Godzwork Entertainment Delivers Hard-Hitting Music

Fast-rising music and entertainment company Godzwork Entertainment LLC is quickly redefining the rap and hip hop genre. With rap tracks invading radio waves and dominating playlists and online charts, the music company is out for more, and it looks like the party is just getting started. 

Founded by Jacquelyn Figueroa and rap aficionado and entrepreneurial music executive Joseph E. Povod, also known by his stage name “Itz War Baby,” Godzwork is the creative factory that houses all the rap artist’s original music and more. Through the years, Itz War Baby has released many successful tracks like “Trippin,” “Blessingz,” “More Lies,” “Unappreciated (Want More),” “How It Feelz,” “Can’t Stop Now,” “Grandma’s House,” and the more recently released “100 on the Highway,” to name a few.

Godzwork Entertainment has been on the rise on music streaming platform Spotify as of late, dominating playlists and garnering “verified artist” status and over 28,000 monthly listeners on average. One single, “More Lies,” has officially hit over 100,000 listens and continues to grow. Many other tracks follow suit, and Joseph has only begun. In the coming months, he hopes to release more hard-hitting music that will continue to spread like wildfire across the rap music world. This direction, Itz War Baby maintains, will further solidify his place in the hip-hop genre as one of the artists that rap fans all over should keep their eye on. 

Joseph Povod grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and later moved to New York as a young child. Coming into the city of dreams, he took advantage of every opportunity to become a successful artist today. Growing up, Itz War Baby would move around a lot, experiencing a little bit of every corner of the United States. This exposure would shape his music for the better. “My soul told me that it needed that,” shares Joseph. Growing up, he took after musical influences like DMX, Billie Holiday, Meatloaf, Sinatra, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. 

Itz War Baby started his musical journey when he turned fourteen years old. From that time on, he knew that music would become his profession and calling. He would spend the next several years growing in his craft, even learning the piano and guitar to help him form his music. Despite his commitment to music, there would be those that would doubt him and try to convince him to take on a different path. But Joseph persevered, allowing the doubt and hate to fuel him even more. At the age of 23, his wildest dreams came to fruition as he became a professional musician. Today, he thrives in a career close to his heart and relentlessly pursues greater things for himself. 

When asked what inspires his music, Itz War Baby would refer to life as a whole. Through the ups and downs, Joseph Povod found a story worth telling and translated it into the music he now openly shares.

Apart from music, Godzwork Entertainment LLC has also ventured into theater arts. Joseph is currently working on a sequel to Cuba and His Teddy Bear, a play written by his brother Reinaldo Povod, starring Robert De Niro as one of the main casts. The story follows the son of a 1989 drug dealer and his conquest of East Side Baltimore.

Itz War Baby lives by the mantra, “Soon you’ll understand.” With all that he has to offer, he continues to hustle hard to develop music and entertainment that looks to challenge the genre of hip hop as we know it. 

To learn more about Godzwork Entertainment and Itz War Baby, check out the artist’s Spotify profile, Instagram account, and Apple Music account.

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