Harry Styles X Factor Audition Extended Clip Shows ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ Cover

Photo: Lamusikalite

Your late-night conversation could use a new topic. How about a never-before-seen clip of Harry Styles, the one from when he auditioned on X Factor UK

During the weekend, The X Factor UK revealed an extended cut of Styles’ audition clip, laying out a few previously unseen footage. 

A 16-year-old industry beginner in the video, Styles shows his signature humor and boldness, discussing his locality, Holmes Chapel, as somewhere that’s kinda boring and where nothing ever commences. 

“It’s quite picturesque,” he jokes. 

We witness the meeting of Styles and Simon Cowell, his former manager, and the judging panel, with the beginner talking about his job in the W. Mandeville Bakery. 

He tells Cowell, “I serve the cakes in the shop.” 

Cowell then asks him what sells the most at the store (the Viennese Fancy and Millionaire’s Shortbread) and what is unpopular (white Coburg). 

Following a little more talking, he ultimately sings his audition piece. 

“Mum’s always told me I’m a good singer, and so have my friends,” he says. 

Cowell specifies that mums are commonly bad judges – to which Styles sort of agrees, stating that’s the reason behind his going into an audition, to find out from individuals who know. 

“I think I could do it,” he states, “but I think with your help I could be a lot better than I am.” 

This might be the reason why he won Cowell over, as the never-before-seen footage of Styles’ “Hey, Soul Sister” cover, to be blatantly honest, is drowned out by the music and pitchy. It’s not quite pleasing to the ear. 

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Cowell was Right to Give a Chance to Styles

However, for a reason we don’t know and thankfully is right, Cowell did give Styles a second chance and urged him to sing acapella. He then does it, serving a much more pleasing rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder – the audition that many have watched. 

Since that day, Styles’ career has taken a steep rise, setting and breaking records and bringing in awards; having taken back to the show after he was eliminated to form a band called One Direction, one of the most popular boy bands in history, which Cowell formed. 

And then in 2015, the band decided to go their separate ways only months after fellow bandmate, Zayn Malik, left the group. Styles established a solo career and succeeded at that too. 

Honestly, it has opened doors for the musician like never before. It made him one of the most renowned artists of his time.

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