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The beauty in the diversity of music is that it can serve any purpose the musician wants it to perform. Some create music to tell stories, make statements, or profess love or faith. On the other hand, some have a more personal relationship with music, creating music to strengthen family bonds or make friends. In the case of Nicole Clewley, the founder of BreakingBottles, music served as an avenue for her to organize her thoughts and be in touch with her emotions during life’s most difficult times.

Nicole Clewley is many things: singer, songwriter, poet, author, publisher, shoe designer—and most important of them all, a strong woman who has the mental fortitude to smile and be optimistic despite having gone through many difficulties in life. She attributes this inner strength to her mother, and her faith probably plays a part in it as well. In 2014, she published a poetry book titled Healing Through Feelings, detailing her struggles and how she found her way back to God amid the chaos in her life.

BreakingBottles was founded as a duo band right after the release of Healing Through Feelings, though Nicole initially had no intention to create music for others. Some of the most challenging days in her life were when her marriage was going through a rough patch, and that period of her life gave rise to her first song, Someday I’ll Get What I Want. The song was her therapy—a stepping stone in the process of healing her broken heart. Hollywood, the other half of the duo, found potential in the song and enhanced it with his beautiful guitar music.

Yet another tragic event came after the release of her song. Receiving the diagnosis of intestinal malrotation meant coming to terms with the possibility of death, but thankfully, the surgical procedures she had undergone were able to save her life. There are still struggles with daily medical care, but fortunately for the world, Nicole Clewley yet continues to brighten the lives of the people she encounters.

As a five-year-old child, she had written her first poem and developed a passion that her parents did not expect to last through adulthood. Little did they know that their baby girl would eventually publish books and create songs that would rank # 1 in Fresno and # 3 in California. Today, BreakingBottles has grown from band to brand, and Nicole has taken to designing footwear. 

BreakingBottles Shoes has 41 unique designs in its inventory, each telling a story as it exudes luxury. Every pair of shoes is handmade in Italy and shipped for free, and what sets it apart from other shoe brands is the exemplary customer service from Nicole herself, who makes it a priority to stay in contact with her fans and her customers.

Life can be extremely challenging and very unfair, which is what makes people like Nicole Clewley rare. With the inner strength to smile and spread positivity despite her hardships, she inspires her fans to do the same. Learn more about her and BreakingBottles on this website.

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