Trapani Law Firm Wins $1.3 Million for Allentown Medical Malpractice Injury Case

The Lehigh Valley personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm announced a $1.3 Million Allentown Medical Malpractice injury lawsuit settlement. The Trapani Law Firm is located at 133. N. 5th St, Allentown PA 18102 and can be reached at (610) 351-2330. Sadly, the Lehigh Valley medical malpractice victim suffered a permanent personal injury at a Lehigh Valley hospital. This $1.3 Million Medical Malpractice lawsuit settlement will help the victim and his family get through the stress that accompanies a catastrophic Allentown personal injury.

Lehigh Valley medical malpractice attorney Matthew Trapani said the following: “Our personal injury law firm is honored to represent this Allentown medical malpractice victim as he begins his road to recovery. We understand the anxiety and stress that accompanies a permanent medical malpractice injury that leaves a victim with future medical expenses, lost wages and mental anguish. We believe this medical negligence settlement will help our client heal and find his peace after such a devastating Allentown personal injury.” All further details regarding this Allentown medical malpractice lawsuit settlement are confidential.

The Allentown personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm are proud to represent Lehigh Valley PA clients who have suffered from medical malpractice, personal injury and Allentown wrongful death lawsuits. Attorney Trapani has recently been involved in Allentown personal injury cases involving Allentown birth injury such as cerebral palsy infant brain injury, Lehigh Valley B.Braun Cancer Lawsuits, cancer misdiagnosis cases, Allentown Essure lawsuits and infant incline sleeper wrongful death cases involving Kids II, Dorel Juvenile Group and Fisher Price inclined sleepers. The Allentown personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm have earned a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on many Google reviews.

Shant Z., a Pennsylvania client said, “After my Aunt had a trip and fall injury I called attorney Trapani. He investigated her matter thoroughly and gave us some excellent legal advice. I’m so glad I contacted the Trapani Law Firm. They responded to my texts and phone calls quickly and truly cared for Aunt’s well-being. If you need an Allentown trip and fall lawyer, this is the personal injury law firm to call.”

The Trapani Law Firm is proud to represent their local Allentown PA and Lehigh Valley PA community. As a Lehigh Valley resident, attorney Trapani dedicates much of his time with youth football and local Allentown youth mentorship. The Allentown personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm take pride in representing clients injured through no fault of their own in Lehigh Valley truck accident and Allentown car accidents, along with Allentown medical malpractice lawsuits and Lehigh Valley personal injury cases. 

To learn more about the Allentown Trapani Law Firm, visit them online at their official website. Moreover, feel free to visit their office at 133 N. 5th St., Allentown PA 18102 or call their Allentown personal injury law firm at (610) 351-2330.

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