Top 20 Artists of 2020

The artistic process of writing, producing, and marketing songs is a complicated and stringent process. It takes days or weeks, even months, before an artist can find an inspiration for his or her new song. But once they do, especially when they use their experiences and their individual artistry, it is sure to resonate to audiences. The struggle is the same for talent managers and agencies who overlook the competitive and changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Whatever the genre, it is important that an artist knows exactly what they want with their music and for what purpose they are writing their pieces. Here are the top 20 artists of 2020: 

  1. The Weeknd

Photo by: Pari Dukovic for Variety

Canadian singer and songwriter The Weeknd is popular for his disco-pop song Can’t Feel My Face, ballad The Hills, and Fifty Shades of Grey OST Earned It. 

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, his real name, is admired and highly praised by Drake. By 2011, with Drake motivating and backing him, he released House of Balloons, a mix-tape composed of nine songs. In the same year, he debuted as The Weeknd. He further dropped another set of mixtapes Thursday and Echoes of Silence. Today, The Weeknd is a global artist, with millions of supporters and a whopping $92 million of yearly revenue. 

Instagram: @theweeknd


  1. Pat Mula

From the west side of Chicago, Pat Mula has released brand new sounds to surf the airwaves and get people up and dancing. His blizzy discography is now available on all music platforms. Born Sirpatrick Taylor, Pat got his first recognition from Thotty Up Twerk Anthem which amassed over 1.2 million views on Worldstar. Pat Mula decided to start a record label called Richpeopleonly to motivate people to chase their dreams. Before pursuing the musical lane, Pat came home from prison. But with his hard work and natural talent, he is starting to make a mark in the entertainment industry. For updates, follow Pat Mula on Instagram (@patmula1).

Instagram: @patmula1 

  1. Norman Alexander

Norman Alexander. Photograph by Vincent Po.

Nina Simone said, “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times.” And No Goodbyes does exactly that.”

Released early by MLife Music Group in memoriam for all who have lost, Norman Alexander’s No Goodbyes humbly transcends where all music aspires – resonation. Mastered by Grammy Award winner Randy Merrill and co-produced by Brian Sheil, the sole public release by Norman is a perfect blend of pain, poetry, and hope. A local from Queens with a voice for the world, and a song of salve for times of infamy.

Instagram: @normanalexanderofficial

Spotify: Norman Alexander


  1. Drake

Photo: Getty Images

Drake is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur whose songs have achieved global fame. The Canadian music star was born Aubrey Drake Graham and has become popular for his stage name Drake. 

Before his music career, Drake first went on cam, landing in a role for the movie Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2011. In 2015, Drake dropped his first mixtape, Room for Improvement which was followed by So Far Gone. In his career, Drake has written and produced some of his hit songs One Dance, Hotline Bling, God’s Plan, Passionfruit, In My Feelings, etc. He’s recognized and awarded by many accolades including the Grammys, Billboard, MTV, American Music Awards, Teen Choice, and many more.

Instagram: @champagnepapi


  1. Nick Caster

Photo by: Nick Caster

Nick Caster is a multi-genre artist, songwriter, producer and DJ. His musical virtuoso has led him to snatch spots in several Billboard and iTunes Top 10 placements for Rock, Electronic, Pop, and Christian music genres. Nick is popular for owning a room where he makes his magic with his acoustic guitar and powerful vocals. 

Instagram: @nickcastermusic

Twitter: @nickcastermusic


  1. Ricardo Stuvaints

Ricardo Stuvaints, or more popular for his artist name Ric-a-Sha is a singer-songwriter who has released several tracks that resonate with his audiences well. His songs are deeply rooted in his experiences and beliefs. Ric-a-Sha’s latest single, #BlackLatina, after being released in just six months, was co-signed by FunkFlex and got him an offer to work with Paris Kirk, former DefJamRecords A&R and L.A. Reid.

Spotify: Ric-a-Sha

  1. Ariana Grande

Photo by: Alfredo Flores

Ariana Grande recently released her new album Positions and it is garnering global acclaim as the tracks top the charts in several countries worldwide. Pop star Ariana Grande made her way to the music industry from being a former actress in Nickelodeon. 

When she was young, Ariana participated in orchestras and musicals which led her to hone her vocal skills. After releasing her debut album Yours Truly, fans knew that her music would eventually dominate the music industry. And it did. Ariana’s won Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, to mention a few. Her music and tours gave her around $77 million of revenue in 2019. 

Instagram: @arianagrande

Twitter: @ArianaGrande


  1. Young Puzz 

The BagBoi represents a lifestyle. Young Puzz Music represents the BagBoi lifestyle. A lifestyle of being a BOSS, being determined, & striving for greatness. The BagBoi represents independence. To have the freedom of doing what u want when you want. Everything from the music to the clothing speaks for what “BagBoi” represents. As long as you put the bag first…. your a bag Boi too.

Apple Music: Young Puzz

  1. Jaime Fontaine and The Level

JAMIE FONTAINE & THE LEVEL rocketed up the charts with the track “Save Your Life” which came out of the gate as Most Added and blazed its way to #20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and #7 on the Concrete / Foundations Radio chart this past summer.

The single was produced by Jason Schrick and platinum producer Malcolm Springer at Universal Studios in Nashville. “Save Your Life” was released by Stryker Records & AnRGirl.

The band is currently recording with Scott Wilson & Richard Easterling at Sunshine Studios for their next big single, scheduled to release in early 2021.

Facebook: Jaime Fontaine and The Level

  1. Taylor Swift

Photo by: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

Taylor Swift was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Her family transferred to Tennessee so the young Taylor could pursue country music. 

When she was young, she showed inclination toward music. In fact, when she was still 11, she sang the US national anthem for a 76ers game. She began writing songs a year after and it was not long when she signed to Sony in 2014. 

The American pop and country music singer and songwriter rose to fame after the release of debut single Tim McGraw which stayed at the Billboard country music charts for eight long months. Now, Taylor Swift made countless tours and has released several albums and singles which had definite success. Taylor boasts a net worth of over $360 million.

Her other songs include Love Story, Mine, Back To December, Fearless, Red, Blank Space, etc. Recently, she released a new album called Folklore.

Instagram: @taylorswift


  1. Danny Lopes

Abstract expressionist, Danny Lopes creates from a place of visceral fortitude. He paints possibility and exploration; his mixed media creations set an experiential platform. Born out of life at its fullest, his colour emersions and mixed media compilations touch chance and dance with possibility. Danny sees the world and its beings as boundless and his pieces speak to the infinite in all that is and could be. 

Innovating from a place of pride and promise, having lived dreams and endured mêlée as an artist, entertainer, andvisionary, his works are the stuff of stars. They are ageless, timeless, and immutable much like the artist himself. Luso-American artist, Danny Lopes currently resides in Hollywood, California. His XingXang Studios produces physical and digital works inclusive of large-scale paintings, original garments, cinematographic art, media works, and music collaborations with The Sexxy Robots and LGHTR THVS.

Instagram: @lopesmedia

SoundCloud: the SeXxY RoBoTS


  1. Brandon Michael Keith Pedersen

Bmoore (Brandon Pedersen), is an independent artist from Victorville California, who’s passion for music has been the drive for his new album “HeartBreak Boy”.

As a child Bmoore always craved to show the world the lengths his heart would go for those he loved. He spent his whole life doing the most outlandish, energetic, and comedic things he could, just to bring a smile to everyone’s day. This has landed him with his own small following of loyal and loving fans and friends. Through his uncle passing away in 2013, to his mother having seizures uncontrollably, to leaving on his own at 14 years old. The world has been a dark place for him. But he has chosen to remain the light in the lives of thousands as much as possible. As he found the world to be a colder place then originally expected, he realized there are two sides to love. The pleasures, and the pain. Which was the inspiration for his HOT debut album “HeartBreak Boy”

Instagram: @bmoore3thirteen

  1. Sintapia

Positioned at the forefront of music, talent, content, digital media and live events, SINTAPIA creates limitless opportunities for the music gurus, modernizers, artists and storytellers who shape the world of electronic dance music, pop culture and the latest genre regional Mexican music.

SINTAPIA was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2016 by Raymond Tapia. His vast knowledge and experience in music and entertainment paved the pathway for what SINTAPIA is today. Having spent several years as a DJ and music producer, playing at clubs and events throughout Los Angeles, he retired his turntables 5 years later and took on a new position working at Deorro’s Record Label, Panda Funk. During this time is when SINTAPIA really came to life. Starting as just a Talent Management Company, we soon saw the demand for so much more.

SINTAPIA has worked with some heavy hitters in the industry and has cultivated an immense network. From working with Logan Paul, getting a music sync deal with T-Mobile, getting an artist on stage at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), signing an artist to Warner Chappell to touring artists across the United States and setting up major music collaborations, our collective approach benefits our clients now more than ever as they look to build their careers across multiple platforms. We will continue to expand our efforts in the years to come.

Instagram: @sintapia


  1. Matty Charm

Matty Charm is a talented independent music artist, established in Atlanta, GA. He has a light tenor voice, creating R&B and Pop music on his own since he was a teenager, ranking as the #3 Pop Artist in Atlanta, GA on Reverbnation. Artistic performances have helped inspire the development of his craft and creation of his dream as an R&B artist. He is a U.S. veteran, business owner and some of his greatest music influencers are Usher, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

“I remember singing R&B songs on the way to the bus stop in middle school,” Matty recalls.   

Instagram: @mattycharm


  1. Victoria Monét 

Photo by: Artist Management

Victoria Monét is an American singer and songwriter, popular for her strong connections with global pop superstar Ariana Grande. Victoria is one of the writers behind Grande’s songs during the Thank You, Next era. Last year, she collaborated and performed with Ariana for their MONOPOLY music video. 

Growing up, Victoria was highly exposed to music, participating in the performing arts and singing in their church choir when she was young. Now at 27, Victoria is slowly positioning herself as a queer Black artist who’s tunes can surely touch the listeners. Victoria’s songs include Moment, Jaguar, Dive, Ass Like That, Touch Me, Big Boss, etc. 

Instagram: @victoriamonet

YouTube: Victoria Monét 


  1. Nija Charles

Nija Charles is a Grammy-winning songwriter, artist, and record producer who, at 23, has collaborated with some of the most iconic names in the industry. She has co-written songs with Beyonce and Jay-Z for About Us and Love Happy. She performed with Beyonce and Tierra Whack for the track My Power which is part of the movie production Lion King soundtrack. Ninja has also written for Cardi B, for the songs Ring and I do, also for Drake’s No Guidance.

Instagram: @amnija

Twitter: @amnija_


  1. King Princess

Photo by: King Princess

Born Mikael Straus, American singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, popularly known as King Princess, started discovering her interest in music at a young age. As a gay and genderqueer artist, King Princess’ music resonates with many listeners. Her discography includes 1950, Hit The Back, Prophet, Ain’t Together, and many others. Last year, King Princess dropped her debut album Cheap Queen containing her singles Prophet, Homegirl, and If You Think It’s Love. King Princess is up for more projects in the future.

Instagram: @kingprincess69


  1. Simon Gebrelul

Photo from : SCARNICI/Getty Images North America; from L-R (Boi-1da, Simon, and Jake Paul)

Simon Gebrelul formerly managed NBA star Tristan Thompson. Not only does he work with athletes, Simon guides artists – up-and-coming icons of the entertainment industry – to success. The 29-year-old music entrepreneur is the founder of Isla Management, a talent agency behind the success of award-winning Grammy songwriter Boi-1da. As the leader of Isla Management, Simon leads with passion and commitment to the arts. He has over $24 million of negotiation for managing artists.

Instagram: @isla.mgmt

  1. Zach Kardish

Maverick, a prime talent agency in the US, was founded in 1992. Since then, they have produced record-breaking artists and catapulted entertainment careers to incredible heights. Zach Kardish is a talent manager who works for Maverick. Although not an artist himself, he was chosen by Music Observer to hold a spot for his efforts in helping other young artists reach their dreams. Nobody knows how to maneuver within the entertainment industry than talent managers like Zach. 

As a talent manager, he has collaborated with Noah Cyrus and Lil Nas X, the artist behind the hit song Old Town Road. After working with Zach, Lil Nas was able to amass a pre tax value of $14 million. 


  1. Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris is another talent manager behind many successful artists in the music industry. He works for CAA or Creative Artists Agency, founded in 1985. The managing company works with many practitioners like  actors, directors, writers, producers, musical artists, comedians, authors, athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, leagues, chefs, designers, fashion talent, consumer brands, and more.

Joseph secured deals for Cardi B and Ludacris under CAA. And boasts eight-figure deals with other artists.


Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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