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The Free & Equal Elections Foundation Is on a Mission to Change American Politics for the Better

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Our current global society is facing political unrest. Social injustices have become exceedingly rampant in these dark and troubling times, and people can no longer stand by and watch the world run itself into ruin. Activists, artists, thought-leaders, celebrities, and the common people have come together to incite a positive change in how the world is currently being run. In the midst of a global pandemic, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is partnering with prominent foundations and groups to host the United We Stand (UWS) Festival.

The United We Stand Festival is set to happen on the 3rd and 4th of July at the beachside town of Cambria, California. At the helm of this prestigious and exceedingly necessary event is The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, which is one of the most respected non-profits in the country. The organization aims to revolutionize the electoral process through education and collaborative action.

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation mainly focuses on empowering American voters to use their voice as American citizens and take a more active role in shaping the country’s government through exercising their electoral rights. Throughout its existence, the organization has worked together with notable foundations and brands to organize activities that will engage the masses and let their voices be heard.

In 2021, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation partnered up with the Brock Pierce Foundation, Open the Debates, and The Independent National Union to host one of the most significant political festivals in history. The United We Stand Festival will feature over 40 speakers, activities, artists, and musicians. The participants are determined to come together in a nationwide-scale gathering to bring communities together. The festival’s mission is to empower local communities to take their place in the electoral system.

“At this year’s UWS Festival, attendees will connect face to face with our community sponsors and national thought leaders for networking and coalition-building while giving back to our youth and uplifting our community with music, art, food, and conversation,” said The Free & Equal Elections Foundation in an official statement to the press.

Countless notable speakers and artists have joined the roster for the United We Stand Festival. These esteemed individuals include Mike Love, Peia, Cas Haley, Samuel J, G. Edward Griffin, Sean Store, Richard Gage, Cindy Sheehan, Brock Pierce, Keith Mitchell, Karla Ballard, and many more.

The event also has a panel of individuals from indigenous groups, independent media representatives, independent candidates, blockchain voting and crypto entrepreneurs, as well as a 2024 debate coalition panel. 

Additionally, the United We Stand Festival has gathered kind sponsors who are committed to the cause of changing American politics for the better. These prominent sponsors include Vote Bash, Regener8ive, Spark Hand Up, Amma Healing, Mikuna Foods, KNEKT. Tv, Cambria Massage Therapy, Bali Gems, Cambria Currents, June Shine, Bulk Hemp Warehouse, Cambria Business Center, VeloCambria, West End Bar & Grill, Las Cambritas, Zen Again Catering & Events, Oceanpoint Ranch, Blue Bird Inn, Cambria Welcome Maps, Blue Evolution, Friends of La Maravilla, and the C. Montalvo Foundation. 

The United We Stand Festival will have 300 guests in live attendance. For attendees who want to participate in the event but could not be present in California, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has initiated to stream the event live on its official website

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has also encouraged private entities who would want to have the event live-streamed on their Facebook pages to contact the host foundation via this site using “UWS Cambria” in the subject line, along with a URL to their Facebook pages. All of the proceeds from the event will go to Skate Cambria to help fund the rebuilding of a well-loved local skate park. 

To know more about The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, make sure to visit the organization’s official website. For press and media inquiries, please contact 

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