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Godzwork Entertainment Delivers Hard-Hitting Music

Fast-rising music and entertainment company Godzwork Entertainment LLC is quickly redefining the rap and hip hop genre. With rap tracks invading radio waves and dominating playlists and online charts, the music company is out for more, and it looks like the party is just getting started. 

Founded by Jacquelyn Figueroa and rap aficionado and entrepreneurial music executive Joseph E. Povod, also known by his stage name “Itz War Baby,” Godzwork is the creative factory that houses all the rap artist’s original music and more. Through the years, Itz War Baby has released many successful tracks like “Trippin,” “Blessingz,” “More Lies,” “Unappreciated (Want More),” “How It Feelz,” “Can’t Stop Now,” “Grandma’s House,” and the more recently released “100 on the Highway,” to name a few.

Godzwork Entertainment has been on the rise on music streaming platform Spotify as of late, dominating playlists and garnering “verified artist” status and over 28,000 monthly listeners on average. One single, “More Lies,” has officially hit over 100,000 listens and continues to grow. Many other tracks follow suit, and Joseph has only begun. In the coming months, he hopes to release more hard-hitting music that will continue to spread like wildfire across the rap music world. This direction, Itz War Baby maintains, will further solidify his place in the hip-hop genre as one of the artists that rap fans all over should keep their eye on. 

Joseph Povod grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and later moved to New York as a young child. Coming into the city of dreams, he took advantage of every opportunity to become a successful artist today. Growing up, Itz War Baby would move around a lot, experiencing a little bit of every corner of the United States. This exposure would shape his music for the better. “My soul told me that it needed that,” shares Joseph. Growing up, he took after musical influences like DMX, Billie Holiday, Meatloaf, Sinatra, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. 

Itz War Baby started his musical journey when he turned fourteen years old. From that time on, he knew that music would become his profession and calling. He would spend the next several years growing in his craft, even learning the piano and guitar to help him form his music. Despite his commitment to music, there would be those that would doubt him and try to convince him to take on a different path. But Joseph persevered, allowing the doubt and hate to fuel him even more. At the age of 23, his wildest dreams came to fruition as he became a professional musician. Today, he thrives in a career close to his heart and relentlessly pursues greater things for himself. 

When asked what inspires his music, Itz War Baby would refer to life as a whole. Through the ups and downs, Joseph Povod found a story worth telling and translated it into the music he now openly shares.

Apart from music, Godzwork Entertainment LLC has also ventured into theater arts. Joseph is currently working on a sequel to Cuba and His Teddy Bear, a play written by his brother Reinaldo Povod, starring Robert De Niro as one of the main casts. The story follows the son of a 1989 drug dealer and his conquest of East Side Baltimore.

Itz War Baby lives by the mantra, “Soon you’ll understand.” With all that he has to offer, he continues to hustle hard to develop music and entertainment that looks to challenge the genre of hip hop as we know it. 

To learn more about Godzwork Entertainment and Itz War Baby, check out the artist’s Spotify profile, Instagram account, and Apple Music account.

Tia Gunz Spreads the Joy of Life Through Mosthigh Entertainment

“Music is not only a gift; it is a way of life!” is a quote that the maverick Tia Gunz lives by. With  music inspired by a drive to expose the universal truth, her music is one that resonates with the spirit and spreads the joy of life through art.

Tia Gunz is an emcee, an innovator, and a visionary, with a powerful passion for spreading the message of love, peace, and truth to put her life on the line for. With a beautiful spirit, each song she creates draws inspiration from a place that only she can go, and it serves not only to educate but also to spur people to action against the injustices in the world. Despite the many hurdles in her path, she continues to bulldoze forward with the intent to empower the oppressed and promote justice for humankind through music. 

Born to a Native American family, Tia Gunz is well-acquainted with the culture of the Native community and the hardships they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Serving as a voice for the oppressed and those fighting for their rights, her music strongly resonates with activists, women, and minorities—especially Native Americans and African Americans.

Tia Gunz acknowledges the fact that the music industry is a largely male-dominated space, and it is an unfortunate truth that being a woman, in itself, serves as a barrier in effectively navigating the space, especially in the genre of hip-hop. Women are easily brushed aside with stereotyping and objectification, and have to work at least five times harder to succeed in the industry. 

Still, music is a way of life for Tia Gunz, and there is no other path for her. With her skill and determination, Mosthigh Entertainment now exists as a successful female-owned and female-organized independent record label.

Since a very young age, Tia Gunz had music as a big part of her life, with her mother, Rutia Sr., being the most influential figure in her life. Her mother was Tia’s first look at what being a DJ was like as she would create live shows on cassette tapes and play the latest tunes.

Music was always their way to bond and to have fun. In tough times, she would keep her children up to date with the latest hits on MTV and BET when available. Tia Gunz fell in love with the industry as a child when she saw a music video with Big Daddy Kane, who, at the time, she only knew as the handsome man on his throne, holding a golden staff.

It was as if her destiny clicked into place when in the same music segment, she saw a music video of a woman—this time that was MC Lyte, sitting on a throne and spitting rhymes like Tia Gunz has never seen a woman do. At that moment, she decided that becoming an emcee is the only path for her. 

With diverse roots in jazz, soul, hip-hop, soul, rock, reggae and gospel music, the music Tia Gunz creates is genuine and from the heart. She strives to honor the Great Spirit, as well as her ancestors, and represent them in the modern world. Music will change the world for the better, and she is the catalyst for that change.

Visit Tia Gunz’s website to find out more about her.

Double.r : Finding Life’s Real Reason through Music

Because of the hardships they faced when they were still young, Matthew Zakiewicz and Steven Frazer brought to life Double.r to bring smiles and relief to their audience. This creation was inspired by “the fact that even though life can be hard at times, we are living proof of change.”

Through Double.r, the duo is able to spread positive vibes and bring light on the dark phases of their listeners. Moreover, the two claim that the very essence of making their craft runs through its lyrics and tone. For them, the flow of words in their music aims to also motivate its young audience. The young artists said that instead of flexing the things they have, releasing music with significant themes is something they are proud of.

Inspired by the reaction of listeners to the craft of other artists, Double.r knew what they would be aiming for through their music. For them, the fans are tied to their music. Helping other people go through the bad times is their inspiration.

However, Matthew and Steven did not have easy lives growing up.

Now 20 years old, Matthew moved back and forth between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With parents that are drug users, Zukari, Matthew’s stage name, eventually succumbed to drug addiction. He has changed his life when he overdosed on drugs. He turned his life around and decided that music would be the only high he would have in his life.

Although born in Garfield, New Jersey, Revo, Steven’s stage name, was mostly raised in PA. Similar to what Matthew has experienced, Steven’s drug-using parents caused him a lot of stress. The 19-year-old committed acts that have even threatened his life. However, he has regretted his decisions and is now recovering from his bad experiences through music.

United because of their traumatic pasts, the individuals behind Double.r believe that everything has a reason. And the hardships they have faced only made them stronger.

With a burning passion for the craft they have come to love, Double.r started their journey humbly. By saving enough money, the duo released their music in their town just to serve as their own outlet of escaping their harsh realities. With younger audiences embracing Double.r and their craft, they became known throughout the town. Eventually, they saved up enough money to make their own studio.

“We just feel like our whole lives we have been working for the moment we break through and have that massive exposure and really take off with the biggest win of all. The fans, the consistency, and the movement are all tied together to form our craft.”

Although they are still underrated artists, their listeners are constantly growing. Double.r envisions their dreams turning into reality. They are also hoping that their music will evolve dramatically. However, they are also grateful for the growth they have experienced as a band. Someday, they will see that their music was an impactful craft not just for them, but also for their audiences.

Stream their music in SoundCloud, Spotify, and in Apple Music.

D.T.C Leads Today’s Generation of Rappers with His Unrivaled Wordplay

Some people spend entire lifetimes figuring out what they were meant to do in life. In contrast, others are born with apparent enthusiasm toward a particular interest. In the case of rapper Dustin Terrell Cruze aka D.T.C, hip-hop music has always been a part of him for as long as he can remember.

Born Dustin Terrell Cruze in Knoxville, Tennessee, D.T.C always had the natural gift for wordplay. Together with his friend back in 2012, young D.T.C would fill their neighborhood streets with freestyle rap for hours every day after school. He carried his passion throughout high school and made music with his friends. The rapper also performed with several groups in his teenage years.

D.T.C was creating his music wholeheartedly, but it took quite some time to pursue music ultimately. “I also had a notebook I would jot notes in, but I wasn’t ready to let the world hear it,” confessed the rapper. Nevertheless, his lack of confidence did not hinder him from creating captivating tracks. By the end of 2018, the rapper’s name reached social media platforms as some of his friends were recording his impressive freestyles on their phones. 

It was in 2019 when D.T.C finally stepped inside a professional studio to record his tracks. He recorded 10 singles in a recording studio called Studio Snack. The rapper compiled all ten of his incredible singles into one album. He released them as his debut album entitled Debut Tapes on July 31, 2020. After years of perfecting his craft, D.T.C captured listeners with his track as soon as it hit significant music streaming platforms. It was then that he reaped the fruits of his labor and gained notoriety in his hometown.

Since his debut, D.T.C has been known for his unique flow, incredible wordplay, and creative lyrics. He has topped local music charts and is ready to take his talents to greater heights. The rapper is pushing boundaries with his music. He aims to leave a lasting impact on music lovers across the globe. 

D.T.C is inspired by Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, Dreamville, Royce da 5’9, and KOTA the Friend. He aspires to be as successful, if not even more, than his idols. Furthermore, the rapper dreams of collaborating with big names in the industry to grow as an artist and reach wider audiences. 

Asked what motivates him to stay on top of his game, D.T.C cited his family. “I grew up in a single-parent household,” said the rapper. He witnessed his mother struggling to make ends meet by working several jobs. D.T.C grew up on food stamps and community food drives. Throughout his difficult circumstances, music became the rapper’s constant companion. “Freestyling and writing were my outlets to escape the harsh reality of poverty,” said the rapper.

Today, through his success in the music industry, D.T.C is paying back his mother and grandmother for all their sacrifices. Taking care of the two most important women in his life drives him to create more meaningful music. “They are my inspiration to why I’m pursuing this so strongly,” confessed the rapper.

Indeed, D.T.C possesses an unmatched dedication and talent that separates him from the rest of the pack. Among the industry’s noise, the rapper’s music fills the void for the need for fresh voices paired with humility. 

To learn more about the rapper D.T.C, visit his Instagram page and listen to his tracks on Spotify.

Kaden Asher Imparts Joy and Positivity to Fans Through His Music

At a time when all of the world is experiencing the dismal effects of the pandemic, there is a growing need for encouragement and inspiration among people. Singer, model, and entrepreneur Kaden Asher is extending positivity and happiness through his music and personal advocacies to help people cope in this challenging season. By putting a smile on their faces, the young artist hopes to lighten their burden and help them move forward in life. 

Born Randolph Stoughton, the Cincinnati, Ohio born artist, was first introduced to the world with the debut of his ever video on October 24, 2017. He was best known for his entertaining appearances on various streaming and social media platforms that include YouTube, Twitter, and live streams. People were instantly drawn to him due to his innate and uncommon humor plus his ability to empower listeners and viewers with his words. Kaden Asher has made a lasting impact on a lot of people. 

Eventually, the promising artist discovered his talent and deep love for music. He decided to pursue a career in the music industry, and his debut attracted the attention of some musical artists such as Molly Moore, who created her EP Piece of My Heart. With his determination to win the hearts of music fans worldwide, Kaden Asher released his first album called Rebirth on March 21, 2018. It was during this release that he gained the attention of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. 

On June 12, 2018, his second album Awakening was released much to the delight of his ever-growing following. On November 6 that same year, Kaden Asher introduced his third album to the world called Inverted Creations. In all of his music, his positivity and desire to impart happiness to his listeners are very evident. For him, he has a role to play where it concerns introducing his music to his fans. He wants his music to radiate hope, especially during times of despair. 

“If I can get somebody to smile then I would have fulfilled my main purpose not only as a businessman but as an influencer, actor, and musician. My company, my music, and my friends are focused on positive enlightenment, happiness, and encouragement to those who need them and those who may be struggling in their lives, who need that light at the end of the tunnel,” Kaden Asher explains. 

With over 30,000 views in his personal channel, it is safe to say that the admirable singer is making the world fall in love with his music, his charm, fun-loving nature, and charismatic personality. For Kaden Asher, making a connection with his fans is of utmost importance. He believes that all the fame in the world would mean nothing if fans are not able to see themselves in every song he creates. 

Aside from his music and company, Kaden is also actively involved in worthy causes. He has advocated and mentored countless individuals who are victims of domestic violence. He is also a passionate supporter of the LGBT movement. By keeping an open mind and a kind heart, Kaden Asher believes that it helps people to see things from the right perspective. 

Currently, Kaden Asher hopes to be able to connect with the younger generation to motivate them to be bold in pursuing their dreams regardless of the challenges along the way. By being a positive influence on young people today, he hopes to be able to contribute to raising a new generation of artists and influencers. 

Follow Kaden Asher on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about his latest projects. Check out his Spotify account to listen to his music. 

Randy Boo Releases GFY Remix for Late Chi Chi DeVayne

It was just in February when Randy Boo and Chi Chi DeVayne released their collaboration titled “GFY.” The upbeat track is an inspiring anthem for LGBTQI individuals. However, what was supposed to be a celebration of living life to the fullest by not listening to cynics took an unfortunate turn.

A few weeks ago, Chi Chi lost a battle against pneumonia at the age of 34. The fans and friends of the celebrated entertainer were saddened by her passing, including Randy. In honor of the RuPaul’s Drag Race star, the new independent artist produced the remix of their track, complemented by an edited music video. The song is available on all music platforms, including YouTube and SoundCloud.

Born in the Philippines, the 34-year-old Randy Boo has always had a penchant for music. He said that he realized his love and passion for music ever since he was still young. Moreover, he claims that he can feel the rhythm in everything, in the music, and in the world.

Boo has an impressive skill set that equips him for the challenging music industry. The Filipino can sing, rap, dance, and produce music. Apart from that, he writes lyrics, models occasionally, and has acted in some films.

Most artists release music that has lyrics that are close to their hearts. The subject of the lyrics can be about love, race, growing up, struggles, politics, etc. As for Randy, it is something that he is loud and proud of: the LGBT community. With the lyrics of the music he has released being relatable to the LGBT community, it is no wonder why his audience is mostly individuals that belong there. Moreover, his music video and his stint as a host in Gay Town Hall has attracted more listeners.

However, he also said that regardless of sexuality, his music is a universal craft. According to Randy Boo, even individuals that are in their 30s can relate to his music.

Raised in Denver, the fresh artist has also used his skills in different platforms. He has opened for big stars. Randy has worked for Todrick Hall, Jussie Smollet, and Dev. Additionally, he has been part of a band, Echo V, where he stayed for three years.

Randy Boo’s previous works do not just end there. Boo has graced the cover of two magazines. Impressively, he landed a lead role in an indie film. Apart from his hosting duties in Gay Town Hall, Randy has strutted his wares in Hey Qween, where he was a dancer for the show.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, Randy has made quite a presence on social media platforms. Currently, Boo is an HIV tester. Also, he can speak two languages, Filipino and English, and this is partly because he is a citizen of the Philippines and was raised in the US.

With music that has relevant lyrics and relatively lengthy experience in the entertainment industry, Randy is all primed to step up his game.

Check out his website or visit his Instagram account for more information.

AMG Task Ready to Take on the World with His Music

The hip-hop world has seen its fair share of distinctive artists. And the music world is in for another unique treat as Christopher Patterson, aka AMG Task, gets ready to put his music out there.

The twenty-four-year-old musical artist is a character with a style and flavor, unlike any other. With his wild colored hair, gothic fashion, and highly explosive hip-hop beats, Task is always turning heads wherever he goes. Chris’ roots start in Philadelphia, though he would move to Atlanta, Georgia, with his brother, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother when he was six years old. From a very young age, he’s always loved music. He started out playing the drums at church when he was only eight years old.

To AMG Task, music is his main form of expression. He uses music to convey his deepest feelings and communicate messages to people who wouldn’t understand him, especially at face value. One thing that separates Chris as an artist is that he isn’t out to compete with anyone. “I’m doing what I love and what I feel is best for me,” Task shares. “I can’t compete with a person like me no matter how good or better someone is at something. I’ll always see myself as the first place or number one.”

Apart from his music, Task is an avid entrepreneur. He loves starting business ventures and has gotten good at it. His latest business venture is a clothing brand called Not Friendly. The apparel features a unique clothing line with some of the loudest statements and designs by a musician-started business venture. Not Friendly features everything from T-shirts, tank tops, full tracksuits, men and women’s fitness wear, hoodies, turtlenecks, and even thongs. 

AMG Task has built a solid social media following, especially on Instagram. He is a little bit shy of the 24,000 mark in terms of Instagram followers and still growing until today. His masterful tracks have earned him a solid fan base that readily waits for his next track. On Spotify, the hip-hop artist has also built a significant level of success. He has over 3,800 monthly listens on the streaming platform. On YouTube, Task’s tracks have already reached over 57,000 streams in less than two years.

Task has released a barrage of hard-hitting songs. Some of his top tracks include the songs “Bishop,” “Late Nights,” “Eat Freestyle,” “Gorilla Warfare,” “Whiz,” “Tell You,” and “No Love,” to name a few. In late 2019, AMG Task launched a full album called Stepped On, containing twelve minutes of the writer and performer’s original tracks. AMG Task’s music has pulled in followers from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, and London.

Chris is more than ready to bring his music to the next level. The musician maintains that he has so much more to offer still and that his best music is still ahead of him. He also looks to keep launching new businesses. He’s invested in “Not Friendly Slays,” a new salon with a unique twist in recent days.

AMG Task looks to conquer more stages soon and silence naysayers with his punk hip-hop style and intricate lyrical work. To learn more about Task and listen to his music, follow him on Instagram and Spotify.

Jay Rector Taking On the Hip-Hop Music World by Storm

Marshall, Missouri-based musician and producer Jay Rector is only 22 years old. And while he has a whole life ahead of him to pursue his true passions, he’s had a considerably good run. The independent artist has worked hard to release song after song. Today, that hard work is finally paying off as he starts to reap the benefits of burning the midnight oil. 

The artist is best known for his smooth hooks and serious club hitters. He’s a fast learner who believes that God is in the details. These skills have helped him develop hard-hitting tracks. Today, Jay’s work builds up and is becoming a staple in the Missouri hip hop world and beyond. 

“I merged my love for producing, writing, and recording in a way that defines me best,” shares Jay Rector. The producer has already crossed paths with some of the biggest names in the hip hop scene at a young age. He has worked with Taylor Gang’s Producer Ricky P, who helped him piece together “Take It Up a Notch,” one of his most notable songs to date. Jay has also done collaborative work with artists like Kendo, Aaron Wilder, Peter $un, Casper, Trip Carter, and TrillMentee. He has exposed himself to as many artists and producers as possible and has been key to his growth and development both on the business and artistic side. 

When asked about what drives Jay, he refers readily to his brother. The musician’s sibling passed away tragically years back. Yet Jay Rector always looks back to the legacy that his brother left in his life. “He told me if producing music was one of my first career ideas and I truly love music, that would be my ideal route.” Jay remembers fondly. Today, Jay pursues music success without fear, knowing that he has his brother watching over him. 

The musician from Marshall has a drive and dedication that is unmatched. Hence, the artist has built up a stable fanbase that follows him, believing that Jay is one big wave away from making it into today’s mainstream hip hop circles. Jay is not one to take “no” for an answer and jumps on every opportunity to grow his network and further push his music. Jay Rector has made the full transition from a kid with an idea to a man with a solid foundation for a musical brand that is sure to leave a dent in the music industry.

One of Jay’s more successful albums is the record entitled, “Think Less, Feel More.” The artist launched the album, which has 11 high-level tracks back in 2019. The album included songs such as “Put Me on the Map,” “What’s the Move,” “No Reason,” “Feel It,” “Unstoppable,” “How It Is,” “Coming Up,” “Take It Up a Notch,” “On My Mind,” “Low Low,” and “Free Mind.” 

Jay has also released music videos for some of his songs, including “Man In The Mirror,” “Reflections,” “Sleeping,” “This Boy,” and “Ridin’.” The artist’s YouTube channel has started picking up increasing traction. Jay’s videos now have over 27,000 views on YouTube.

Jay Rector now has a total of 16 albums he has produced in his 5 years of music. And it seems he has no plans of relenting soon. As much as Jay has achieved in record time, the artist still looks to deliver more. The artist is already making plans to join music tours and create a studio in Marshall to add to the over 60 tracks he has already released.

To listen to Jay Rector’s music and follow his work, check out his official website and Spotify.

Back on Track: Mex-Am rapper Wayz’s Road to “Mexcellence”

Greatness is not always defined by what you become. There is higher respect for people who were never born with a silver spoon, yet still made something of themselves in their later life. The truth is what we merit as success varies from one another. Sometimes, it can be what promising rapper Michael Ortiz also known as “Wayz World” or just “Wayz” refers to as, “Mexcellence.”

Mexican excellence, when contracted, forms the hybrid word “Mexcellence.” It is Wayzs’s tribute of his origins, the Mexican-Americans in the country. He was born in Chicago and raised in Tampa Florida. But he is prouder to declare that he is the 3rd generation from his family of Latinos who settled in the US.

As a concept, “Mexcellence” is a term Wayz used for his philosophy on how to excel. He believes that being raised in the streets is what led him to his present achievements. He never denied that he began in the streets. As a matter of fact, he is proud that he did. Wayz admits that his early exposure in a challenging environment made him strive for success and prosperity.

Naturally, his target listeners for his music are theMexican-American consumers of rap, hip hop, pop, and street culture. With them having the same ethnicity and circumstance, Wayz figured that his sound is the most authentic portrayal of his group’s shared experience of difficulties. As of now, there is no mainstream representation of them and the problems they face. After the tension involved in the Mexican-American border, Wayz believes that there is no better time than now to reach out to this untapped niche. Through his fresh and unrestrained style of creating tunes, he wants to highlight the issues surrounding it and share it with the world.

His original take on urban lifestyle and his membership on a minority group led him to his debut album, “Machine.” Launched on October 25, 2019, this album is Wayz’s first independently recorded work. He tells us that “Machine” embodies what has become of us all as participants in society — “the soulless version of yourself.” Worldly demands of our everyday routine can turn us into mechanical, heartless beings who no longer think nor feel, but do. “Machine” is his appreciation of this occurrence in a person’s life. Although often left unnoticed by many, what can be mundane can be an inspiration for music. Through Wayz’s single, it can even be your after-work companion to destress.

He believes that this album caters to a unique and specialized audience in the market. At the surface, it can be just mirroring the pain in the mundane. However, a deeper appreciation of his sound can be interpreted to actually promote positivity. With his personal life view of excellence, Wayz’s music, combined with his life philosophy, can even be a fresh and different take on success in life.

Drifting away from the cutthroat workplace and fast-paced lifestyle is a must nowadays. Let “Machine” and its singles entertain you. Access Wayz’s album and his merch on this website:

Voiceveray is Ohio’s Most Exciting Gospel Artist, Audio Engineer, and Entrepreneur

Straight out of Columbus, Ohio, Voiceveray is an artist that deserves a spotlight in greater stages. He is one of the most versatile artists, shifting to different styles when the need arises. Whether hip-hop, rock, rap, R&B, classic, country, or soul, Voiceveray can easily navigate different genres. In his career, he’s released several songs, including an EP that serves as a heartfelt tribute to his mother. 2020 is a big year for Voiceveray as he storms the music industry with a record label that he founded, Voices Choices Studios.

With a passion and a mission, Voiceveray embarks on a journey to change people’s lives with his music. He is a faithful believer and a preacher of the Word of God. He believes that when he uses this, he can touch each of his listeners’ hearts and souls. And he does. Ever since Voiceveray was young, he’d perform on different events, gracing listeners with a voice that they have never heard before. Voiceveray grew up with immense musical influence and strong faith in God, but he was about to be tested.

After the death of his mother, Voiceveray was on the rocks. However, he got out of his predicament by leaning to his family, God, and his music. That is when he produced Tales of Mother. He wrote four soulful songs that spoke about tragedies, coping, and rising after a storm. It resonated with many listeners, and they are asking for more. To further his career, he decided to run a record label company independently. Thus came the birth of Voices Choices Studios.

Voiceveray is unique in every way. Aside from being an accomplished rapper and singer, he engineers, mixes, and masters his songs. His expertise does not even end there. He also has a background in graphic design, beats production, and film directing. Because of this, he is famous in Ohio as a jack of all trades.

Coming to the music industry with his record label, Voiceveray is optimistic that something great awaits him. He is currently collaborating with like-minded artists who share the same dream with him. Voices Choices Studios is on a quest for premium quality sound. The label wants every song they drop to have a deeper meaning, feature excellent vocals, and move people.

Amid the pandemic, Voiceveray has found a means to take his entrepreneurial venture a notch higher. Voices Choices Studios released a line of signature face masks that immediately clicked among fans. The stocks were sold within just days after its release. Now, the merchandising arm of the record label expands its horizon with signature shirts, hats, and joggers.

Truly, Voiceveray is a force to be reckoned with within the industry. He will eventually make it to the charts; his family and peers are sure of that. With a unique sound unlike any other and the pure intention to use his music to inspire others, he is an artist that people should look forward to.

For more of Voiceveray and his latest drops, follow him on Instagram and YouTube. For more information about Voices Choices Studios, visit their website.