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Drake Tigges: Seasoned Brand and Artist Development Manager Giving Talents a Shot at Fame

With all his dreams centered on building others’ dreams, Drake Tigges has earned himself the reputation of the one person that brands and artists can trust with their careers. Operating out of Nashville, Drake Tigges is the founder of Youngville Agency, a management and development firm that takes brands and artists from zero to hero. Drake’s journey started at an early age, and he found success quite early, too, when he began to learn everything about the music industry. This led him to establish Youngville Agency, which has grown into the powerhouse that it is today.

Learning every available marketing and campaign trick at 18 was enough to get him started with any artist and mold their career into what they desire. One thing Drake did to ensure longevity in the business was link up with the bigger names in the industry, such as Struggle Jennings, Jellyroll, Big Smo, BWA Ron and Michael Johnson (the UFC fighter). Building these connections early in his career set him up for success and soon gave him a level of credibility that made many independent brands and artists want to work with him.

Drake Trigges’ passion lies in helping brands grow, and he ensures that happens for every brand that chooses to work with him or his agency. He even takes things a notch higher by allowing the brands and artists to earn 100% of their income without taking any percentage. “At Youngville Agency, growth is what we’re passionate about, and we make our clients comfortable by focusing on just that rather than money or other stuff,” Drake says.

Youngville Agency’s value offering is to help artists and brands reach their full potential within the first 12 months through good content and excellent campaigns. One of the company’s most notable achievements is Urban Blaze, a country music singer who had only 217 followers when the agency signed him. At the age of 19, in less than two years, he has a song that made it to number 30 on the charts, more than 357 thousand streams, and verified social media handles. His success with Urban Blaze has further cemented his place as a brand manager of repute who knows his onions.

Drake Tigges is well-versed in the production of different music genres, and he understands what makes audiences gravitate toward a new artist or brand. He has established a culture at Youngville Agency that allows his clients to remain 100% independent while the agency delivers on its management and development promises within the fastest possible time.

Drake’s passion for music never waned at any point, and since his foray into the artist management scene, he has not looked back since. Growth is his major drive, and he keeps looking for new ways to keep his brand growing. His five-year goal is to become one of the most well-known talent development agencies in Nashville, Tennessee, and other parts of the United States. Youngville Agency thrives on the hard work that goes into quality content creation and effective branding for its clients and will like to shed more light on those aspects of its business. Learn more about Drake Trigges and Youngville Agency on the official Instagram page.

Joe Louis Is a Jack of All Trades in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Joe Louis is an international musician, songwriter, music producer, sound engineer, and a rising musical manager. He is quickly becoming known as a jack of all trades in music and entertainment as he is dominating every aspect of these industries.  He has also worked with top artists and personalities such as Maroon 5, The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Stacy Barthe, Bria Lee, AceBKing, Brazil’s João Marcos, Canada’s Dave Mac, and many more.

His musical passion began at a young age when he developed the special ability to play music by ear. At ten years old, Joe Louis quickly became a multi-faceted musician developing skills to play various instruments and becoming a live audio engineer at his parents’ church. His love for music led him to pursue a career in the music industry through Full Sail University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production. 

Since then, Joe Louis has explored every aspect of the music and entertainment industry. He has excelled as a singer and songwriter with several singles expected to dropin 2021. He has also mastered producing music not only for himself but also for other artists such as Dave Mac, LDE Whyte, and NailahAyann. Moreover, he has also ventured into A&R, developing and managing artists, and working with radio stations. 

All these endeavors led to Joe Louis becoming more than well-rounded and an upcoming entrepreneur in the music and entertainment industry. His mastery for each aspect of the industry fueled his decision to establish Joe Louis Entertainment, an entertainment company that caters to music, film, and TV, and digital and live events. At present, his company has helped and guided several artists in climbing their way to the top!

What motivated Joe Louis to build his brand was his unique and authentic vision. After getting in touch with several professionals and explaining to them how he desired to build a creative  brand that allowed him to be in multiple lanes, he was often told that he could not build that kind of brand. But he made this possible. Today, he sits as a rising singer, music producer, sound engineer, artist manager, and music consultant. 

It is his impressive skill set, versatility, and creativity that keeps him ahead of others. His capability of working with a wide range of musical genres, including pop, hip-hop, and even classical music, sets him apart from the rest. Moreover, his creative versatility has also helped him achieve excellent results for Joe Louis Entertainment leading him to produce a chart-topping album in Canada, Dave Mac’s “Anything.”

Recently, Joe Louis partnered with Sosani Agency to become the executive producer for AceBKing’s music, an influencer who has gone viral on several social media platforms. He has also been working on producing and engineering music for Bando Pop; a rising hip-hop star signed to JustGold Records, a label backed by Caroline and Capitol Records.

Soon, Joe Louis hopes to make an even bigger name for himself. The committed and determined musician-entrepreneur is tirelessly collaborating with creators from Brazil, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, and other parts of the world in creating a global brand for himself. 

Learn more about Joe Louis and his works and services by visiting his official website.

Talented Hip-Hop Artist Half Deezy to Launch New EP this August

One of the music industry’s hip-hop favorites, Half Deezy, surprised fans with his social media announcement that he is releasing his new EP this coming August 14. The Filipino-American singer, songwriter, and music producer is calling his much awaited EP, My World

My World will be featuring seven songs with a total running time of 19 minutes. It will include songs “Fire It Up,” “Snitch,” “Faith,” “Low,” “My Side,” and “Lifetime” aside from the featured single, “My World.” The upcoming EP is expected to showcase more of Half Deezy’s melodic artistry and relatable lyrics that he is best known for. Despite the present situation of the world brought about by the pandemic, the gifted artist used a lot of his spare time to pour out his emotions, unique life stories, and personal conviction in his new songs. 

Half Deezy is also well-known for his unique collaborations, having been featured on songs by Platinum artists. These include working together with Bizzy Bone and Lazy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Baby Eazy E, Dogg Pound Gangstas, Stat Quo, and many others. He is best known for his popular songs that include “Soulja Boy Diss” (2011),Tonight” (2014), and “V.E.T.S.” (2016). 

In 2019, he released several singles that include “Wanna Know,” “The Prize,” “No Luck,” “Waste N Time,” “Best Life,” “Good Day,” and “What U Got” featuring Kaydence. This 2020, Half Deezy introduced “Hate Me” and “Dance Alone” to the world. All his songs are available on all streaming platforms. 

Hip-hop fans are mostly attracted to Half Deezy’s distinct voice and unique compositions. Most fans believe that no one in the music industry possesses Half Deezy’s exceptional voice quality. It is so distinct that it is even impossible to mistake his songs for another artist’s output. Looking back, he remembers always wanting to make music even as a young boy. Without any musical background whatsoever, Half Deezy found himself learning the basics on his own until he mastered the skills needed to create exceptional songs that music fans can enjoy regardless of their genre preference.

Born Ian Vandiver, Half Deezy served in the U.S. Army for ten productive years before deciding to focus on his music career. His experience and many learnings in the military are mostly reflected in his songs. Apart from his songs and his voice quality, Half Deezy maintains a hip and uncommon image as a form of his artistic self-expression. 

“I would want anyone who is pursuing music to take from this that no matter the background, age, or style of music, it doesn’t matter where you are in your career that it is all still possible,” Deezy explains. 

Despite being a professional member of the Grammys for the past four years, Half Deezy is still committed to shaping and reshaping his personal sound and improving his already excellent lyrical skills. His humility combined with his innate passion for music will surely usher him to success as he prepares to build his brand further and go into promising business ventures in the future. 

My World is now available for pre-save on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. 

Find out more about Half Deezy by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on his upcoming EP.

YouTuber Adam Ivy Is Using His Platform to Empower Music Artists and Entrepreneurs

American music producer and professional YouTuber Adam Ivy is determined to use his platform to lend a hand to starting and established music artists and entrepreneurs. Noticing the lack of marketing tutorials for music creators, Adam has shaken up the industry with his no-nonsense approach to music marketing. 

Adam got his start in the industry when, at 23 years old, he flipped an 800-dollar investment into a whopping six-figure online income. Through the marketing techniques he created and implemented, he was able to accelerate his brand recognition from its initial launch to viral fame in just under two years. 

With his brand recognized, Adam’s career as a music producer took off. Through his years as a producer, Adam has worked with over 2,400 independent recording artists in 23 countries. His portfolio boasts of big company names such as Burger King, MTV, Clear Channel Media, and major recording artists such as G-Eazy, ModSun, Kevin Gates, and more. 

Wanting to help other music creators and producers achieve the level of success that he has, Adam made it his mission to share his proven marketing techniques and tactics. “Years ago, I started giving guidance to friends in the music community to build their brand and really lock in their marketing in hopes of helping them reach their goals faster,” Adam shares, recalling his start on the platform. 

“After getting frustrated by the lack of quality marketing guidance for music creators on YouTube I set out to pull from my professional experiences and build my brand as a resource and tool for those in need of help.”

An early adopter of the YouTube platform, Adam was well aware of how far the platform’s reach could stretch. At the time, he had only been using it to elevate his brand, having his work featured on CNBC, G4TV, MTV, and E! Network, along with countless nationally syndicated radio programs. 

On his channel, Adam started to provide free educational content for aspiring music artists and entrepreneurs. As he offers proven techniques and an effective strategy, Adam’s videos gained a following of over 200K subscribers, surpassing 10.5 million views. 

“My free YouTube content and advanced programs empower those looking to build a business and brand around their music without the need for a record deal or large marketing budget. My proven marketing systems have helped music creators build their fan base of adoring fans and develop music based revenue streams.”

Through his channel, Adam inspires his audience to succeed in the music industry. He instills in them that success in the industry does not require being rich or having a record deal. With Adam’s resources, he helps his following gain traction and progress faster than expected. 

Aside from his YouTube channel, Adam has also taken to establishing an education company to provide a variety of advanced music marketing resources. In 2018, he founded Sell Music Academy, Inc., where his popular Sell Music Masterclass course and signature Market Your Music Accelerator coaching program may be found.

Following his success in the industry, Adam is also an established authority in the online business world. As a brand strategist and award-winning creative marketing specialist, he has partnered with major brands such as Dell, ADAM Audio, Taco Bell, and Behringer. 

At present, the creative is working hard and producing new content on his YouTube channel. With over 198 thousand subscribers, he inspires his following to realize their dreams despite what may stand in his way. Through his insightful resources, Adam teaches them how to succeed in the industry faster and smarter. 

Follow Adam’s efforts in helping music artists and entrepreneurs establish themselves in the industry. Adam’s academy and YouTube channel may be accessed through his official website.