Steph Lamonte Delves Deep on Political Issues Through His Music

Straight out of Queens, New York, Steph Lamonte is an up-and-coming MC who has headlined in multiple events at venues such as the Florida Theater of Jacksonville, The Comfort Zone in Toronto, Canada, as well as Summer Fest in Queens, New York. He has captivated thousands of fans with his music. He has garnered over 30,000 streams ever since he released his music independently four years ago.

Apart from having multiple gigs and various events, he has also been featured in various notable magazines such as Skilly online. Steph Lamonte is also a Spotify verified artist. He recently released a brand-new single called “Healthy,” which sold over 20,2000 streams within a single week. He then followed up the wave of his success with his latest album called And The Award Goes To.

Steph Lamonte has stayed in his own lane throughout his entire career. He has created and fostered an environment of positivity through his fascinating ability to showcase his vulnerability in a way that no other musical artist can.

He seamlessly weaves his childhood memories in the deep lyricism of his music. Steph Lamonte takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride from his early adolescence, where he maneuvers this thing called life in different directions. Whether it be a metaphoric correlation of how his love of basketball eventually came to an abrupt halt or whether it be his explanation for his constant spiritual battle of right and wrong, Steph Lamonte has everything for every listener out there.

Steph Lamonte started rapping with his family members and managed to build his way to rapping on his own. From his early career milestones, he now does everything by himself from engineering, videography, all the way to photography for his own brand.

With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, Steph Lamonte plans to continue his momentum and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. He has managed to engineer his own music and master it from the comforts of his very home. He has also managed to make a side profession of helping other artists engineer their music as well.

Steph Lamonte has sidelined as a videographer for other artists while he does all the video work himself for his own music. One of his latest releases talks about the social and political problems that African Americans face in this current political climate. The unique part about his song, though, is that he lays it all out from the perspective of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

His music appeals to a more socially aware crowd because he touches on politics and everyday struggles that people face, but he adds a touch of morality and self-awareness to it. Steph Lamonte stands above his peers because he is a hip-hop artist that makes music with a purpose; he even does so without cursing, which is a huge feat in today’s modern music landscape.

In the near future, Steph Lamonte sees himself deep in the music industry, where he sees his passion for music becomes fully sustainable. He wants his audience to know who he is as a person, and who Steph Lamonte is as a musician and an artist. He wants to establish a deep connection with his audience through his music.To follow Steph Lamonte on his musical journey, follow his Instagram and Spotify accounts.

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