‘Pretty Boy Culture’ Is All About Music Versatility

There’s something for everyone in Pretty Boy Culture’s impressive tracklist. Zachariah Cassettari — AKA Pretty Boy Culture — is a 22-year old musical artist and rapper from Los Angeles, California, and is proficient in various music styles that most rappers do not dabble in.

“My music integrates different feelings and experiences that can be relatable in different circumstances,” Pretty Boy Culture shares. From a party to a low point in life, Pretty Boy Culture has the potential to relate to all audiences. “Each song that is written is different from the last because they represent my vast range of emotions that I have the ability to connect with.”

The musical artist adds that he rips a page out of his life and molds it with a melody so his audience can get to know him better. Pretty Boy’s sound hovers on both melodic and lyrical rap. From songs filled with auto-tuning and reverb with deep bass beats to clean vocals on a trap beat, the 22-year old artist caters to the music tastes of a diverse crowd. 

Pretty Boy Culture was born in Woodland Hills, California, and moved to the Bay Area for a couple of years. He grew up with an older brother and was raised by his single mother. As a child, he saw the difficulties his mother had to overcome to provide for them, inspiring Pretty Boy Culture to become something greater. 

Although his father was not around much in the first few years of his life, they ended up having a healthy relationship. Pretty Boy Culture’s father taught him about business and brand growth. The artist’s relationship with his parents shaped him into a hard-working, self-sufficient creative with a strong work ethic. 

The rapper dropped his first beat when he was in sixth grade. At the time, Pretty Boy Culture was dissatisfied with his academic performance and felt like a failure. He was ridiculed and belittled and found refuge in writing. Pretty Boy Culture detailed his problems on his iPhone’s note app and eventually turned his entries into poems and then songs.

The musical artist took to the online world to find beats that suit his lyrics best. He performed them to his friends and, from their reaction, realized that music is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Pretty Boy Culture started saving for a MacBook until he finally bought one in 2015. Despite his capability to afford a newer model, the rapper still produces all his music from that same MacBook to remind him of his humble beginnings.

Inspired by his life’s ups and downs, Pretty Boy Culture’s sound is raw, unique, and varied. The musical artist’s growing discography reveals his versatility and prowess in different music styles. Taking from his personal experience and the places he has lived in, his music attracts individuals who enjoy catchy hooks, well-written bars, and hard-hitting beats.

“From Los Angeles to New York to Atlanta, my music fits into an array of cultures and communities around the country,” he shares. Be it a party or rage, or a quiet night or a slow drive, the artist has something for everybody.

The rapper, through his diverse tracklist, perpetuates the culture of music versatility in the industry. Pretty Boy Culture is all about mastering different music styles and being inclusive of all types of people in his discography. 

“I have put a lot of time and effort into not only perfecting my craft as a rapper, but as an all around artist. I’ve spent a lot of time creating my unique sound and adapting my voice to whatever kind of music I want to make next,” he reveals. 

Striving to make every project better than the last, Pretty Boy Culture always brings something new to the studio. Every project he works on is different from his last. “I strive to make albums filled with songs that withhold the test of time.”

Get to know Pretty Boy Culture better through his account on Instagram. Pretty Boy Culture will be dropping his first single “Area 51” on September 1, 2020 and his full debut album in October. You can check out his dropped music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Please send all business inquiries to prettyboyculture@gmail.com

Glenda Drewery
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