Listen to the Soundtrack of Squalla’s Life

“I always wanted to build an empire of my own one day.” These were the powerful words of the musical genius Papa Gueye, or better known as Squalla. Lived most of his significant years in the Southwest side of Houston, Texas, he grew up as a reserved and private person. However, when it comes to music, he is a total nerd. At an early age, Papa Gueye already realized his passion is directed towards making music. Growing up, he always looked up to Diddy, Birdman, Master P, and J. Prince.

For him, music is an essential aspect of his life. Through the beat, he can express his art and deepest emotions. Hence, since he was young, he decided to enter the ever-evolving and highly challenging industry of music. 

In pursuing his music career, Squalla carried only with him his constant thirst for success and unceasing passion for music. However, he learned that becoming an artist is not an overnight success. Rather, it is a step-by-step goal that needs to be set in motion. Coupled with hard work, he started building his music by connecting to his listeners on a deeper and personal level. He writes his songs with zest and takes a different approach to making music, mixing witty lyrics and punchlines with a southern bounce. 

Every day for him is a day of learning new things in music and improving his craft. His dedication and fervor are what has gotten him so far in this industry with so many musical talents. Squalla is indeed a rare gem in the music industry. His way of attaining success is through hustle and perseverance. Never a day in his life did Squalla waste time. One can see him always on the go, practicing music, writing songs, and recording new beats.

The relentless pursuance of his goals had allowed him to record and produce his own song for the world to hear. Ready to take the music world by storm, Squalla released his first album, Anxiety. It was an instant hit! He gained popularity and eventually got featured in major platforms such as Houston Press and Hip Hop Weekly. Right after the release, his goal of becoming a musician has never been clearer. He left his old life in Texas and moved to California. As if chosen by fate, his moving out gave him a Eureka moment. “Having moved from Houston to Los Angeles, I feel I’ve found a sound that merges the two worlds which are so distant but so closely tied in many ways” he said. By that time, opportunities were overflowing. He became part of Fresh Lxrds and got the rare chance to work with and be managed by none other than Oscar Roberts, CEO of JV Inc.

It did not only stop there. Just like his idols 50 Cent, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Squalla made great strides with his career. He had done great collaborations with legendary artists like Devin the Dude and King Los.

Despite the flourishing career he has established, Squalla is not done yet. He plans to let all generations know about him and his music by touring the world and connecting fans all over.

Connect with Squalla and know more about his music by checking his Instagram.

Glenda Drewery
Glenda Drewery is a Media Publisher Lead at Music Observer. She works with publishers, broadcasters, news outlets, sports and music organizations, education, and lifestyle brands (among others) to create a healthy ecosystem of diverse content. She ensures clients from the entertainment industry are positioned for success.


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