Double.r : Finding Life’s Real Reason through Music

Because of the hardships they faced when they were still young, Matthew Zakiewicz and Steven Frazer brought to life Double.r to bring smiles and relief to their audience. This creation was inspired by “the fact that even though life can be hard at times, we are living proof of change.”

Through Double.r, the duo is able to spread positive vibes and bring light on the dark phases of their listeners. Moreover, the two claim that the very essence of making their craft runs through its lyrics and tone. For them, the flow of words in their music aims to also motivate its young audience. The young artists said that instead of flexing the things they have, releasing music with significant themes is something they are proud of.

Inspired by the reaction of listeners to the craft of other artists, Double.r knew what they would be aiming for through their music. For them, the fans are tied to their music. Helping other people go through the bad times is their inspiration.

However, Matthew and Steven did not have easy lives growing up.

Now 20 years old, Matthew moved back and forth between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With parents that are drug users, Zukari, Matthew’s stage name, eventually succumbed to drug addiction. He has changed his life when he overdosed on drugs. He turned his life around and decided that music would be the only high he would have in his life.

Although born in Garfield, New Jersey, Revo, Steven’s stage name, was mostly raised in PA. Similar to what Matthew has experienced, Steven’s drug-using parents caused him a lot of stress. The 19-year-old committed acts that have even threatened his life. However, he has regretted his decisions and is now recovering from his bad experiences through music.

United because of their traumatic pasts, the individuals behind Double.r believe that everything has a reason. And the hardships they have faced only made them stronger.

With a burning passion for the craft they have come to love, Double.r started their journey humbly. By saving enough money, the duo released their music in their town just to serve as their own outlet of escaping their harsh realities. With younger audiences embracing Double.r and their craft, they became known throughout the town. Eventually, they saved up enough money to make their own studio.

“We just feel like our whole lives we have been working for the moment we break through and have that massive exposure and really take off with the biggest win of all. The fans, the consistency, and the movement are all tied together to form our craft.”

Although they are still underrated artists, their listeners are constantly growing. Double.r envisions their dreams turning into reality. They are also hoping that their music will evolve dramatically. However, they are also grateful for the growth they have experienced as a band. Someday, they will see that their music was an impactful craft not just for them, but also for their audiences.

Stream their music in SoundCloud, Spotify, and in Apple Music.

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