Randy Boo Releases GFY Remix for Late Chi Chi DeVayne

It was just in February when Randy Boo and Chi Chi DeVayne released their collaboration titled “GFY.” The upbeat track is an inspiring anthem for LGBTQI individuals. However, what was supposed to be a celebration of living life to the fullest by not listening to cynics took an unfortunate turn.

A few weeks ago, Chi Chi lost a battle against pneumonia at the age of 34. The fans and friends of the celebrated entertainer were saddened by her passing, including Randy. In honor of the RuPaul’s Drag Race star, the new independent artist produced the remix of their track, complemented by an edited music video. The song is available on all music platforms, including YouTube and SoundCloud.

Born in the Philippines, the 34-year-old Randy Boo has always had a penchant for music. He said that he realized his love and passion for music ever since he was still young. Moreover, he claims that he can feel the rhythm in everything, in the music, and in the world.

Boo has an impressive skill set that equips him for the challenging music industry. The Filipino can sing, rap, dance, and produce music. Apart from that, he writes lyrics, models occasionally, and has acted in some films.

Most artists release music that has lyrics that are close to their hearts. The subject of the lyrics can be about love, race, growing up, struggles, politics, etc. As for Randy, it is something that he is loud and proud of: the LGBT community. With the lyrics of the music he has released being relatable to the LGBT community, it is no wonder why his audience is mostly individuals that belong there. Moreover, his music video and his stint as a host in Gay Town Hall has attracted more listeners.

However, he also said that regardless of sexuality, his music is a universal craft. According to Randy Boo, even individuals that are in their 30s can relate to his music.

Raised in Denver, the fresh artist has also used his skills in different platforms. He has opened for big stars. Randy has worked for Todrick Hall, Jussie Smollet, and Dev. Additionally, he has been part of a band, Echo V, where he stayed for three years.

Randy Boo’s previous works do not just end there. Boo has graced the cover of two magazines. Impressively, he landed a lead role in an indie film. Apart from his hosting duties in Gay Town Hall, Randy has strutted his wares in Hey Qween, where he was a dancer for the show.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, Randy has made quite a presence on social media platforms. Currently, Boo is an HIV tester. Also, he can speak two languages, Filipino and English, and this is partly because he is a citizen of the Philippines and was raised in the US.

With music that has relevant lyrics and relatively lengthy experience in the entertainment industry, Randy is all primed to step up his game.

Check out his website or visit his Instagram account for more information.

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