Legacy Entertainment Puts Musical Artists on the Map

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Legacy Entertainment was born out of a collective passion for music among esteemed music professionals Steven Middleton, Rondell Cobbs (more famously known as Beatz), and Edwin Camacho. The trifecta has over 40 years of combined experience in the music industry, and it shows in how they handle business with other artists.

Their tenure in the music industry has allowed them to work with some of the greatest artists in the business, such as Coheed and Cambria, Birdman, Kevin Rudolf, Fall Out Boy, and Lil Wayne. The three musical executives are on a search for the next big thing in the music industry. They are set to launch the biggest music artists of the future through Legacy Entertainment.

The company is a one-stop shop for music artists who are pursuing a career in the music industry. The trio has all the bases covered as their skills and expertise span multiple industries, from real estate to website development. Apart from their music experience, the team knows the business like the back of their hands. Each of them come from vastly different industries, but music has kept them together. 

In such a short amount of time, Legacy Entertainment has managed to reach greater heights through the leadership of Steven, Beatz, and Edwin. Their connections have brought about a lot of positive value to the company, allowing them to create the best infrastructure for aspiring musical artists to date. 

Recently, they have signed singer-songwriter Meaghan Rose. They have also connected with multi-platinum artist and repertoire manager Joshua Mitchell for their first-ever massive project. Through Legacy Entertainment, Meaghan Rose is looking to release her debut single “Power&Pain” this coming October. Following up on the release of her single, Meaghan is also gearing up for a full album launch by January 2021.

The team over at Legacy Entertainment covers all the aspects of launching their artists’ musical careers. They provide services from management, artist development, production, writing, publishing, and engineering. Most notably, Beatz and his engineering work have helped him rub shoulders with industry giants such as Cash Money Records and Universal Music, which Legacy uses to leverage their own services.

While Beatz does the technical side like engineering, Edwin Camacho specializes in developing the artists by offering his professional insights. His expertise has helped create brands for Disney Music Group, which have been wildly successful over the years. Joining the trio is the Atlanta-based music mogul Allan Edwards, who was instrumental in creating multiple top 40 charting music from artists like Baby E, Kevin Gates, Bibby, Rotimi, NICX, and Lil Wayne.

Legacy Entertainment aims to build its legacy through building long-term relationships with their artists and music professionals. The company is grounded by a core set of values that revolve around quality and integrity. They involve their artists in the entire process, and they make sure to communicate to cater to each artists’ needs properly.

This company is the real deal, and aspiring artists who are looking to make it big in the industry should definitely get in touch with Legacy Entertainment. They guarantee high-quality results helping various artists put their names on the map.

To keep up to date on all the latest happenings of Legacy Entertainment, make sure to visit their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Glenda Drewery
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