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Evan Sternbach’s Singles Offer a Rare Blend of Authenticity and Pop Sensibility

Evan Sternbach is the new sensation in the music scene, and he is here to stay. This young and amazing pop singer-songwriter has a unique way of sharing his stories through his tunes. He writes lyrics that are real, heartfelt, and sure to give fans all the feels. With his beautiful voice, addictive beats, and truthful words, Evan is quickly becoming a fan favorite and a musical force to be reckoned with.

Evan‘s love for music began at age five when he first strummed a guitar. He took a detour for a decade and pursued his dreams on the baseball diamond, but after rediscovering his true calling, he became a music man. He found peace and joy in the magic of songwriting, using it as a therapeutic escape. He devoured everything he could about the industry, from J. Cole’s beats to Ed Sheeran’s jams. He tirelessly honed his craft, pouring his heart and soul into his songwriting and vocals. And, oh boy, did it pay off! With the release of his hit singles “Halfway,” “Lesser Degree,” and “I Figured It Out,” Evan’s music is taking the world by storm!

Evan’s music is a feast for the ears and a balm for the soul. Each of his tracks showcases his top-notch songwriting skills, filled with messages that will stick with you long after the song is over. His goal is to create music that’s unforgettable and brings back memories and emotions with every listen. Looking forward to a career in the music scene, he is on a mission to share his journey with all his fans and grow with them, just like his favorite artists did with him. Evan’s music is the soundtrack of life.

Evan’s road to musical stardom is an inspiring one. This guy is just getting started, and he is already making waves with his honest and heartwarming lyrics. He is the breath of fresh air the music scene desperately needs, and his tunes are a must-listen for anyone who loves pop with a pinch of soul. So keep a close eye on Evan Sternbach because this guy is destined to be a music legend.

Tribute Artist Jobel Star Keeps the King of Pop’s Name Alive Through His Exceptional Performances

At some point in our lives, we have kept many inspirational figures in our arsenal who vehemently motivate us to chase our dreams and keep the faith. And more often than not, these seemingly ordinary individuals have left so much impact in our lives that we strive to live a life according to their vision, principles, and beliefs. And as someone who consistently admires a musical legend, Joseph Bell, otherwise known as Jobel Star, sheds light on how the exceptionally brilliant singer and performer, Michael Jackson, inspired him in reaching the top of the music industry.

Although the music and entertainment space speak volumes of brilliance and countless versatile talents, only those who are passionate enough are the ones who are set to take the industry by storm. True enough, the industry is known to foster a cutthroat environment. And while many aspiring singers give up at first sight of defeat, Jobel Star takes it upon himself to overcome these unrelenting challenges and uses them as his sources of motivation.

Highly recognized for his talents and strong resemblance to the legendary superstar, Jobel Star always had a knack for singing, dancing, and performing some of Michael Jackson’s songs. Ever since he began finding his niche in the music and entertainment space, Jobel has countlessly rung the hearts of many with his tantalizing performances and compelling presence on stage. As a matter of fact, when he performed at a theater in Sunset Boulevard, the crowd went wild, albeit his unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. This impeccable stage performance then led to a myriad of concerts and appearances, leaving the audience wanting more.

Being an artist dedicated to celebrating Michael Jackson’s extraordinary milestones during his lifetime, Jobel Star explains that he is not limited in the confines of a pre-recorded memorex artist. According to Jobel, a legend like Michael Jackson deserves a performance that measures up to the superstar’s brilliance. Thus, Jobel not only sings live as a tribute artist but also plays the piano and dances to the beats of MJ.

Many people thought that bringing Michael Jackson’s impeccable performances back to life seems to border on the impossible. However, Jobel Star wanted to keep his well-celebrated spirit alive throughout the years. So, due to his tenacity and determination, people who have not heard of the king of pop timelessly rejoice and dance to his well-loved beats and meaningful songs up to this date.

With his extraordinary skills and talents, topped with an incomparable passion for Michael Jackson and his legacy, it is a no-brainer how this sought-after tribute artist will eventually expand his reach on the global scale while countlessly topping the charts. 

Although it is not easy living up to someone’s name, Jobel Star explained that he is not out to replace MJ as the king of pop. If anything, this singer/songwriter and performer only wishes to keep MJ’s name and fame alive throughout the years of his death, hoping to gain more followers of his timeless music. 

To know more about Jobel Star, you may visit his website.