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MH the Goat Is Making Waves in the Music Industry

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” These are the words that musician and entrepreneur Melvin Horn, or better known as his stage name, MH the Goat, lives by. 

MH the Goat is blind and deaf to the deconstructive criticisms of people who have no faith in his ability to succeed. With single-minded intensity, he focuses on his passion and love for music, creativity, and uniqueness. In building his brand, he addresses his intense desire to create an impact on the lives of people all over the world as well. 

Intending to boldly announce his talents to the world, MH the Goat is not shy about showing people his personality, his lifestyle, and his dreams and aspirations. Melvin Horn is a strong-willed individual determined to leave a mark on the world.

Born in January 1992 in the west part of Dallas, Texas, he is one of the rare individuals who possess the natural inclination to create music and catchy rhymes and the strong will and determination necessary to bring himself to the top. In 2015, this hip-hop recording artist started dabbling into the music industry, and his natural skill in music quickly gained the admiration of those who witnessed it. 

Quickly mastering his craft, MH the Goat has shaken the elite Dallas music scene with his work. The street buzz and his fan base continue to grow by the day, and it only serves to motivate him further to pump out quality tracks, which are sure to captivate its listeners. With his impressive growth and improvement by the day, saying that MH the Goat belongs to the top charts is not a far cry from what is bound to happen eventually.

With a versatile take in hip-hop, his music is characterized by both originality and familiarity, mixed with charismatically witty rhymes delivered with a multifaceted persona. His debut single Take Off in 2017, and the later release Sick Mind (feat. Rocstarsmokey) in 2018 effectively illustrates the development of a signature sound and stylization that is uniquely and distinctively MH the Goat. Both releases received critical acclaim and positive reception.

His latest project is his big move in taking his career as a musician. He is in the early stages of production for his upcoming anticipated singles, Goat Freestyle and Mmm, which will be released with a massive production of an official movie and music video. Both singles are slated to be released before the end of 2020. 

Die-hard hip-hop and rap fans are the ones who will enjoy the most impact from his work, but regular music fans are sure to enjoy it as well. In the music industry today, many rappers are hoping to make it to the top, but the likes of MH the Goat is one that is unique and rides a different wave from the rest.

Find out more about MH the Goat and experience his music for yourself by visiting his website.

Gavriel Is the Singer-songwriter Sent to Take the Music Industry by the Storm

Slow mornings with coffee or tea is one of the most relaxing moments one can have. This scene will be better, along with cozy weather and good music. As Confucious once said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” One of the artists who can make his listeners feel various emotions with music is Gavriel, the freshest NY singer-songwriter.

Gavriel, born Phillip Reichmann, is a New Yorker newbie in the music industry. He may be a beginner, but his works are comparable to Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran, and Lewis Capaldi, which are his main influences. It was only last year when Gavriel decided to make music his main path. However, music comes out naturally for him. When he was 5, he started playing the piano, and as Gavriel grew older, he gained mastery in other instruments such as guitar, ukulele, and drums.

It is fascinating that despite Gavriel not having any proper education or training about music theory and other fundamental topics about music, he was able to create masterpieces. Last August 2 of this year, he released his very first album, What I’ve Found. The album was produced by Richie Cannata, a world-renowned saxophone player for Billy Joel at Cove City Sound Studios. In the same studio where musical legends Joel, Marc Anthony, and Celine Dion recorded their most influential works.

Cannata was enticed when he heard Gavriel’s music and said, “He is one of the most refreshing artists we have worked with in a long time. He will reach many people with his great music and lyrics.”

The 24-year old singer-songwriter did not see himself going full-time in music until last year, as his recent marriage inspired him. Before, Gavriel spent five years studying Talmudic Law in Israel. But now, he harnesses all his musical prowess into writing and creating songs that would move and inspire people.

Gavriel writes about two to three songs a day. It is as if the words naturally flow as he writes it, which is not widely seen in other artists. His capabilities show that Gavriel has the gift and will to birth more songs for him and his fellow musicians. He hopes that as his career flourishes, he will have the chance to write songs for other artists at the same time.

Gavriel’s latest album, What I’ve Found, is composed of songs that let his readers get the feels. It is now available on Spotify and Apple Music. Some of his songs that would surely make his listeners feel are “Blue,” “I Write a Song”, and” Peace,” songs that would console and uplift moods of listeners. Listening to these kinds of music is significantly helpful for people who are having a hard time coping with all the chaos this COVID-19 pandemic brings.

Gavriel may be just starting in the music industry, but after listening to his songs, surely everyone will see a bright future for this young artist. With his ability to make authentic music naturally, he surely will be able to make his mark in the music industry.

Head on to his official website to know more about him and his musical masterpieces.

Jay Chavez Is Creating Music That Brings Hope

One does not have to be prolific to be called a real musician. Jay Chavez proves that as he starts his path, creating exceptional songs and an album as an echo to radiate everything he knows about music. Not even the pandemic can stop this artist from spreading his word.

To be a competent musician, one must know what they want to relay and how to relay it with efforts done first hand. After years in the industry, Jay is finally stepping out of his norm and is ready to take his music to the next level. 

Jay has been one of those musicians playing behind the curtains. With his extensive experience with music, there is a possibility that you’ve already heard his playing and just didn’t know it. He started his performing career at the age of 14. From then, the artist has spent the succeeding years of his life playing jointly with other loved artists in the music industry.

For thirty years, Jay humbly played as a session player in the recording studio and live performances. He also spent most of his career going on tours all around the globe.

He can play instruments from all genres of music. Jay amuses everyone as he uses his fingers to create sounds of rock, country, classical, bluegrass, showtunes, alternative, blues, jazz, and many more.

This conglomeration of genres is what drove Jay to see songwriting from a different perspective. It also made him realize it was time to compile his written and composed songs to create an album. Thus, after long years of gathering courage, Jay published the rising album, Plain Brown Wrapper, and created his new group called the Jay Chavez Band.

As he works to realize his dream, Jay goes the extra mile to publish the music that resonates with listeners. With his vast knowledge of musical instruments, Jay composed every instrumental part of his songs. Each song and each lyric on the album presents the experiences Jay encountered in his life. This is why he makes sure each part played amplifies the right feeling and tone to complement the song.

As the world is on hold due to the pandemic, Jay continues to move forward with a brim of hope. He hopes to use his music to bring unity, compassion, positivity, and love in these darkest hours. Reaching out to influence even one soul is the pure purpose of Jay’s writing.

Currently, Jay is living in the mountains of Northern California with his inspiration — his wife, mother, and pets. On a horse ranch, where the green scenery is incredible, Jay spends most of his days. Not only does he create music, he also knows how to operate a ranch and get the work done. 

Get updates on Jay Chavez and his music by visiting his website.

Hip-Hop Sensation Acezz Shows No Signs of Slowing Down His Musical Momentum

Hip-hop lyricist and performer Acezz knows what it takes to work hard toward his goals and reach them. That and more is evident in his extensive list of releases, progressing music career, and overall approach to life. And as he continues to hustle hard and excel in what he does best, there’s no knowing what pinnacles he’ll reach next in today’s ever-pulsating music scene.

An explosive rap star with a distinct sound and massive list of releases, Acezz is a music magnate who quickly captivates a crowd. Born as James Eugene Hill, the Fourth, the hip-hop musician comes from Tallahassee, Florida. Today, he operates out of Wildwood, where he first found grounding as a professional musician and has flourished in the local scene ever since. 

James has an undying love for music. He’s been writing his lyrical compositions since he was only sixteen years old. Early on, Acezz started creating mixtapes and compiling his works. Later on, he decided to pursue music as a profession and started working hard on creating quality songs that would wow audiences everywhere. 

Acezz has not had it easy in life. Constant struggles would keep him from creating and recording. But his greatest challenge came in the form of a heartbreaking loss, the death of his son Jayden Hayes Green, who passed away in 2014. The loss brought Acezz down a spiral of depression and grief, but he pressed on, using his music as an outlet to openly bear his heart to the world.

Today, Acezz has bounced back from great tragedy, looking to family—both present and absent—to continue writing, recording, and releasing more quality tracks for hip-hop lovers everywhere. Currently, James works a full-time job at Glenview Country Club in Florida to make ends meet for his family and raise his daughter, Adeline. Apart from his 9 to 5 job, Acezz works tirelessly on his music side hustle, strategizing and preparing to do it full blast and provide a comfortable life for his loved ones.

The hip-hop artist started releasing music back in 2016, beginning with multiple EPs and singles, including tracks like “My Bruda,” “Hangup,” “2 Bick’s” featuring Geekgod, “Blessed,” and “We Be Lit.” Acezz launched his first full album two years later, entitled Suits and Champagne, which included eleven songs with a few collaborations with other sensational artists like Geekgod and CV-Queen. His first album, while produced independently, became an early hit. The most famous track in the collection, “Introvert,” would gather over thirty thousand streams on Spotify. Other songs on the album included “Goosebumps,” “Hang Up,” “Itch,” “No Lie,” and “Gossip” with CV-Queen, to name a few.

In 2019, Acezz doubled down on his writing and recording and would finish the year with three released albums: Full Deck, Suits and Champagne 2, and Flame Up. The three records summed up to twenty-eight powerful tracks making rounds all over music circles in the country.

As an artist and overall as a person, James is a hard worker. “I’m never the type to get or feel complacent with anything,” Acezz shares. “I believe there is always room for change and that slow progress is better than no progress. I’m going to continue to run it and get in where I fit in!” With his work ethic, it is no surprise that Acezz has come this far despite many oppositions. With time, it’s only likely that he’ll reach milestone after milestone and go up the music industry ranks.

To follow Acezz and his music, check out his Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Professor Majic Intends to Unleash Everything “Mājïç” With MajicMusickRecordsLLC

Rapper, songwriter, and MajicMusickRecordsLLC Founder and CEO Professor Majic has no time for rest. Big plans are underway for the record label and its future branches. With everything that the Professor has up his sleeve, two hands hardly seem enough.

California native Anthony Sanchez, popularly known as Professor Majic, has been writing lyrics and composing songs for over ten years. He started being interested in art when he was in Junior High School and was obsessed with the craft as a freshman in high school. One of his friends was self-made rapper AQZ, who mentored and inspired the young Professor, awakening a love for sound.

The young artist’s hobby would soon consume him and had him convinced to drop out of college and pursue his dreams. On September 11, 2019, Professor Majic returned to his home state and began his journey to be a Professional Musician, creating a fresh new sound of Hip-Hop and R & B with a rugged twist of speed and diversity. A year after that, MajicMusickRecordsLLC was officially established.

The name ‘Majic’ was taken from the Professor’s unique ability to, like pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat, create something out of thin air. That ability is precisely what he will maximize on with MajicMusickRecordsLLC.

Set for release, all the songs in Professor Majic’s debut album “Hip-Hop•101-2020” have been written, recorded, and masterfully mixed. The album is the first of the Professor’s music trilogy “Eye°am°Hip•Hop” which will feature his talent in performing a wide variety of pitches, tempos, and styles. Through the trilogy, his listeners will go on a Majical journey with Professor Majic’s low, raspy pitches, high, spoken notes, and undeniable musical prowess.

While working on “Hip•Hop°Evolved,” Professor Majic’s second sophomore album, which will conclude the trilogy, Professor Majic also has his pen on a screenplay detailing his family life. The screenplay, along with his plans for MajicMusickRecordsLLC, will help the Professor provide a comfortable lifestyle for his parents and siblings.

That’s not all he has in mind, however. Wanting to be thorough in everything he does, the young Founder of MajicMusickRecordsLLC will be branching out and infiltrating the clothing industry with “MājïÇlöthïñg” which will represent a free independent spirit with the style of a ‘Rawthentic’ West Coast Mich Checker. The collection is set to be the first of many clothing lines under Professor Majic’s direction.

Brimming with ideas for his company, Majic will be everywhere in a few short years from now. The Professor has enormous plans with a motivational service named “Mājïç Motivation” and a product release of his marijuana strain. “Needless to say, I have every intention of unleashing everything Mājïç, having already purchased the domain names for everything,” Professor Majic reveals.

Not just business ventures but philanthropic efforts as well, the young entrepreneur and independent artist also operates a promotion page, MājïçMïçPromotes, where he helps other struggling and aspiring musicians make a name for themselves. He also has plans to mentor the youth and help them overcome addiction and alcoholism.

“I want to help others and to spread that message across the world through my music and style.” Widening his reach, Professor Majic will be catering to the Spanish audience with an album that mixes everything he does in English with a brand new, Latin twist of lyrical, intellectual expression.

Currently, Professor Majic is juggling his music career and a graveyard shift as a packer at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. He plans on attending The Los Angeles Recording School to further his knowledge on Business Administration and Sound Engineering to utilize, through his record label, equipment and networking to its fullest potential.

Following MajicMusickRecordsLLC’s company mission statement “Dream, Work Hard, Achieve, Repeat!”, the rapper is working tirelessly every waking hour to create a promising opportunity through music and serve as an inspiration and motivation for anyone with a dream.

Learn more about Professor Majic and his music tricks. Stay updated on his music and MajicMusickRecordsLLC ventures through his YouTube channel.

Rising Star Alex Robertson Releases His Brand New EP, Bringing Awareness to the Current Social Justice Movements in America

Actor, entrepreneur, and musician Alex Robertson has published an EP entitled Solitude EP on August 14. With his most recent endeavor, he tries to bring awareness to the current social justice movements in America, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Most recently, he has been seen as the lead in the musical presentation of Grow at the 15th Annual Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals.

Alex graduated from the University of Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in musical theater. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in entertainment industry management at Carnegie Mellon University. He aspires to create music, whether it’s on stage or on mainstream media.

The long periods of the quarantine inspired Alex to finally go for his passion project and make it a reality. He felt lost because everything felt like it was being taken away from him, which made it really hard to adjust to the sudden changes that happened to the entire world.

Despite not having a huge production budget, he managed to produce his EP in a span of about two weeks. He recorded, wrote, and put together the entire EP through various collaborations with his peers. He went back to his parents’ home and just had a burst of creative energy where he started going back to writing songs naturally.

Alex found recent success with his music over social media as he went on to put his creative talents on display when he began rapping on TikTok. The video managed to get 100,000 views, and he even got followed by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself on Twitter.

Solitude EP was released on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes on August 14. Alex also had a music video to his song Money Breeze on YouTube on the same day. The Solitude EP includes five catchy songs with infectious beats and melodies that everyone can groove to, but it is also a lyrically deep EP.

Alex wants listeners to discuss the meaning behind the lyrics and analyze all the hidden meanings that he has embedded within the songs. Being a young black male in the United States, he has faced discrimination countless times. His journey as a young person has been mostly dictated by the color of his skin, which he thinks is wrong and should be corrected by our society.

In the song Money Breeze, he speaks about social justice, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The music video itself is a tribute to the victims of police brutality. Bringing awareness and inciting positive change toward certain topics and ideas of society has been one of Alex’s greatest missions with his music. He wants his art to make a meaningful change to the world around him, and that is the true essence of his Solitude EP.

Anyone who enjoys pop music will most likely enjoy Alex Robertson’s music. As the modern beats and catchy melodies capture the attention of his audience, the lyricism and the meaning behind the words will definitely keep them guessing. This is what makes Alex a talent to look out for, as he gears up toward releasing new music and eventually becoming a household name.

Learn more about Alex Robertson by visiting this website.

Rising Hip-Hop Artist Tulooo Fresh Draws Deep Inspiration from Life for His Recent Single

For up-and-coming hip-hop artist Tulooo Fresh, there is no greater inspiration for his recent single, “Millionaire Music,” than life’s greatest lessons and experiences. Drawing lyrical ideas from his personal life’s biggest adversities and challenges, he relives moments both good and bad to produce melodic and rhythmic vocals to impact hip-hop fans all over the world.

“My music makes me feel like I’m the rebirth of hip-hop because of the way that I approach and present the craft. I tell you stories, spill out my vulnerabilities, and let you in on both my struggles and my success. You get the bad and the good from me,” Tulooo reveals. 

Born J’Kein O’Neal, Tulooo Fresh is changing the Eastern North Carolina music scene through his refreshing and honest music. He has been rapping since he was a teenager and his sole motivation in creating his songs is to tell his unique story so others can draw inspiration from it. His music reflects the uncommon life he has lived from fending for himself as an adolescent due to an unstable home environment, to having his first child at the age of 17, and his second one at 21.

“My life has always been a series of obstacles, but I’ve grown to respect them and appreciate them because they are the reason for the immense amount of strength I have. Though, I came up never having been taught consistency and having to go against the high tides of life fought against my musical growth in my earlier years. I had to get to a point where I was internally able to use all that for my benefit,” the artist adds.

Life has not always been smooth-sailing for this young rising star, but he found a way to use his difficult experiences to create an art form that is highly relatable and awe-inspiring. Now as a father of three children, Tulooo’s perspective of life has changed in a massive way, prompting him to pursue a promising music career. As a young boy, he was influenced by the soulful and raw music of hip-hop artists that include Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, D-Block, G-Unit, and Max B. Their influence on his life resulted in a deep appreciation for hip-hop as a popular music genre and sparked a fire in him that he never thought possible.

If there is anyone who could stop Tulooo Fresh today from pressing on in his career, it would only be God himself. There may be some ugly truths revealed in his music, but he strongly believes that this is what the world needs today: straightforward, no-nonsense messages that will either be a wake-up call or a reality check. Either way, these simple truths intend to promote a positive perspective among his followers: that despite what life has to offer sometimes, there is always something good that can come out of it. 

Tulooo Fresh may have chosen a highly challenging path in life, but he believes more on the value of the journey rather than the destination. Having grown up without a father, a role model, and the right guidance encouraged him to reach out to the youth of this generation and show them that they can beat the odds no matter what. Just as he made it in life, they can too.

Learn more about Tulooo Fresh by visiting his website. Check out his “Millionaire Music” official music video on YouTube.

Hitskope Music Group Inks Global Distribution Deal with Sony’s The Orchard

Music industry veteran Danny Barros has more than 12 years of experience under his belt. Originally from Boston, he got his start in the New England music scene, where he formed D Squared Entertainment Group in 2006. D Squared quickly became one of New England’s major nightlife promotion and talent agencies.

During Danny’s time with the group, he regularly negotiated and planned performances for a slew of A-list artists such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Steve Aoki, and T-Pain. With his connections and his experience in the music industry, he has managed to apply all of it into his brainchild, Hitskope Music Group, an artist management company specializing in various genres of music such as pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B.

After signing a global distribution agreement with Sony Music’s The Orchard, Hitskope Music Group has just launched a record label division called Hitskope Records. Many talented and experienced music industry veterans have offered their services to Hitskope Records.

One of the talented individuals that are helping Hitskope Records gain traction is none other than Richard Nash, who has more than 30 years of experience in the music industry as an executive for Elektra Records, Sony Music, and Capitol Records. Nash has played a crucial role in the careers of Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Keith Sweat. His vast experience has now become a fundamental addition to Hitskope Records and all its artists. Founder and CEO of the music rating app, Breaking Hits Inc., Neil Collins, also lends his expertise and talents to Hitskope Records as a VP.

Hitskope Records focuses on developing the raw talent of their artists and brings out their full artistic potential. Hitskope’s artists are sure to find an audience and will inevitably draw success from all of their hard work as they have access to tools and resources that are only available through Sony’s distribution arm.

With Hitskope’s strategic support and coaching through experiential marketing and full record label services, their artists are guaranteed to succeed in their own right. The label’s philosophy is strongly rooted in the protection of the best interests of its artists, after all.

Hitskope aims to showcase rare and amazing talent to the world without losing sight of the creative visions and core values of its artists. Hitskope currently represents a variety of talented musicians, such as Arika, a singer, songwriter, actress, and star of the Netflix series Westside. There’s also Michael Lanza, a Billboard charting singer, songwriter, and producer from the Bay area. Last but definitely not the least, Hitskope also represents the viral YouTuber pop star with over half a billion streams across social media platforms, Michael Constantino.

Hitskope combines the extensive experience of the people that run it with the fresh new talents of their artists to create an ecosystem where growth and success are more than possible; they’re inevitable.

To learn more about Hitskope Music Group, check out their official website.

With the Release of Her Brand-New Single, Up-and-Coming Pop Star Piper Landon Shares Her Musical Journey

Born in Delta, Colorado, to a mother who is a top-ten recording artist Piper Landon was always surrounded by music growing up. She would eventually find her passion for singing and songwriting early in her childhood. She started writing music when she was 14 years old and snagged her very first record deal at 15.

Piper’s talent is undeniable. She writes all of her songs herself, which makes her a true singer/songwriter. However, that’s not all she does. In fact, that’s far from it. She also found a lot of success as she went on to star as cKenzi on the sitcom iShine Knect. She is a celebrated musician and an actress as well. Since then, she has also had a lot of features on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts, and blogs.

Piper didn’t just perform in a single place nor a single country, she performed all throughout the United States, Canada, and even Africa. She managed to grab a huge audience all thanks to her international acclaim.

In December of 2018, she officially became an influencer. Since then, being an influencer is her full-time career while still making and recording music. Her Instagram account boasts over 120,000 followers, and her single Harsh surpassed half a million views in the first two days of its release.

Piper recently released her brand-new single called Tippy on the Patio. The song is a departure from her usual style, which heavily involved a Disney-esque quality to it. Tippy on the Patio seems like a much more mature song from Piper, though it still has the trappings of her old sensibilities attached to it. The lyricism and the music have stayed true to the elements of sadness, sensuality, and broken-heartedness that are usually found in a typical Piper Landon song.

Despite the song having a party vibe on the surface, Piper’s lyrics and traditional brand of making “sad songs for sad people” still thoroughly shine through on Tippy on the Patio. Old fans and new fans alike will surely enjoy this new single, as it stays true to Piper Landon’s signature style and takes it on a brand-new more mature direction.

Looking back on her career, Piper still finds it extremely humbling that she has made it this far. The thought of a pop star coming from a small town in Kansas is still pretty wild to her, and she has been so grateful for all of the success that she has garnered over the years.

With all that being said, Piper hopes that her story will inspire others to work hard on their dreams no matter what. She wants people to see that they can overcome any challenges that might come their way if they believe in themselves and put in the hard work. If a small-town Kansas girl could become a huge influencer and make it big in the music industry, nothing should stop someone from chasing their dreams. 

Visit Piper Landon’s official website to keep updated on her latest works. Also, check out her music on Spotify.

‘Pretty Boy Culture’ Is All About Music Versatility

There’s something for everyone in Pretty Boy Culture’s impressive tracklist. Zachariah Cassettari — AKA Pretty Boy Culture — is a 22-year old musical artist and rapper from Los Angeles, California, and is proficient in various music styles that most rappers do not dabble in.

“My music integrates different feelings and experiences that can be relatable in different circumstances,” Pretty Boy Culture shares. From a party to a low point in life, Pretty Boy Culture has the potential to relate to all audiences. “Each song that is written is different from the last because they represent my vast range of emotions that I have the ability to connect with.”

The musical artist adds that he rips a page out of his life and molds it with a melody so his audience can get to know him better. Pretty Boy’s sound hovers on both melodic and lyrical rap. From songs filled with auto-tuning and reverb with deep bass beats to clean vocals on a trap beat, the 22-year old artist caters to the music tastes of a diverse crowd. 

Pretty Boy Culture was born in Woodland Hills, California, and moved to the Bay Area for a couple of years. He grew up with an older brother and was raised by his single mother. As a child, he saw the difficulties his mother had to overcome to provide for them, inspiring Pretty Boy Culture to become something greater. 

Although his father was not around much in the first few years of his life, they ended up having a healthy relationship. Pretty Boy Culture’s father taught him about business and brand growth. The artist’s relationship with his parents shaped him into a hard-working, self-sufficient creative with a strong work ethic. 

The rapper dropped his first beat when he was in sixth grade. At the time, Pretty Boy Culture was dissatisfied with his academic performance and felt like a failure. He was ridiculed and belittled and found refuge in writing. Pretty Boy Culture detailed his problems on his iPhone’s note app and eventually turned his entries into poems and then songs.

The musical artist took to the online world to find beats that suit his lyrics best. He performed them to his friends and, from their reaction, realized that music is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Pretty Boy Culture started saving for a MacBook until he finally bought one in 2015. Despite his capability to afford a newer model, the rapper still produces all his music from that same MacBook to remind him of his humble beginnings.

Inspired by his life’s ups and downs, Pretty Boy Culture’s sound is raw, unique, and varied. The musical artist’s growing discography reveals his versatility and prowess in different music styles. Taking from his personal experience and the places he has lived in, his music attracts individuals who enjoy catchy hooks, well-written bars, and hard-hitting beats.

“From Los Angeles to New York to Atlanta, my music fits into an array of cultures and communities around the country,” he shares. Be it a party or rage, or a quiet night or a slow drive, the artist has something for everybody.

The rapper, through his diverse tracklist, perpetuates the culture of music versatility in the industry. Pretty Boy Culture is all about mastering different music styles and being inclusive of all types of people in his discography. 

“I have put a lot of time and effort into not only perfecting my craft as a rapper, but as an all around artist. I’ve spent a lot of time creating my unique sound and adapting my voice to whatever kind of music I want to make next,” he reveals. 

Striving to make every project better than the last, Pretty Boy Culture always brings something new to the studio. Every project he works on is different from his last. “I strive to make albums filled with songs that withhold the test of time.”

Get to know Pretty Boy Culture better through his account on Instagram. Pretty Boy Culture will be dropping his first single “Area 51” on September 1, 2020 and his full debut album in October. You can check out his dropped music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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