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DJ Chris Gravity Shows How the Right Attitude Can Propel a Go-Getter Towards the Industry’s Summits

What draws a line between an obstacle and opportunity is the attitude people have towards it. Every obstacle produces an elbow room for growth, while every opportunity possesses countless difficulties designed to test the waters and strengthen one’s disposition for a better chance of attaining success. To put it simply, it all boils down to how a person approaches each situation that could lead to either victory or failure. In recognition of this single greatest obstruction to growth and triumph, DJ Chris Gravity, an emerging musical authority, shows how a positive attitude and self-empowering belief can recreate one’s reality.

DJ Chris Gravity is a multi-talented artist who has always been passionate about his craft. Ever since he dipped his toes into the realms of music and entertainment, this power player has been garnering countless praises from industry peers and reputable authorities, establishing his name across the industry. DJ Chris did not only elevate his position at the summits through vision and passion, but this up-and-coming artist also persevered with a positive attitude despite the odds of making it in a cutthroat space.

Born on November 14, 2000, in the heat-filled skies and sun-drenched streets of Miami, Florida, DJ Chris Gravity always had a remarkable affinity towards rhythm and melody. Having been raised in a culturally diverse city, this multifaceted personality was exposed to a variety of things, which kickstarted his love for music. When he reached high school, Chris was determined to pursue a career as DJ.

From family gatherings to big house parties, DJ Chris Gravity became everyone’s go-to DJ, expanding his reach as an emerging musical powerhouse. As a matter of fact, Chris was contracted to perform at a hookah bar called “Hookah Inn,” where he garnered massive attention from people across the area. Today, Chris is jumping from one club to another, slowly cementing his reputation across the realms of music and entertainment.

Throughout his growing career, DJ Chris Gravity has not only succeeded in demonstrating his musical prowess, but he also has portrayed particular characteristics that distinguished himself from the rest. Although the music industry is widely known for breeding a competitive atmosphere, Chris has never been dissuaded by its ruthlessness. He continued to display a remarkable outlook towards his growth in the industry. As a result, this outstanding go-getter has traveled around Florida, showcasing his musical prowess. More impressively, Chris has developed an extensive fan base across the digital space with over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Aside from his remarkable attitude, DJ Chris Gravity would not have reached promising milestones in his growing career had it not been for his passionate and persevering spirit. This musical genius continued to stretch his know-how, dipping his toes into a variety of music. From Latin music and Soca to EDM and hip hop, it comes as no surprise how Chris became a sought-after DJ among several clubs and events in Miami.

Having solidified his name across Florida, DJ Chris Gravity hopes to expand his horizons, traveling across continents while sharing his love for music with the world. With the passion, tenacity, and remarkable attitude he holds, only time will tell what the future holds for this growing musical authority.

Learn more about DJ Chris Gravity by visiting his website.

Katalxst: Jamie Smith’s Journey From the Basketball Court to the Entrepreneurial Space

It is not an uncommon occurrence for athletes to branch away from sports and delve into other ventures. Established athletes become investors, celebrities, or even entrepreneurs once they believe it is time for them to retire or decide they want to try something new. Jamie Smith is no different. Following her basketball career, she delved into entertainment and business, eventually creating many business fronts under her brand Katalxst.

Jamie Smith hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There she grew up and established herself as one of the most exciting prospects in women’s basketball. Jamie was highly sought-after and highly recruited as twenty Division 1 scholarship offers poured in from Miami, West Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Georgetown, Illinois, and more. She was also recognized as one of Adidas’ national Top 20.

Eventually, Jamie settled for St. Peter’s University, thriving as a critical contributor in the division before stumbling into a roadblock. She tore her ACL in her freshman year and opted to move to Morgan State University. There Jamie carried out her career, playing three years as the point guard and captain and helping them to their first-ever postseason play in history. Her success led to offers to play professionally overseas. As tempting as the opportunities were, Jamie declined, citing her injury as a factor.

Following graduation, Jamie Smith moved to Atlanta, where she decided to delve into the entertainment industry. The venture proved to be a wake-up call as Jamie discovered her natural talent in networking. She managed several talents and quickly established her name in the entertainment and music industry. Jamie became one of those people who always had key connections for what others were looking for. She also negotiated deals for athletes, stylists, companies, brand partnerships, and more.

While she was highly successful in her career, Jamie decided to move to New York and pursue a Master’s Degree in business Administration in 2016. Even as she studied, Jamie worked by assisting the women’s basketball program, bringing in talent. Her work caught the attention of a Division 1 university who offered her a full-time position as director of operations and assistant coach. For three years, Jamie coached Division 1 basketball and brought recruits whose arrivals made an immediate impact. Simultaneously, she continued to manage her artists.

Jamie Smith would later exercise her Master’s Degree by creating Katalxst in 2019, a brand that allowed her to provide various services that complement and display her all-around talents in business, from consultation to growing & scaling to management. Jamie extended her brand to include services beyond business and entertainment. Knowing that her company could do more, Katalxst was expanded and created a lifestyle clothing brand, real estate business, and a barbershop in Jamie’s hometown in early 2020. 

By then, Jamie’s ventures were met with the onset of the pandemic, setting up another roadblock in her career. It was a difficult start as most businesses were forced to close shop. However, against all odds, Katalxst House of Styles saw great success, continuing to grow each month while complying with the new state regulations. 

Within a short period, Katalxst Lifestyle Clothing Brand overtook Jamie’s most successful business, even beating out her music brand. She plans to continue building on her success as she recently purchased land in San Bernardino, California. Jamie Smith is set on returning to her roots and using the land to build a creative studio and athletic & training facility with 2023 as its opening year.

Learn more about Jamie Smith and Katalxst by visiting their official website. You can also follow Katalxst on Instagram.

Lorde Kale Brings Upcoming Artists to the Forefront with H2O Records, Embraces Versatility

Water is essential for all living things. Following the same principle, artist and entrepreneur Lorde Kale built H2O Records. Just as water is necessary for life or concocting other drinks, the founder also aims for his company to bind versatile groups and artists together, saying there’s “not just one way to take a sip.”

As an artist, Lorde Kale is recognized for his global versatility. He is not a rapper, nor does he fit the confines of a single genre. Lorde challenges existing norms in the music industry and carves his own path with no fear of anyone standing against his vision. Knowing his self-worth plays a quintessential part in his music. For Lorde, he does not need to prove anything to anyone. He focuses on being the best possible version of himself. With H2O Records, he is helping other artists do the same.

Additionally, Lorde Kale is known for valuing his fans more than anything and leveling with their interests. He finds it ironic for some artists to belittle their fanbase, knowing how they are the ones who make it possible for someone to rise to fame. “Too many entertainers put themselves on a god-type level, which makes them look down on the people who helped them get there,” he said.

H2O Records embodies the same values Lorde Kale has. He wants the artists under his music label to take the global music scene by storm and leave lasting impressions on listeners. The company handles his good friends and a group called Splash Gang. Lorde also handles The Bullies and Bankroll Babies, two of the biggest groups of musicians in West Chicago.

Asked what motivated him to build his brand, Lorde Kale shared that he wanted the creative freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. “I never wanted or want to ever be controlled by anyone for money. I want to be another legend that shows trust in yourself and makes all the ones who turned their backs come running back due to your greatness,” said the artist. The record label is creating many opportunities for upcoming artists who are waiting for the spotlight to hit them, and Lorde is playing a pivotal role in making it happen.

Furthermore, Lored Kale wants to ensure that his artists are equipped with financial security tips and helps them learn how to manage their brand as beginners in the industry. The kind of support H2O Records provides to its artists and talents are bigger than anything money can buy.

“I love to make music for people who truly love the beats, bears, and the great atmosphere that my music puts them in. I love to speak to the souls of all Splash Gang members who we and love as our loyal fans. I make music as a therapy and a way to make the world more enjoyable for us all,” said Lorde Kale. Music is one of the biggest control centers of emotions for the world and Lorde is using his unique energy to bring a game-changing vibe to the music scene.

Learn more about Lorde Kale and H2O records on this site.

How ‘Talent On Edge’ Makes a Mark for Individuals, Brands, and Entrepreneurs

Photo by: @smilenownyc 

What does it take for an entrepreneur to excel in the industry? Aside from talent and skills, a start-up entrepreneur needs an impactful kickstart for his business.

With the pool of competition growing bigger and bigger nowadays, it’s almost impossible to stand out and make a lasting impression. Businesses today are aggressively strengthening their presence online, and it has played a major role in their success.

Talent On Edge, led by young, 28-year-old entrepreneur Shantae Menendez, provides struggling entrepreneurs with a platform where they can showcase their brands or themselves. It aims to bring talented individuals to the forefront, allowing their skills to be known to their market, as well as opening opportunities to collaborate with other people who share the same passion and goal as them. Talent On Edge brings people of like-minds together, providing a connection where they can grow and learn from others while also promoting their own craft.

Shantae envisions her company to provide professional growth onto the person or the brand being promoted on Talent On Edge. An essential part of the platform is that it gives Shantae’s clients free exposure on their work and expertise. Shantae manages a group of models herself in the company, but Talent On Edge also serves as an avenue for people to find other talents that they need to complete a task or a project easily.

Brands and businesses looking for photographers, models, actors, videographers, and many more, find it easy and accessible to book them right off of Talent on Edge Instagram page– saving clients a lot of time and effort in trying to find the right people. In this essence, Shantae also makes certain that Talent On Edge is promoting capable and effective brands and individuals to ensure that clients get what they exactly need.

Talent on Edge is unlike any other platform that only brings a couple of reactions and clicks. What separates it from the rest is the fact that Shantae, first and foremost, gives her heart into each project. More than publicity, Talent On Edge works with the success of the client in mind. As Shantae would put it: strategize now, ask for the price later. Not only does it boost the status of a brand or company online after only one post. It also makes sure that the effect will not only be a one-time thing. 

Talent on Edge works towards an ultimate goal: to make people feel special knowing that someone, be it a follower or another entrepreneur, appreciates their work. Shantae believes that this admiration, even just the fact that their work or brand got posted on the platform, compels people to do better in harnessing their talents and work harder to the next level. This exposure brings more opportunities. One post could lead to an artist’s first song recording or a model’s big break. That single step will then lead these talented individuals to create an even bigger name and reach more people.

“I want everyone to shine,” Shantae stated. Truly this is the utmost motivation of Talent On Edge. Shantae wants everyone to be the best they can be, and we all need a hand to fulfill that.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Shantae’s business model has proven that a successful and long-lasting career can start with a single post from Talent On Edge.

To know more about Talent On Edge, check out their Instagram accounts here and here.

Self-Made Entrepreneur Ana Dee is the Mind Behind “Alien Outfitter,” “Blades For Babes,” and “The Horny Stoner”

The latest advances in technology have revolutionized the way people approach learning and establishing businesses. Before, entrepreneurs had to contend with the reality of exorbitant fees that come hand in hand with formally enrolling in a program in order to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in starting a lucrative enterprise. But with the limitless resources available to anyone through the Internet, the commercial space has been made open for anyone, and Ana Dee, the founder of three e-commerce businesses –, waltzed right in. 

Alien Outfitter, Blades For Babes, and The Horny Stoner are products of the passion and dedication of Ana Dee, a 27-year-old visionary living her dream in a small town in North Carolina. At the age of 18, this go-getter dropped out of school and became an exotic dancer, learning about and gaining skills in customer service, money management, marketing strategies, and, most importantly, going all out with her head held high through this particular endeavor. 

The self-made entrepreneur established her own Etsy store, and this would evolve within a year into Alien Outfitters, a brand dedicated to helping young women accent their individuality and empower themselves through clothing and accessories. This first brainchild of Ana Dee would propel her toward the forefront, serving as the reason behind the fact that by the age of 21, she would gross her first million while running the whole show out of her garage. 

But as a testament to her spirit and ambition, she did not allow herself to be satisfied so soon. Ana Dee would then buy her first home by the beach, using the upper floor for her commercial initiatives and launching Blades For Babes. 

Blades For Babes speaks of Ana Dee’s passion as a knife collector. Intended to help girls feel safe, the company markets knives to women. Today, it has grown into a well-known venture that has distinguished itself quickly, for there is no other niche selling pink, glittery, and diamond knives. 

Ana Dee — the mind behind a chart-topping podcast and a YouTube channel — is credited, as well, for the creation of The Horny Stoner, an enterprise that specializes in providing adult toys, cannabis-related products, and CBD. During the pandemic, it saw a growth of 350% due to people staying inside, wanting to enjoy their time at home, and finding a companion in the products offered by The Horny Stoner. 

With three widely acknowledged ventures under her belt, Ana Dee is undeniably making waves in the business industry. Through these and any of her future projects, she sends across the message that countless milestones can be reached when people are driven to achieve greatness. Additionally, her businesses serve as platforms where she could inspire others to be as unapologetic as she is about herself and encourage them to persevere as they realize their goals. 

In the coming years, Ana Dee’s companies are expected to reach more impressive heights. As she takes her ventures to the summit of the business industry, this powerhouse is also set to continue bringing light to the hardships and realities of being a young female entrepreneur. Above anything else, she plans to motivate aspirants into going all out in their endeavors, regardless of their pasts as well as the labels and preconceived notions that society might attach to them. Learn more about Ana Dee’s emerging industry leaders by visiting the website of Alien Outfitters, Blades for Babes, and The Horny Stoner.

Geuka Jackson: Rising Artist and Entrepreneur Overcomes Challenges and Vows to Change the Lives of Others

It’s never too late for a second chance. Geuka Jackson is a testament to this known fact. After ending up in prison, he is now a man of renewed faith and opportunity. He has made it his ultimate goal to save troubled souls with the power of music. He does all of this through his very own record label called Yahrilla Records

First and foremost, Geuka Jackson is a man of God. As the founder and CEO of his own music company, Yahrilla Records, he has taken it upon himself to search for artists with the potential to build the people’s spirit in these trying times. Geuka firmly believes that if you can fix a man’s way of thinking, then you can change his life and all that matters. With this guiding principle, he leads his companies toward massive success.

The rising entrepreneur is not just the founder of his own company, but he also has a stern background in songwriting and artistry. Apart from his music company, Geuka Jackson also owns his own clothing line called Yahrilla Wear.

However, things haven’t always been full of sunshine for Geuka Jackson. Before finding massive success and venturing into the business world, he was going through a lot of challenges in life. Geuka used to live the street life, getting involved with gangs, going in and out of prison, and accumulating a breadth of mental health issues, which eventually led to multiple suicide attempts. 

Geuka Jackson’s life was far from pretty, his path was paved with many trials and tribulations, yet he never wavered. Geuka experienced a lot of hardships in life, but he overcame all of it and rose up as a changed man. He expresses that the one moment when he finally came to, his senses began to work as he was faced with the threat of spending a long sentence in prison. “At that time, I felt my back against the wall with no way out,” says Geuka. 

Fortunately, he had a loving mother, Pastor Esther Grant, who introduced him to her faith to help him through the healing process. Since then, Geuka Jackson has emerged as a better version of his past self, becoming a proud man of God who seeks to create a society with a strong support system. After his transformation, he has made it his life’s mission to empower people and build them up through music. 

“My goal is to sign artists to my label and help them make a difference in other people’s lives,” shares Geuka. He envisions Yahrilla Records to become a home to several talented artists coming from all walks of life. 

In line with his advocacy for creating a better world, Geuka is using his clothing line, Yahrilla Wear, to launch a face gaiter, face mask, or face shield to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic while still remaining fashionable. Yahrilla Wear also offers a wide selection of stylish sneakers, canvas shoes, flip-flops, athletic footwear, bomber jackets, hoodies, crop tops, and many more. 

Aside from managing his businesses, Geuka Jackson is currently busy with his upcoming single release entitled “Who Shot You.” He is looking to release his single on all major streaming platforms online.

Geuka serves as an inspiration to everyone. After going through the toughest challenges of his life, he has emerged victorious through it all. Furthermore, he is using his platform and his influence to incite positive change within his community and to the rest of the world. The man is truly inspirational.

Find out more about the amazing Geuka Jackson by visiting the official website of Yahrilla Records.

Robin Anntoinette McFadden and Daughter to Launch Their Album on Streaming Platforms in December

It is going to be a very Merry Christmas celebration for Robin Anntoinette and her soon to be seven-year-old daughter Davia Mone’t as they launch their album Iridescent this December on various online platforms. The album will be available on major streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music, among others. The dynamic and lovable mother-and-daughter tandem is beyond excited to share their special music together with the rest of the world. Iridescent is just one of the many projects and collaborations that Robin and Davia enjoy doing together. 

Aside from their undeniable passion for music, the two are also very gifted designers, as seen in their creations available at Rustic Blossom, an online clothing and beauty line that is an extension of their main company, In His Arms Productions. Rustic Blossom features trendy and sophisticated women’s apparel, and their latest addition, the soy sauce collection, is an uncommonly adorable choice for a windbreaker and hoodie. The soy sauce collection also features a hoodie for kids. Aside from apparel for men and women, Robin Anntoinette McFadden expanded Rustic Blossom to offer jewelry and accessories, including bags, backpacks, hats, fashion socks, scarves, and sunglasses. The women’s boots and makeup selection are also worth checking out. 

In His Arms Productions was established in 2012 to further showcase Robin Anntoinette McFadden’s artistic creativity. She is a gifted playwright and was able to successfully mount sold-out performances for her first-ever play titled A Second Time Around. The original play was later renamed Redemption Plan. Apart from producing her own plays, the modern-day playwright and her team also cater to concerts, conferences, parties, fashion shows, and prayer and prophetic summits for churches, to mention a few. 

After a few years, Robin Anntoinette McFadden decided to take her production company to the next level and offer additional services, including photography, music production, event planning, marketing, and PR, ghostwriting, computer tech support, artist management, and team-building sessions. Both Robin and Davia are deeply involved in running the company and are also available to do speaking engagements, acting gigs, and modeling when necessary. 

Interestingly, Robin Anntoinette McFadden is also a self-published author of the book titled Glory Trail. She finished a degree in Sociology from Rutgers University but eventually realized that she has a special ability in entrepreneurship and the arts. She is also a consistent volunteer at the Covenant House, where she mentors young people to help them process and get past being homeless and dropping out of school. Davia, on the other hand, is a lot like her hardworking mother in many ways as she exhibits the same dedication, eagerness to learn, determination, and desire to be successful. Working with Robin is one of the greatest joys of her young life as she gets to spend most of her time with her mother. Aside from being the perfect mother-and-daughter tandem, they are also best friends who never tire of one another and are equally supportive of each others’ dreams. 

As Robin Anntoinette McFadden continues to lead her companies with passion alongside her promising young daughter, there is no doubt that they will continue to be one of the many successful entrepreneurs in the country who made it by dreaming big and working hard.

Follow Robin Anntoinette McFadden on Instagram for updates on her latest projects. Visit Rustic Blossom and In His Arms Productions on their websites. 

Rising Artist and Entrepreneur King Uche Dreams of a United Africa

Independent music artist King Uche has big dreams in life. He aims to become successful for an even greater cause other than becoming famous and rich. Born in Nigeria and raised in the United States, he aspires to make a long-term positive impact on his home country through his music and empower the youth to become better individuals and pursue their dreams fearlessly and passionately. In doing this, he hopes to see a united Africa in this lifetime.

While King Uche was raised in Miami during his formative years, he still remembers his beloved Imo State in Nigeria and has a deep appreciation for his ancestry, the Igbo tribe. The rising artist and entrepreneur aims to keep his culture alive in the way he creates music, conducts his business, and envision a future that unites rather than divides, upholds rather than brings down, and empowers rather than curtails. Using pain, suffering, love, ambition, hustle, and motivation as common themes to his songs, he hopes to open the eyes of the world to the real condition of his people in Nigeria. His debut EP Flygerian Music is designed to showcase the resiliency and good nature of many Nigerians. 

For King Uche, his personal brand is a way of life – being a light in a time of darkness, being an inspiration when there is little cause to be hopeful, and sharing compassion to those who have less in life. By being the voice of millions of people in his home country who often do not have the courage to speak up to inspire the change necessary to elevate their way of living, King Uche believes that he is contributing greatly to the future of many young Nigerians. By showing them a path that leads to success, he is paving the way for a different and progressive Nigeria. 

Establishing his independent music label called Sufferings and Offerings Music was his response to a pressing need to raise the next generation of artists from his country. By giving support to aspiring music artists, he hopes to inspire the change that will create better lives for millions of Nigerians. “We were born from and molded by human suffering. Our products are stories for the senses. We have invested in technology and recruitment to deliver campaigns that build fans and engagement along with streams to generate revenue from the outset,” King Uche reveals. 

Looking ahead, King Uche envisions doing a series of stadium concerts and mounting motivational conferences that will especially empower the youth. He believes in the value of investing in the lives of young people today so that future generations may benefit from their vision, hard work, and productivity in whatever industry they choose to thrive in. As the owner of Sufferings and Offerings Music, he wants to aggressively promote and build up artists signed by the company, starting with up-and-coming singer Martins Luv who is currently based in Nigeria. 

King Uche’s sincere desire to succeed in the music industry is motivated by his objective to be able to raise enough revenues to start investing in invaluable assets. In doing this, he hopes to grow his financial capacity so he can extend more help in guiding artists to reach their dreams. Furthermore, he wants nothing but the best musical experiences for his countrymen, for their confidence and morale to reach a level that will motivate them to desire success in life. As King Uche continues to pave the way for many young Africans, there is no doubt that his lasting legacy would be the dream of a united Africa. 

Learn more about King Uche by subscribing to his YouTube channel and following his Instagram account. Check out the Sufferings and Offerings Music website for the latest. 

Barbara Sanchez: The Self-Taught Publicist Behind the Success of the Stars

While emerging as an artist in the entertainment industry can be difficult, being someone behind the success of such artists has its own set of challenges. When Barbara Sanchez first emigrated to the country, she did not know the language. The same circumstances were present when she decided to make a career in the entertainment industry. Still, Barbara strived and learned through the process, knowing her passion well and where it could take her.

Barbara Sanchez is known in the public relations field for many things, but best for her work ethic and dedication. She works harder than anyone to rise above others in the entertainment industry and has “sacrificed a lot to get to the top.” Additionally, her compassion and authenticity are appreciated by celebrities she has worked with. Barbara treats her clients like family. She considers their success as hers and takes satisfaction in seeing how her clients’ career has grown to great heights in the business.

Today, Barbara Sanchez is one of the most coveted publicists and entrepreneurs in the scene. Over the last 14 years in the industry, she has worked with top-tier personalities and embraced innovations such as social media. Barbara is among the pioneers of publicists who utilized and maximized the digital space and social media platforms for their clients in a time where many were hesitant to welcome change.

Her perseverance to make her clients succeed indeed separates her from the rest. Barbara Sanchez has been affiliated with celebrities such as Chris Massey, Hana Giraldo, Kyle Massey, Stevie Williams, and Keith Sweat. Her professionalism has been pivotal in the success of many, from actors, music artists, to influencers. Barbara is recognized for rejuvenating her clients’ image from negative to positive, paving the way for them to land more opportunities.

Recently, Barbara Sanches collaborated with her business partner Patricia Torres to handle the in-house public relations team for Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoop’s Army, a booking agency created by the iconic Snoop Dogg and CEO Bobby Dee. Before such a venture, Barbara has also coordinated and produced notable fashion shows, special events, movie premieres, and red carpets in some of Hollywood’s most sought-after venues. 

Furthermore, Barbara has made several TV appearances in famous shows, including The Steve Harvey Show, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and WE TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop. On top of that, she was featured in a documentary about the struggles of single mothers called Discovering Our Mothers, directed and produced by Justin Waroyo.

Besides being a talented publicist, Barbara Sanchez is also a strong activist. She was invited to be part of the wonderful panel and served as a speaker for the I Am That Woman Network. Barbara uses her career and influence to amplify worthy causes to wider audiences. She advocates against domestic violence and fights for farmworkers who experienced injustice.

Barbara is a proud member of various organizations such as the Bella Foundation, The UFW, and is a supporter of The Dolores Huerta Foundation. 

Asked what she wants others to know in pursuing one’s passion, Barbara Sanchez said, “When you have a passion, enjoy it.” She emphasized that some would react negatively to one’s passion, but any dreamer should be determined to pursue it. “It might take years so you have to push yourself and work toward it because it will happen for you.”

Learn more about Barbara Sanchez on Instagram.

Emmanuel Almonor of Omega Music Marketing Breaks Barriers and Stereotypes in the Music Industry

Successful entrepreneur Emmanuel Almonor is committed to his mission of breaking barriers and stereotypes in the music industry. He aims to make way for more artists who have the talent and potential but are often overlooked because of where they come from. This issue has been prevalent in the music industry for years now, and this is what his brand, Omega Music  Marketing, seeks to change once and for all.

Emmanuel Almonor, better known as Manny McLaren, is an entrepreneur whose success story did not come easy. Working minimum-wage jobs since he was 17 years old, he understood the value of hard work early on. To earn extra cash, he also had to work on the side, fixing Xbox consoles and mobile phones. These challenges in life molded him into a person determined and dedicated to reaching success. Fortunately, after landing a sales job at AT&T, he grew professionally and eventually became a district manager. Shortly after reaching the position, he left that world to start his line of business. 

Years of working in different industries equipped Emmanuel Almonor with in-depth knowledge, a passionate mindset, and an impressive skill set that fueled his success as an entrepreneur. At present, he is a globally renowned entrepreneur who has dominated the industry. From establishing call centers and car wash shops to lawn care companies and prepaid phone stores, he has explored it all. Today, he is also a growing online influencer with almost 13,000 followers on Instagram. On top of this, Emmanuel is an emerging dominant figure in the music industry.

The successful entrepreneur is the founder and owner of Omega Music Marketing, a rising record label in Orlando, intending to take the Orlando music scene to greater heights. Having a strong passion for music for all his life, Emmanuel Almonor was not a stranger to the significant problem Orlando artists face when it comes to getting the mainstream hip-hop audience’s attention. “People just don’t care about your music if you are from a place like Orlando,” says Emmanuel. With that in mind, he wanted to make a difference in the music industry by helping artists make a name for themselves and gain international acclaim without having to go all the way to California or any other place. “Music has always been a big passion of mine and my biggest goal is to push talented artists and performers to the peak of their careers,” he adds. This vision led him to establish his record label company. It also serves as his ultimate motivation to keep his label hustling.

Today, Omega Music Marketing has worked with famous music artists and producers such as Migos, Young Gambino, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Tyla Yaweh, Easy$jav, No Heart Zay, OTW507, and many more. But the company’s vision does not stop there. Emmanuel Almonor hopes to expand its operations to other states soon, and later on, he hopes for the brand to become a global sensation.

To know more about Emmanuel Almonor and Omega Music Marketing, you may visit his official Instagram.