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Voiceveray is Ohio’s Most Exciting Gospel Artist, Audio Engineer, and Entrepreneur

Straight out of Columbus, Ohio, Voiceveray is an artist that deserves a spotlight in greater stages. He is one of the most versatile artists, shifting to different styles when the need arises. Whether hip-hop, rock, rap, R&B, classic, country, or soul, Voiceveray can easily navigate different genres. In his career, he’s released several songs, including an EP that serves as a heartfelt tribute to his mother. 2020 is a big year for Voiceveray as he storms the music industry with a record label that he founded, Voices Choices Studios.

With a passion and a mission, Voiceveray embarks on a journey to change people’s lives with his music. He is a faithful believer and a preacher of the Word of God. He believes that when he uses this, he can touch each of his listeners’ hearts and souls. And he does. Ever since Voiceveray was young, he’d perform on different events, gracing listeners with a voice that they have never heard before. Voiceveray grew up with immense musical influence and strong faith in God, but he was about to be tested.

After the death of his mother, Voiceveray was on the rocks. However, he got out of his predicament by leaning to his family, God, and his music. That is when he produced Tales of Mother. He wrote four soulful songs that spoke about tragedies, coping, and rising after a storm. It resonated with many listeners, and they are asking for more. To further his career, he decided to run a record label company independently. Thus came the birth of Voices Choices Studios.

Voiceveray is unique in every way. Aside from being an accomplished rapper and singer, he engineers, mixes, and masters his songs. His expertise does not even end there. He also has a background in graphic design, beats production, and film directing. Because of this, he is famous in Ohio as a jack of all trades.

Coming to the music industry with his record label, Voiceveray is optimistic that something great awaits him. He is currently collaborating with like-minded artists who share the same dream with him. Voices Choices Studios is on a quest for premium quality sound. The label wants every song they drop to have a deeper meaning, feature excellent vocals, and move people.

Amid the pandemic, Voiceveray has found a means to take his entrepreneurial venture a notch higher. Voices Choices Studios released a line of signature face masks that immediately clicked among fans. The stocks were sold within just days after its release. Now, the merchandising arm of the record label expands its horizon with signature shirts, hats, and joggers.

Truly, Voiceveray is a force to be reckoned with within the industry. He will eventually make it to the charts; his family and peers are sure of that. With a unique sound unlike any other and the pure intention to use his music to inspire others, he is an artist that people should look forward to.

For more of Voiceveray and his latest drops, follow him on Instagram and YouTube. For more information about Voices Choices Studios, visit their website.