on a hole and fell hard on his ribs. For minutes, he laid on stage as medics hurried to help him. He was then brought off stage and, after a few minutes, went back and resumed his performance with “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up.” 

During his performance, he held his ribs and winced a few times, per attendees on social media. 

Dre London, Malone’s manager, attested that his ribs were bruised. Luckily, it was not broken. 

“Thank you everyone for all your well wishes!” London said on Instagram, captioning a photo of the two backstage. 

“In true Posty fashion loving his fans he finished the show! I truly don’t know any artist like him. Talking to him few hrs ago he was still saying Dre don’t go hard on em’ explain more then saying[,] ‘the show must go on!’ let’s all keep him in our thoughts as we know he will wake up in pain.”

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Photo: NME

Bad Bunny Kisses Two Backup Dancers, Bags MTV VMAs

Bad Bunny may have had a good Sunday.

He performed at Yankee Stadium, kissed a man, kissed a girl, then ended the night by winning an MTV Video Music Award for Artist of the Year.

The kiss happened during a performance of Bad Bunny’s Dembow single “Tití Me Preguntó” from his fifth studio album Un Verano Sin Ti.

In a Madonna-like move (the one in which she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 VMAs), the rapper first kissed a dancer to his right (a girl), then turned his head to peck at the dancer to his left (a guy).

After his performance, the Bad Bunny set was honored with the presence of the former New York Knicks and fellow Puerto Rican Carmelo Anthony, who presented him with his Moon Person trophy.

“I always knew that I could become a huge artist without changing my culture, my slang, and my language,” the Puerto Rican rapper said before the audience in Spanish. “I am Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, from Puerto Rico to the world.” 

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Bad Bunny Brought his Culture to Music

Apart from the Artist of the Year, Bad Bunny also earned a nomination for Album of the Year for Un Verano Sin Ti, Best Latin Song for “Tití Me Preguntó,” and Song of the Summer for “Me Porto Bonito” with Chencho Corleone. 

Before 2022, Bad Bunny had earned five VMA nominations, including Song of the Summer (2018), Best Latin Video (2019 and 2020), and two Best Latin Video nominations (2021). 

Sony Pictures revealed in April that Bad Bunny would portray the character of El Muerto, the first Latino to lead a live-action movie by Marvel. El Muerto is a wrestler with a superpower from the Spider-verse. 

“I love wrestling. I grew up watching it, and now I’m a wrestler,” Bad Bunny stated at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April. “This is why I love this character. I think it’s the perfect role to me. It will be epic.” 

Additionally, Bad Bunny appears in Bullet Train, an action-comedy by David Leitch that premiered at No. 1 at the North American Box Office this month.

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Ye Explains Latest YZY Sunglasses

Ye’s latest sunglasses have her daughter’s approval.

“I put these glasses on Chicago last night, and she was like, ‘These are my glasses now.’ She didn’t want to take them off,” said Ye. 

The Chicago nod meant a lot to Ye. He loves that she likes YZY SHDZ.

“She was able to throw the shades in the air, and they fell on the ground, and I wasn’t running like, ‘You’re going to break the prototype!’” 

The style made waves on social media and was worn by Kim Kardashian and North West. Ye created them with the help of Demna, the equally anonymous designer of Balenciaga.

“Both Virgil [Abloh] and Demna worked on Yeezy season one, and now with losing Virgil, I wasn’t able to work with him when he was at Louis Vuitton, so that’s why I think it’s so important that me and Demna still get to work together,” he said. 

“We collectively present new ideas for our species, you know?” 

The idea he was talking about materialized in campaign images by contributor Nick Knight. Here, Candice Swanepoel is pictured bald wearing silver sunglasses tied at the back with a string and nothing else.

Recently, Ye and Swanepoel went to London to shoot with Knight (the bald head, as a matter of fact, is Knight’s and not Swanpoel’s – it was photoshopped). 

“I can send them out to any modeling agency now and be employed for the top of my head only,” Knight said. 

The two have collaborated with various projects, such as the short film of Jesus is King, the music video “24” and the YZY SPLY website. Consequently, Knight and YE developed a decent professional relationship.

“Unlike virtually any other person I’ve worked with, he very much wants to make sure he sees what he wants to see. Not in a nasty way at all; it’s very inspiring to work with someone who cares that much about how the imagery should work,” Knight added. 

Knight pointed out that they had to look back to choose the perfect shade of gray-blue.

Since seeing her at a party 12 years ago, Ye had wanted to collaborate with Swanepoel. And according to Knight, she is “one of those models who just wants to get a great image and will work to do so.” 

Swanepoel added that the feeling is mutual, saying, “The vision for the shoot was so clear but also allowed me to contribute my perspective on it. Moreover, it was exciting being a part of something I knew would instantly become iconic.” 

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Ye, Knight, and Swanepoel Masterpiece

The sunglasses have the ability to make anyone – either it is Lil Uzi Vert or Lisa Rinna – look like they’re from the year 3022. But Ye seems to have mixed emotions about the word futuristic

“Saying something is in the future takes out the accountability of it needing to exist in our reality, and the fact that it’s 2022 and we don’t have the future we thought we were going to have,” he said. 

“Certain things are more futuristic, and a lot of things are less futuristic than we thought we would have. Obviously, I’ve been defined as a futurist. I’ll put it like this, it’s going to rhyme, it’s going to be poetry: Since we’ve been defined as futurists, we will define what the future is.” 

Per Ye, the conversations he, Swanepoel, and Knight had on the shoot were focused on having a better world for the generations to come. 

“People are so quick to think it’s going to be so dystopian, but I feel it’s going to be James Turrell spaces and Nick Knight photos and foods from localized farms with no pesticides,” he said. 

Although the photos show sunglasses, the collaborators had bigger visions. 

In another photo, Swanepoel stands with a massive backpack under what seems to be a solar eclipse. Together, they are like an ad for a science fiction film but with a twist. 

“Having spent some of my life with the man, I believe that is his fundamental thing: He wants to make the world a better place,” Knight said of Ye. 

“He said to me the other day it should be like a dystopian movie, but with a happy ending. Why do those movies always have a sad ending? Why can’t there be one where it works out, and it’s a better place?”

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Photo: LinkedIn

Greyson Chance Discloses Problems with Ellen DeGeneres

Greyson Chance will not give Ellen DeGeneres any more second chances.

In 2010, when the singer was in sixth grade, a video of his high school performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” went viral on YouTube. It quickly became an online sensation.

The footage was immediately noticed by DeGeneres, who asked him to appear on her daytime talk show, associated him with top executives, and signed him with her record label, all in less than a year.

However, in an interview with Rolling Stone published on Thursday, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter revealed that the superstar fame and glamor had suddenly vanished as DeGeneres took charge of his career.

“My whole week, my whole month, my whole year could change [with] one text message from her,” he said. “That was horrible.” 

After joining the DeGeneres label, Chance said she started becoming “domineering and way too controlling,” making decisions for him with everything, like his stage outfits.

“She would come in and look at a rack, yell at stylists, berate people in front of me and say, ‘This is what you’re wearing on the show,” he told the outlet. “She was just degrading to people.” 

Additionally, Chance told Rolling Stone that DeGeneres “completely abandoned” him and stopped taking his calls following the flop of his 2012 EP. In the same year, he was ditched by his label and team.

Though he later released his own music independently and made several appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show through 2019, Chance indicated that his encounters with the host became a little less friendly.

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No More Chance

Recalling his last appearance on the show, Chance referred to the studio as a “place of active trauma” and criticized DeGeneres for talking about his sexuality during their interview. 

“[When I came out,] I hadn’t spoken to her in years… That’s so messed up that you’re now showing the world as if we’re so tight. We’re so good,” Chance stated. “And behind the scenes, you are this insanely manipulative person.” 

Chance’s claims about DeGeneres directly contradict her previously clean public image and “Be kind” motto. But the singer is not the only person to slam her closed-door behavior. 

In 2020, former and current Ellen workers rebuked the show for promoting a “toxic work environment” with racism, intimidation, and fear. As a result, an internal probe occurred, three execs exited the show, and DeGeneres issued apologies to her staff many times. 

And in May 2021, DeGeneres revealed that her show would come to an end following its 19th season. The last episode was released in May of this year. 

Chance told Rolling Stone that Ellen showrunners urged him to go back to the show one last time on the final season. However, he rejected the offer. 

“How in the world am I supposed to sit down and say I’m so thankful and let her take that moment?” he asked. 

Chance further said, “I couldn’t do that. So, I turned down a national-TV gig on the eve of an album release, which is probably not a smart thing to do, but I had to do it for my integrity.”

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Photo: Hype 

Olivia Wilde on ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Fuzz: Media Coverage ‘Always Seems to be Different’

Photo: Facts Five

Olivia Wilde is now wondering if the enthusiasm for Don’t Worry Darling would be different if she were a man.

The filmmaker noted during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday that media coverage of her films “always seems to be different” than that of her male counterparts.

“I mean, am I envious of my male colleagues in the way that they seem to be able to live their lives without as much judgment? Yeah, I think about it,” she stated. “I’m like, ‘That must be nice to be that guy. Everybody’s just, like, applauding just every move he makes.” 

In part of the interview, Wilde confessed that she always knew filmmaking was a “male-dominated” field.

“It has been for a long time,” she shared to host Kelly Clarkson. 

“Being a female director, there’s not that many of us, not for lack of talent, just for lack of opportunity. There’s a lot of great young filmmakers that are out there that are women. So, I’m like, prepared for that.” 

But Wilde explained that the most annoying thing about it is when the verdict comes from another woman.

“I’m just like, ‘Can we just give each other the benefit of the doubt and just have each other’s backs?’” she said. “Wouldn’t that be great?” 

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Wilde Film Controversies

The director’s TV appearance comes while she is under scrutiny for rumors of drama between her and the film’s cast – particularly actress Florence Pugh – both on set, in leaked clips, and at the Venice Film Festival this month. 

Pugh referred to the social media buzz on the show as a “soap opera” and revealed how she’s trying to handle the so-called “noise” online. 

“My stuff is out there, but I’m alive, and my kids are alive, and that’s what gets me through,” she revealed. “I remind myself of that every single day.” 

Wilde also said she is stepping away from the internet and social media as well, describing it as “a losing battle.” 

“Focusing on what’s real – your trusted circle of friends… things that make you happy, people you love, people who love you, and just keeping your mind on what’s real – I think that’s how I get through it,” she stated. 

“I think, ‘God, it could be a lot worse, and we’re alive, and everything’s gonna be okay.”

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James Cameron Concerned that Avatar Would be ‘Cringe-Worthy’

The visual effects of the upcoming Avatar sequels are impressive, according to director James Cameron. He is worried that they will make the original film (2009) look out of date.

But thankfully, the first film was given a makeover before its recent release, less than three months before the highly anticipated sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, which opens in theaters on December 16.

The latest version of Avatar is visually significantly better than 13 years ago thanks to the 4K High Dynamic Range upgrade.

“I went into that screening worried that it was going to be a bit cringe-worthy relative to the new film, which looks pretty spectacular,” Cameron said in an interview with EW of his experience watching the original movie remastered for the first time. 

“As the film ended, I went, ‘Hmm, I don’t know. I’m now worried about the new film,'” the director jested, ahead of getting the records straight, “That’s not true. I’m not worried about the new film. It looks pretty amazing. But I am hopeful that people will get out to the cinema and either discover or rediscover that experience so that they know what an Avatar movie’s all about.”

Some of those who saw the remastered film were Cameron’s children.

“I got to watch it with my kids, who are 15, 18, and 21, recently. And they hadn’t seen it in 3D in a theater, certainly not in the state that it’s in right now because it’s more gorgeous than it’s ever been.” 

Watching the film again today, the filmmaker feels a renewed sense of gratitude for what he and his team accomplished back then.

“It’s remastered in 4K, it’s remastered in an Atmos 9.1 sound, which wasn’t available at the time. We judiciously used high frame rates to smooth out some of the 3D. So, it looks better than I’ve ever seen it. I was sitting there going, ‘We did that? Wow,'” Cameron said. 

Despite Avatar’s commercial and critical success in 2009, Cameron said the sequel was even “more ambitious” than the original.

“Certainly, water is much more difficult to realize in CG,” he emphasized. “And our water is mostly CG water, but you won’t be able to tell. It looks photo-real. It looks like we just went out to the ocean in Pandora and shot it.” 

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Cameron Believes Sequel Feels Like A Dream

In Cameron’s view, the objective of the visual effect is for the crowd to feel like they are in a dream. 

“In dreams, we believe we’re in the situation while we’re dreaming,” the director elaborated. “And that’s what I wanted to accomplish with the new film. That’s what I wanted to accomplish with the first Avatar and what I think we did.” 

He further said, “Through the world-building and through the presentation and bright laser 3D and so on, you’re there. You can see every leaf on the tree. You feel like you can reach out and touch it. But it’s a new story with new characters, new stakes, new jeopardy, et cetera.” 

While visuals are crucial for Cameron and Avatar, storytelling is the most important aspect of any movie. 

“It’s all about: Do I care about these people?” Cameron asked. 

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful the film is, how breathtaking the visuals are. Do I care? Am I having an emotional reaction? Resonating with their sense of loss or tragedy or love or whatever it is? That’s what movies are all about. It doesn’t matter how big or how small they are – they have succeed on that level first.” 

The remastered Avatar premiered globally on September 23 ahead of Avatar: The way of Water on December 16.

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Photo: EW

Jacob Elordi to Star as Elvis Presley

Photo: Best Stars News

Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi has been cast as Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film.

Priscilla, which Coppola is set to write and direct, was inspired by Priscilla Presley’s 1985 memoir Elvis and Me. The film is set to be distributed by A24.

Alongside Elordi, the titular businesswoman, actress, and former partner of the King of Rock and Roll will be portrayed by Mare of Easttown, The Craft: Legacy’s Cailee Spaeny. 

In this memoir, Presley chronicles the reasons that led to her meeting her ex-husband, their marriage in 1967, and their divorce in 1973.

The movie will start filming in Toronto this fall, and it will be the third team-up between Coppola and A24, after The Bling Ring in 2013 and On the Rocks in 2020. A series adaptation of The Custom of the Country – a novel by Edith Wharton – is also in the works by the director. 

The upcoming adaptation comes after the hit Baz Luhrmann biopic about Elvis starring Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge as Elvis and Priscilla, respectively.

The musical drama chronicles the rise of a legend which started when he was young running through his 1950s career while trying to maintain a working relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

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Pressure is Put Over Elordi

In a previous interview with EW, Butler said Priscilla – who has complimented the film’s cast and crew – was a massive supporter of the movie. 

“I got to meet Priscilla beforehand,” Butler revealed. 

“The first day I went to Graceland. It was profound for me. She just gave me a big hug and said, ‘You have a lot of support.’ Feeling her blessing beforehand [meant so much] because I wanted to make her proud. I wanted to do him justice – for her and for her family and Lisa Marie.” 

A review from EW of Luhrmann’s “electrifying” Elvis praised Butler’s performance as “revelatory… fully lived-in and vulnerable.” Furthermore, an Oscar talk has been circulating for the actor.

That alone puts some pressure on Elordi because Butler’s portrayal remains fresh in the memories of movie enthusiasts.

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Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Doesn’t Like the Band’s “God Save the Queen” Promotion

Photo: Getty Images

John Lydon released another statement on the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“John Lydon wishes to distance himself from any Sex Pistols activity which aims to cash in on Queen Elizabeth II’s death,” the Sex Pistols singer said. 

“The musicians in the band and their management have approved a number of requests against John’s wishes on the basis of the majority court-ruling agreement.” 

It is neither indicated nor clear which business Lydon is referring to. The band did not post any “God Save the Queen” promotional material on its social media platforms in the days following Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 8.

Furthermore, the Sex Pistols have not spoken publicly about the queen’s death. The Sex Pistols, while the queen was still alive, had previously unveiled a “God Save the Queen” NFT commemorative coin.

When asked for comments, a Sex Pistols representative told Pitchfork, “We cannot understand what he would be referring to. Other than a couple requests for use of imagery or audio in news reports on the Queen and her impact on culture, there’s nothing relating to ‘God Save the Queen’ being promoted or released in any way.” 

Lydon and his former bandmates were in court over licensing rights. The band took legal action against Lydon after he refused to license their music for Danny Boyle’s Pistol.

The band won court favor after it was determined that, under the terms of a 1988 agreement, no member of the Sex Pistols has a veto on licensing rights, which a majority vote can grant.

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John Lydon Complete Statement: 

“John Lydon wishes to distance himself from any Sex Pistols activity which aims to cash in on Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The musicians in the band and their management have approved a number of requests against John’s wishes on the basis of the majority court-ruling agreement.


 In John’s view, the timing for endorsing any Sex Pistols requests for commercial gain in connection with “God Save the Queen” in particular is tasteless and disrespectful to the Queen and her family at this moment in time.


 John wrote the lyrics to this historical song, and while he has never supported the monarchy, he feels that the family deserves some respect in this difficult time, as would be expected for any other person or family when someone close to them has died.”

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Shakira Against Spain: Tax Evasion Case

Photo: Walls Desk

Shakira may currently be in the “darkest hours” of her life. However, she’s paving her way through the light. 

Before dropping her first new music album in five years, the singer told Elle Magazine about the tax fraud case filed by the Spanish government, spelling her with up to eight years imprisonment. 

Shakira declined a settlement offer – the specifications had not been revealed, blasting the tax fraud case to trial. 

Previously, she was claimed to have failed to pay $15 million in taxes between 2012 and 2014 in Spain, a time in which the superstar claims she was not residing in the country. 

Per the court documents seen by Reuters, Shakira was inhabiting there during that period due to the record of her buying a home in Barcelona in 2012. (Her official address was listed as the Bahamas.) 

Aside from imprisonment, the filing urges a fine of $24 million should she be convicted. 

The star repulsed the Spanish government’s allegations as “false accusations,” sharing with Elle that she plans to stand against the case as a “matter of principle.” 

Shakira claims she didn’t live in the country for the necessary period of time for tax purposes, 183 days, due to her being “busy fulfilling my professional commitments around the world.” 

“I’ve paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed a lawsuit,” she stated. 

“So, as of today, I owe zero to them. And finally, I was advised by one of the four biggest tax specialist firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, so I was confident that I was doing things correctly and transparently from day one.” 

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Shakira Says It’s the Country’s Strategy

Shakira argues everything is equal for the course when we talk about the Spanish tax authorities and the strategy they are utilizing against her, other prominent personalities, and the “regular taxpayer.”

“However, even without evidence to support these fictional claims, as they usually do, they’ve resorted to a salacious press campaign to try to sway people and apply pressure in the media along with the threat of reputational damage in order to coerce settlement agreements,” she elaborated. 

“It is well known that the Spanish tax authorities do this often not only with celebrities like me (or [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Neymar, [Xabi] Alonso, and more), it also happens unjustly to the regular taxpayer.

“It’s just their style. But I’m confident that I have enough proof to support my case and that justice will prevail in my favor.” 

No date has been announced yet for Shakira’s trial.

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