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Orly Raquel Signs a Representation Deal with Pop Cautious Records, Announces June 4 as Release Date for Album, ‘Venus ~ Born of the Sea’

For many, music and art is a way of life, and Melbourne-based artist Orly Raquel has proven that to be her case. The songstress, poetess and psychotherapist has woven stories and poetry through her acoustic melodies that have captured souls and snatched hearts.

To further engrave her voice into more people’s minds, she has announced her upcoming debut album ‘Venus ~ Born of the Sea’, slated for release on June 4, 2022.

Orly Raquel’s music creates a dreamy and sensual mood as her lyrics focus on themes of love, desire, femininity, and archetypes of the collective unconscious. She recently joined record label Pop Cautious Records to handle her representation and has hit the ground running with a slew of projects in the works. Apart from her upcoming album, her song “Chaos and Bones” will also be featured in Pop Cautious Records’ compilation album titled, ‘Women in Music’.

Orly Raquel pays utmost attention to her songwriting as she aims to create strong connections between her deeper self and her lyrics. In her words, “Writing music is very much healing process for me – a way to tap into the subconscious material within my own psyche and to create art and poetry from that place as a way to integrate the medicine into my life.” Her songwriting abilities put her in the spotlight and drew Pop Cautious’ attention to her talents. Orly Raquel’s music has a classic feel while still sounding modern enough to engage a youthful audience. It offers a perfect blend of centuries-old poetry and modern melodies.

She aims to connect with Indie folk fans and every music fan who wants to support women in music. “I am a woman. That is where my connection to the feminine essence emerges,” she said. Coming from a family that values art inspired Orly immensely. Her mother was a poet and a respected teacher of Jewish Mysticism. “I grew up on poetry from notable names like Leonard Cohen, T. S Eliot and William Blake. I inherited my love of words through my mother’s milk,” she said.

She draws inspiration from and highly respects nature. Furthermore, she disclosed that she learned from an early age that the universe is interconnected and created from the same substance. Philosophies like these influenced her mind and inspired her music and lyrics as she grew to be a singer and songwriter.

As preparations for her debut album, ‘Venus ~ Born of the Sea’, swing into top gear, Orly Raquel and Pop Cautious Records have hopes that it will land on the ears of a wide audience. 

Over the next few years, Orly Raquel sees herself following her intuition and opportunities for her to express herself further as an artist.

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