Michael Alan Weinstein – Introducing some of the most successful consumer products

It is no secret that the majority of e-commerce businesses fail because they do not introduce newer products in the market. With so many products already trending in the consumer market, finding one that sells the best has become arduous, especially when there is a tug-of-war-like situation in the e-commerce market sector. For an e-commerce business to reach heights, it becomes an utmost necessity for the business to test its limit and come up with an entirely new product that can send shockwaves in the market and make the business grow. A wonderful idea for a product to sell online occasionally strikes when it is least expected, and an entrepreneur must often be on the watch for it. The veteran entrepreneur Michael Weinstein is the latest example who has spent his career introducing the most successful consumer products. 

Born on September 29, 1968, in Manhattan, New York, Weinstein is the CEO of JAM Direct and a public speaker on invention, licensing, direct response marketing, and digital. Over the years, with his extensive expertise in the field of marketing, Weinstein has been able to launch successful products in “As Seen On TV” and has been featured in the infomercial for it “The American Dream.” Weinstein attended Yorktown High School for his early education and went on to earn BS and MS Degrees from Long Island University from 1986 to 1991. 

For years, direct marketing has been proven to be the most effective method successful founders and marketers have used to build their customer bases. Direct marketing involves creating, sharing, and promoting campaigns spread across all print and digital media channels. In this regard, Weinstein was hired by Lipenwald in 2006 as the Chief Internet Officer. Lipenwald is a direct response marketing company focusing on marketing products through the internet, catalogs, direct mail, television, and retail. During Weinstein’s time working at Lipenwald from 2006 to 2011, he introduced unique products. He led Digital Media and eCommerce while creating millions of dollars in sales for a Direct Response Marketing (DRTV) firm offering Internet items, TV, catalogs, direct mail, and retail. As-Seen-On-TV general items and collectibles, gardening, jewelry, and cosmetics were made available to the consumers. Prior to joining Lipenwald, Weinstein founded and headed Primary Systems Inc, a software development firm offering computer programming and business consulting services to B2B and B2C technologies. 

Weinstein parted ways with Lipenwald in 2011 and joined Allstar Innovations as the chief marketing officer in 2014. During this same time, Weinstein founded JAM Direct, which helped inventors launch their products. The company launched the mitten-shaped wet wipe viral sensation named “Shittens.” It gained widespread internet attention and was featured on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Redbook, Parents Magazine, Men’s Health, Howard Stern, Bill Maher, and many others.

DRTV targets audiences and builds customer relationships through television and helps the brand boost market penetration, and provides a quick lift in sales. Operating a DRTV program entails much more than just producing a high-quality product. There are several factors ranging from product promotion to fulfillment and delivery. With these factors involved, Allstar hired Weinstein as Chief Marketing Officer to direct all marketing and media efforts, including DRTV media, e-commerce, digital advertising, production, social media, and more. At Allstar, the company that launched the Snuggie (blanket with sleeves), Topsy Turvy, Magic Mesh, Side Socket, Clever Cutter, and more, Weinstein worked for five years and left the company to explore further opportunities. 

For every marketer, the journey goes on and on from different companies. Marketing is a domain that is in constant evolution at a phenomenal pace. The rapidly evolving technology and internet user behavioral patterns alter marketing. To summarize, more marketing is moving online. Digital marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. By the end of 2020, it was predicted to produce more than 20 lac employment annually. Around this time, before the pandemic struck the world, Weinstein came on board as President of Bluewater Digital. At this company, Weinstein managed the strategic direction and revenue growth of all eCommerce, Amazon, and online retail marketplaces, site design and development, digital & social media advertising, digital content generation, and direct-to-consumer brand management.

In a nutshell, Michael Weinstein has covered a long journey where he played a key role in many companies. Weinstein played a pivotal role in setting the strategic direction and driving revenue development for firms ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. In addition to being a marketing veteran, he is a jazz pianist and mixed martial artist.