The Battle of K-Pop: Blackpink’s ‘How You Like That’ vs BTS’ ‘Stay Gold’

June 26 was the grandest day in the K-pop world, with two enormous music videos had dropped in the afternoon. The internet is getting wild with the served choreography, visuals and concept of the music videos of the two most notable K-pop groups in this generation. 

The 3rd generation of K-Pop is dominated by BTS, for boy-group and Blackpink for girl-group, which both of the group made their name fresh and trending with their successful projects, music achievements and records and also their solid fandom. Both groups are at the top of the world but which group shines the brightest? 

In social media platforms, the fandoms of these K-Pop groups are clashing and set a competition which music video is more successful and will earned more views on Youtube. Since both of the groups had released their music video on the same date, the battle of the views is relentless and nerve-wracking. Moreover, the fandoms pit with each other and climbing for the title and record for their respective idols. 

The most popular south-Korean girl group, Blackpink, had poured pink and black rain on their fans (Blinks) with their oozing looks, jaw-dropping choreography and tantalizing vocals in their latest comeback ‘How You Like That’ which garnered 82.3 million views in 24 hours. The south-Korean girl group had finally released their long-awaited comeback single “How You Like That” and its jaw-dropping and creative accompanying music video which is currently trending in many countries. 

The video finds Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo seems to spread a message of resilience, empowerment and femme fatale while rocking a parade with artsy and expensive looks among Trojan horses, fake snow machines, modernized Japanese costumes, lavish garden, burning umbrellas and many more. 

The teaser photos and videos made so much noise before the music video was released. Blinks, official fandom of Blackpink, got crazy and wild after the long wait for their idols to comeback and bang the music charts localy and internationally.  

On the other hand, the internationally-acclaimed South-Korean boy group, BTS had finally released the video for “Stay Gold, the lead single off from their latest project, Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~, which is set to be released in different music platforms on July 15 via Big Hit Entertainment. In the music video, they are in the middle of nowhere, struggling to find the way out. The K-pop idols is trapped and separated in a different places and settings as they vividly daydream about sharing a sunshine-filled bond with their mates and a complete with gold confetti flies in their golden air. 

The idols were able to hurdle on the obstacles they faced and were able to escape and come together in a field strewn with a setting filled with purple flowers, lively trees and a flowing stream that depicts hidden messages to leave speculations for their fans to decipher. 

This week was a particularly big one for K-pop, as Monsta X announced a virtual concert, Blackpink dropped their highly-anticipated comeback “How You Like That,” and BTS revealed their amazing music video for “Stay Gold.” Plus, Big Hit Entertainment announced a series of BTS “Graphic Lyrics” books that swept the music platforms these days. 

Now, for the moment of truth, we all know it may be so hard to choose between these two most anticipated videos, but we want to know: Which music video was your favorite?  Comment down below. 

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