Pretty Weird Blonde is the Alien Goddess of Pop Music

Pretty Weird Blonde is a wild singer/songwriter who is making a name for herself as a trend-setting entertainer. Her alien persona is gaining traction with tens of thousands of fans who are flocking to her out-of-the-box approach to mainstream entertainment. She is on a mission to create music as a portal into other dimensions, helping listeners to expand beyond the confines of this 3D reality. She’s redefining pop-culture by bringing awareness to conscious content and daring audiences to reconnect with their galactic roots.

Having had John Denver as a godfather-figure in her early childhood, Pretty Weird Blonde grew up with music as a key inspiration in her creative journey. After graduating summa cum laude with a dual business degree in management in finance, she radically shifted her career trajectory of becoming a corporate lawyer and instead moved to Los Angeles to pursue the entertainment industry. Thus, her journey began toward creating multiple creative endeavors. She not only became a member of the prestigious invite-only music organization, SESAC, but she also established a career as a screenwriter, television producer, and Screen Actor’s Guild actress. She’s won global awards for her acting and has received major distribution deals for her original content as a screenwriter/producer. Throughout her career, she has been serving up a variety of immersive entertainment pieces that have captivated audiences in both the audio and visual realms of entertainment.

In a time when world tragedy seems especially overwhelming, Pretty Weird Blonde is here to remind audiences that there is so much more than this physical world. Her latest single, Love You in the Cosmos, takes listeners on a journey into the outer reaches of the galaxy and emphasizes the importance of approaching love as an energetic superpower. “I’m trying to innovate an interdimensional genre of music,” explains Pretty Weird Blonde. “I want to create an astral-projection experience, helping listeners to elevate above the heaviness of today’s chaos.” She’s taking the concept of sound-healing to a whole new pop-culture level.  Love You in the Cosmos is a dance track that is rising the charts on Spotify, trending on over 25 mainstream playlists including “Top Pop Hits” and “Global Hits 2020.” 

It would be a major disservice to pigeonhole Pretty Weird Blonde’s musical style into one specific genre because her music knows no bounds. Her other singles touch upon the vulnerability of heartbreak and self-love. Songs such as “Sociopath” and “DangerUs” are raw stories about healing from infidelity. “Human” is an anthem for our current times, telling the story of feeling trapped in a reality you often wish you could escape. She has several songs that range in style from dance pop to indie folk, further proving that she’s a renaissance artist of the 21st century. 

Pretty Weird Blonde uses her platform to inspire her fans to embrace their authentic weirdness and activate their inherent divinity as energetic beings. Her brigade to break societal norms and bring awareness to important stigmas such as mental health is a key reason why so many people are resonating with her message. NY Weekly recently named her as “Top 20 People to Follow in 2020,” ranked with legends like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk! 

Pretty Weird Blonde has several more songs lined up for release—all revolving around the intention of transporting audiences to a higher state of being. “Humanity is at a tipping point right now in which we will self-destruct or transcend to a new paradigm!” she passionately exclaims, “And it’s my duty as an artist to help shift perspectives into an elevated state.” Pretty Weird Blonde is a true story teller who has a unique way of personifying the human struggle of dealing with raw emotion. Her distinct style and unpredictability hold a lot of merit within the entertainment industry, as there are absolutely no comparisons to her galactic weirdness. Her approach to the entertainment industry is authentic and refreshing amid a culture where most people strive for that quick-fix viral video.

To know more about the fascinating Pretty Weird Blonde, follow her on her official Instagram account or listen to her music by visiting her Spotify. You can also check out her filmography on her IMDB profile.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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