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Lucas Muñoz: The Music Sensation from Central Florida Making Waves

Lucas Muñoz is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Central Florida. He began playing the guitar at four, learning from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. Lucas started his music passion by playing at church early with his father and singing in his choir throughout middle and high school. Originally a native of New Jersey, Muñoz identifies guitarists such as Slash, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, and Eric Johnson as some of his musical influences. Still, the biggest of them all is his father, with whom he started playing a combination of Latin Blues, Jazz, and Fusion in the local scene in Central Florida.

In 2010, Muñoz moved to Florida. He was only aged 14, and he started to invest more in his music career. He proceeded to Warner University for his undergraduate degree at 18, where he became heavily involved with performing arts. At one point, Lucas played guitar for the University’s chapel band and jazz ensemble. It was while playing at the University that he had his first tour experience. 

In 2018, Muñoz began to take an actual interest in studying the jazz genre, particularly in South Florida. He also strives to hone his skills in singing, songwriting, and playing guitar. That year, Muñoz started to play different styles across all genres of music. He graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018 and his Master of Business Administration in 2020 from Warner University.

 In 2020, Muñoz released his debut EP titled “Mutasis.” The EP, a combination of genres such as dark pop, hip-hop, blues, rock, and alternative, represents all of Muñoz’s musical influences. Lucas admits that getting out of his comfort zone as a musician separates him from his competition, particularly the older generation. He expressed that remaining confined to a particular genre is one of the pitfalls for older musicians. But as young blood, he believes his ability to alternate between genres and styles keeps him ahead in his game.

As a Gen Z, Lucas hopes to reach people of his generation and background. He continues to strive to have his music resonate within his generation. His music also addresses topics previously taboo in preceding generations, such as mental health.

As a performer, Muñoz wants to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feel free to express themselves however they want. In his words, “I dedicate my work as a musician to channel my life experiences and translate them to the song. I want to make sure that whoever is listening to my song can fully relate to the message or draw their interpretations, especially my instrumental songs. I like the people who listen to my music to use the songs as a means of healing, solace, escape, and enjoyment.”

In five years, Lucas sees himself doing what he loves most: performing in front of people, writing, and recording music. “I want to make an impact on as many people’s lives as I can. I want to give happiness to people that are struggling every day through music. I want to work with like-minded people within the industry to make music that speaks for my generation,” he explained. “I see myself being able to make a career in the music industry. I see myself being a role model for younger people and relating to them through my music.” With the rate he’s going now, he’s not far off from that goal.

Learn more about Lucas Muñoz and details of how you can stream his music here.

Cameron Hardy, an Up-and-Coming Artist Set to Debut in 2021

Today, singer-songwriter Cameron Hardy awaits the highly anticipated release of his debut single. The forthcoming project—including co-writes from industry powerhouses such as Delacey (Halsey’s #1 hit “Without Me,” Zara Larsson’s “Ruin My Life”), ROLLO (Ava Max’s Certified GOLD “So Am I,” Noah Cyrus’ “Lonely”), Ryan Ogren (Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love”)—will hit streaming services this spring.

Collaborating with creative director Amber Park, the captivating debut video will unveil the world of Cameron Hardy, driven by expensive, elevated, iconic elements and overall luxurious visual identity. The video will premiere exclusively on YouTube Music/VEVO.

Of the debut track and forthcoming project, Hardy says, “It feels so good to finally be releasing the first single so soon! I’ve spent years locked in a studio, figuring out who I am as an artist and I’m ready to reveal that to the world. A theme that resonates throughout the project, ‘I Thought You were Lonely’ is about the pain that comes with losing someone after being at your most vulnerable. It also touches on the duality of the heartbreak and gratitude, something that you often go through at the end of a relationship.”

Cameron has a social following that reaches an audience of over 11.5 thousand on Instagram. Cameron teased the debut track on his Twitter. You can listen to it here

2021 sees Hardy commanding complete creative control through writing his own songs, producing and creating his own visuals—further solidifying himself as an embodiment of the modern-musical generation.

Learn more about Cameron Hardy through his website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

Ava Caceres: A Rising Star with Unmistakable Talent and Charisma

The music industry regularly welcomes thousands of stars every year, and amid 2020’s roster of breakthrough talent, Hispanic singer and songwriter Ava Caceres stands out. With the vocal workings of a seasoned performer and her intricately crafted songs, she takes the world by storm with her hit single “Be Somebody’s” and charismatic performance.

Ava first made rounds on social media after releasing her music video, which features celebrity actress, singer, and model Bella Thorne. Taking the director’s seat for the film work was industry legend Stephen Wayne Mallet. His roster of collaborations includes work with heavy hitters like Ne-Yo, Missy Elliot, and Lindsey Stirling. The director also took leadership in the development of the award-winning music flick Jameson. To date, the music video has gathered over 317,000 streams on YouTube. 

Early on in life, Ava Caceres discovered her innate talent and passion for music. Even at a young age, she made it her goal to become a professional artist and share her music with the world. By doing so, Ava hopes to touch the hearts of many and spread messages that matter. 

On top of her passion for music, Ava is an avid fan of theatre and acting. She would participate in school plays while studying, which helped her develop her creative side and became a training ground for her to develop her style and voice. At the age of ten, people around her started to realize how refined her singing voice was. Ava dedicated herself for many years to create a sound that now resonates in the hearts of hundreds of thousands everywhere. 

The artist and writer takes after her early influences, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler, who were also the songwriter’s inspiration when writing “Be Somebody’s.” After graduating high school, Ava Caceres would brush shoulders with award-winning producers Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola, who would help her record and publish her first single. “This song was born out of a time period that was emotionally difficult,” Ava shares about her breakthrough hit, “and in the spirit of becoming a process of healing, I thought of the strength that these artists I looked up to held and I knew that I needed to carry the same mindset.”

In the days following, Ava Caceres hopes to refine and record more of her original music. Following up on a hit as strong as “Be Somebody’s” is not an easy feat. Still, with the powerful vocal talent and heartfelt writing that the nineteen-year-old rising star has exhibited, fans can be guaranteed that there’s plenty more on the way.

Today, Ava joins her deep sense of passion for music and relentless pursuit of meaning. She hopes not just to gain fame or fortune from her craft, but also influence and transformation. To the singer, music has moved past being another hobby. It is now a calling. And it’s a calling that she intends to pour all her heart and effort into in the coming years. Ava Caceres already has it in mind to create multiple albums in the next five years. And if the output is even but a fraction of “Be Somebody’s,” it’s likely that we’re witnessing the rise of another all-time musical great.

To learn more about Ava Caceres, visit her Instagram account and Facebook page.

Lanita Smith Heeding Her Calling by Creating Timeless Music

Lanita Smith is a musician that has gone leaps and bounds in pursuing her dreams. The talented singer, songwriter, and musician from Memphis kick-started her music in the church. Her talent has since then been recognized by people and bodies that matter. Don Was once handpicked her as the Winner of Guitar Center’s Singer Songwriter 4, which propelled her career even further. Lanita has worked with famous award-winning musicians like Aaron Neville, TY Dolla $ign, Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, Teddy Riley, and Jessica Sanchez. She was also a part of Kanye West’s Sunday Service, which has garnered a lot of attention for the quality of songs and performance.

Lanita Smith has projected herself in different ways and has performed on different notable stages around the world. She has performed at Coachella, The Troubadour, Jackson’s R&B Festival, and Hotel Café. Her soul-stirring voice and jarring lyrics are difficult to miss, and she is committed to blessing the world with them. Her recently released single, “Holdin’ On” is a testament to her musical prowess.

She is a part of the soulful band made up of herself; vocalist Casey Kalmenson, whose single, “No Matter What,” has garnered more than 22.5 million streams on Spotify; and guitarist Justin Andres, who has gone on tour with artists like Billy Ray Cyrus and The Bellrays. On November 6, 2020, Lanita released “Holdin’ On,” a single that talks about the strange things in the world presently. If Lanita Smith wants to be known for anything, she aspires to be known as a great songwriter who tells stories about life.

In her words, “I try to change the narrative by creating music that inspires, speaks the truth, and gives hope when everyone feels defeated. The world needs healing to begin, and with music comes the power to bring people together. My latest single is an inspirational song about embracing our challenges and uplifting our spirits in a world filled with uncertainties and unusual events.

Lanita thrives on her versatility as not just a powerful vocalist but as a multi-dimensional artist who can write songs excellently and play musical instruments. One of her unique characteristics is her ability to adapt and embody the core artistic element that her audience needs at any time. In 2017, she took her humanitarian activities to the next level by establishing the Lanita Smith Music Foundation Scholarship to help college students access funds.

Lanita Smith puts in work every day to be her best self and pursue her dreams. “I’m proud that I never gave up on my dream, and I have accomplished many things. That’s all my mother wanted,” she says. “Music has always been timeless and an escape route for me. So the first chance I got to create and write stories through music, I took it,” she adds. In a few years, she hopes to take her music to the highest level by taking it full time and at a bigger capacity to reach and inspire more people.

You can download Lanita Smith’s song Holdin’ On here, and learn more about Lanita Smith by visiting her official website.

Singer & Songwriter Chrissy Sade Captures Global Audience with Heartfelt and Soul-Warming Lyrics

Listeners can feel the raw vulnerability in Chrissy Sade’s debut song Forbidden. With lyrics so heartfelt, it might move listeners to tears and a voice beautiful enough to warm the soul, it’s no surprise her song is reaching across continents and being listened to in over 47 different countries. From the United States to the United Kingdom and from Brazil to Australia and many countries in between, R&B lovers are streaming this LA-born rising star’s new hit song, Forbidden

The journey has not been easy. Still, Chrissy Sade is braving the industry independently and has ventured into her first song release. Her debut song, called Forbidden, has captivated global audiences in a matter of weeks. Forbidden has been shared by fans across Instagram and Facebook over 230 times within the first few weeks of release. The music video currently has well over 10,000 views on YouTube within 3 weeks of release. Produced by Grammy nominated Haskel Jackson (who has produced for H.E.R., Marsha Ambrosius, and Kanye West), Chrissy Sade’s debut single Forbidden has a melodic vibe that takes you on a journey of emotions involving how painful love can sometimes prove to be. The song has a ’90s / early 2000s R&B charm to it that makes everyone want to sing along. 

Chrissy Sade began her music career interning for Virgin Records and quickly became the production coordinator at EMI Music/Capitol Records in Los Angeles at the young age of 19. As she blazed her way into the music industry behind the scenes, she knew she would eventually open her own independent record label some day. What felt like a far off dream to her then has now become a reality. She opened her independent record company, Serendipity Music Entertainment L.L.C. in the summer of 2019 and released her debut song on September 14, 2020.

Chrissy Sade has had a genuine love for R&B and soul music for as long as she can remember. “I remember my mom playing SWV, Mariah Carey, and En Vogue, and my dad playing Al Green, Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, and Luther Vandross to name a few,” shared the artist.  Music was deeply intertwined into her upbringing, playing in the background as a soundtrack to the important moments in her life. As time went by, her desire to create music of her own became stronger. It is almost too fitting that Chrissy Sade is named after the famous singer Sade, out of her mother’s love for the iconic artist’s music, who was very popular in the 1980s. 

Across multiple social media platforms, fans are asking when Chrissy Sade plans on releasing part two of her debut music video. “It’s both exciting and humbling to hear people’s reactions to my debut song, Forbidden. I have had people reach out and tell me the song and music video brought them to tears because they felt like I was telling their story,” she shared. “It’s beautiful to be able to make an impact on people through my music.”

Asked what she is currently up to, Chrissy Sade revealed that her highly-anticipated second song entitled Once Upon a Time will soon reach listeners, with a release date of November 23, 2020. “The song exposes the journey of building a life with someone and the ups and downs faced being torn between the relationship and yearning to find happiness within one’s self as an individual,” says the artist. “The song touches on feeling like you’ve put everything into a relationship and wondering if there is more to life,” she added.

So far along her journey, Chrissy Sade has received overwhelming support from her fans, sharing and loving her song. As an entrepreneur, songwriter, and now an R&B singer on the rise, she hopes that her songs will create a positive impact and help listeners through their individual journeys, believing that music is what helps us through our happiest and saddest moments.

Chrissy Sade says that one of her greatest joys as an artist is building a connection with her listeners. Check out this talented artist’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Follow her social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to keep up to date with her latest activity. Learn more about Chrissy Sade on her website.

Akuna Showcases Cuban Trap Music to the World

Cuban trap and reggaeton artist, rapper, and songwriter Akuna has a vision of the future. And that future for his work and music resembles a global brand of Cuban hip-hop music that uplifts the industry and his roots. And with the level of success the musician has experienced, it looks like he’s on his way to leaving a dent in the local music scene and beyond. 

Ahmed Valdes, aka Akuna, is the writer and performer of masterful tracks such as “Hibrido,” “Mala Paga,” “Frio,” “La R,” “Sugar Daddy,” “Estamo Bien,” and “Buho,” among many others. With a barrage of singles that have gathered thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of listens and streams, the artist is ready to bring his music to the next level. And recently, last October 30, Akuna launched “TELEPATÍA,” a single that revolutionizes the Cuban trap music scene. 

Akuna’s music falls under the trap music genre and the subcategory drill. The theme of his music carries a beautifully dark feel accompanied by ominous trap-influenced beats. Not many artists from Cuba fall under this category, making Akuna stand out as a hip-hop artist. In addition to his unique sound and genre, Akuna’s music is also flawless and high-quality. The level of lyrical intricacy and style shows experience and creativity in one package. 

Early on in life, Ahmed knew that music was his calling and ultimate goal. At the age of fourteen, he started writing and recording original music, picking up popular hip-hop influences like Tupac, Biggie, 50 Cent, and Pop Smoke. As he grew up, he would start experimenting on other hip-hop styles and inject his native tongue into the mix. Today, Ahmed Valdez has established his brand into a highly respected and sought-after image in the local music industry. Akuna dedicates his life toward developing the best material he can for fans and trap enthusiasts all over Cuba and the world.

Today, Akuna has created a solid following for himself on social media. He now has over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 15,000 followers on Instagram. His music has made significant rounds all over digital subspaces as his tracks gather over 17,000 monthly streams on Spotify and have reached hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. His collaboration entitled “Hibrido” alone has reached over 205,000 views on YouTube and is still growing to this very day. Akuna’s latest hit was a partnership with El Kamel, one of Havana, Cuba’s top rap musicians. 

With all that Ahmed Valdes has offered to fans and followers, he still has so much more up his sleeve. His music career is barely ripe, and there are greater opportunities for the artist. As Akuna continues developing new tracks, working on new collaborations, and releasing new hits, there’s no telling what heights he’ll reach next. One thing is for sure: the trap drill artist knows how to reach for the stars. Akuna has a vision of where he wants to be and how he’s going to get there.

In the coming years, Ahmed hopes to increase his reach and positively influence people through his music. Moreover, he hopes that his company will create a greater positive impact in his local community.

To listen to Akuna’s music and follow his journey, check out the artist’s website, Instagram account, YouTube channel, and Spotify page.

Vibe With Juvahn as She Empowers Women Through Her Music

People go through challenging times in their lives, and it is normal to look for an outlet for all the stress life gives. Juvahn Victoria, an Australian recording artist and songwriter, use the power of music as her emotional release and a way to empower women. 

Juvahn discovered her passion for music when she was singing in a choir, wherein she saw the power of music to escape her struggles while growing up. However, the flames for her love for music grew brighter and stronger, to the point where she decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her musical career. 

It is not easy going to a place wherein culture varies greatly from where Juvahn was born. However, this strong-willed woman is filled with passion and determination to make her mark in the industry. Due to her notable traits, she was featured in multiple blogs. In an article from Music Connection Magazine, wherein they described her music as “dark, sexy and often exotic-sounding songs whose spare, reductive arrangements mirror cutting-edge pop.” 

Juvahn’s music style is different from others since its formula consists of Polynesian and Palestinian music engineered to make her unique style. This style is observed in her pieces, such as “Vibes,” “City,” and her latest single, “Thats What I Thought,” which are now out on online music platforms such as Spotify. The latest single she released is a product of the empowering moment when she left an abusive relationship. 

Music videos for her singles are easily accessible through YouTube, and in these videos, especially in her song “Vibe,” it is evident that Juvahn is an advocate of women empowerment. She showcases the beauty of women of different sizes, and what makes them more beautiful is that they are comfortable in their skin. These characteristics transcend to the viewer. 

Aside from being a musician, Juvahn is also a boss babe with JV Inc., a recording label she and her business partner Oscar built. Currently, they have an in-house production team and two signed artists, but they are in constant works to expand their JV Inc. family. She wants to build a company with trust and support, empowering people to become their best selves. 

In line with this, most of her merchandise, Team JV Inc. clothing, is designed meticulously to represent the values she upholds. A silhouette of a strong woman represents her undying support for women and her passion for empowering them. Also, a heart on the designs represents her belief that in everything she does, she makes sure to put all her heart into it, as everyone should. 

Aside from music, she wants to explore her other love, fashion. Her fashion line, Juvahn Victoria, is now in the works and will soon be seen worn by people with good fashion sense. Packed with dreams and talent, this uprising musician and girl boss will surely go to lengths, leaving marks in every venture she takes on. 

Visit her official website to know more information about Juvahn, her merchandise, and her future ventures. 

Mentality Music Entertainment Creates a Fresh Mindset for the Future of the Music Industry

Musical artist, engineer, and songwriter Damien Harris builds a hopeful and positive mindset for the music industry through his record label, Mentality Music Entertainment. 

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mentality Music Entertainment earns its name in the industry as a force to be reckoned with. Hosting Damien’s years of self-training and innate talent, the record label is well on its way to becoming one of the top labels in the country.

Lil Sporty D first started his career in music at the tender age of 12. At the time, he was spending his rough childhood in the Marrero Project’s toughest neighborhood, which lay across the bridge from New Orleans.

Being raised by a single parent and being taken in for foster care, Damien’s life was far from easy and he often comforted and entertained himself with music. As a young kid, he felt a strong love for good sound and often recorded songs on cassette players with his brothers and a few friends. 

Playing around with notes, it wasn’t long before Damien Lil Sporty D Harris realized that his music was more than just a hobby – it was going to be his future. Despite adversity, he forged on and got himself through community college. Throughout it all, he never forgot the sound that kept playing within and, when he was finally able to escape the troubles of his childhood, he finally got the chance to let the world hear it. 

Heavily inspired by rap superstar ‘Master P,’ Damien started his record label. Mentality Music Entertainment provides various sound services to the general public, such as music, recording, studio, music engineering, producing, distribution, and publishing. 

Aside from creating an authentic and brand new sound ready to shake the airwaves, Mentality Music Entertainment was established to help others have a better opportunity. Damien plans to further this goal in the likely future, especially with his recent collaborations’ success.

Just last year, the record label welcomed collaborations and features with major and mainstream artists. One of the songs produced is the single “CERTIFIED,” released last June 12, 2020, which featured Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones. The artists are signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and Universal records.

Another hard-hitting single, released just last August 14, entitled “Like Whoa,” featured Lil Noodle, an artist signed to Sony Music Entertainment. While his songs take their seats on music charts, Damien prepares to drop his upcoming single.

“FEARLESS” features Kidd Kidd, a former G-United Artist, Young Juve, the son of Cash Money record artist’ Juvenile,’ and ABG KEITH, today’s rising local artist. The track is expected to blast off radios and croon through music streaming apps this coming November 6, 2020.

Currently filling the pages of his label’s success story, Damien is determined to have Mentality Music Entertainment be an inspiration to his audience. Using the label and his music as a platform, the CEO inspires his clients and fellow artists to stay true to themselves, and always to have faith in their abilities.

Secure front-row seats, and witness Mentality Music Entertainment in action. Watch as the label creates lasting changes by gearing young musicians and helping them achieve the mindset that will help them conquer the music industry. Follow Mentality Music Entertainment CEO Damien Harris on his Instagram account

Upcoming Rapper Jiwanta Got Global Audience Hooked with Unique Tracks

At 17 years old, music lovers and fans worldwide are sure that Jiwanta is destined for the spotlight and stardom. Besides his captivating tracks, the rapper captured the international stage with his dominant stage presence and ability to rise from the rest of the pack.

Born Jiwanta Panday in Kathmandu, Nepal, the artist migrated to the United States in search of bigger opportunities. He wanted to maximize his potential by relocating from his native city. Today, other upcoming artists keep their eyes on Jiwanta as he fearlessly tackles the music industry and continually produces fresh tracks with immense dedication. 

Jiwanta combines his uniqueness with unconventional rap approaches. He strives to make his flow as memorable for listeners as possible, ensuring that everything he lays out on the table is fresh, innovative, and dynamic. The rapper confessed that he draws the bravery to be himself from the overwhelming support of fans all around the world. “I’m getting support from a bunch of people all over the world every day. I wake up to messages of people sharing my music and my fanbase is just really strong,” said Jiwanta. 

Jiwanta is best known for his tracks called Crash Out and Racks. Additionally, the rapper has earned over 5,000,000 views on SoundCloud, accumulated from his produced music and collaborations. On top of astounding digital presence, the young artist has attracted some of the most prominent artists in the rap game today. NLE Choppa, Comethazine, YBN Nahmir, Lil Mosey, and Lil Xan, to name a few.

Also, Jiwanta’s potential has been recognized by Adam 22, host of the podcast No Jumper, after listening to his track Crash Out. Tommy Craze also reacted to several of his music on his Youtube channel with over 2,000,000 Subscribers.

Aside from making waves in the digital space, the young rapper has been approached by various A&R companies asking him to sign license deals with them, which ultimately gives artists more freedom in the ownership of their music than usual record label deals. Recently, Jiwanta has closed his first distribution deal with Trap Money Records, and it only marks the beginning of many more promising deals for the artist in the future. 

As he continues to grow as an artist, Jiwanta confessed that all his efforts today are done to build a lasting legacy. Artists don’t have all the time in the world to spend in the music industry. Some grow old to rock stadiums, while others may have a temporary effect on listeners. The rapper produces music that can withstand the test of time and can be passed on from one generation to another. “As you build your credibility, you also build recognition, loyalty, and competitiveness,” said the artist. 

While other upcoming artists are too consumed by their ambition to top Billboard charts, Jiwanta focuses on staying authentic in doing what he loves best. Despite the glamour and the international status of being a global music artist, he wants to remain humble and remain true to his purpose. Jiwanta plans to make his sound heard in all corners of the world, and soon enough, his music will dominate platforms and rap lovers. 

Listen to Jiwanta’s music on Spotify.

Forget Netflix—We’re Binging Becoming Young’s Latest Album, Feeling Single

Becoming Young’s album, Feeling Single, out September 24, is a portal to what can best be described as a fantasy-sports-style sonic experience, themed around no-strings-attached romance. Here, your character is a suave and soulful male lead, your playmates are sweetly seductive ladies, and the playing field is smoldering summer nights. The vibe is so intoxicating, it’s not surprising the eight-song record boasts six well-received and critically acclaimed singles. This is the side of breaking up we all dream about.

Feeling Single oozes sensual mystique from the very first song, “High.” Ethereal ambience wafts from the speakers and one of those ultra-tight, pop-R&B guitar figures slinks on in—the effect of it all feels like a magical door swinging open to some fantastical club scene. The vocals are both dreamy and in command, emitting a detached cool.

Butterflies in the belly from new connections flutter around on the fizzy “The Night I Met You,” which boasts retro-pop synths and chill, enigmatic vocals. The pent-up seduction of “Cherry Twist” swirls around that sweet spot between ambient electro-pop and modern R&B. It’s a slow dizzying tease that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. 

The recently released single, “Reckless,” feels like a spotlight shining down on a couple in a darkened room where everyone disappears, and the air is thick with enchanting intrigue. The song slowly seduces, revealing bursts of techno-color pop hooks, soaring vocals, and beat-driven crescendos. This is one of those moments when irresistible desire overtakes rational thought. 

The track, “Temptation,” is elegantly theatrical, evoking a prismatic array of cultural signposts, including James Bond, Johnny Cash, and Two Feet. The narrative boasts juicy lyrics like, “We’re too old to say that this is just lust, but too young to know if you’re the one…Girl, what are we doing?” Becoming Young gets slightly reflective on “Not Our Time,” cuddling up with his singer-songwriter side on the acoustic-tinged ballad.

Becoming Young is the artist alias for Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Brandon Calano. To date, Becoming Young has earned over 1.5 million collective spins on Spotify and recently partnered with boutique distributor, Cmd Shft. Calano has previously won Nashville’s esteemed True Music Room Top Writer Series, and he has played sold-out shows in Atlanta, Denver, Boulder, Portland, and Seattle.

To hear Becoming Young, check out his music on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.