Groov Marro: Rising Hip-Hop Artist’s New Single Generates Over 2M Views

Military soldier and up-and-coming hip-hop artist Groov Marro is making waves with his latest single, “Stop Me” that was released last July 27, 2020, as its official music video reaches 2 million views across several streaming platforms. He achieved a feat that only a selected number of music artists are able to achieve in a short span of two weeks. Due to his sudden surge in popularity, the rising artist now has millions of followers and fans awaiting his new releases and supporting his brand of music. 

Groov Marro is presently in his sixth year of service in the US Army National Guard, and with time management, grit, and commitment, he is able to effectively juggle both his military career and his music projects. The rising artist is fast-becoming a crowd favorite when he performs for companies that include S.B. Entertainment, Spill Music Group LLC, Uptown Open Mic, Vibe Star Entertainment, DJ Dior Cartel’s Industry Exposure 2, and Original Block Hustlers. His most notable performance to date was that which he did alongside Judah Priest, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate. 

The talented Groov Marro was raised in the Norristown area of Philadelphia. Among his many musical influences include Joey Badass, Eminem, Anderson Paak, Dizzy Wright, Jay Z, Ludacris, Mac Miller, and Hopsin, to mention a few. 

Groov Marro draws inspiration from the many facets of his personal life and career in the military. Ultimately, despite life’s many unexpected twists and turns, he hopes to impart positivity among his fans, to inspire them to see the good even in bad situations and find the strength to survive another day no matter what. The rapper wants to influence people with his positive view of life, the ability to see good in things despite the odds, and the potential of making a life-altering decision. 

One of his early influences in life was his older brother. Just like him, his brother is quite a gifted rapper, and his skill made such a lasting impact on Groov Marro that he decided to pursue his music career even when he knows it is an uphill journey. 

“My first interest in music actually came from my older brother. He is featured on a few of my songs and music videos by the name ‘KAF.’ To this day, he is still one of the best freestylers I’ve come across. From there I was inspired to express myself in the same way. I wanted to change the world with my words,” Groov Marro explains. 

Whether it is his confidence, his unique lyrical ability, his positivity, or his personal style, one thing will always remain to be true: Groov Marro is one-of-a-kind and will remain to be so as he continues to remain true to his authentic self. 

In the next five years, Groov Marro sees himself going on tour and doing collaborations with some of the music industry’s biggest names. By then, he hopes to have established himself as a serious and profitable artist, generating income left and right from his projects and other ventures. By working hard to achieve his dream of becoming a popular rapper, he hopes to inspire his fans around the world to never lose hope and never give up when it comes to their dreams. Just as he has found a path to achieve his greatest dream, he deeply hopes that his music will inspire them to pursue theirs as passionately as they can. 

Learn more about Groov Marro by visiting his website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on his latest projects. 

Glenda Drewery
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