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Rosa Cesareo and Pursuing a Music Career Based on a Natural Love for Music

Turning passion into a career is something that happens every now and then, and many notable people have built names for themselves by turning their passion into profit and, ultimately, careers. Rosa Cesareo’s journey into music began at the age of four, as she would sing and dance to her favorite songs by Amy Winehouse, Brittney Spears and Gwen Stefani. From that point, she would eventually decide to take music up as a career.

The Las Vegas-based 21-year-old musician with an Italian father and Iranian mother has dazzled at different venues and convinced diverse groups of people of her talents and artistry. She had a rich and distinct tone at a very young age and was always eager to show off her skills at karaoke bars. Getting ingrained into music was largely influenced by her parents, who often played music from different cultures in the house. So, she developed a global taste in the craft and created her unique sound from the myriad of sounds she spent time listening to.

While it has been mostly self-developed, Rosa Cesareo’s career had the support of the important people in her life. In middle school, when she decided to learn the piano, her father bought her first piano from consignment as a gift, which went a long way in helping her become the artist she is today. So, from performing music from other artists she enjoyed as a child to self-learning how to play the piano through YouTube, Rosa has come full circle as an intentional artist passionate about the craft.

She wrote her first song at age 15 to express herself and tell stories about what she was going through at the time, a turbulent period in her life. After releasing her songs on SoundCloud for a while, she decided she wanted to study music for her higher education. She proceeded to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she is studying Production & Sound Design in her final year.

Rosa Cesareo has fully immersed herself into her element as a musician and has been taking opportunities that allow her to perform her original songs. She has performed at solo, duo and band gigs in Boston and Las Vegas. Her latest single, “Pretty Eyes,” was released on September 7, 2022, alongside remixes by Grammy-nominated Producer StoneBridge, and mixes from MaxVangeli, The Fifth Guys, Going Deeper and Invisible.

With the new song streaming on all digital platforms, Rosa Cesareo has further enmeshed herself in the music industry as she pursues success and acceptance. She sees herself becoming a globally recognized artist over the next few years. “Music is my life, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else” Rosa said, “This is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.” 

How Michael Q Trucks’ Passion for Storytelling Has Helped Him Become a Highly Coveted Musician and Actor

People have varying ideas and opinions on what makes music great. Yet despite these differences, many would agree that songs with captivating stories are among the best. Because of this, one up-and-coming artist is rapidly gaining momentum for his impeccable musicality and, most importantly, storytelling: Michael Q Trucks.

The gifted man is a devoted father, rising songwriter, vocalist, and performer, known for his strong flow and melody and propensity for writing catchy hooks and superb verses. For example, he is the mastermind behind several masterpieces such as “Lost,” “Stay,” “No Love,” and “Empty.” In addition, he dropped an EP called Light & Dark in 2019. Just recently, he released his music video for “Mine” on the popular streaming platform YouTube.

What helped the inspiring individual become such a sophisticated musician is his life experiences and passion for the craft. Like many others, his childhood consisted of ups and downs. In fact, the artist recalled having to move often. “Growing up was not always easy,” he said.

But at the same time, he also vividly remembers dancing and listening to songs from Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon, The Temptations, and Prince, a memory that helped shape his love for the arts. Always a performer at heart, the young man joined various school activities like dance competitions. He also joined the band, where he played the drums. He then began writing, singing, rapping, and making music at the age of 14.

Another inspiration for the songwriter’s remarkable creations is his experiences as a military man. He joined the US Navy in 2013, where he came across numerous life-changing events and memorable incidents. 

“Well, being in active duty in the military, I’ve experienced a lot of light and dark stories, I’ve traveled the world and experienced many cultures of people, and I write in different genres, so I think that can definitely set me apart from most in the music industry,” the intuitive man explained.

Aside from his incredible discography and career as a musician, Michael Q Trucks is also a part of film and television productions, both working in front and behind the camera. He was an extra and production assistant for the movie What If, directed by Dallas Jenkins, as well as a production assistant in the D. David Morin-directed Johnny. In 2013, he played the role of Forward in Silver Bells, which Harold Cronk directed.

These impressive accomplishments are a testament to the artist’s unrivaled prowess as a performer. But most importantly, it is a confirmation of his exceptional work ethic, perseverance, dedication, and passion. 

Moving forward, Michael Q Trucks plans to continue creating more music that conveys inspiring messages and fascinating stories. The creative also aims to maintain his upward trajectory and eventually break through the mainstream music scene. But above all, he intends to become an inspiration for people, especially his fans. When asked to share an important piece of advice with his followers, the visionary meaningfully said, “Like any real person, you need to accept the good and the bad that life hands you and keep moving forward.”


WRYT Empowers Others and Promotes Social Consciousness Through Music

At any given time, people are driven by an endless combination of factors. Some climb the summits of success to secure generational wealth and gain fame, while others secure coveted positions at the pinnacles of their chosen industry to catalyze change and build a better world. Among those whose passion lies in making a difference in people’s lives is Mychael Wright. By wielding the power of music, he sends across a message that will surely transcend limitations, break barriers, and impact the lives of many.

Highly acclaimed for his exquisite talent and undeniable personality, Mychael Wright is an emerging powerhouse of the trade. His incredible expertise and impressive discography have earned countless praises from established authorities, industry powerhouses, and peers, solidifying a reputable stance across the trade. Armed with an unparalleled passion for music, Mychael uses the power of melody to serve as a source of motivation for those who need a voice in this dog-eat-dog world.

Better known as WRYT, this rising artist distinguishes himself apart from talented personalities by fusing grunge-inspired guitar pieces with incisive social consciousness. In this day and age where people are more open and socially aware, WRYT has made it his mission during these times to spread awareness about several significant issues that have continued to plague society today. Thus, this power player is not only an artist whose melody has rung the hearts of many but also a musician whose tracks speak volumes of the struggles of those who have remained silenced and oppressed.

Although WRYT seems to possess a vision that has existed since time immemorial, this rising artist’s path to success has an underlying story that started in church. Before entering the scene with his socially conscious disposition and empowering lyrics, WRYT was a church worship leader who pursued a career in contemporary Christian music. His approach was filled with gospel tunes, which was liked by many believers, leading to the release of his worship-oriented EP entitled Grace. However, in the middle of carving his way to the summits of music, he experienced a spiritual crisis of conscience, which precipitated an eventual career shift towards a more empowering path. Years down the road, WRYT became an artist producing tracks that not only showed his faith-driven passion for the craft but also demonstrated his purpose-driven vision of creating a better world through music.

Having rebranded himself as a forward-thinking and socially-conscious artist, WRYT has been dropping songs that amplify his quest to materialize his purpose-driven vision. Two of those tracks that touched on some of today’s most significant issues are “Ivory Tower” and “Milk and Honey.” “Milk and Honey,” in particular, is a song that is dedicated to his family, which tackles their journey as African Americans in the United States.

“I think of it as a love letter to my family,” shared WRYT. “It is an examination of the reality that many marginalized groups face on a daily basis. While I am focused on my family’s narrative, I think my songs also echo the struggles that many families have gone through,” he added.

Throughout his blossoming career, people have consistently seen WRYT thrive and get ahead. With a success story under his arsenal, he hopes to become an inspiration and instrument of transformation for many young aspirants worldwide.

Up-And-Coming Artist Alexander Yearns Shares His Inspiring Journey in the Music Scene

There comes a time in a person’s life when they encounter something so moving and profound that it dictates the course of their future. For musician Alexander Yearns, this life-changing experience happened when he first heard Elvis Presley’s The King Of Rock’ N’ Roll: The Complete 50’s Masters CD box set.

He was rummaging through his uncle’s basement in Palisades Park, New Jersey, one day when he stumbled upon the album. Ever the curious type, he immediately grabbed his stereo and listened to the entire five-disc compilation. Finally, after nearly six hours of nonstop rock n roll, he finished all 140 songs. The young man found the journey so captivating and hypnotizing that he felt something inside him unlock: a passion for music. Since then, he has become obsessed with one of life’s most potent intangibles.

Less than a year after that fateful experience, Alexander Yearns pursued his newfound love and asked for his very own drum kit. Before long, things fell into place, and his career as a professional musician began. He was only thirteen when he joined a band that primarily performs music inspired by the New Jersey rock n roll scene.

The gifted teen was the group’s drummer, alongside his older brother and other guys from their neighborhood. On top of that, he also utilizes his unrivaled artistry by writing songs, making records, and touring together with the group.

However, after six years in the band, the young man felt it was time for him to spread his wings and find his voice as a solo artist. This change of pace finally allowed the talented individual to tap into his inner emotions. As a result, he was able to consistently write songs and create music that reflected his true feelings. He also started exploring new instruments and learned how to play the guitar, which greatly aided his songwriting journey.

He has since launched several projects, including his debut EP, To Each of Us, which was released in October 2018 and produced at Strange Weather Recording Studio in Brooklyn. The collection contains five tracks that dance on the edge of psychedelic folk-rock while the artist’s electrifying voice hovers over an experimental and, at times dominating, moody acoustics.

Three years later, the singer-songwriter dropped his first-ever full-length album, Phoenix, which marks a new chapter in the musician’s life. The LP features quieter tracks that are stripped back, with each song being a bit rawer and baring more soul than the last, a stark contrast to the lively and upbeat theme of his first album.

With such an impressive discography, there is no doubt that Alexander Yearns is one of today’s most promising performers. In fact, he is making waves in the music scene for his one-of-a-kind sound and poetic lyrics that ensnares the senses of every listener.

Moving forward, the musical prodigy plans to continue expanding his horizons by creating songs that people can connect with and relate to. He is already preparing to record his next body of work, which will be available soon. In the meantime, fans and music lovers can listen to his other songs on all streaming platforms, including Spotify. They can also listen to My Void, a series of instrumentals he has collected over the years, available exclusively on Bandcamp.

Lucas Muñoz: The Music Sensation from Central Florida Making Waves

Lucas Muñoz is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Central Florida. He began playing the guitar at four, learning from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. Lucas started his music passion by playing at church early with his father and singing in his choir throughout middle and high school. Originally a native of New Jersey, Muñoz identifies guitarists such as Slash, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, and Eric Johnson as some of his musical influences. Still, the biggest of them all is his father, with whom he started playing a combination of Latin Blues, Jazz, and Fusion in the local scene in Central Florida.

In 2010, Muñoz moved to Florida. He was only aged 14, and he started to invest more in his music career. He proceeded to Warner University for his undergraduate degree at 18, where he became heavily involved with performing arts. At one point, Lucas played guitar for the University’s chapel band and jazz ensemble. It was while playing at the University that he had his first tour experience. 

In 2018, Muñoz began to take an actual interest in studying the jazz genre, particularly in South Florida. He also strives to hone his skills in singing, songwriting, and playing guitar. That year, Muñoz started to play different styles across all genres of music. He graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018 and his Master of Business Administration in 2020 from Warner University.

 In 2020, Muñoz released his debut EP titled “Mutasis.” The EP, a combination of genres such as dark pop, hip-hop, blues, rock, and alternative, represents all of Muñoz’s musical influences. Lucas admits that getting out of his comfort zone as a musician separates him from his competition, particularly the older generation. He expressed that remaining confined to a particular genre is one of the pitfalls for older musicians. But as young blood, he believes his ability to alternate between genres and styles keeps him ahead in his game.

As a Gen Z, Lucas hopes to reach people of his generation and background. He continues to strive to have his music resonate within his generation. His music also addresses topics previously taboo in preceding generations, such as mental health.

As a performer, Muñoz wants to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feel free to express themselves however they want. In his words, “I dedicate my work as a musician to channel my life experiences and translate them to the song. I want to make sure that whoever is listening to my song can fully relate to the message or draw their interpretations, especially my instrumental songs. I like the people who listen to my music to use the songs as a means of healing, solace, escape, and enjoyment.”

In five years, Lucas sees himself doing what he loves most: performing in front of people, writing, and recording music. “I want to make an impact on as many people’s lives as I can. I want to give happiness to people that are struggling every day through music. I want to work with like-minded people within the industry to make music that speaks for my generation,” he explained. “I see myself being able to make a career in the music industry. I see myself being a role model for younger people and relating to them through my music.” With the rate he’s going now, he’s not far off from that goal.

Learn more about Lucas Muñoz and details of how you can stream his music here.

Cameron Hardy, an Up-and-Coming Artist Set to Debut in 2021

Today, singer-songwriter Cameron Hardy awaits the highly anticipated release of his debut single. The forthcoming project—including co-writes from industry powerhouses such as Delacey (Halsey’s #1 hit “Without Me,” Zara Larsson’s “Ruin My Life”), ROLLO (Ava Max’s Certified GOLD “So Am I,” Noah Cyrus’ “Lonely”), Ryan Ogren (Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love”)—will hit streaming services this spring.

Collaborating with creative director Amber Park, the captivating debut video will unveil the world of Cameron Hardy, driven by expensive, elevated, iconic elements and overall luxurious visual identity. The video will premiere exclusively on YouTube Music/VEVO.

Of the debut track and forthcoming project, Hardy says, “It feels so good to finally be releasing the first single so soon! I’ve spent years locked in a studio, figuring out who I am as an artist and I’m ready to reveal that to the world. A theme that resonates throughout the project, ‘I Thought You were Lonely’ is about the pain that comes with losing someone after being at your most vulnerable. It also touches on the duality of the heartbreak and gratitude, something that you often go through at the end of a relationship.”

Cameron has a social following that reaches an audience of over 11.5 thousand on Instagram. Cameron teased the debut track on his Twitter. You can listen to it here

2021 sees Hardy commanding complete creative control through writing his own songs, producing and creating his own visuals—further solidifying himself as an embodiment of the modern-musical generation.

Learn more about Cameron Hardy through his website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

Rising Artist Mischiff Shares How He Jumped From a DJ to Pursuing a Career as a Singer

Everyone goes through emotional battles, and they often overcome those battles by different means. Some people prefer to use a more physical outlet and hit the gym to relieve stress, but others choose a more creative outlet through various forms of art. Mischiff is among those people who preferred to escape through music. It became a passion that eventually led him to become one of New York’s rising artists.

Mischiff was always a creative individual. When he was younger, he would always find activities to keep himself busy instead of watching television or playing video games. His constant desire to keep himself busy would pay off when in 2012, Mischiff started his music career. At just fifteen years old, he  was inspired to become a DJ when he stumbled into the late DJ AM works.

The young DJ would spend countless months working on his craft until, eventually, he was ready to showcase his talent. He would emerge as DJ Mischiff, taking inspiration from the nickname “Malito,” which is Spanish for ‘mischievous child.’ 

Mischiff got his first opportunity to DJ at a school dance at his middle school in Freeport, New York. The event proved to be a stepping stone as his musical career flourished shortly after that. Mischiff began to grow interested in music production, and eventually, he got into it. The skillset would prove helpful later down the line as he went on to DJ at several clubs and events. 

While Mischiff practiced his craft, he also pursued a career as a Public Affairs specialist for the New York Army National Guard. During his service, Mischiff’s creativity only grew as he learned photography, videography, and journalism. Serving in the army also taught Mischiff time management, a skill needed when masterminding a musical career. Upon completing his service, the young DJ would return to the music scene with an arsenal of tools and experience to showcase the debut of his original music.

What makes Mischiff a unique artist is an authenticity in his image and music. While others are managed and told about the kind of gimmick their look and sound have to be like, Mischiff has complete creative control, bringing originality to his overall brand. He is an independent artist intent on making it on his own in the music industry.

Despite starting his career early as a DJ, Mischiff can delve into different music genres. He isn’t the type to be pegged down in one genre and instead prefers to go with the flow and always experimenting with music. Mischiff tends to pay attention to the details as an artist, keeping everything running on time, organized, and perfect. 

People can find Mischiff’s works on Spotify and Apple Music. He recently set up a YouTube channel where he has uploaded four music videos. Although he is relatively new to music outside of being a DJ, Mischiff foresees success as an artist in multiple genres in the years to come.

To learn more about Mischiff, you may visit his website. He also posts updates on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Ava Caceres: A Rising Star with Unmistakable Talent and Charisma

The music industry regularly welcomes thousands of stars every year, and amid 2020’s roster of breakthrough talent, Hispanic singer and songwriter Ava Caceres stands out. With the vocal workings of a seasoned performer and her intricately crafted songs, she takes the world by storm with her hit single “Be Somebody’s” and charismatic performance.

Ava first made rounds on social media after releasing her music video, which features celebrity actress, singer, and model Bella Thorne. Taking the director’s seat for the film work was industry legend Stephen Wayne Mallet. His roster of collaborations includes work with heavy hitters like Ne-Yo, Missy Elliot, and Lindsey Stirling. The director also took leadership in the development of the award-winning music flick Jameson. To date, the music video has gathered over 317,000 streams on YouTube. 

Early on in life, Ava Caceres discovered her innate talent and passion for music. Even at a young age, she made it her goal to become a professional artist and share her music with the world. By doing so, Ava hopes to touch the hearts of many and spread messages that matter. 

On top of her passion for music, Ava is an avid fan of theatre and acting. She would participate in school plays while studying, which helped her develop her creative side and became a training ground for her to develop her style and voice. At the age of ten, people around her started to realize how refined her singing voice was. Ava dedicated herself for many years to create a sound that now resonates in the hearts of hundreds of thousands everywhere. 

The artist and writer takes after her early influences, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler, who were also the songwriter’s inspiration when writing “Be Somebody’s.” After graduating high school, Ava Caceres would brush shoulders with award-winning producers Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola, who would help her record and publish her first single. “This song was born out of a time period that was emotionally difficult,” Ava shares about her breakthrough hit, “and in the spirit of becoming a process of healing, I thought of the strength that these artists I looked up to held and I knew that I needed to carry the same mindset.”

In the days following, Ava Caceres hopes to refine and record more of her original music. Following up on a hit as strong as “Be Somebody’s” is not an easy feat. Still, with the powerful vocal talent and heartfelt writing that the nineteen-year-old rising star has exhibited, fans can be guaranteed that there’s plenty more on the way.

Today, Ava joins her deep sense of passion for music and relentless pursuit of meaning. She hopes not just to gain fame or fortune from her craft, but also influence and transformation. To the singer, music has moved past being another hobby. It is now a calling. And it’s a calling that she intends to pour all her heart and effort into in the coming years. Ava Caceres already has it in mind to create multiple albums in the next five years. And if the output is even but a fraction of “Be Somebody’s,” it’s likely that we’re witnessing the rise of another all-time musical great.

To learn more about Ava Caceres, visit her Instagram account and Facebook page.

Lanita Smith Heeding Her Calling by Creating Timeless Music

Lanita Smith is a musician that has gone leaps and bounds in pursuing her dreams. The talented singer, songwriter, and musician from Memphis kick-started her music in the church. Her talent has since then been recognized by people and bodies that matter. Don Was once handpicked her as the Winner of Guitar Center’s Singer Songwriter 4, which propelled her career even further. Lanita has worked with famous award-winning musicians like Aaron Neville, TY Dolla $ign, Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, Teddy Riley, and Jessica Sanchez. She was also a part of Kanye West’s Sunday Service, which has garnered a lot of attention for the quality of songs and performance.

Lanita Smith has projected herself in different ways and has performed on different notable stages around the world. She has performed at Coachella, The Troubadour, Jackson’s R&B Festival, and Hotel Café. Her soul-stirring voice and jarring lyrics are difficult to miss, and she is committed to blessing the world with them. Her recently released single, “Holdin’ On” is a testament to her musical prowess.

She is a part of the soulful band made up of herself; vocalist Casey Kalmenson, whose single, “No Matter What,” has garnered more than 22.5 million streams on Spotify; and guitarist Justin Andres, who has gone on tour with artists like Billy Ray Cyrus and The Bellrays. On November 6, 2020, Lanita released “Holdin’ On,” a single that talks about the strange things in the world presently. If Lanita Smith wants to be known for anything, she aspires to be known as a great songwriter who tells stories about life.

In her words, “I try to change the narrative by creating music that inspires, speaks the truth, and gives hope when everyone feels defeated. The world needs healing to begin, and with music comes the power to bring people together. My latest single is an inspirational song about embracing our challenges and uplifting our spirits in a world filled with uncertainties and unusual events.

Lanita thrives on her versatility as not just a powerful vocalist but as a multi-dimensional artist who can write songs excellently and play musical instruments. One of her unique characteristics is her ability to adapt and embody the core artistic element that her audience needs at any time. In 2017, she took her humanitarian activities to the next level by establishing the Lanita Smith Music Foundation Scholarship to help college students access funds.

Lanita Smith puts in work every day to be her best self and pursue her dreams. “I’m proud that I never gave up on my dream, and I have accomplished many things. That’s all my mother wanted,” she says. “Music has always been timeless and an escape route for me. So the first chance I got to create and write stories through music, I took it,” she adds. In a few years, she hopes to take her music to the highest level by taking it full time and at a bigger capacity to reach and inspire more people.

You can download Lanita Smith’s song Holdin’ On here, and learn more about Lanita Smith by visiting her official website.

Didda Joe: The Singer Bringing Back the Magical Soul of R&B

Music is part of everyone’s lives to varying degrees. Most people listen casually, and some are so drawn to the beauty and power of music that they choose to dedicate their lives to it, playing, writing, and creating music that others can enjoy. Didda Joe, an Indianapolis native, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer ushering in a new wave of R&B. According to him, music is in his blood.

Didda Joe was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, into a musically inclined family. His mother was a singer, and his father was a musician. His parents’ passion for music shaped Didda Joe’s childhood. “Growing up, I was always exposed to music,” he says. Eventually, he learned to play the drums, piano, and bass. When asked, the singer shares that the guitar is his favorite instrument to play.

Didda Joe’s music has been described as nostalgic, edgy, driving, and soulfully smooth. His take on R&B is reminiscent of Prince and D’Angelo mixed with Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, and Nirvana. His current collaborations with Grammy-nominated producer Ayo aims to create a modern reincarnation of the magical soul of 90s R&B. The result is a young, fresh, and sultry twist on a nostalgic era of music. 

This successful musician’s live shows are full of energy. Didda Joe possesses an unforgettable stage presence that draws in his audiences and brings a fresh feel to live music. His performances are powerful and give a new dimension to R&B, rock, pop, and soul genres.

Aside from a singing career that is steadily gaining more success and attention, Didda Joe is also an accomplished producer and writer. He writes the majority of his songs, recording and mixing them as well. Didda Joe’s compositions have also been featured in a few television shows, such as VH1’s Love and Hip Hop and WE TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop. He has also worked with various artists such as Master P, Shafiq Husayn, Columbus Short, and fellow Indiana native Ro James.

“I have always been inspired by great musicians like Michael Jackson, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Jimi Hendrix,” Didda Joe shares, “I admire how they strived for individuality and growth.” In his opinion, today’s music is saturated with digital sounds. “I want to bring back live music that touches something in people’s souls when they hear it,” Didda Joe says.

This talented singer may draw inspiration from great artists that came before him, but he believes in being true to himself and his voice. Didda Joe knows that his unique style helps him shine and reminds other creatives to shine in their unique way.

His career has taken Didda Joe on a wonderfully creative journey. “Someday, I hope I’m in a position where I can help others reach their success,” Didda Joe says. “I want other aspiring musicians to know that they should embrace the qualities that make them unique.”

This singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer has done so much to usher in a new wave of R&B and hip-hop. When asked for his advice to emerging artists, Didda Joe says, “Never give up on the path to being greater, and don’t be afraid to show your true self.”

To stay updated on Didda Joe and his music, you may visit this website.