NFT Expert JetSetFly Shares Burdens That Led to a Successful Business and Career

Many times, betrayal and setbacks can be the end of one’s career. But for people like JetSetFly, those setbacks can become stepping stones to greater success. Today, he’s out to inspire a generation of broken people to look past their hurts and soar into their destinies.

“Through those experiences, I gained a new perspective on life, healed my inner trauma, and implemented new principles to the way I operate in my business and relationships,” shares Josh, aka JetSetFly, about the challenges that made him who he is today. Josh King Madrid or better known as JetSetFly, is a twenty-four-year-old multi-millionaire best known as one of the early internet marketing industry pioneers, which he started while in college in 2016. He is a neuro-marketer, Internet Entrepreneur, public speaker, and a well-known internet icon.

In 2022, JetSetFly launched and co-founded, the world’s leading NFT news site, which currently has over forty team members and a company office located in the heart of Irvine, California. It is the world’s leading news source of NFT alpha on the web. At, you get the latest news, market updates, and stories on NFTs, crypto, and blockchain tech. This is a community for NFT alerts, the latest drops, articles, podcasts, and events.

JetSetFly’s success did not happen overnight. If anything, it was a path laden with betrayals and heartaches. “It is an unfortunate truth of business and life: Being betrayed. It was one of the toughest experiences in my life. I lost my house, one of my cars, my “friends,” and nearly one million dollars and wasted tons of money on a frivolous lawsuit after being betrayed by one of my business partners who I deeply trusted,” says the young NFT expert.

JetSetFly discovered that despite there being tens of thousands of NFT projects and millions of NFT owners, there was no reputable NFT news media or networking communities. Many of the biggest NFT media pages at the time were accepting a paid promotion and then passing shoutouts off as “legitimate news” when, in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! JetSetFly knew that the NFT space would never survive long-term unless this changed and fast.

Today JetSetFly’s business is ten times bigger than before. He has more freedom and is closer to his family. All in all, the young entrepreneur is more fulfilled than he ever was. This was no accident, however, nor did time alone heal this thing. It took deliberate action and commitment to his intention to get where he is now.

Being broken physically, emotionally, and financially, JetSetFly began to reflect on his life’s purpose and the weakness he needed to work on as an entrepreneur. The driven marketer gradually recovered from the dark period of life. He spent many months reflecting on all the mistakes he made that could have prevented that outcome, and then he worked tirelessly on improving himself.

“I read over two hundred books, made new friends, started multiple new businesses, failed multiple businesses, and eventually the day came where everything just “clicked.” It has been a movie of continuous blessings ever since,” says the founder of Now Josh is out to make a difference in the world through his skills, passion, and resourcefulness.

Madrid believes that NFT news must be trustworthy, accurate, up to date, and simple to understand. Now, he’s committed to making that happen for millions of people as he chases after his success.

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