Zuri Wilson Leaving a Mark in R&B and Hip-Hop Music

Every so often, we hear stories of artists who move from trial to triumph to become a sensation that takes the music industry by storm. One such story is the remarkable sound of hip-hop and R&B Artist, Zuri Wilson.

Zuri, also known by her stage name K-jane, is a 28-year-old singer, writer, and producer from Maplesville, Alabama. K-jane is memorable as an artist and as a human being. Her music is soulful and rhythmic, quickly becoming an earworm for listeners everywhere. A prolific music writer, K-jane is constantly releasing tune after tune. Some of her songs include “Love Sick,” “Wet,” “Face Ass,” “Closer,” “Attention,” “Beautiful Soul,” “Goes Down,” “Love You More,” and “Slow Dancing,” among many others.

K-jane’s narrative is marked by rejection and hurt. The musician has always had a love for music. So much so that Zuri decided that she was going to pursue a career in music. But this decision came without her family’s blessing. Her mother disowned K-jane for choosing to take the musical path to success instead of pursuing something more stable like law or medicine. The artist’s older sister told K-jane that she wouldn’t amount to much by going down this path. 

On top of familial issues, K-jane often felt isolated and bullied. As a black artist, K-jane acknowledges the struggles of being part of a minority that society looks down on. Her beliefs have become her life’s work as the musical performer uses her platform to spread truth and love on issues close to her heart. K-jane is also an active advocate of the recent Black Lives Matter movement and stands as a voice that cries out for equality.

Early into her music career, K-jane struggled. With no support, both financially and emotionally, she started to fall into depressive states. The artist’s Attention Deficit Disorder didn’t make things any easier for K-jane. And after she started letting go of medications for her mental disorder, K-jane started turning to illegal drugs. In the beginning, the artist struggled with feelings of loneliness.

But amid the hardships, K-jane found a way to persevere through the trial. The artist chose to get back up after every setback and work harder the next time around. She owes her success to her undying passion for music. “When I was down at my lowest, it was music that brought meaning to my life, letting me know I indeed did serve a purpose,” shares the artist. “I love music because music loved me, even when my own mother did not. Music gives me life!” Through music, K-jane found the peace and acceptance that she so desperately needed.

Today, K-jane has made a significant name for herself in the music industry. She started working with Bentley Records, an award-winning record label that works with some of the brightest up-and-coming artists, after signing a deal with the company. In 2019, K-jane, through Bentley’s guidance, released an album called “Vert-Worth,” which featured six tracks and gave birth to a music video. K-jane has also released her latest single, “Low Key,” which was another joint effort done under the leadership and management of Bentley.

These milestones are just the beginning of K-jane. The artist hopes to keep recording music and performing for fans everywhere. She won’t stop until the world knows her name, and until all her doubters and haters look back at what they said and realize that they were wrong from the beginning.

To follow K-jane and her music, check out the artist’s work and life on Instagram and Spotify.

Glenda Drewery
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