The Clout Cloud Takes on the Music Industry Through Hip-Hop Concerts and Creative Content

For enterprises that are committed to taking the next step toward their end goals, they have to keep the ball in motion and focus on expansion and change. In the case of The Clout Cloud, the brand has evolved consistently over the years, providing quality entertainment industry news and hip-hop events.

The Clout Cloud was established by Ilias Anwar in his college dorm room at Virginia Commonwealth University on December 11th, 2017. Originally, The Clout Cloud was an Instagram page for Gen Z news. The page provided the latest news on internet culture, including information on sports news, entertainment news, cryptocurrency, similar to popular internet culture blogs WorldStar and The Shade Room.

As the brand gained popularity online, Ilias studied the audience and  realized that the content the audience most consistently engaged with was music news, specifically hip-hop. He then positioned The Clout Cloud to take center stage and began covering hip-hop, which according to Ilias was a “no-brainer for me. Hip-hop is a huge passion of mine. The fact that fans of the brand were engaging the most with rap content aligned with my vision for our online presence.” For Ilias, multiple doors throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas opened up to him as the platform grew.

As The Clout Cloud continued to build, they started covering live shows with their skilled videography team, and they have even worked with major celebrities like Rick Ross, Future, Megan Thee Stallion, and more. They have also partnered with other acclaimed artists in the music industry for live performances, such as PNB Rock on a concert, as well as throwing concerts that showcase talented Virginia artists early in their careers. Recently, The Clout Cloud partnered with Heir Wave Music Group, owned by G.O.O.D Music Executive Pusha T, for a livestream concert. The event will be formally announced “very soon,” according to Chief Operating Officer Joe Ranney. 

The company looks forward to expanding into the concert market as they rapidly approach 100k followers on Instagram from their well-structured use of viral content. Their social media is for everyone interested in hip-hop music, especially the Gen Zs and Millennials who love hip-hop music, celebrity news, and internet culture. The digital experience combined with real-life connections offered by the company is evident in its growth both on and off the internet. In under half a decade The Cloud Cloud aims to be the biggest hip-hop music festival on the east coast with over a million followers on Instagram, providing real life events and digital affairs as their website slogan reads, “The Future of Music Experiences.”

To learn more about The Clout Cloud, you should visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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