Serial Entrepreneur Marcia Robertson Saves Lives with Nonprofit Complete 360 Life Reconstruction Change Organization

Police brutality and gang violence are just some of the nightmares that have plagued society. Determined to flip the script, serial entrepreneur Marcia Robertson has stepped in with “Nonprofit Complete 360 Life Reconstruction Change Organization.”

Born in 1963 and from Watts, Los Angeles County, California, Marcia “Og Big MaMa” Robertson has seen a lot of violence in her life. Growing up on the Eastside, the celebrated entrepreneur had witnessed countless episodes of police brutality and bloodshed. After years of seeing the same scenes with changing actors, Marcia has only one thing to say.

“My saying is, it’s not where you have been or been through,” she shares. “It’s about where you’re going and what you’re going to do in life to be accountable.”

A shining example to her audience, Marcia Robertson began providing for herself after her father died when she was only seven years old. At a tender age, Marcia had to work hard and put food on the table. Although financial problems accompanied her on the way home, the serial entrepreneur kept striving until success shined down on her.

The year 1989 marked the beginning of Marcia “Og Big MaMa” Robertson’s undeniable impact on the music industry. She launched her first record label, “Big MaMa Records & Productions,” where she established the first rap group out of Watts, California. 

The following years would be a flurry of activity and success. Marcia went on to branch out in fashion with Daf Apparel and entertainment with the Billionaires Performance Club and Flatland Entertainment. 

Through her ventures, Og Big MaMa has helped and inspired countless people to reach for their dreams. “I really love helping artists work on their craft and keep them out of trouble. I work hard, am loyal, and always do my best to help others accomplish their goals, and, at 57, I’m still working on reaching mine.”

After 30 impressive years in the music industry and a dream to do more, the brilliant entrepreneur decided to launch a nonprofit organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extending her hand and reaching farther, Marcia “Og Big Mama” Robertson has established the NonProfit Complete 360 Life Reconstruction Change Organization. In the organization, Marcia focuses on helping build financial stability and strength against change. 

“We are going to have vocational training and peer coaches to guide and help people be successful in any way possible,” she reveals. 

Through etiquette and career guidance classes, the nonprofit organization equips individuals with the essential tools to secure employment, such as dressing and speaking correctly. Taking it a step further, Marcia has also prepared therapy services with an on-call therapist for those who need it. They will also offer help with childcare, since reliable responsible child care is an issue for a lot of young or older single parents. Also, they will be helping housing, which they believe is important to help people get back to being responsible and contributing to society.

“The youth have to realize early in life that hard work pays off and to listen to what a person is saying. Always pay attention and be humble,” Marcia Robertson says, sharing the message that her organization promotes. “I had to work on different ways to be able to help my community, and I’m striving hard for change.

“We have to change the way people think and see certain things to accomplish certain goals.”

Reach out to serial entrepreneur Marcia “Og Big MaMa” Robertson and witness as her organization saves and improves lives. Learn more about NonProfit Complete 360 Life Reconstruction Change Organization by visiting Og Big MaMa’s accounts on Facebook (Marcia Robertson,)  Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (UrbanRealityTv), or through her official website. You can also reach out by sending an email to

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