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Rising Artist Jessie Berg Captivates the Audience With Her Versatility and Authentic Music

The music scene is a highly competitive and cutthroat industry. With so many individuals aspiring to make it big, it can be pretty hard to stand out. However, one gifted artist is making waves for her one-of-a-kind versatility and incredible range—Jessie Berg.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley, the talented young woman is on a meteoric rise to stardom. Taking inspiration from her vibrant personality, she is known for her distinct vocals and for creating captivating songs.

As the musician insightfully explained, “I try to convey emotion through my voice. There are moments where I’m calm and chill, but I’m also hyperactive. There’s no in-between. I’m drastically different—either super relaxed or very energetic. Depending on the day, I’m everything.”

Jessie Berg first broke out of the music industry in 2019 with her hit debut single “Monster.” The track earned hundreds of thousands of streams and even caught the attention of The Hype Magazine, which gave nothing but praise for the artist.

The magazine said, “Jessie Berg is a true model for women to feel empowered to talk about real issues, feelings, and ideas with confidence.”

In 2021, the singer-songwriter worked with producers Jordan Omley and Mike Summers for her second single, “Faithful to Toxic.” Since its release, the song has generated over 224,000 streams on Spotify and 500,000 on YouTube.

Talking about the process of making the track and her experience with the industry professionals, the young musician shared, “We didn’t think twice about anything. The songs just came out immediately. We were all on the same page in terms of the writing and the production.”

After the resounding success of her first two projects, Jessie Berg dropped the EP Stages, which contains three tracks, “Pray,” “Safe Space,” and “Stages” in the same year. The mini-album perfectly reflects the singer’s versatility, with each song having a unique message. 

“Safe Space” features a nervous beat with sincere confessional-style lyrics exploring her past anxiety episodes. On the other hand, “Pray” is more of a warning to “be careful what you wish for.” Finally, “Stages” highlights deeply personal lyrics as she explores her tendency to retreat from others. 

Because of her passion for her craft and innate musical prowess, the artist has earned the admiration of fans and music enthusiasts. As a testament to her success, she has racked up over 2 million cumulative streams and received critical acclaim from several organizations. On top of that, she has amassed a significant following on her Instagram.

There is no doubt that Jessie Berg is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next prominent artist. But as she continues to rise to the top, she is committed to staying true to herself and her story. As the wise young musician profoundly explained, “When you hear my music, I want you to be like, ‘That was definitely Jessie.’ So it’s important for me to create a sound and vibe for myself. At the same time, I want to be a voice to make you feel.”

Haley Rosenthal Showcases Her Vocals in Her Newest Single “Tic Tac Toe”

Growing up in Sarasota, FL, where she was constantly surrounded by art, performing had been a part of her life as long as she could remember. Although she grew up with Musical Theatre, her foundation as a performer stems from dancing. She started taking ballet classes when she was 2 years old and then branched out from there, adding Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Lyrical dance. When she was about 6 years old, she started taking acting and piano lessons, and by the time she was 9, she was composing and writing her own songs.

Rosenthal’s newest release is a true Top 40 Radio classic, bringing a production that grabs the listeners’ attention and follows with a powerful vocal melody that holds you until the last note.  “Tic Tac Toe,” the title to this creation, is able to take the listener on a journey, while still staying true to its roots as a singer/songwriter based tune.

After recently graduating from Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music, Rosenthal immediately moved to New York City to pursue her artistic endeavors.  Using social media platforms to connect with other artists in New York City was a huge plus for this artist, getting together with other talented writers and musicians was just the fuel needed to bring this newest single to life.

“I make music from my heart, I write lyrics with personal meaning as I enjoy music that feels real to me so I wanted to deliver that to my fans, something they can personally connect with”, says Rosenthal.  This belief is what drives this artist to achieve what many others find impossible.  Staying close to the song, from its concept to its musical inception, right to the final lyric.

2022 is a bright star on the horizon for Rosenthal, she is currently working on her EP and plans to release it sometime around mid summer, coming off the growing success of “Tic Tac Toe.”  From a small town in Florida to the city that never sleeps, this artist is just getting started.

Learn more about Rosenthal by following her on Instagram.

Goddess Glo Conveys the Spirit of Patience as She Uses Her Platform to Give Back to the Community

Fame and immortality await people who are brave enough to take the long and arduous road to a career in the music industry. With so many names joining the roster daily, it can be intimidating for most people to put themselves out there as they fear failure. However, Glo Anqunette has built a career performing under her stage name Goddess Glo and strives to inspire the next generation to take the risk.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Glo Anqunette spent her life surrounded by blinding lights. Her parents divorced when she was aged 5 and her single mother had to raise her alone. Regardless of these challenging circumstances, her ambitious spirit still took over.

With the city chock full of talented people, she started yearning for a life where she could live out her days doing what she loved — singing. But life was not going to give her that willingly. Realizing there was much work to do, Glo set it upon herself to build her own path. Growing up in hardship, there were moments when it seemed as if yielding was the only option she had, but Glo was determined to realize her goals. “Never give up is always the motto,” she proudly shared.

While most people dream of a music career to pursue their passion, Glo wanted to do more than revel in praises for her talent. Music is her greatest passion, but Glo wanted to go beyond and impact the community. Having gone through difficult situations, she knew what it was like to be in unfavorable circumstances. To achieve this goal, Glo studied at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, obtaining a BA in Urban Affairs, minoring in History, and acquiring her AA in public relations.

Since then, Glo Anqunette took the opportunity to indulge in her love for music. Taking the stage name Goddess Glo, she has been performing since 2011. Early in her music career, Goddess Glo started practicing her passion for giving back to the community by working as a substitute teacher. Her work saw her collaborating with the youth step team and BSU Black students union.

As an artist, Goddess Glo thrives performing hip-hop, pop, R&B, and country-pop. She strives to create music that her listeners can connect with. Goddess Glo takes pride in writing her own music and has opted to avoid cursing in her songs. “In today’s times, we see so many people have material written for them,” she explained, “But does it truly connect the artist with the work?”

As her career moved towards the direction she wanted, Goddess Glo created her company Glowing Star Media to hold community events and concerts. The company provides quality creative services that involve PR coverage, PR building, crisis management, event coordination, and marketing. Since its creation, Glowing Star Media has been building and promoting brands with custom-made solutions that uplift her clients.

By 2017, the community-driven artist started the notion of Music with Fashion. Multi-talented, Goddess Glo exercised her talent as a seamstress and stylist by creating her own performance outfits to contribute to her musical statements.

While the road may have been long, Goddess Glo is jovial to have reached her goals. However, she believes that it is only the beginning as she strives to make her name known to the world, not just for her music but also her humanitarianism.

Learn more about Goddess Glo by visiting her official website. You can also reach out to her by following her on Instagram.

Aierion Fisher Tugs at the Heartstrings of Listeners With Her Soulful Artistry

Gone are the days when music was seen merely as a source of leisure and entertainment. Time and again, talented individuals and brilliant souls have proven that the craft also serves as a mode of self-expression and a channel for deep emotions. In the case of up-and-coming artist Aierion Fisher, it is shown that music does not only pass through people’s ears but dwells in their hearts as well. 

On a mission to touch the lives of listeners from across the globe, Aierion Fisher taps into her musical flair and unleashes it to the world. Through her remarkable talent and creative vision, she demonstrates how music can be used as a vessel of heartfelt messages and a tool for creating meaningful connections. As she goes along her journey, she inspires aspirants and dreamers to be dauntless in the pursuit of their goals. 

Widely acknowledged for her outstanding musical skills and abilities, Aierion Fisher has always been passionate about her craft. As a matter of fact, the love she dedicates toward her artistry reflects in all of her works. Aside from her talent, the artist also serves as the much-needed voice for those who could use a little push in turning their dreams into reality. 

Aierion Fisher is an all-around artist known for expressing herself through music and writing. Through her craft, she allows others to resonate with her songs and feel heard with her artistic outputs. “I just want to be an advocate for others who, like me, came from nothing. With no mom or dad by my side, everything had been a struggle,” the artist shared. “People walked out on me, and all I had was God,” she added. 

Looking back, Aierion Fisher could not imagine going through all her previous experiences without God’s grace. When everything was dark and bleak, God’s shining love gave her light and guidance. For this reason, she uses her music as a way of showing how difficulties in the past can still lead to new beginnings and brighter days. Her craft enabled her to let go of what no longer served her and to welcome a new chapter in her life. 

As someone who has been through her fair share of trials and tribulations, Aierion Fisher uses her music to embolden aspiring individuals from all walks of life. She wants her listeners to know that anything is possible as long as they put their hearts and minds into conquering their endeavors and rising above adversities. True enough, her flourishing career is proof that nothing can get in the way of those who choose to be relentless with their pursuits. 

Although she is a woman of many talents, Aierion Fisher is most regarded for her heart of gold. The music landscape may already be saturated with hundreds and thousands of talented artists worldwide; however, this remarkable individual still manages to take center stage for overflowing with love and kindness. Indeed, this rising star is a rare gem in the industry. 

In the coming years, Aierion Fisher envisions herself at the pinnacle of her career. She believes that her burning passion and unwavering commitment toward her craft will get her far. Above anything else, this must-watch artist wants to continue tugging at the heartstrings of her listeners and show them that anything is possible. 

Learn more about Aierion Fisher here

Rising Star Valentina Ferrer Ignites the Music Industry with a Hot New Single, “Back It Up”

Strong, sexy, and powerful women have been dominating the music charts for the past few years. There’s an entirely different presence that they bring within the music industry that can never be replaced. Lately, more and more talented women have been cementing their positions in the industry and making their voices heard. Valentina Ferrer is one such musical artist who’s more than just a pretty face.

The fiercely creative 23-year-old musician has a massive following on social media. Her Instagram account alone has over 62,000 followers, and her music has garnered a lot of attention as of late. Initially immigrating to the United States when she was 15 years old, Valentina Ferrer left behind her life in her own country to start a new beginning in the land of opportunities.

She’s always been adamant about fostering her growth as a person. Throughout her stay in the United States, Valentina Ferrer has strived to grow, learn, and pursue her dreams of becoming a full-fledged artist. She’s had a lot of success over the years, and now she’s finally ready to spread her wings and conquer the music scene the best way she can.

Valentina Ferrer is coming into the scene hot with her brand-new single entitled “Back It Up.” The song is an absolute bop to listen to, captivating audiences through its catchy beats and Valentina’s unique and powerful vocals. Her music transmits positive energies to those that listen to it, and she always instills the themes of women empowerment through her songs.

Valentina Ferrer is extremely confident about her desire and vision to become a better version of herself each and every day. She is on a constant journey of growth and development, and it equally shows in the quality of the music that she puts out. Valentina is just getting started, but she’s already making waves inside and outside the music industry.

In the foreseeable future, Valentina Ferrer sees herself building upon her career and making music that gets better and better every day. She hopes to hone her craft even more and eventually become a household name within the international music scene. Apart from her music career and her aspirations of artistic success, she also sees herself most likely getting married with two beautiful children.

Valentina Ferrer hopes to travel the world and inspire other people to pursue their lifelong dreams, much like she has. She has taken a lot of risks that have paid off greatly, and she hopes that other people will draw some motivation from her actions and her music. It’s clear to see that success is in the immediate future of Valentina, as she continues to develop more and more as a genuine person. There’s no telling how far she’ll rise to the top, but it’s clear that she will eventually get there as the years go by. There’s nowhere to go but up for the remarkably talented and beautiful Valentina.

To know more about the amazing Valentina Ferrer, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Wahira Labelle Promotes Healing and Validation for Marginalized Communities and Refugees Using the Language of Music

After escaping from the civil war that ravaged Somalia, Wahira Labelle grew up in refugee camps. Unfortunately, because the country and its culture discriminated against the LGBTQ community, Wahira continued to experience difficulties. She was continuously ridiculed and sometimes even beat up. Worst of all, she was not recognized for who she was.

Eventually, she found her way to California. Wahira Labelle is a Black trans woman migrant and refugee. Her identity and lived experiences give her a unique insight into the intersection between racism, discrimination, displacement, and other issues that continue to plague modern society. Exposure to any of these can significantly affect individuals and communities. However, instead of looking at these issues in isolation, Wahira knows firsthand how these are interconnected. Only with such a comprehensive understanding of human nature can holistic steps towards positive change be accomplished.

For Wahira Labelle, the journey to change and healing starts with communication. Finding herself in a unique position, Wahira has searched for the best language to tell her story—a story that all displaced people share. Speaking five different languages certainly has helped Wahira advocate for the dignity and rights of the LGBTQ community and all marginalized groups.

It is in arts where Wahira Labelle truly found her voice. Art and music transcend the limitations of language, conveying universal thoughts, emotions, and experiences to a global audience. Music has been an essential part of Wahira’s journey to healing. In writing songs, she found a channel to express her pain and pour her heart out. More importantly, this language makes it possible for her story to be heard around the globe. She hopes that when her people listen to her songs, they feel validation and strength.

The artist, storyteller, and activist is acting as the voice for the voiceless, especially Black refugees. Wahira Labelle’s story and art remind the global community that refugees are humans too. Through lived experiences, she draws attention to these social and cultural issues with conciseness: discernment is real, and equality is essential.

Major networks and broadcasters have featured Wahira Labelle, her story of resilience, and her transformative art. These include BBC Africa, Blavity News, QueerEthiopia, and more. Having crossed borders and mountains to get to where she is today, Wahira focuses on spreading a message of hope. As long as life persists, people can hold on to hope despite the length of the journey. Wahira shares her hope with her audience that things will get better.

Wahira Labelle draws from the past to lead her people to a brighter future. She recognizes the amount of work that still needs to be done. But she moves forward in the position she has found herself in to advocate for Black minorities, refugees, and LGBTQ migrants. Wahira encourages those who feel displaced and unwelcome,  “Create your own tribe.” The famous line communicates her confidence in her community’s power to shape their destiny. Wahira also founded the Pause$Pose initiative for refugees.

For more information, please visit Wahira Labelle’s website.

Sean Kirkland AKA ArnStar Impacting Lives Through Music and Dance

The path to success is a long, narrow, and uphill road. However for Sean Kirkland, dancer, actor, rapper, and overall creative artist, his eyes have always remained on the prize, staying on course despite all obstacles to uphold the family legacy and mark his name in the historic hall of fame.

Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1991, Sean Kirkland famously known as ArnStar grew up on the streets of Harlem, where he was surrounded by art and culture. His culturally diverse upbringing greatly influenced his growth as a versatile entertainer. Even then, Arnstar was marked for greatness as he was born into a well-respected and multifarious family.

His late parents, Tara Kirkland and Sean Rucker a.k.a. Kippy Dee was well known for their indefatigable contribution to music and culture. His mother, Tara was a renowned singer while his father was a pioneer of Hip-hop culture (Rock Steady Crew) in the 80s highly praised for his unique style and fashion influence. After his parents’ passing, ArnStar was faced with numerous financial challenges but his head remained unbowed. 

His indomitable spirits coupled with the core beliefs instilled by his parents inspired him to pursue his passion for Hip-Hop music and carry on his father’s legacy. Working hard towards his goal, his diverse music style from hip-hop, pop, R&B, and dance music coupled with the innate ability to craft ingenious lyrics that highlight important subjects while still engaging his listeners in a captivating flow was instrumental in his rise to greatness.

Aside from his musical artistry, ArnStar is one of the pioneers of LiteFeet, an invigorating internationally acclaimed dance culture from Harlem. ArnStar at the helm of his team W.A.F.F.L.E. (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) has gained international recognition with a devoted fanbase in Japan, Paris, Argentina, Poland, and Toronto. They have performed alongside multi-platinum selling artists such as Swizz Beatz and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs; and have been featured on national television shows like The “Ellen” Show, The View, Access Hollywood, and Huffington Post.

Aside from his love for music and dance, ArnStar is a triple threat art combo as he discovered his natural talent in acting when he landed a supporting role in The Netflix Original Film “Roxanne Roxanne.” In the movie, he portrayed the legendary “MC Shan.” Later, he joined the cast of MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents “Wild N Out” in its eleventh season. He also made appearances in numerous commercials including a McDonald’s National campaign in 2017 which aired at The Superbowl, The Oscars, and The Grammys; and got featured in the Empire X Pepsi crossover ad. 

ArnStar is fully dedicated to giving back to his community and makes it his mission to facilitate a world where people have the freedom to express themselves with their talents and abilities. He is in close partnership with organizations such as Life Camp Inc (Queens), Guns Down Life Up (Bronx), National Action Network Youth Huddle (Harlem), and Zoe Youth Leadership (Upper West Side). Taking a step towards the future, ArnStar recently released his full-length album titled “Light Layers: Extended Spectrum.” He has also taken on the lead role in a new film entitled “Wheels,”  winning six awards including best narrative from both the audience and jury at the Woodstock Film Festival.

Five years from now, ArnStar sees himself as a successful entertainment entrepreneur ranging from music and film production to educational services directed towards the youth. He wants to remind everyone that limitations live only in the mind and if you can dream it, it is achievable.

To learn more about Sean Kirkland, a.k.a ArnStar, you may visit his website.

Clas A. Poet Leads the Youth in Regaining Hip-Hop Culture Through Poetic Music

Clas A. Poet champions the return to the roots of hip-hop culture. His music explores themes of change and justice, inviting listeners to consider points of view beyond their own.

Crishawn Washington, better known by his stage name Clas A. Poet, is a hip-hop artist and advocate. His early exposure to music and the challenges he faced because of his faith tradition shaped his journey to self-discovery. The artist demonstrated a musical inclination at a young age. Being the only child for 15 years, Clas A. enjoyed a strong bond with his mother and her taste in music. His passion for singing and dancing developed while listening to The Temptations, The Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson. 

Clas A. Poet stood out in school because of the religion he practiced. He experienced being teased, bullied, and increasingly feeling isolated. Clas A’s faith tradition also discouraged him from listening to hip-hop. However, a combination of familial influence and life events soon led him to rap music. Listening to Drake on the radio was especially helpful for young Crishawn to process negative experiences and build his self-esteem. When he finally started writing music, he became increasingly drawn to the wordplay of Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and other artists. Slowly, Clas A developed his skills and lyrical ability.   

The artist, who started as a casual listener, is now a fully-fledged student of hip-hop culture. Through his music, Clas A. Poet provides a variety of styles and thought-provoking concepts. Clas A. believes that the rap genre should welcome all people. Listeners detect the unmistakable heart and inspiration in his poetic songs.

Out of his recognition of the youth’s power to lead the future, Clas A. Poet created RAP Society. Founding the platform and community for rap artists is his direct reaction against the devolution of hip-hop culture. For years, Clas A. witnessed how capitalism has transformed hip-hop into nothing more than a celebration of materialism. He started the RAP Society movement to direct the next generation’s sights into the roots of their art. By sharing his insights, Clas A. hopes to regain the wide range of emotions and creativity that should characterize hip-hop.

“I want to unite people who just want to hear real music. We’ve compromised our values, and I want them back,” explains Clas A. Poet. The hip-hop artist gives voice to the underdogs and the unfortunate; his life experiences allow him to empathize with his audience deeply. Clas A. engages with his listeners in a way that encourages them to expand their perspectives in life.

Due to his deliberate stance against conforming to the mainstream, Clas A. Poet has received intense hatred and opposition. At times, these experiences have left him feeling discouraged. However, Clas A. views these challenges within the larger context of the ongoing spiritual war between the Black community and oppression. The artist remains optimistic by pursuing a higher purpose in his vocation while remembering to have fun through music. Clas A. maintains the use of hip-hop to express triumph and overcome tribulations. He embodies versatility, thoughtfulness, and style.

For more information, you may follow Clas A. Poet on Instagram.

Kinnu Cobain Is Determined to Dominate the Music Industry No Matter the Obstacle

The road to stardom is never easy. Oftentimes, the path is paved with obstacles and difficult situations that one must overcome in order to get where they need to be. Brandon Jefferson, better known by his rap name Kinnu Cobain, is no stranger to struggle. Before he reached the pinnacle of his successful rap career, he was met with a tragic situation that most people can’t recover from. 

Kinnu Cobain’s story begins at the age of eight years old. As a talented child, he had already been making music at such a young age. However, it was only until the age of 17 when he finally got the chance to record in a recording studio. From then on, the rising rap artist hasn’t looked back. Everything was smooth sailing, but tragedy suddenly struck when Kinnu was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October.

Instead of stepping on the brakes on his latest projects, Kinnu Cobain refused to stop. He has been on the rise these past few years, and he isn’t going to let some illness stop him from pursuing what he wants. “This year, I’m living my dream, owning a production company, launching my shoe line, promoting my music, getting the acknowledgment I deserve for my talents. All while battling this tumor, I refuse to let my illness stop me from pushing forward and doing big things that God has put me in the position to do,” explains Kinnu eloquently.

As the rising rap star continues to push forward with his dreams and projects, he hopes that more and more people will be motivated and inspired by his music and his actions outside of the music industry. Kinnu Cobain recently released a song entitled “Money, Power, Respect,” which was released on Grammy-nominated rap legend Da Brat’s mixtape entitled Hey Listen Up. The song was also featured on the front page of, amassing critical acclaim.

Nowadays, Kinnu Cobain continues to cement his position within the music industry as he appears in a variety of events across the country. His latest gig sees him opening for Diamond of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta on March 28, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, at The Ice Bar. Aside from his music career, Kinnu is also a celebrated actor, and he owns his own production company called MAKATTI Production.

Recently, Kinnu Cobain has been cooking up a brand-new release in the form of his own shoe line called MAKATTI COBAIN. The shoe itself is available now for pre-order, and audiences who love his music will definitely enjoy his custom-made merchandise. Back on the music side of things, he is set to release a brand-new single entitled “Brighter Days” on March 5, 2021, on his Soundcloud

The song speaks about the very important topic of suicide, helping spread awareness on it and the struggles that people face when encountering dark thoughts. “My music comes straight from the heart to my pen, and I’m just trying to reach fans’ hearts when they listen to my music,” explains Kinnu. He hopes that his new song will help people in their times of need and spark some inspiration within them to keep going.

In the near future, Kinnu Cobain knows that he will become a household name not just in the music industry but in the film and fashion industry as well. He is a true lyricist who wears his heart on his sleeve, baring it all for the entire world to see. Kinnu is a genuine musician who is inspiring thousands upon thousands of his fans all over the world. He is a rare gem that has become hard to find in the music industry today.

Listen to Kinnu Cobain’s music by dropping by his Soundcloud. For more live updates, make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Shoplift Spittz Rises Within the Music Industry to Tell His Story Through the Power of Music

Most artists draw heavily from their personal experiences to tell their genuine stories. Deon Williams takes this to another level by passionately crafting his music and carving out his lyricism from his own life. The talented musical artist reflects on his experiences and weaves together emotional songs that have managed to captivate audiences worldwide. He does all of this through his musical persona known as “Shoplift Spittz.” 

The rising musical artist recently released a single entitled “Distance,” which managed to captivate a large audience with over 300,000 views across massive streaming platforms. He even managed to be featured on the massive hip-hop platform World Star. “The culture is me, and I am it; I couldn’t imagine my life without music,” explains Shoplift passionately. “My purpose is to push the culture forward with my personal encounters through my music,” he adds.

Shoplift Spittz has experienced a host of trials and tribulations throughout his life. His father was a former member of the Four Tops, a famous American vocal quartet from Detroit, Michigan, who helped define the city’s Motown sound of the 1960s. Shoplift looked up to his father a lot, but tragedy struck when his father suddenly passed in his arms years ago. The experience became one of the many devastating experiences that impacted his life.

He considers it the ultimate loss in his life, which left him in a very dark place. Shoplift’s father had always encouraged him to never quit, so he picked himself back up and pursued his dreams with a fiery passion. “I knew there was more to life and didn’t want to disappoint my mom or those who have sacrificed to put me into better positions,” says Shoplift Spittz. “I realized something needed to change just didn’t know how to go about making the change happen.”

Eventually, Deon Williams started making music and has now become a celebrated artist in the music industry known as Shoplift Spittz. The renowned musical artist upholds an outstanding musical career under the local label Do Something Entertainment. He has worked and toured with various artists such as Fred Da God Son, Tabius Take, Obie Trice, Lil Boosie, 50 Cent, and many more. 

His experiences touring with music mogul Obie Trice have given him national and international recognition, which allowed him to do more through his media appearances. Apart from his musical career, Shoplift Spittz also pursued and launched his apparel and merchandise brand, SLVM LXRDZ, which will promote the same concepts as his music exuding positivity and success.

He is also an active youth mentor who teaches them music. Shoplift Spittz also joins an annual picnic that promotes youth safety, inspiring them through music and providing them with a more positive outlook on the future. Lately, the budding musical artist is cooking up his latest project; an album called Every Day Above Ground

The album stays true to Shoplift’s sheer artistry by reflecting on his real-life experiences as he recounts his growth by overcoming the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at him. “I’ve been through all this to get you through this very moment, to get you to this present time, to get you past your own scars, your own wounds, and your own fears; this is a reminder to you. Fear doesn’t control me!” explains the rising star.

Shoplift’s latest album also features Love and Hip-Hop’s Tabius Tate, with beats by Mr. T the Producer and engineering by Selasi Duse. It is a passion project that he is proud to unveil this coming February 21, 2021, followed by captivating visuals shot by filmmaker Jordan Garland. Old fans and new fans should be on the lookout for this astounding project that aims to captivate different fans with its diverse musical styles and genuine lyricism. 

For more information about Shoplift Spittz, make sure to visit his official website. Follow him on Instagram for more live updates.