MH the Goat Is Making Waves in the Music Industry

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” These are the words that musician and entrepreneur Melvin Horn, or better known as his stage name, MH the Goat, lives by. 

MH the Goat is blind and deaf to the deconstructive criticisms of people who have no faith in his ability to succeed. With single-minded intensity, he focuses on his passion and love for music, creativity, and uniqueness. In building his brand, he addresses his intense desire to create an impact on the lives of people all over the world as well. 

Intending to boldly announce his talents to the world, MH the Goat is not shy about showing people his personality, his lifestyle, and his dreams and aspirations. Melvin Horn is a strong-willed individual determined to leave a mark on the world.

Born in January 1992 in the west part of Dallas, Texas, he is one of the rare individuals who possess the natural inclination to create music and catchy rhymes and the strong will and determination necessary to bring himself to the top. In 2015, this hip-hop recording artist started dabbling into the music industry, and his natural skill in music quickly gained the admiration of those who witnessed it. 

Quickly mastering his craft, MH the Goat has shaken the elite Dallas music scene with his work. The street buzz and his fan base continue to grow by the day, and it only serves to motivate him further to pump out quality tracks, which are sure to captivate its listeners. With his impressive growth and improvement by the day, saying that MH the Goat belongs to the top charts is not a far cry from what is bound to happen eventually.

With a versatile take in hip-hop, his music is characterized by both originality and familiarity, mixed with charismatically witty rhymes delivered with a multifaceted persona. His debut single Take Off in 2017, and the later release Sick Mind (feat. Rocstarsmokey) in 2018 effectively illustrates the development of a signature sound and stylization that is uniquely and distinctively MH the Goat. Both releases received critical acclaim and positive reception.

His latest project is his big move in taking his career as a musician. He is in the early stages of production for his upcoming anticipated singles, Goat Freestyle and Mmm, which will be released with a massive production of an official movie and music video. Both singles are slated to be released before the end of 2020. 

Die-hard hip-hop and rap fans are the ones who will enjoy the most impact from his work, but regular music fans are sure to enjoy it as well. In the music industry today, many rappers are hoping to make it to the top, but the likes of MH the Goat is one that is unique and rides a different wave from the rest.

Find out more about MH the Goat and experience his music for yourself by visiting his website.

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