Sound Alchemist Kaitlynn Tassone Advances Healing Through Sounds and Releases First EP “Hollywood Needs Healing”

Determined to help others overcome pain and trauma, KT the Alchemist is advancing a unique approach to natural healing through the power of music and sounds. Today, she is releasing her first-ever EP “Hollywood Needs Healing,” which features catchy beats with backlight art coupled with affirmations from the producer of the album and overall collaborator, URBVN. This collaborative experiment on sound therapy will be available on all major streaming and social media platforms.

Kaitlynn Tassone, more popularly known as KT the Alchemist, is an LA-based artist and life coach. She also still lives on the East Coast, and she founded the brand and community Transformational Tones. It was established after she first experienced sound healing in her journey toward overcoming anxiety. She concluded that natural healing was the best way to go, as this helped her most. With that in mind, Transformational Tones was created to empower others in dealing with pain and trauma through sound frequencies and music. 

For this sound alchemist, meditation, music, and coaching can spell out a huge difference in the lives of those needing to heal in one way or another. However, true healing through this approach can only be accomplished if the person is willing to put in the necessary work. Kaitlynn believes that the future of medicine is music, and the future of music is sound healing frequencies. 

Kaitlynn believes that everything in the universe is composed of vibrations. Diseases and illnesses are manifestations that signal that the body is not in harmony with its natural flow. In this situation, sound therapy becomes useful as this method allows a person to be back in sync with the rhythm of their body. From this notion, she is ready to explore and develop a “healing” genre in music.

In 2019, Kaitlynn presented at a New York Stroke Recovery Group, music festivals, and sound baths held on the East and West coasts. She also hosted and continues to host one-on-one coaching sessions with clients to help them make a significant transformation of their lives. She has also worked with well-known rappers such as Mod Sun and MGK. Currently, she continues to host sound baths online and offline while producing music on all major platforms. 

After moving to Hollywood, working on the EP, and being in touch with celebrities, she saw how the music and entertainment industry was drowning in drug overdoses, toxic ego, and so much darkness. This reality made her realize that Hollywood needs healing, and this inspired her for her first EP.

She is now dropping “Hollywood Needs Healing,” a collaborative track that features URBVN’s inspiring affirmations. URBVN, aside from being a producer and collaborator, is also KT’s music coach throughout this experience. He has been teaching her how to use her creative talents and not hide them, which ultimately led to them creating and releasing their art together. They are also both from Syracuse, New York, and they crossed paths again when they happened to find each other in LA. That’s when they organically started making music at his studio. 

This track follows the release of Jhene Aiko’s R&B album, which also features healing frequencies in the songs and topped the charts. This inspired Kaitlynn even more because it became clear that the music industry is now shifting and appreciating the power of sound healing frequencies. 

In the end, Kaitlynn believes that real change in the world can be achieved by supporting one another. Collective action is required for humanity to shift into something greater. As for her, she will be doing her part through her passion for music by continuing to promote sound healing frequencies.

Learn more about Kaitlynn Tassone by visiting her website. Check out her Music as well.

Glenda Drewery
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