Emerging Hip-Hop Artist Eliot Ness Recounts Personal Life Story in His Music

Music has always been an avenue for self-expression, and it has been for many years now. Through it, artists can impart knowledge, opinions, stories, or even words of wisdom and inspiration to an audience. They say every artist—be it a painter, sculptor, potter, fashion designer, interior designer, filmmaker, or musician—always leaves a bit of themselves in their works. This is no less than true for emerging hip-hop artist Eliot Ness.

Hailing from the city of Houston, Texas, Eliot Ness grew up motivated to share his art with others. He incorporates stories of struggles and victories in his hip-hop music and was able to emphasize these in his new album entitled I’m Me Pt. 1. The rising artist prides himself on the fact that his music is unique and relevant to the times; he believes it speaks and touches on the reality of his life and the people he grew up with. “My music is authentic and true to me,” he shares. 

In his track entitled “Willie Lynch,” Eliot Ness talks about the current struggle minorities like him go through to this day, as well as the oppression these people experience.  He describes his ideal woman in his song “Real Ones,” as if referencing his soul mate, and recalls his life on the street in “My Peep Game” featuring J Dawg, Freeway Rick Ross, and OG Ant. Earlier in his life, the artist did a short prison bid where he was sentenced to five years for drug possession. Since then, he has been committed to turning his life around and bettering himself, mainly through working on his music and entrepreneurship.

A self-made recording artist and producer, Eliot Ness has expertly blended the styles of his hometown—known for its unique approach to hip-hop music—with his own life story, which is made evident in his works. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best, including, but not limited to, Willie D, Scarface, Paul Wall, Daz Dillinger, Luenell, Devin the Dude, and Niq of Grit Boys.

The rising hip-hop artist now has numerous mixtapes under his belt and has even been featured on mixtape projects of Haitian American rapper Wyclef Jean and American DJ Lil Jon. These were the projects that grabbed the attention of various music media giants such as MTV and VH1, where Eliot Ness’s works have also been featured on.

The Houston native was accustomed to music growing up, being the younger brother of The Lady of Rage—one of the most skillful female rappers of all time. She is known for her collaborations with several Death Row Records artists, such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. In his childhood, Eliot Ness gained inspiration from his older sister as she dominated the industry and began developing a strong work ethic and determination to be as successful, if not more. 

Eliot Ness does not only transcend his principles of perseverance, hard work, and the spirit of the hustle into his music; he also does so to raise health awareness for congenital heart disease and lupus, most especially in struggling and marginalized communities. The recording artist hopes to be a part of the solution of providing these areas with access to medical care. He makes it a point to incorporate these advocacies and causes he feels deeply for in the projects that he does to be able to give back.

Some of the artist’s previously released singles include “Small Time GMix,” featuring Scarface, Willie D, Daz Dillinger and produced by Worm, and “Fast Lane” featuring Hogg Booma and produced by Bruce Bang. He has a newly released track featuring Luenell, Yung Redd, Devin The Dude, and Tony Mack called “Mary Jane,” which was also produced by Bruce Bang.

Soon, the artist will also be releasing the official video for his album track “Feel Ya Pain” where he speaks about the love and death of people who were close to his heart, including his mother, aunts, grandparents, and his daughter who died at birth.To connect with Eliot Ness, visit his website and check out the artist’s other platforms through his Blue profile.

Glenda Drewery
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