DoomDaWiz to Release His Second Album in January 2021

Doomer Henry, known as DoomDaWiz, is a Boom Bap Beat Master of Cabo Verdean descent, born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He is set to release his new album, The Funky Dope Producer, on January 7, 2021. “I created this album to give listeners a feel of hip-hop that the boom bap nation has been missing,” Doom shares.

The Funky Dope Producer is a well-rounded album featuring collaborations with various artists, including Cuban Pete, JaRajeem, Raw Deff, DJ E Rex, The Good People, LS Camp, Mayhem, Mike Malik, The Bad Seed, and Mikey D, the CEO of Pass the Torch. This album will be released under Pass the Torch Distribution and Whomag Media.

This album was produced in its entirety by DoomDaWiz himself. “I am really proud of this project,” he says. Aside from being the producer, Doom also used his skills as an emcee and videographer. This album showcases his skills on the mic, and he directed, filmed, and edited all the videos for this album. “I went all out for this one,” Doom shares.

With so many collaborators, each song on this album features a unique style. DoomDaWiz says, “This latest project has 17 tracks, so there will be something for everyone. Each artist I worked with here has their unique flow, making for a fun and fresh album. This album is based on what hip-hop originally stood for, which was fun, beats, rhymes, and skills.”

The Funky Dope Producer is Doom’s second album. In 2016, he released his beat tape Shogun, followed closely by a second one entitled Let’s Make Hip Hop Great Again. In the summer of 2018, DoomDaWiz released his debut album The Ugly Truth, which is a timeless album flooded with his network of legends and underground emcees. Doom provided the beats for this first album while the artists fortified each track with their rhymes. 

“DoomDaWiz has worked in the music industry for quite some time. He likes to say that music is in his DNA. He holds a degree with concentrations in film, audio engineering, and multimedia. This beat master and established videographer has shot videos for hip-hop greats such as Grand Daddy I.U., Playboy Mikey D, John Jiggs$, hip-hop duo The Good People, El Da Sensei, and Sadat X” (TerminKNOWLEDGEE).

When asked about his musical influences, DoomDaWiz talks about DJ Premier, Kenny Parker, Large Pro, Lord Finesse, Daddy I.U., and J Dilla. He works to elevate his creativity and boldness through living by the Cabo Verde proverb, “Who does not take the risk, do not taste life.” Doom shares, “I feel like resilience is one of my strongest traits. Working in the music industry is tough, it takes a lot of guts. One thing I learned is to be unafraid to push creative boundaries.”

Working with Pass the Torch Distribution for this album has allowed DoomDaWiz to expand his horizons. “I love working with them. Their platform does so much to bring together different people and artists, which makes sharing techniques and experience easier for old-school artists and newcomers,” says Doom. Pass the Torch was created by Michael Deering, aka Mikey D. The platform aims to provide a space for artists to talk about their differences and educate each other instead of perpetuating issues and negativity. Pass the Torch CEO Mikey D says, “I believe there is a learning experience in arguments, as long as they are peaceful. On my platform, I make sure both sides get equal time on the mic.”

DoomDaWiz will release his second album, The Funky Dope Producer, in January 2021. For more information, you may visit this website.

Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas is an Entertainment Journalist. He has spent almost a decade of his life supporting music enthusiasts shine in the competitive industry they are in. He has worked closely with artists in the past and posted all these stories for the public to see.


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