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Photographer and Musician MC Luna Trine Inspires Others to Steps Into the Spotlight and Find Their Voice

Achieving success in the creative space requires talent, hard work and perseverance, qualities multi-faceted photographer and musician  MC Luna Trine possesses in abundance. Whether bringing art to life through the camera lens or captivating the heart of listeners through a mix of metaphorical lyrics and soulful beats, the power player continues to dominate the art and entertainment scenes. 

A talented music artist renowned for his soulful voice and intentionally relatable lyrics, MC Luna Trine has always been a creative individual from an early age. He started his artistic endeavors as a child, painting and drawing until high school. Then in college, the creative artist switched to digital arts, got into photography and videography and landed many shooting gigs with models in the world’s entertainment capital. Combined with his innate gift behind the lens, these gigs landed him more opportunities. Soon, the go-getter was shooting at fashion shows and various entertainment events where he photographed many artists in Quad Music Studio, concerts, and music video sets.

Finally, after a few years of projecting the best image of others behind the scenes, MC Luna Trine decided it was time to be in front of the camera and create his own work. So, the gifted individual got into the music studio and created his hit debut, “Aura For Me,” which was a captivating mix of beats and rhythms about connecting with another person based on their aura and energy. He loved the creative process and soon started working on his next song, “Come With Me To The Moon.”

In addition to making giant strides in the creative space, MC Luna has also tapped into his love for travel combined with his experience behind the camera lens to become a travel vlogger. With his music career frequently putting him on the road, the power player aims to explore the world, share his adventures, and create music from his journeys. In addition, he wants to put together his creative voice through many forums of art. 

As a creator who has worked with people from all walks of life, MC Luna Trine thrives on helping others reach their creative potential while bringing art to life. “Being a former photographer that has shot with many celebrities and public figures has helped shape my perspective of people. I don’t view anyone differently based on their status or success because I understand that building with anyone willing to build with you is more important than how well-known a person is. Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity has helped me become open to working with other people from all walks of life,” he insightfully said. 

In the coming years, MC Luna Trine aims to establish his brand as a household name in the creative space, connecting other creators and inspiring budding artists to never give up on their dreams. “I want people to be inspired to create no matter their medium. There are many art forums, and it’s okay to change what you do to find your passion or start a new journey. It’s okay to want to go from behind the camera to stepping out into the front of the camera and creating work based on your own voice,” he said.

DGdidit Giving Florida Some Musical Bragging Rights

Every town or city has something it’s known for, be it notable locations, events, or persons. Straight out of Madison, Florida, David Fletcher, popularly known as DGdidit, is on his way to stardom. He moved to Tampa, where he got a solid hold on his music and began to put his materials out to the public. He began to upload music instrumentals to YouTube, which caught the attention of many music lovers and musicians like Dave East, Jim Jones, and Johnny Cino, among others. DGdidit continued to post his beats until Trinidad James picked up one of his beats and used it to make a song. This gave David Fletcher even more confidence that he was doing something right.

DGdidit began to rap on his beats before uploading them, and he got endorsements and encouragement from artists like Waka Flocka, Downtown Dion, and Gio Dee. It took other people recognizing his talents for him to break out of his shell. Once he realized his abilities, DGdidit decided to be more than a producer by showing the world the beauty of his musical talent.

Since DGdidit had already gained traction on YouTube before going mainstream, many of his audience already formed opinions about his sound, style, and artistic representation. Veteran rapper Waka Flocka once called him the “Next Pharrell,” which was a major confidence boost for him as a person and an artist. He stopped putting limitations on his abilities and decided to go full-fledged by showcasing his talents to the world. As an independent artist, DGdidit understands the amount of work he has to do to become a superstar, and right now, that’s all he’s focused on.

DGdidit’s motivation comes from the growth he has experienced over the years as a musician. “I never thought much about music professionally or as the only thing I wanted to do. I started producing beats because I enjoyed it, but now, it has become so much more for me,” he says. He sees his music career becoming big so that it can help him give back to the community. David Fletcher has focused on growing as an artist and a brand to improve his life and others’ lives.

Building a music career from scratch and then catching the attention of many people, including some musical greats, are some of the noteworthy things that DGdidit has experienced. Now, as his career seems to be taking off, his goal is to become successful enough to help others achieve success too. Putting Florida on the map for positive reasons is a feat he’s passionate about, and nothing can deter him from making that happen. Despite the cutthroat competition in the music industry today, DGdidit is optimistic that whatever a person wants to do is worth pursuing anyway. “Nobody should give up because it’s the easy thing to do. If there’s anything you want, take the step. Once you do that, you are one step closer to making your dreams happen,” he says.Listen to DGdidit’s music on SoundCloud or follow him on Instagram.

Rising Musician YngSolomon Organizes Pop-Up Concerts to Encourage and Inspire.

Music is powerful medicine. These challenging times make it more important than ever to feed your mind positivity, so it can be channeled to create a positive environment of motivation and success.

YngSolomon aims to create music that is not only conscious of the world around us but is also inspirational and elevates the soul. 

YngSolomon is a Northern California-based singer and songwriter who is co-founder of the acclaimed hip-hop and pop duo, The Collective Conscious. The duo aims to create catchy music that shines through the darkness of the global plandemic. They knocked it out of the park with their sophomore album titled “Full Moon Intentions” which they released in Feb of this year. 

The esteemed musician is also the founder of YngSolomon Presents, a series of live music pop-up concerts that began in July 2020 after being inspired by Reprezent Clothing – a local conscious clothing company. The pop-up concerts continue to gain traction in the north bay.

YngSolomon is a holistic individual – when he’s not creating uplifting music and performing at live events or organizing them, he can be found enjoying a game of basketball, practicing guitar or exploring the wonders of nature. 

The world-renowned musician is also a leader in the local chapter of a Buddhist organization, which has been a major driver for his personal development over the last six years. Through chanting the Buddhist mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and sharing this practice, he has managed to stay happy despite the challenges of 2020.

YngSolomon is the only person in California who is actively organizing and promoting pop-up concerts. He understands that live music heals, and should be spread as much as possible. With the mounting suicides since the lockdowns, YngSolomon has taken it upon himself to encourage troubled youth. 

“Now is the most important time to provide a platform for people to commune and dance while helping artists pursue their dreams….most of the world has put their dreams on indefinite hold,” says YngSolomon. Anyone who enjoys listening to live music and loves to dance will greatly benefit from his pop up concerts.

He is determined to host events, and is not afraid to fail. “If a pop-up gets shut down, I find another location,” says YngSolomon. “The very first event I hosted this summer had to be moved twice. Once due to the fires, the second due to a park ranger shutting us down near Fort Mason, so we moved a third time to Ocean Beach, and everyone had a great time,” he added. Most promoters would have canceled or postponed their events, but YngSolomon is different. 

Find out more about YngSolomon by checking out his Instagram account.

Jasmine Ortiz’s Journey as a Musician and Youth Advocate

A look at Jasmine Ortiz, and one would think dedicating the last seventeen years of her life to music is all there is to her. She breathes and lives music, but at the same time, she’s passionate about making an impact in young people’s lives.

Jasmine is currently studying at the University of Miami, where she majors in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship. As a multi-layered individual, Jasmine Ortiz has engaged in many leadership programs on the college campus, such as her work with the Butler Center for Service and Leadership, where she served as an ambassador for young Americans in social advocacy and public policy. She also served as a senator in the student government and works in various communities. She is an active participant of the Guitars Over Guns Initiative, a mentorship program that fosters community building in young people using music.

Being a songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and recording artist, Jasmine Ortiz keeps putting in work to perfect her craft and grow as a musician. Music is everything for her, and one thing that keeps her going is getting feedback from people about how her music relates to them or has helped through one time or the other. Jasmine currently shuttles between Miami and Los Angeles, but she has expressed her desire to settle permanently in Los Angeles sometime soon. As her growth journey continues, Jasmine Ortiz keeps exploring different sounds and styles. “I have some sounds in my head that I would like to hear on the Billboard top 40. I also think the future of pop music is rapidly shifting, thanks to super unique artists like Billie Eilish, Ashnikko, and Melanie Martinez re-defining what it means to be a pop star,” she says.

Jasmine is a person with a passion for learning, and every aspect of her life reflects that. She is learning everything about music production and the business aspect of music. She has been involved in some social causes that she cares about. Her work with the Guitars Over Guns Initiative has kept many children productively engaged through free after-school music education all over Miami-Dade County. Jasmine hopes that someday, she will start a non-profit organization to further her cause and contribute to humanity.

Her love for music keeps her going. She also enjoys connecting with people, sharing thoughts and feelings with them through any medium. One of her life-long goals is to use her platform to give people a voice and the power to express themselves. “I think giving back is of the utmost importance,” she says.

In five years, Jasmine sees herself releasing a successful album, going on a world tour, and nominated for a Grammy award. Her current mentality is all about growing, getting things done, connecting with people, and helping others grow. She also wants people to see the side of her that is passionate about social causes, mentorship, and education. 

With 1.5 million streams in the one month since the release of her current hit single “Cherry on Top” and with well over 200K streams on Spotify within that same period, Jasmine is well on her way to reaching the heights she dreams of, where she will imprint her name boldly as a talented musician but also as someone who can do far beyond music by contributing to the world positively in more ways than one.

Learn more about Jasmine Ortiz and her work on the website.

‘Bringing Soul to Synth-pop- How Freestyle Musician Ray Guell’s New Album is as Vulnerable as it is Catchy”

The myth surrounding electronic dance music, or its more popular initialism EDM, is limiting to say the least. Although intended to be used as a catch-all term for popular electronic genres like disco, synth-pop, electro and their multitude of sub-genres, it is widely considered to be the stuff of hazy nightclubs and percussive dance beats, a manifestation of millennial rave culture. One would hardly expect dance music to come from a place of meaningfulness or emotion; and yet, throughout the span of his almost three decade-long career, Ray Guell has consistently proved that he really can do it all: create unbelievably catchy discotheque beats laden with snappy synth textures, and combine them with lyrics and themes that are meaningful, emotional and far from skin-deep.

With Defined, his most recent studio album, the collaboration between Guell and popular  American music producer Giuseppe D is a treat to witness. The ostensible blend of Guiseppe’s creativity and musicianship and Guell’s penchant for artistic, unique sound and lyricism has made it clear that Defined is not an album we will forget soon. According to Guell, “Recording and writing music is a very vulnerable place to be, but with him I felt safe and I was able to explore different artistic choices.  I knew and trusted that he would not let me sound bad.” And it seems that Guell’s efforts have more than paid off;  In just the first week of its release, Defined was in the top 10 of the Top Dance Albums on iTunes, and peaked at #13 and #12 in France and Germany, respectively.

But this is certainly not Guell’s first experience with chart-toppers. “Love Will Come”, which was released in 2008, and “Love Is the Answer”,  released in 2010, ranked 22 and 32 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Even then, Guell was inclined to explore themes of love, heartbreak and disillusionment, which perhaps is what demarcates his work from the deluge of other electronic music. This is not surprising; freestyle music, which is Guell’s primary domain, has a history of underlying despondence and heartbreak. With its roots in New York in  the 80’s, one of its most popular inflections was the theme of heartbreak set against an urban backdrop like NYC, which captures the soul of Guell’s discography.

 But what makes this new album so different from his other works is that Guell is now more honest and raw than ever.  In more ways than one, Defined is undoubtedly a labor of love, a distillation of the last 8 years of Guell’s life, allowing his fans to trace his journey from episodes of loss, heartbreak, to even his struggles with mental health. With Giuseppe D’s encouragement, Guell seems to shine brighter than ever, with synthy beats that make you dance and lyrics that speak to your soul.

Perhaps the best example of this vulnerability can be seen in Haunting visions, the 12th track of the album, which Guell wrote while trying to cope with the loss of his father. Still reeling from a depressive episode following this, he found solace in channeling his grief into writing a song which could capture his emotions. According to Guell, he had initially no intention of including the song in his album, but later decided that it should be a part if he wanted the album to be as authentic and heartfelt as possible. With its eerie, almost foreboding melody, it is an accurate reflection of its name. And yet the emotive lyrics and imagery make it one of the most unforgettable tracks on the album.

The first track on the album was, incidentally, also the first project which Guell and Giuseppe D collaborated on. Toe-tappingly catchy, with a synth-popesque melody, its uplifting tone is almost symbolic to Guell’s state of mind while creating it. Explaining how the song and the subsequent collaboration with Giuseppe D was almost his stepping stone into creating Defined, Guell explained, “ I don’t remember much about why I wrote these lyrics, but this was the first time Giuseppe and I actually connected on a very personal level. This was a bit before my breakdown but little did I know what was coming for me around the corner.  Disillusioned from the music industry and life at that point, I decided to dive in and get back to creating music. I remember having a heart-to-heart with him about my thoughts and somehow these lyrics came to be.”. And without a doubt, the plaintive romantic feel was the perfect start to a versatile and meaningful new album.

Defined also features a rendition of My World is Empty Without You, the pop-soul ballad by Diana Ross and The Supremes from 1966. The song held a special place in Guell’s heart, and he collaborated with Company B, an American Latin-freestyle trifecta who rose to prominence in the 80’s, creating a fitting parallel with the original version. Guell explained that Company B was an obvious choice for him, as he had been a fan since the band’s inception in 1986, and was now close friends with the band members.

Coincidently, as Ray releases the single and remix EP for My World is Empty Without You on Valentine’s Day this month, it is also an homage to Mary Wilson, one of the original members of The Supremes who recently passed away. 

Although Defined can currently be streamed on all major music platforms, there are some new releases scheduled to release in February 2021, including a single which is slated for release on the 12th. But if it’s predecessors are anything to go by, it is almost certain to be another treasure for fans of Dance music-just the right amount of snappy and sentimental.

Kweku Smoke Rising Above all Odds in the African Music Scene

As a musician born in Africa, Kweku Smoke has his eyes set on joining the long list of musicians who have put Africa on the global map. On a musical journey with different influences, Kweku Smoke is steadily working his way up to fame and success. Born Paul Amankwa in Kumasi, Ghana, Kweku Smoke is one of the most highly rated rappers in Ghana, and his latest album, “Snoop Forever,” is a testament to that.

Early in his life, he set out to become a lawyer, a plan that was overridden by his brother’s influence. As a child, Paul followed his brother to the recording studio anytime his brother went to record songs. He would watch his brother closely as he rehearsed and recorded songs, and his interest in music was piqued. Soon, he began to listen to his brother’s music CDs and fell in love with Hip-hop and rap lyrics.

Everything about watching his brother create music played a huge role in his career, and as his passion for music grew, his interest grew too. In 2018, Paul Amankwa started dropping freestyles under the stage name YRS and started gaining some traction on social media. He changed his stage name to Kweku Smoke in 2019 shortly before he met famous rapper, Sarkodie who endorsed him on social media.

Meeting Sarkodie changed things for him, and they both created a song together titled “Yedin.” “Yedin” became a catchy anthem in Ghana, which gave Kweku Smoke some popularity in the Ghanaian music scene, and many people began to follow Kweku Smoke’s music. Since the collaboration happened, he has been working on building a name for himself and growing his brand as a musician. On the 18th of December, Kweku Smoke released his album titled “Snoop Forever,” an album dedicated to his late brother, who went by the name Snoop when he was alive.

Losing his brother, who single handedly influenced his entire career changed things for Kweku Smoke. According to him, he had other ideas for his album, but his brother’s death made him overhaul the idea to create an album that pays tribute to him.

“After my brother’s death, I went back to the studio to record all over again because all I felt at the time was keeping his memory alive. My brother is the reason I make music today, and naming my album after him was one of the least things I could have done to honor his memory. It relieves me that the album is out and doing numbers, and I know he will be proud and happy wherever he is,” Kweku Smoke says. 

The album addresses a lot of societal issues in Africa while also talking about the challenges he went through while building his career. Kweku Smoke is all about inspiring the next generation to be successful and showing them that they can achieve it if they truly want it.

Learn more about Kweku Smoke on his Instagram page, and watch his music video, “On the Streets,” here. His album is also available for streaming here.

J.A.N. Is the Hottest Up-and-Rising Star and the Most Promising Musician of the New Era

The lockdowns imposed to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic had meant the subsequent halt of many businesses, work, and school. A large majority of the world kept to themselves inside their homes to avoid catching and transmitting the disease, and with nothing better to do, many have unleashed their creative spirits. J.A.N. took the opportunity to focus on his passion for music during the downtime, and finally, the world is getting to know one of the greatest musicians in the new era.

Due to the downtime caused by the quarantine, 2020 has seen the emergence of numerous new artists hoping to make it big in the industry, and for a period of time, many of these artists failed to deliver the quality of music that would capture the world. But there are gems hidden among common rocks, and now that the rush of new artists is slowing down, the truly talented ones who have the musical vision and the skill to back it up are beginning to take their rightful places on the stage of greatness.

Jeremy Neiman is better known by his artist name, J.A.N., and has established a considerable reputation as one of the hottest up-and-rising stars of 2020. His unique mindset, impeccable sense of tune, clever wordplay, and ability to create catchy beats that stick in the listeners’ minds are growing to become the elements of his signature musical style and his brand as an artist.

Hailing from the city of Victorvilee in the High Desert of California, J.A.N.’s takes his inspiration in music from the genius works of rap stars Juice WRLD, KB, and Lecrae. In addition to his musical inspirations, his passion and drive to create music that touches the heart and soul comes from his desire to introduce himself to the world and make a mark in musical history.

J.A.N.’s integrity and strength of character comes from the hardships he has endured in life. With not much shared in terms of the details of his personal life, the only hint he has given is that he suffered (and later recovered from) mental health issues as a result. “I struggle with anxiety,” he says, “but I am learning to overcome it by drawing strength from my faith and praying to God to help me be fine through my troubles.”

As one of the most talented artists around, one would assume that it would affect his outlook, but that is definitely far from the truth. The Californian artist places great importance in keeping the integrity of his identity, humility, and gratefulness even in the face of fame and great success. Despite having established himself in the music entertainment industry, he has never failed to look up to other artists to draw inspiration, and this is precisely the quality that unlocks endless growth opportunities for him as an artist.

Today, much of J.A.N.’s work can be found on various social media, video sharing, and music streaming sites. You may find his music on Youtube and SoundCloud and follow him on Facebook for updates on his latest activities.

Kazaizen, the Purpose-Driven Musician Singing About What Matters Most

The value of music is not limited to its power to entertain and serve as a soundtrack to life’s most trivial and most important moments. This year alone proved that songs could be wielded to comfort, educate, and empower. Additionally, artists have long utilized beats and lyrics to send across messages that matter, and Jonathan Kasai, better known as kazaizen, is one such musician who creatively and strategically harnesses music’s ability to make a difference. 

Kazaizen is the psychedelic pop-rock product of the imagination, vision, and talent of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Kasai. Through his distinctive approach to music, he bridges the gap between the 60’s psychedelia and the contemporary styles of today. At the heart of his artistry is the refusal to be boxed into one genre. He makes it a point to challenge and address the conventions that are at the forefront of the industry, questioning where genres begin and end.

Throughout his career, kazaizen has earned recognition for the different faces that his creative outputs have taken. While he does have tracks that feel surreal and melancholy and feature reverberating electric pianos and organs, he also boasts ethereal and dazed songs with full synths.

Fueled by his love for music, art, and creating and driven to influence individuals and communities positively, kazaizen considers his songs as a way to present an original and unique interpretation of current events and issues. This emphasis on relevant and impactful happenings lies as one reason behind his steady climb to the top. Included in his inventory of notable releases is the first single off of the upcoming debut album, “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch.” Its controversial music video, entitled “Oranjtanman,” acted as a direct call-out to the hypocrisy prevalent in the nation and was dropped shortly before the US Presidential election. 

At the time of the premiere of the attention-grabbing music video, next to nothing was known about kazaizen. But his artistic piece spoke for his artistry and showcased his potential as a potential force in the music scene. The release of “Oranjtanman” was then followed by the music video for the single “What The Funk,” which referenced the ongoing pandemic and propelled this rising star to the forefront even further. 

Last December 13, kazaizen introduced the video accompaniment to the song “Telephone (All Alone,” a track that explores people’s obsession with their mobile phones. His recent work, “Bye the Sea,” introduced to listeners worldwide on December 27, touches on the COVID-19 imposed quarantine continuing all over the globe. 

These four songs are set to grace this emerging powerhouse’s debut album, and the release of the said collection is in line with a music endeavor that will hit the music industry in 2021. As part of a group of multifaceted musicians who are all releasing solo albums and collaborations in 2021 and the succeeding years, kazaizen will bank on the craft to start an artistic revolution and make a difference in the lives of people and in the world.

Learn more about kazaizen by visiting his Youtube channel

Musician Kortny De1 Using His Artistry for His Flight to the Top

Rising artist Kortny De1 is ready to channel his focus and commitment into shooting straight to the top of the music industry. Kortny De1 was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and moved with his mother to Atlanta, Georgia, at six years old. Living in North Metro Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, the rising music artist spent the first chapters of his life surrounded by great music.

“I grew up listening to R&B, soul, pop, gospel, hip-hop, and rap,” Kortny De1 shares. Taking influence from the industry’s greats such as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Beyonce, Jill Scott, Justin Timberlake, Sade, Marvin Gaye, The Notorious B.I.G., Blackstreet, and R. Kelly, Kortny De1’s unique sound is one for all ages. 

His particular brand of music first manifested when he started playing the drums at the tender age of four years old. Kortny De1 then went on to play the trumpet and guitar in high school, exploring his growing love and talent for hip-hop and rap.

Raised by a single mother, an emphasis on education and entrepreneurship was drummed into the young music artist growing up. While developing his own sound and experimenting with genres, he acquainted himself with his entrepreneurial roots and sold candy and custom CDs in high school.

He continued to keep one hand on top of the entrepreneurial steering wheel even as he graduated from Westlake High School and attended the esteemed Clayton State University. Although life as a young adult was fun, it was during those days when Kortny had a hard time silencing the ridicule that people threw his way because he was overweight.

To block out crude comments about his weight, Kortny De1 busied himself with his interests and continued to develop his craft.

He started to branch out and held a vivid interest in the work of well-known artists such as Kanye West, Li’l Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake. Finally, finding the right beats to express himself, the rising artist began to entertain a fascinating idea. He would marry his love for sound with his extensive background in business.

Deciding to make things official and welcome more people into the world of music, he pulled the lock and opened the doors of his very own fully functioning home studio. “I called that studio One Nation and provided customers with services in mixing, producing, and songwriting.”

The experience was a blast, and Kortny De1 loved every minute of it. He couldn’t stop; however, the incessant whispers invading his space. Even while living his dream, Kortny De1 could still remember the horrible snickers that bounded off the crowded halls of his alma maters. 

“Due to being criticized most of my life for being overly obese, I decided to change my life around and get the weight off me. I believed in myself and worked almost every day in the gym for two years straight, and that’s when I lost over 100 lbs naturally.”

The transformation did wonders for Kortny De1. Not only did he shed off a hundred pounds, Kortny also got rid of the elephant weighing down his mind. With that gone, the music artist was free to do whatever he wants and finally live the life he deserved.

Linking with the best of the best, Kortny De1 has started working with Nikkij, and Legacy Entertainment @golegacygroup. With a powerful team behind him, Kortny De1 has only one destination in mind: straight to the top of the charts.

Witness as the hip-hop and rap music artist takes on the world, and stay updated on the news about Kortny De1’s music through his Instagram and his official website

Buvl: Giving a New Twist in Music and Gaming Industry

It seems like a challenge for some artists to up their name in a world full of multi-talented people and find a way to the spotlight. However, Chandler Cadman seems to be an exemption. Chandler Cadman, or popularly known as Buvl, is a musician from Atlanta and a college student at Wake Forest University. Since he was a child, he was already obsessed with the idea of music and everything that revolves around it. When he was eleven, Buvl used to cut grass for weeks and made sure he earned from it, so he could save enough money to buy himself a pair of Beats Pro by Dre. 

Buvl grew up in a neighborhood with only a few people his age, so he spent all his teenage years getting involved in music instead. While children are expected to play outdoor games, Buvl decided to focus more on music and playing Call of Duty with his friends from school. Growing up equipped with the knowledge of how computers work and how modern technological advancements improve people’s way of living, Buvl and one of his friends, who is also the number one player in the game called Apex Legends, decided to create a gaming company called iQ.

While some people cannot fathom the combination of music and a gaming company, Buvl remained determined to achieve his goals. Buvl is known for his perseverance and hard work too. He juggles school, music, and business. This trait is one of the reasons why people look up to him. Not everyone can handle the pressure of multitasking and still experience satisfactory results. He specializes in lyricism and autotunes, which earned him respect from different musical artists in his country.

Bulv is overwhelmed with the support he gets from random people. He has worked with Grammy Award winners, and most of them are producers who trust him and give him the honor to work with notable rising artists from Atlanta, Miami, and Detroit. At his age, he has already accomplished many things. But, Buvl remains grounded and considers his achievements as a ladder to be a good role model for the younger generation.

He wants to make a difference for people who love music and gaming, and he wants to achieve that through iQ. Looking back, Buvl knew he was going to make a difference. He knew he was going to achieve something remarkable and that he would make his younger self proud. From staying in one place with his headphones on full blast until realizing his potential in playing an essential role in the music industry, Buvl is indeed exemplary.

Buvl couldn’t have done it without fusing the courage he built for years and the passion he continues to ignite even up to these days. Music and gaming might sound like an odd pair for many people, but for Buvl, these are the two things that fuel him to do better. Giving a new twist to the music and gaming industry is his expertise, and because of that, he has earned an impeccable reputation in his country. 

To know more about Buvl, you may visit him on Instagram.