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Philly’s Own Jimmy Dasaint Is Aiming to Dominate the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one of those most unshakeable industries that preserve the tradition of old entertainment but welcomes the twist of the new one. With all the hypes of the moment, it is challenging to maintain an overall satisfactory status in this industry. As for Jimmy Dasaint, his passion and drive continue to preserve his company’s real purpose in the entertainment industry. Jimmy Dassaint dominates the entertainment industry by manifesting some traits and characteristics not every CEO has.

Jimmy Dasaint is the CEO of Dasaint Entertainment, a company that manages artists, produces concerts, books, and films. He is also an award-winning and bestselling author with over 25 published books in the urban genre. His creativity flows in every work he does, and he always makes sure his target audience sees it.

Jimmy is known for a lot of work. He has a debut of a directed feature film “Karma Effect,” released in the late months of 2020. His documentary “American Hustler” is also currently streaming on different platforms online, including Amazon Prime. 

Jimmy is also the manager of Rulla, one of the hottest new hip-hop stars from Philly. Currently, he wrote and directed a new feature film, “You Only Live Once” featuring all the Philly soundtrack and cast, which will be released in early 2021. 

His company is a multi-entertainment company that makes him one of the most influential people in the industry. His potential, perseverance, determination, and talent help many artists of every kind. Jimmy also does concerts and other entertainment events for adults and children alike. 

As recalled in one separate interview, Jimmy believes that “Hustle or Die” must be his motto in life. He has this unshakeable motivation and inspiration that keeps him on the ground but still reaching for the stars. And the best part is, JImmy does not need the push and the influence coming from other people to dictate him to do his best. Instead, Jimmy is usually self-motivated. His motivation roots from his inner being and transcends to the various artists he is working with, making him very influential.

Five years from now, Jimmy still envisions Dasaint Entertainment as one of the top leading multi-entertainment companies that are a force throughout the urban or hip hop industry. Looking back at all his struggles, sacrifices, setbacks, and series of unfortunate circumstances, Jimmy wants to share with the world the kind of man that leads his company. He wants to show them how all of these things molded him into the best version of himself. 

Jimmy believed that it was also the Grace of God that made him surpass all he needed to get through. Jimmy was also able to serve ten years in federal prison, which makes his story nothing but life-changing. He was shot ten times in 1997, and these circumstances never stopped him from improving himself and going further in life. Instead, Jimmy viewed these events as a force that drove him to start Dasaint Entertainment and dominate the entertainment industry, which he is doing right now and for the years to come.

If you want a glimpse of Jimmy Dasaint’s life and his company, you may visit this website.

Barbara Sanchez: The Self-Taught Publicist Behind the Success of the Stars

While emerging as an artist in the entertainment industry can be difficult, being someone behind the success of such artists has its own set of challenges. When Barbara Sanchez first emigrated to the country, she did not know the language. The same circumstances were present when she decided to make a career in the entertainment industry. Still, Barbara strived and learned through the process, knowing her passion well and where it could take her.

Barbara Sanchez is known in the public relations field for many things, but best for her work ethic and dedication. She works harder than anyone to rise above others in the entertainment industry and has “sacrificed a lot to get to the top.” Additionally, her compassion and authenticity are appreciated by celebrities she has worked with. Barbara treats her clients like family. She considers their success as hers and takes satisfaction in seeing how her clients’ career has grown to great heights in the business.

Today, Barbara Sanchez is one of the most coveted publicists and entrepreneurs in the scene. Over the last 14 years in the industry, she has worked with top-tier personalities and embraced innovations such as social media. Barbara is among the pioneers of publicists who utilized and maximized the digital space and social media platforms for their clients in a time where many were hesitant to welcome change.

Her perseverance to make her clients succeed indeed separates her from the rest. Barbara Sanchez has been affiliated with celebrities such as Chris Massey, Hana Giraldo, Kyle Massey, Stevie Williams, and Keith Sweat. Her professionalism has been pivotal in the success of many, from actors, music artists, to influencers. Barbara is recognized for rejuvenating her clients’ image from negative to positive, paving the way for them to land more opportunities.

Recently, Barbara Sanches collaborated with her business partner Patricia Torres to handle the in-house public relations team for Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoop’s Army, a booking agency created by the iconic Snoop Dogg and CEO Bobby Dee. Before such a venture, Barbara has also coordinated and produced notable fashion shows, special events, movie premieres, and red carpets in some of Hollywood’s most sought-after venues. 

Furthermore, Barbara has made several TV appearances in famous shows, including The Steve Harvey Show, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and WE TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop. On top of that, she was featured in a documentary about the struggles of single mothers called Discovering Our Mothers, directed and produced by Justin Waroyo.

Besides being a talented publicist, Barbara Sanchez is also a strong activist. She was invited to be part of the wonderful panel and served as a speaker for the I Am That Woman Network. Barbara uses her career and influence to amplify worthy causes to wider audiences. She advocates against domestic violence and fights for farmworkers who experienced injustice.

Barbara is a proud member of various organizations such as the Bella Foundation, The UFW, and is a supporter of The Dolores Huerta Foundation. 

Asked what she wants others to know in pursuing one’s passion, Barbara Sanchez said, “When you have a passion, enjoy it.” She emphasized that some would react negatively to one’s passion, but any dreamer should be determined to pursue it. “It might take years so you have to push yourself and work toward it because it will happen for you.”

Learn more about Barbara Sanchez on Instagram.

TCA Entertainment’s Antonio Moorman Making Dreams a Reality

Antonio Moorman was a former US Navy before he would go on to change the world. At the beginning of his journey, he only had one thing that kept him going: to make a difference in the lives of those who can’t make one for themselves. This pushed him to step on his gas and drive toward this mission.

With nothing to his name, Antonio went to Georgia. He was then offered a job as a public school teacher. At that point, he believed it was his stepping stone to finally do something significant with his life. That moment came unexpectedly when he found himself mentoring high school students and bonding with them through music. For Antonio, he wanted to go beyond just encouraging his students. 

After realizing the potential most of his students had, he wanted to support them as much as he could. So he used his own money to let his students record in a studio and allowed them to get creative, which then kept them off the streets. Days into going into the studio, he realized he needed to do something about it. And that’s how TCA Entertainment began.

He then managed students who wanted to pursue a career in music. The road to making all this possible was tough. Getting the right connections and finding funding to make it through was one of the setbacks that Antonion faced. However, this did not limit him and his desire to make dreams into success. 

Asked what’s the secret to overcoming many challenges, Antonio shares, “TCA Entertainment always has a plan.” “You don’t need a complex plan to make a business. But you should have a plan that is well thought out and executed,” he adds. TCA stands for Take Charge Always, and this has consistently become a mantra for Antonio and whatever he does. For one, he believes in the leaders who are decisive when it comes to steering the organization on the right course. “We also know how to build strong relationships and provide open communication with our artists and employees,” he explains. “We motivate our team and hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability. We take risks.” And these risks, with his tenacity, perseverance, and hard work, have made all the difference. 

Because of this, TCA and Antonio were able to get themselves a distribution deal through Roc Nation and Universal Music Group, and the rest is history. From just supporting the dreams of his students, Antonio grew TCA Entertainment into success. “The thrill of seeing [TCA Entertainment] grow and thrive beyond our wildest dreams is what keeps me motivated and excited every day,” says Antonio.

Today, through the leadership of Antonio, it would come as no surprise when TCA Entertainment finally becomes a household name. With his game-changing vision of helping artists achieve their dreams, whatever Antonio set his heart to, he can do.To learn more about TCA Entertainment, follow them on Instagram.

Joe Louis Is a Jack of All Trades in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Joe Louis is an international musician, songwriter, music producer, sound engineer, and a rising musical manager. He is quickly becoming known as a jack of all trades in music and entertainment as he is dominating every aspect of these industries.  He has also worked with top artists and personalities such as Maroon 5, The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Stacy Barthe, Bria Lee, AceBKing, Brazil’s João Marcos, Canada’s Dave Mac, and many more.

His musical passion began at a young age when he developed the special ability to play music by ear. At ten years old, Joe Louis quickly became a multi-faceted musician developing skills to play various instruments and becoming a live audio engineer at his parents’ church. His love for music led him to pursue a career in the music industry through Full Sail University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production. 

Since then, Joe Louis has explored every aspect of the music and entertainment industry. He has excelled as a singer and songwriter with several singles expected to dropin 2021. He has also mastered producing music not only for himself but also for other artists such as Dave Mac, LDE Whyte, and NailahAyann. Moreover, he has also ventured into A&R, developing and managing artists, and working with radio stations. 

All these endeavors led to Joe Louis becoming more than well-rounded and an upcoming entrepreneur in the music and entertainment industry. His mastery for each aspect of the industry fueled his decision to establish Joe Louis Entertainment, an entertainment company that caters to music, film, and TV, and digital and live events. At present, his company has helped and guided several artists in climbing their way to the top!

What motivated Joe Louis to build his brand was his unique and authentic vision. After getting in touch with several professionals and explaining to them how he desired to build a creative  brand that allowed him to be in multiple lanes, he was often told that he could not build that kind of brand. But he made this possible. Today, he sits as a rising singer, music producer, sound engineer, artist manager, and music consultant. 

It is his impressive skill set, versatility, and creativity that keeps him ahead of others. His capability of working with a wide range of musical genres, including pop, hip-hop, and even classical music, sets him apart from the rest. Moreover, his creative versatility has also helped him achieve excellent results for Joe Louis Entertainment leading him to produce a chart-topping album in Canada, Dave Mac’s “Anything.”

Recently, Joe Louis partnered with Sosani Agency to become the executive producer for AceBKing’s music, an influencer who has gone viral on several social media platforms. He has also been working on producing and engineering music for Bando Pop; a rising hip-hop star signed to JustGold Records, a label backed by Caroline and Capitol Records.

Soon, Joe Louis hopes to make an even bigger name for himself. The committed and determined musician-entrepreneur is tirelessly collaborating with creators from Brazil, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, and other parts of the world in creating a global brand for himself. 

Learn more about Joe Louis and his works and services by visiting his official website.