YouTuber Adam Ivy Is Using His Platform to Empower Music Artists and Entrepreneurs

American music producer and professional YouTuber Adam Ivy is determined to use his platform to lend a hand to starting and established music artists and entrepreneurs. Noticing the lack of marketing tutorials for music creators, Adam has shaken up the industry with his no-nonsense approach to music marketing. 

Adam got his start in the industry when, at 23 years old, he flipped an 800-dollar investment into a whopping six-figure online income. Through the marketing techniques he created and implemented, he was able to accelerate his brand recognition from its initial launch to viral fame in just under two years. 

With his brand recognized, Adam’s career as a music producer took off. Through his years as a producer, Adam has worked with over 2,400 independent recording artists in 23 countries. His portfolio boasts of big company names such as Burger King, MTV, Clear Channel Media, and major recording artists such as G-Eazy, ModSun, Kevin Gates, and more. 

Wanting to help other music creators and producers achieve the level of success that he has, Adam made it his mission to share his proven marketing techniques and tactics. “Years ago, I started giving guidance to friends in the music community to build their brand and really lock in their marketing in hopes of helping them reach their goals faster,” Adam shares, recalling his start on the platform. 

“After getting frustrated by the lack of quality marketing guidance for music creators on YouTube I set out to pull from my professional experiences and build my brand as a resource and tool for those in need of help.”

An early adopter of the YouTube platform, Adam was well aware of how far the platform’s reach could stretch. At the time, he had only been using it to elevate his brand, having his work featured on CNBC, G4TV, MTV, and E! Network, along with countless nationally syndicated radio programs. 

On his channel, Adam started to provide free educational content for aspiring music artists and entrepreneurs. As he offers proven techniques and an effective strategy, Adam’s videos gained a following of over 200K subscribers, surpassing 10.5 million views. 

“My free YouTube content and advanced programs empower those looking to build a business and brand around their music without the need for a record deal or large marketing budget. My proven marketing systems have helped music creators build their fan base of adoring fans and develop music based revenue streams.”

Through his channel, Adam inspires his audience to succeed in the music industry. He instills in them that success in the industry does not require being rich or having a record deal. With Adam’s resources, he helps his following gain traction and progress faster than expected. 

Aside from his YouTube channel, Adam has also taken to establishing an education company to provide a variety of advanced music marketing resources. In 2018, he founded Sell Music Academy, Inc., where his popular Sell Music Masterclass course and signature Market Your Music Accelerator coaching program may be found.

Following his success in the industry, Adam is also an established authority in the online business world. As a brand strategist and award-winning creative marketing specialist, he has partnered with major brands such as Dell, ADAM Audio, Taco Bell, and Behringer. 

At present, the creative is working hard and producing new content on his YouTube channel. With over 198 thousand subscribers, he inspires his following to realize their dreams despite what may stand in his way. Through his insightful resources, Adam teaches them how to succeed in the industry faster and smarter. 

Follow Adam’s efforts in helping music artists and entrepreneurs establish themselves in the industry. Adam’s academy and YouTube channel may be accessed through his official website.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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