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Mentality Music Entertainment Creates a Fresh Mindset for the Future of the Music Industry

Musical artist, engineer, and songwriter Damien Harris builds a hopeful and positive mindset for the music industry through his record label, Mentality Music Entertainment. 

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mentality Music Entertainment earns its name in the industry as a force to be reckoned with. Hosting Damien’s years of self-training and innate talent, the record label is well on its way to becoming one of the top labels in the country.

Lil Sporty D first started his career in music at the tender age of 12. At the time, he was spending his rough childhood in the Marrero Project’s toughest neighborhood, which lay across the bridge from New Orleans.

Being raised by a single parent and being taken in for foster care, Damien’s life was far from easy and he often comforted and entertained himself with music. As a young kid, he felt a strong love for good sound and often recorded songs on cassette players with his brothers and a few friends. 

Playing around with notes, it wasn’t long before Damien Lil Sporty D Harris realized that his music was more than just a hobby – it was going to be his future. Despite adversity, he forged on and got himself through community college. Throughout it all, he never forgot the sound that kept playing within and, when he was finally able to escape the troubles of his childhood, he finally got the chance to let the world hear it. 

Heavily inspired by rap superstar ‘Master P,’ Damien started his record label. Mentality Music Entertainment provides various sound services to the general public, such as music, recording, studio, music engineering, producing, distribution, and publishing. 

Aside from creating an authentic and brand new sound ready to shake the airwaves, Mentality Music Entertainment was established to help others have a better opportunity. Damien plans to further this goal in the likely future, especially with his recent collaborations’ success.

Just last year, the record label welcomed collaborations and features with major and mainstream artists. One of the songs produced is the single “CERTIFIED,” released last June 12, 2020, which featured Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones. The artists are signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and Universal records.

Another hard-hitting single, released just last August 14, entitled “Like Whoa,” featured Lil Noodle, an artist signed to Sony Music Entertainment. While his songs take their seats on music charts, Damien prepares to drop his upcoming single.

“FEARLESS” features Kidd Kidd, a former G-United Artist, Young Juve, the son of Cash Money record artist’ Juvenile,’ and ABG KEITH, today’s rising local artist. The track is expected to blast off radios and croon through music streaming apps this coming November 6, 2020.

Currently filling the pages of his label’s success story, Damien is determined to have Mentality Music Entertainment be an inspiration to his audience. Using the label and his music as a platform, the CEO inspires his clients and fellow artists to stay true to themselves, and always to have faith in their abilities.

Secure front-row seats, and witness Mentality Music Entertainment in action. Watch as the label creates lasting changes by gearing young musicians and helping them achieve the mindset that will help them conquer the music industry. Follow Mentality Music Entertainment CEO Damien Harris on his Instagram account