Fact Check: Viral Post About Trump Came From Impostor Hallie Biden Account

A viral post has gained a lot of attention and gone viral – the post has been shared over 300,000 times and liked more than 1.7 million times on Facebook. But what is it really? It’s a fake account set up by Trump supporters to make a comment about Trump’s Vice President pick.

A viral tweet, that appeared to be posted by the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden, suggesting support for GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, turned out to have come from an imposter account.

Fact Check: Viral Post About Trump Came From Impostor Hallie Biden Account

A recent viral post purporting to be from Hallie Biden, the widow of former Vice President Joe Biden, has been circulating on social media. The post contains several false claims about President Trump, including that he “refused” to meet with her late husband and that he has “never once” called to check in on her since his death.

However, the account that posted the message is not actually run by Mrs. Biden, but by an impostor. The real Hallie Biden has confirmed that she does not have a social media account and that the message did not come from her.

This is yet another example of the false and misleading information that is spread online, especially on social media. It’s important to be careful about what you believe and share, and to check your sources before sharing anything.

The viral post came from a fake account, which was created with the intent of boosting Trump’s credibility.

When it comes to political posts on social media, it’s always important to check the source. A recent viral post about President Trump came from an impostor Hallie Biden account, which was created specifically to spread false information.

If you see a post like this in your feed, take a minute to check the source before you share. In this case, the impostor account was quickly debunked, but not before the false information was shared widely. Help prevent the spread of misinformation by being a critical thinker online!

When it comes to social media, it’s important to be aware of the sources of the information you’re seeing. A recent viral post on Facebook claimed that Hallie Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, had shared a positive message about Donald Trump. However, the post actually came from a fake account created by an impostor.

This highlights the importance of being critical of the information you see online. Just because something is shared by someone you know, or even by a famous person, doesn’t mean that it’s true. Always check your sources and think critically about what you’re seeing before you believe anything you read online.

The person behind the account is unknown.

The account, which has since been deleted, claimed that Hallie Biden had written a post about her brother, Hunter, and President Donald Trump. The post went viral, with many people believing it to be true.

However, the post was actually written by an impostor account. It’s unclear who is behind the account, but it appears to be a fake.

The post in question is as follows:

“Trump says he’ll bring back coal. Hallie Biden says he’s a liar.”

This post, which has been shared widely on social media, purports to be from the account of Hallie Biden, the widow of former Vice President Joe Biden. However, the account is actually an impostor account that has been created to look like Hallie Biden’s real account.

The impostor account has been sharing false information about Trump and the Bidens. It’s important to make sure that you don’t accidentally share this false information yourself. If you see this post circulating on social media, please make sure to check its veracity before sharing it!


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