The Band Curt Cannabis Is Bringing Back Some Nostalgia With Their Album “Saved My Life”

When a band performs in most concerts, a member, usually the lead vocalist, keeps the crowd entertained by interacting with them in between sets. Musician Curt Cannabis is familiar with this kind of role.

Curt Yeoman, best known as  Curt Cannabis, has had quite the experience in the music industry. He has produced and performed for many years. Curt Cannabis’s experience began when he was still producing songs for garage bands and even Grammy winners.

The veteran vocalist has fronted for many bands, from Wolfgang to Ninestrum and From Adam.

Curt Cannabis would later start another band, adopting his stage name as the band name. He enlisted fellow artist and producer Brian Dinger as the guitarist, Brian Bundy, to play the bass, and Matt Call to handle the drums. Each of the members have had experience in the music industry and have supported other bands such as ZZ Top, Puddle of Mudd, Daughtry, and Switchfoot, to name a few.

They started the band together with the goal of not just producing music, but also giving the audience the performance that they deserve. On a more reflective note, Curt Cannabis also sees how screwed up the world is. They want their music to reach out to people and have them say, “He gets it.”

As musicians, their sound is reminiscent of the late ’90s and early to mid-2000s rock and post-grunge sound. Many of their songs are inspired by the events going around them. 

In their songwriting process, Curt writes down the lyrics with basic guitar, drums, and bass. He then gives them out to the members, who have the freedom to play the song however they see fit. Once they get a rhythm, the band fine-tunes the song. This approach helps them capture the sound rather than waste time overthinking how it should go. 

In their journey as a band, the biggest hurdle that Curt Cannabis encountered was the logistics of getting the tracks recorded. Scheduling the recording was difficult as Brian Bundy was still involved with various projects. The band went through four different studios all around the world as they worked to make their first album. They were able to release their first album Saved My Life earlier this year in March.

The album consists of seven songs, starting with the track “Face.” However, the song that certainly stands out from the others was “Pushing Paper Bridges” as it brings a new brand of pop punk. Fans of the band Against Me! will be surprised, as they share a similar sound. 

As of the moment, the band is currently working on several music videos for their album. They are also in the process of creating a follow-up album to Saved My Life and are hopeful of putting a tour together once everything returns to normal.

To find out more about Curt Cannabis and their music, you may visit their website and YouTube channel.

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