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Kingmaker’s Rise: William Moseley’s Journey to CEO Excellence

By: Edwin Jefferson

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the entertainment industry, William Moseley stands out as a true visionary and entrepreneur. From the early days of touring with the iconic band, the Kottonmouth Kings, to his current role as the Managing Partner at Kingmaker Companies, William Moseley has charted a remarkable course marked by adaptability, innovation, and unwavering determination.

A Humble Beginning in the World of Music

In 2004, William Moseley embarked on a journey that would ultimately shape his career. He seized the opportunity to join the legendary band, the Kottonmouth Kings, where he wore various hats and gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the music industry. This early experience laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong passion and commitment to the world of entertainment.

During his time with the Kottonmouth Kings, William Moseley immersed himself in every aspect of album production, from conceptualization to distribution. This hands-on experience provided a comprehensive understanding of music production, marketing strategies, and distribution channels. It also allowed him to establish crucial connections within the industry, connections that would prove instrumental in his future endeavors.

Entrepreneurship Takes Center Stage

William Moseley’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on. He ventured into self-financed national music tours and events, a bold move that required meticulous planning and financial acumen. These endeavors honed his skills in risk management and artist management, emphasizing the importance of calculated investments and precision in execution.

Building a Reputation in Public Relations

In 2010, William Moseley founded Prometheus, a public relations firm specializing in strategic PR services for celebrity clients. Here, he delved into the intricacies of reputation management, crisis communication, and brand positioning. His experience at Prometheus emphasized the transformative power of compelling storytelling in shaping public perception—an invaluable skill that would later define his career.

The Transition to Kingmaker Companies

In 2016, William Moseley made a pivotal career transition by assuming the role of Managing Partner at Kingmaker Companies. This marked a shift towards strategic leadership and operational management across a diverse range of business ventures. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and skills acquired over the years, William Moseley was well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

At the core of his leadership philosophy at Kingmaker Companies is an unwavering commitment to acquiring comprehensive insights into the intricate nuances of each facet within his purview. He actively engages with diverse teams, seeking to comprehend the unique challenges of their respective domains and workflows. This approach significantly enhances his decision-making process.

Diversifying the Corporate Portfolio

A pivotal aspect of William Moseley’s role at Kingmaker Companies involves orchestrating collaborative ventures with investors across various business domains. This necessitated cultivating a nuanced understanding of distinctive market sectors and formulating discerning investment strategies. His earlier industry connections played a vital role in forging these strategic partnerships.

Under his strategic leadership, Kingmaker Companies ventured into various domains, including establishing a highly successful record label, talent management initiatives, strategic land investments, and creating a national award-winning cannabis brand. His visionary approach also extended to establishing brick-and-mortar businesses in the thriving urban hub of Oklahoma City.

A Visionary in Music Production

Throughout his career, William Moseley has worn multiple hats as an executive producer, overseeing the production and successful release of over 35 studio albums and hundreds of singles across a diverse spectrum of musical genres. His responsibilities extended from the initial concept to meticulously managing every facet, including strategic marketing and distribution logistics.

A Holistic Understanding of Entertainment

Beyond music production, William Moseley ventured into the world of television and film. He was fortunate enough to be mentored by the legendary Joseph Nichol, also known as MCG, on various film and television projects. His involvement included contributing to TV projects such as “Human Target,” “Chuck,” and “Lethal Weapon,” as well as making significant contributions to films like “The Babysitter” and “Babysitter Killer Queen.” These immersive experiences enriched his professional journey, offering a holistic understanding of the entertainment industry across various mediums.

In summary, William Moseley’s career journey has been a continuous learning experience characterized by entrepreneurship, diverse business ventures, and a unique blend of experiences in the entertainment industry. From his formative days with the Kottonmouth Kings to his current position as Managing Partner at Kingmaker Companies, William Moseley has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that equips him to successfully lead and expand the company. His approach is marked by strategic vision, adaptability, and a deep-rooted passion for the entertainment industry. With William Moseley at the helm, Kingmaker Companies is poised for a future filled with innovation and growth.

DJ Chris Gravity Shows How the Right Attitude Can Propel a Go-Getter Towards the Industry’s Summits

What draws a line between an obstacle and opportunity is the attitude people have towards it. Every obstacle produces an elbow room for growth, while every opportunity possesses countless difficulties designed to test the waters and strengthen one’s disposition for a better chance of attaining success. To put it simply, it all boils down to how a person approaches each situation that could lead to either victory or failure. In recognition of this single greatest obstruction to growth and triumph, DJ Chris Gravity, an emerging musical authority, shows how a positive attitude and self-empowering belief can recreate one’s reality.

DJ Chris Gravity is a multi-talented artist who has always been passionate about his craft. Ever since he dipped his toes into the realms of music and entertainment, this power player has been garnering countless praises from industry peers and reputable authorities, establishing his name across the industry. DJ Chris did not only elevate his position at the summits through vision and passion, but this up-and-coming artist also persevered with a positive attitude despite the odds of making it in a cutthroat space.

Born on November 14, 2000, in the heat-filled skies and sun-drenched streets of Miami, Florida, DJ Chris Gravity always had a remarkable affinity towards rhythm and melody. Having been raised in a culturally diverse city, this multifaceted personality was exposed to a variety of things, which kickstarted his love for music. When he reached high school, Chris was determined to pursue a career as DJ.

From family gatherings to big house parties, DJ Chris Gravity became everyone’s go-to DJ, expanding his reach as an emerging musical powerhouse. As a matter of fact, Chris was contracted to perform at a hookah bar called “Hookah Inn,” where he garnered massive attention from people across the area. Today, Chris is jumping from one club to another, slowly cementing his reputation across the realms of music and entertainment.

Throughout his growing career, DJ Chris Gravity has not only succeeded in demonstrating his musical prowess, but he also has portrayed particular characteristics that distinguished himself from the rest. Although the music industry is widely known for breeding a competitive atmosphere, Chris has never been dissuaded by its ruthlessness. He continued to display a remarkable outlook towards his growth in the industry. As a result, this outstanding go-getter has traveled around Florida, showcasing his musical prowess. More impressively, Chris has developed an extensive fan base across the digital space with over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Aside from his remarkable attitude, DJ Chris Gravity would not have reached promising milestones in his growing career had it not been for his passionate and persevering spirit. This musical genius continued to stretch his know-how, dipping his toes into a variety of music. From Latin music and Soca to EDM and hip hop, it comes as no surprise how Chris became a sought-after DJ among several clubs and events in Miami.

Having solidified his name across Florida, DJ Chris Gravity hopes to expand his horizons, traveling across continents while sharing his love for music with the world. With the passion, tenacity, and remarkable attitude he holds, only time will tell what the future holds for this growing musical authority.

Learn more about DJ Chris Gravity by visiting his website.

Katalxst: Jamie Smith’s Journey From the Basketball Court to the Entrepreneurial Space

It is not an uncommon occurrence for athletes to branch away from sports and delve into other ventures. Established athletes become investors, celebrities, or even entrepreneurs once they believe it is time for them to retire or decide they want to try something new. Jamie Smith is no different. Following her basketball career, she delved into entertainment and business, eventually creating many business fronts under her brand Katalxst.

Jamie Smith hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There she grew up and established herself as one of the most exciting prospects in women’s basketball. Jamie was highly sought-after and highly recruited as twenty Division 1 scholarship offers poured in from Miami, West Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Georgetown, Illinois, and more. She was also recognized as one of Adidas’ national Top 20.

Eventually, Jamie settled for St. Peter’s University, thriving as a critical contributor in the division before stumbling into a roadblock. She tore her ACL in her freshman year and opted to move to Morgan State University. There Jamie carried out her career, playing three years as the point guard and captain and helping them to their first-ever postseason play in history. Her success led to offers to play professionally overseas. As tempting as the opportunities were, Jamie declined, citing her injury as a factor.

Following graduation, Jamie Smith moved to Atlanta, where she decided to delve into the entertainment industry. The venture proved to be a wake-up call as Jamie discovered her natural talent in networking. She managed several talents and quickly established her name in the entertainment and music industry. Jamie became one of those people who always had key connections for what others were looking for. She also negotiated deals for athletes, stylists, companies, brand partnerships, and more.

While she was highly successful in her career, Jamie decided to move to New York and pursue a Master’s Degree in business Administration in 2016. Even as she studied, Jamie worked by assisting the women’s basketball program, bringing in talent. Her work caught the attention of a Division 1 university who offered her a full-time position as director of operations and assistant coach. For three years, Jamie coached Division 1 basketball and brought recruits whose arrivals made an immediate impact. Simultaneously, she continued to manage her artists.

Jamie Smith would later exercise her Master’s Degree by creating Katalxst in 2019, a brand that allowed her to provide various services that complement and display her all-around talents in business, from consultation to growing & scaling to management. Jamie extended her brand to include services beyond business and entertainment. Knowing that her company could do more, Katalxst was expanded and created a lifestyle clothing brand, real estate business, and a barbershop in Jamie’s hometown in early 2020. 

By then, Jamie’s ventures were met with the onset of the pandemic, setting up another roadblock in her career. It was a difficult start as most businesses were forced to close shop. However, against all odds, Katalxst House of Styles saw great success, continuing to grow each month while complying with the new state regulations. 

Within a short period, Katalxst Lifestyle Clothing Brand overtook Jamie’s most successful business, even beating out her music brand. She plans to continue building on her success as she recently purchased land in San Bernardino, California. Jamie Smith is set on returning to her roots and using the land to build a creative studio and athletic & training facility with 2023 as its opening year.

Learn more about Jamie Smith and Katalxst by visiting their official website. You can also follow Katalxst on Instagram.

Lorde Kale Brings Upcoming Artists to the Forefront with H2O Records, Embraces Versatility

Water is essential for all living things. Following the same principle, artist and entrepreneur Lorde Kale built H2O Records. Just as water is necessary for life or concocting other drinks, the founder also aims for his company to bind versatile groups and artists together, saying there’s “not just one way to take a sip.”

As an artist, Lorde Kale is recognized for his global versatility. He is not a rapper, nor does he fit the confines of a single genre. Lorde challenges existing norms in the music industry and carves his own path with no fear of anyone standing against his vision. Knowing his self-worth plays a quintessential part in his music. For Lorde, he does not need to prove anything to anyone. He focuses on being the best possible version of himself. With H2O Records, he is helping other artists do the same.

Additionally, Lorde Kale is known for valuing his fans more than anything and leveling with their interests. He finds it ironic for some artists to belittle their fanbase, knowing how they are the ones who make it possible for someone to rise to fame. “Too many entertainers put themselves on a god-type level, which makes them look down on the people who helped them get there,” he said.

H2O Records embodies the same values Lorde Kale has. He wants the artists under his music label to take the global music scene by storm and leave lasting impressions on listeners. The company handles his good friends and a group called Splash Gang. Lorde also handles The Bullies and Bankroll Babies, two of the biggest groups of musicians in West Chicago.

Asked what motivated him to build his brand, Lorde Kale shared that he wanted the creative freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. “I never wanted or want to ever be controlled by anyone for money. I want to be another legend that shows trust in yourself and makes all the ones who turned their backs come running back due to your greatness,” said the artist. The record label is creating many opportunities for upcoming artists who are waiting for the spotlight to hit them, and Lorde is playing a pivotal role in making it happen.

Furthermore, Lored Kale wants to ensure that his artists are equipped with financial security tips and helps them learn how to manage their brand as beginners in the industry. The kind of support H2O Records provides to its artists and talents are bigger than anything money can buy.

“I love to make music for people who truly love the beats, bears, and the great atmosphere that my music puts them in. I love to speak to the souls of all Splash Gang members who we and love as our loyal fans. I make music as a therapy and a way to make the world more enjoyable for us all,” said Lorde Kale. Music is one of the biggest control centers of emotions for the world and Lorde is using his unique energy to bring a game-changing vibe to the music scene.

Learn more about Lorde Kale and H2O records on this site.

How ‘Talent On Edge’ Makes a Mark for Individuals, Brands, and Entrepreneurs

Photo by: @smilenownyc 

What does it take for an entrepreneur to excel in the industry? Aside from talent and skills, a start-up entrepreneur needs an impactful kickstart for his business.

With the pool of competition growing bigger and bigger nowadays, it’s almost impossible to stand out and make a lasting impression. Businesses today are aggressively strengthening their presence online, and it has played a major role in their success.

Talent On Edge, led by young, 28-year-old entrepreneur Shantae Menendez, provides struggling entrepreneurs with a platform where they can showcase their brands or themselves. It aims to bring talented individuals to the forefront, allowing their skills to be known to their market, as well as opening opportunities to collaborate with other people who share the same passion and goal as them. Talent On Edge brings people of like-minds together, providing a connection where they can grow and learn from others while also promoting their own craft.

Shantae envisions her company to provide professional growth onto the person or the brand being promoted on Talent On Edge. An essential part of the platform is that it gives Shantae’s clients free exposure on their work and expertise. Shantae manages a group of models herself in the company, but Talent On Edge also serves as an avenue for people to find other talents that they need to complete a task or a project easily.

Brands and businesses looking for photographers, models, actors, videographers, and many more, find it easy and accessible to book them right off of Talent on Edge Instagram page– saving clients a lot of time and effort in trying to find the right people. In this essence, Shantae also makes certain that Talent On Edge is promoting capable and effective brands and individuals to ensure that clients get what they exactly need.

Talent on Edge is unlike any other platform that only brings a couple of reactions and clicks. What separates it from the rest is the fact that Shantae, first and foremost, gives her heart into each project. More than publicity, Talent On Edge works with the success of the client in mind. As Shantae would put it: strategize now, ask for the price later. Not only does it boost the status of a brand or company online after only one post. It also makes sure that the effect will not only be a one-time thing. 

Talent on Edge works towards an ultimate goal: to make people feel special knowing that someone, be it a follower or another entrepreneur, appreciates their work. Shantae believes that this admiration, even just the fact that their work or brand got posted on the platform, compels people to do better in harnessing their talents and work harder to the next level. This exposure brings more opportunities. One post could lead to an artist’s first song recording or a model’s big break. That single step will then lead these talented individuals to create an even bigger name and reach more people.

“I want everyone to shine,” Shantae stated. Truly this is the utmost motivation of Talent On Edge. Shantae wants everyone to be the best they can be, and we all need a hand to fulfill that.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Shantae’s business model has proven that a successful and long-lasting career can start with a single post from Talent On Edge.

To know more about Talent On Edge, check out their Instagram accounts here and here.