Vibe With Juvahn as She Empowers Women Through Her Music

People go through challenging times in their lives, and it is normal to look for an outlet for all the stress life gives. Juvahn Victoria, an Australian recording artist and songwriter, use the power of music as her emotional release and a way to empower women. 

Juvahn discovered her passion for music when she was singing in a choir, wherein she saw the power of music to escape her struggles while growing up. However, the flames for her love for music grew brighter and stronger, to the point where she decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her musical career. 

It is not easy going to a place wherein culture varies greatly from where Juvahn was born. However, this strong-willed woman is filled with passion and determination to make her mark in the industry. Due to her notable traits, she was featured in multiple blogs. In an article from Music Connection Magazine, wherein they described her music as “dark, sexy and often exotic-sounding songs whose spare, reductive arrangements mirror cutting-edge pop.” 

Juvahn’s music style is different from others since its formula consists of Polynesian and Palestinian music engineered to make her unique style. This style is observed in her pieces, such as “Vibes,” “City,” and her latest single, “Thats What I Thought,” which are now out on online music platforms such as Spotify. The latest single she released is a product of the empowering moment when she left an abusive relationship. 

Music videos for her singles are easily accessible through YouTube, and in these videos, especially in her song “Vibe,” it is evident that Juvahn is an advocate of women empowerment. She showcases the beauty of women of different sizes, and what makes them more beautiful is that they are comfortable in their skin. These characteristics transcend to the viewer. 

Aside from being a musician, Juvahn is also a boss babe with JV Inc., a recording label she and her business partner Oscar built. Currently, they have an in-house production team and two signed artists, but they are in constant works to expand their JV Inc. family. She wants to build a company with trust and support, empowering people to become their best selves. 

In line with this, most of her merchandise, Team JV Inc. clothing, is designed meticulously to represent the values she upholds. A silhouette of a strong woman represents her undying support for women and her passion for empowering them. Also, a heart on the designs represents her belief that in everything she does, she makes sure to put all her heart into it, as everyone should. 

Aside from music, she wants to explore her other love, fashion. Her fashion line, Juvahn Victoria, is now in the works and will soon be seen worn by people with good fashion sense. Packed with dreams and talent, this uprising musician and girl boss will surely go to lengths, leaving marks in every venture she takes on. 

Visit her official website to know more information about Juvahn, her merchandise, and her future ventures. 

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