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Daniel Kivo Making Executive Lives Better with VA Services

Over the last few years, there has been a significant decentralization of work in an environment where globalization is prevalent. However, Daniel Kivo and his company know that remote job opportunities are not only possible—they’re beneficial for many companies abroad or on American soil looking to outsource some tasks which can’t be completed domestically due to location restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us all about how remote jobs have helped during times when traditional office space isn’t available because so many Americans now live outside major cities with their families. Hiring VA Now is an outsourcing company that aims to free up time for business professionals and entrepreneurs by removing all of the administrative work from their plate. Virtual assistants can help companies with e-commerce management; digital marketing, graphic design, web development, and so much more. 

“I started this company to address the frustrations I had,” shares Daniel about the agency’s origins. “I have worked with tons of freelancers that didn’t turn out to be who I thought they would be. So I thought I would start taking care of that part for many other businesses, seeing as I have learned so much over the years on recruitment.”

Daniel Kivo brings over a decade of experience in human resources, talent management, and recruiting to the mix. He started working for the US Army as well before moving onto other agencies, where he was able to help grow their teams by implementing his knowledge. He also earned two prestigious degrees: a bachelor’s degree in Communication Vanguard University and a master’s degree in Human Resources at Claremont Graduate University. 

In 2016, he was hired as the Head of Recruitment for Link Consulting At this point Daniel also started learning how to create systems around screening, data analysis, and interview tactics. In 2017, he started to work for Ace Parking as a Talent Manager,  where he also headed up strategic recruitment and interviewed hundreds of applicants a week.

Daniel Kivo, CEO of Hire VA Now, is an experienced entrepreneur who knows how to run a company. He always tries to provide his clients with the best customer service possible so they never have any worries about their personal assistants performing poorly or not showing up for work at all hours.

The founder and CEO behind this successful business model has been running 24/7 back office operations that offer full support systems in order to avoid these complications from occurring.

Learn more about Hire VA Now and Daniel Kivo’s work in recruitment and hiring by visiting his Instagram and LinkedIn profile.

Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV Holds No Bounds through Pandemic, Becoming Successful in Both the Film and Music Industry

To succeed in a single industry is already an arduous task alone, but to thrive in two is near impossible, especially during an unprecedented pandemic. While there are plenty of people who aspire to succeed in two endeavors, only a few can actually push through. Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV is one of the few who have been successful in their endeavors. Although he has been in the music and film industry for some time, Tabiyus is ready to take the world by storm and step into the spotlight. 

An Atlanta native, Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV has developed a reputation as an award-winning Liberian-American music artist, film, director, producer, and actor. Throughout his career, Tabiyus has become an emerging force in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Back by his extensive resume and repertoire, the young musician and film industry figure has made a name for himself away from the spotlight. Even in the uncertainty of Covid 19, Tabiyus has managed to push through and impact on and off screen. 

Throughout his career, Tabiyus has showcased his musical talent by performing with prestigious brands and  famous music and sports venues in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia. His most recent endeavor saw him on the line up with multi-platinum recording artists Ice Cube, Mario, Miguel, Bryson Tiller, and Polo G at the Display Festival 2021. Tabiyus’ talent has paved the way for opportunities to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, including music director Kimberly Burse who directed Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Ciara, Entertainment Mogul Herman Flores, D.I.F.F.A (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDs), and Make-a-Wish Foundation, to name a few. His most recent endeavor is a collaboration with music artist producer JET in which they produced a single titled “Dance For Me,” which is available to stream on every music-streaming platform.

Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV has only entered the music industry officially a year ago, but he has already left his mark. His quick succession in the industry has allowed him to stand out from his peers. “Because I’ve entered the music industry within only the last year, I have to position myself with record labels, investors, and with the public,” he explained and added: “I’m putting together a campaign with strong-minded individuals, talented friends, and young talent to formulate a winning strategy and really kick down the door as an international recording artist.”

The rising artist and producer strives to rejuvenate the youth’s imagination through nostalgia as he believes that music cannot live without it. “I want to be part of bringing that timeless music back,” he explained, “You can play my songs 30 years from now and it’s still refreshing like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Billie Jean.””

Tabiyus attributes his rise to the people who already made up their mind about who he was. For a while, the artist believed until he found his voice. Since then, he has been working hard to represent the voiceless and those looking to find their own. “I represent the ones we long to be and the ones we fear the most,” Tabiyus said.

Although he is a new name particularly in the music industry, Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV foresees growth in his platform, and he strives to instill global initiatives by merging the entertainment business with causes around the world.

“God has a purpose for my life. I see myself as an entertainment mogul giving opportunities to those before and after me causing a shift globaly,” Tabiyus shared, “I see myself redefining the entertainment industry.”Learn more about Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV by visiting his official website.

‘Benigna Parfums’ On Gender-Neutral, Timeless, and Sustainable Luxurious Fragrance Line

Benigna Parfums has caught the attention of the fragrance and luxury lovers by creating unique and one of a kind products in the world.

Benigna Parfums is known for using the rarest and the world’s most expensive ingredients, which result in unique and luxurious exquisite fragrances. The company offers a line of exquisite gender-neutral perfumes that have captivated their fans with its unique artistry and storytelling. Their fragrances  have powerful heart notes that make you smell and feel like a million bucks.

The brand offers an exceptional and unique customer experience; even going as far as offering an air lift delivery of their exquisite perfumes to their customers.

From an aesthetically pleasing visual packaging to an invigorating luxurious scent, almost everything the brand offers keeps their fans buzzing on social media. Benigna Parfums delivers to its customers products that break barriers, and bring joy and harmony. Firstly, their fragrances are gender-neutral; thereby, breaking barriers of gender and sexual preferences. They are also timeless; the fragrances are designed for all seasons, can be worn in summer, autumn, winter, fall and spring. More importantly, the products are refillable and sustainable; making it a brand that is not only good for your lifestyle but also for our planet .

It is no surprise that Benigna Parfums have consistently sold out of their products that have become world famous for their exotic and extremely rare ingredients, even before their movie is out.

CEO and the creative director of Benigna Parfums, Benigna, has been in the media recently as reports have been circulating that she is currently producing a massive feature blockbuster movie in Hollywood starring only powerhouse social media influencers. The film is based on the creation of Benigna Parfums’ most exclusive products, their exquisite fragrances.

Within days of these stories being released, the entire Floral Trio Collection has officially sold out worldwide with thousands of customers inquiring about and pre-ordering more. Also the remainder of Benigna Parfums’ products are scarce on the market after the recent excitement from their fans.

According to reports, Benigna has worked with a team of Hollywood writers and is in talks with major studios and producers that are very excited about the global reach of a hit movie starring a cast with potentially the largest audience of all time. A historic move in the movie industry!

Benigna was recently seen on the red carpet of the Daytime Beauty Awards alongside other high profile guests like Nicole Kidman and Paula Abdul. Her recent sightings in Hollywood have only fueled online rumors about who may be attached to the film.

You can visit Benigna Parfums and learn more about their latest collections and high profile collaborations on Instagram or visit their website.   

Newcomer Tommy Kelly Sheds Light on His Growing Career as One of Music’s Hottest Prospects

In the old days, musicians and bands would make their mark on history by capitalizing on their chosen genre, revolutionizing the industry forever. However, the modern music scene has evolved, and while artists can continue to thrive in their niche, showing flexibility can allow them to learn more about their identity and grow their brand. For rising musician Tommy Kelly, his musical gift has been a defining factor in his journey towards stardom, paving the way for his rise to the top.

A native of Terre Haute, Indiana, Tommy Kelly is a musician who has been building towards greatness since his teen years. Like many, he started to hone his gifts as a teenager. By seventeen, Tommy’s music started to sway his audiences. He would often take the stage as a frontman, covering bands and established names. People who watched his performance would tell him that he reminded them of rock icon Jim Morrison, an early inspiration for the budding Tommy.

As he ventured into the American West, the young artist was learning the ropes of the music industry on the road. So he started to shift his focus away from doing covers to songwriting and developing his style, getting ready to try his luck as a solo artist. Tommy would also experiment with his style, going from pop-rock to blues to country to folk. But rather than settle with one, Tommy decided to incorporate each genre thanks to the power and versatility of his voice. From the soft tones of his emotive ballads to the room rocking refrains of his uptempo songs, Tommy has been engraving each song with an unmistakable passion and soul.

After recording his debut EP Blood Moon in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Welcome to 1979 Studios, Tommy Kelly finally got the chance to make a big impression in his first national tour in the summer of 2020. The tour would have taken him across 20 states and over 40 dates. Tommy was set to open for some of the biggest names like Nelly, LoCash, Three Dog Night, and Little River Band. However, while he was ready to make his grand debut, the tour was unfortunately canceled due to the untimely arrival of the global pandemic. 

While it was a blow to his career, Tommy remained optimistic and continued to build his discography. With his powerful voice and lyrics, the artist is backed by some of the most talented musicians like Jeremy Bates, who plays the lead guitar, Tim Weer on the bass, Tommy Whiteman on the drums, and Matt Blocher on keys. Tommy is optimistic about his future in music, confident about his powerful singing voice and powerful lyrics, which he writes across a wide variety of genres.

“I am extremely passionate about music and want to be able to tour the country playing music,” shared the rising artist, “Hopefully (I’ll be) spreading some love and light with my music.”

Tommy Kelly foresees a bright future ahead of him with the stage lights blinding his eyes before he walks across to the mic and performs for larger audiences across the United States.Learn more about Tommy Kelly by visiting his official website. In addition, you can stay updated on his latest tracks and gigs by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ Is Now the Longest-Charting Song Ever at 88 Weeks and Counting on the Billboard Hot 100

Source: YouTube

It’s official. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” has finally broken its tie with Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” edging over the latter and becoming the longest-charting song in Billboard history. The storied success of the track is one for the ages, as The Weeknd cultivates a brand new sound with the same old genius that one can always expect from Abel. 

Two days before “Blinding Lights” was released in November 2019, The Weeknd released a different song that went straight to the top of the Hot 100 chart. The song “Heartless” was unveiled as the first taste of his fourth full-length album, After Hours. His creative genius has always been headlined by his massive 2016 album Starboy, which introduced the world to modern classics like “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” and the titular “Starboy.”

As a certified pop A-lister, The Weeknd has already established himself as a hitmaker to look out for, with top 40 radio and streaming services awaiting his every release. However, name recognition alone can only take an artist so far. ”Heartless” had a decent chart run, but it was quickly overshadowed by other releases. “Blinding Lights,” on the other hand, has garnered one-of-a-kind longevity that hasn’t been achieved since the time of writing.

Breaking records and captivating audiences worldwide, The Weeknd has fully established his brand in the mainstream pop scene. An artist through and through, he cannot be solely defined by a single genre, to the point that he deftly blurs the lines of what it means to belong to an afternoon top 40 mix, or soulful R&B playlists, or even a rave song that’s blasting all over night clubs. His versatility knows no bounds, and it’s part of why his distinct sound has dominated the airwaves for this long.

“Blinding Lights” took off on a multitude of platforms, allowing the single to reach a wide base of listeners that most artists wouldn’t be able to reach. Apart from breaking the Hot 100 longevity record, the song has also topped a whopping 13 different Billboard charts from Hot R&B Songs, Radio Songs, Adult Contemporary, and many more. 

After Hours is definitely The Weeknd’s biggest era to date. It might be true that he had multiple number one singles prior to his latest project, but his current run has trumped the previous success of any of his preceding projects. His fourth full-length album, After Hours, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart in April 2020 with 444,000 equivalent album units, according to MRC Data.“Blinding Lights” hit number 1 on the Hot 100 the same week as the album’s chart debut. The follow-up single “In Your Eyes” followed straight to the chart’s top 20, and the fourth single, “Save Your Tears,” reached the top earlier in 2021 after Ariana Grande featured on the official remix. Overall, After Hours has been a massive success for The Weeknd. The success and the creative genius of the album have continuously fueled the record-breaking Billboard run of “Blinding Lights.” It has definitely been an exciting year for music, and The Weeknd stands at the top of his game and at the summit of the music industry.

The Artist Broker Connecting Artists with Live Performances Globally

Anyone can make things happen in one place while located somewhere else. It has become that easy, and the entertainment industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this possibility. Entrepreneurs like Norman Biason have plugged themselves into the center of this opportunity. Popularly known as The Artist Broker, Norman Biason has facilitated live performances for recording artists globally in more than 75 countries since he launched the brand in 2001.

Getting A-lister artists to feature at events, live performances, and shows requires having the right connections and influence to make it happen. Norman Biason has proven he has the pull, and under his belt, he has booked more than three thousand shows with artists like Deadmau5, Gucci Mane, Lady Gaga, Usher, Rihanna, Diddy and many more. For the past two decades, The Artist Broker has established itself as a non-exclusive boutique agency that brokers engagements with buyers of Live Entertainment and the Artist Directly.

Describing his venture, Norman said, “My company operates in a very niche market of exporting American acts to buyers around the world. Both the artists and the buyers of live music work with us to help navigate logistics and determine fair market value in each specific market. Given the recent state of the music business because of the pandemic, more and more artists are reaching out to help solve the “How do we get back to these markets” question. Although concerts have been dead for more than two years in some regions, there are many questions to be solved before regular concerts abroad are back up and running.”

The Artist Broker targets buyers of talents, the management teams of the top 40 artists in the United States, show promoters, venue owners, private engagement buyers, and corporate partners. Norman Biason sets himself apart as a booking agent with a global reach. He has acquired industry connections and experience by being on the road for over a decade in different parts of the US and other countries. “I have built relationships with key stakeholders worldwide, and I lean on these special relationships to grow in markets where my competitions have access,” he said. “There are tons of domestic booking agents, but few international agents like myself,” he noted.

Talking about how the venture started, Norman describes it as something that went from helping talents break new borders to becoming a notable venture synonymous with artists establishing their presence in foreign places. He plans to grow The Artist Broker into a venture that does more than booking artists for live performances in the next five years. He sees the company helping artists broker other deals like licensing, record deals, publishing agreements, corporate sponsorships and merchandising deals.

Artistes’ success is one thing Norman Biason is passionate about. Over the last twenty years, he has played the fulcrum keeping the wheel rolling in the global live performances game. “If an artist or manager is looking for foreign representation, or a buyer looking to procure an act, I’m your guy,” he said.

Learn more about Norman Biason, aka The Artist Broker, on his official website.

Shayy Winn: An Emerging Artist Who Inspires the World with Her Tale of Trials and Triumphs

Established authorities in any given arena know the impact of grit and determination in climbing the summits of success. In an environment that is brimming with highly talented and competitive individuals, the only way that an aspirant can stand out among a plethora of equally capable hopefuls is by being relentless in translating their visions into full-throttled actions. In the case of Shayy, a rising star with an inspiring story to tell, it is laudable how this incredibly determined, and exceptionally passionate individual has conquered where numerous have struggled. Today, this talented go-getter is set to prove that success is within arm’s reach, even for someone who is legally blind.

Widely recognized for her tale of trials and triumphs, this emerging power player is setting the bar high across the music scene. From dominating school plays to getting recognized in the national arena, Shayy is currently making waves, demonstrating an incredible command over her craft. She is not only taking center stage for talents, but this multifaceted go-getter is also gracing the world with her exquisite display of grit, passion, and dedication throughout her journey as an emerging artist in a highly cutthroat industry. “I want to empower people – let them know that they are not alone in times when they see themselves struggling to materialize their dreams,” Shayy shared.

Born with an incredible affinity towards music and lyrics, Shayy always had an unparalleled passion for performing and producing tantalizing rhythm. Ever since this rising superstar was an infant, she would endlessly play Anita Baker’s tracks while gaining the courage to perform on stage. Years down the road, Shayy started auditioning and performing in her high school plays and in the show choir, ultimately cementing an undeniable knack for music.

While Shayy was on her way to solidifying her place across the trade, she was met with an unfortunate circumstance that ultimately took her plans a step backward. “I discovered I had a brain tumor called (epidermoid cyst) in my junior year of high school that led to hydrocephalus,” she said. “Although my brain surgery and recovery time was a success, I began to lose my sense of sight over the months,” she added.

Needless to say, Shayy’s circumstances should have discouraged her from entering a highly competitive space. However, her grit and determination to succeed overpowered, encouraging her to continuously move forward. As a result, this powerhouse emerged triumphantly, capturing the hearts of many American Idol viewers across the world. Garnering 76 million views on Facebook, Shayy has managed to impress several established authorities and industry powerhouses, earning her a spot to sing in the finale even after being eliminated from the competition. According to her fans, this inspirational personality sings like she can speak to the soul, enabling many listeners to truly connect with their emotions and themselves.

With her impeccable display of grit, passion, and determination, coupled with an incredible arsenal of talents, this is only the beginning for this rising star. Seeking to share her story with the world, Shayy is bound to touch lives and inspire them to thrive despite the many hardships they may face.

To know more about Shayy, you may visit her website.

Musician Kamozie Williams: New COO of Prophetic Productions

At a young age, Kamozie Williams has already achieved much more than he dreamed he would. He is an American keyboardist, a producer, a businessman, and the chief operating officer of Prophetic Productions. This twenty-year-old multifaceted artist and businessman already has impressive feats under his belt, but he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Born in January 2001, Kamozie Williams is known for his gifted hands. He used to play the drums, but living constraints made it difficult for him to practice consistently. So he turned to learn the keyboard instead.

“Music is my biggest passion,” Williams shared, “And when I’m in front of a keyboard, I am in my happy place.”

When his hands move over a keyboard, Kamozie Williams transports his listeners to a different world. His unique flow and musical style enthralls and enchants. Williams’ incredible skill is undeniable, so it comes as a surprise to many when he says that he is self-taught.

“I wanted to learn, so I found the resources I needed to teach myself. Then, the music started flowing, and I learned as I went,” he shared.

Kamozie Williams began his music career in 2019 when Neo-Soul singer Prøphęt took notice of Williams’ talent and invited him to collaborate on a song. They released their single “Woke” in 2020, and the song reached over fifty thousand streams in less than two months. The success of their first collaboration led to more projects together, with Williams producing an EP for Prøphęt. This EP, titled 1619, was released in February of this year. This EP is about spreading awareness on Black history, and it solidified Williams’ standing in the music industry.

Impressed with his work and musical gifts, Prøphęt decided to start a production company with Kamozie Williams. In 2021 they established Prophetic Productions, with Williams as the chief operating officer of the company.

Williams shared, “As a chief operating officer, musician, and businessman, my main focus is to share my success with anyone working to achieve the same thing. I believe in building a legacy to start a positive chapter in the world.”

Kamozie Williams is a young man who has already experienced success in several areas of his life. But he remains humble and dedicated to working and growing. He shares that his faith is what keeps him grounded despite the heights he has risen to.

“I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today if it wasn’t for my friend Prøphęt and the prayers I lifted to God. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here. God has truly been a key figure in a lot of the things I have been able to do,” he said.

The industry may know Kamozie Williams for his musical abilities, but people near and dear to him know him as a person full of love. His friends and family describe him as a great person to be around, making sure he puts others before himself.

“I hope to inspire and encourage everyone I work with. I am dedicated to touching people’s lives through music. I want people to know that they can grow and succeed no matter what situation they are in. If they put in the work and have faith, they are sure to achieve great things,” he expressed.

To learn more about Kamozie Williams and his music, you may follow his Facebook page.

Music Observer’s Top 10 Artists in 2021

Music continues to inspire and entertain millions across the globe. It is powerful enough to break barriers that, even with the differences in language, songs can still penetrate into a certain culture. This makes music one of the most powerful platforms for self-expression and individuality. Behind every song is an artist carrying their own unique narrative, putting their heart and soul into the craft and pouring everything into lyrics and melodies. Despite the growing number of artists in the music industry, some still emerge to the top, making it easier for music lovers to distinguish who is worth listening to. Here are the top ten artists to watch:

  1. Drake

Born Aubrey Drake Graham in Toronto, Ontario, on October 24, 1986, music icon Drake is one of the most successful artists in the scene today. Drake began his journey in the entertainment industry starring in various commercials and eventually rising to fame as he played the role of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2001. Five years later, Drake fearlessly launched his music career, beginning with a mixtape called Room for Improvement. That cemented his name in the music industry as one of the biggest rappers in history. His name got even more buzz when the artist signed a deal with Lil Wayne’s label Young Money Management. To date, Drake has won over 100 awards, four of which were Grammy Awards. He also received 44 Grammy nominations and 81 nominations on the Billboard Music Awards. 


  1. The Weeknd

Born to Ethiopian immigrant parents, Abel Tesyafe, better known as The Weeknd, is one of the biggest names in the R&B and pop scenes. He is best recognized for his emotionally invested music, which has obtained multi-platinum sales and Grammy nominations. The singer, songwriter, and record producer is originally from Toronto, Canada. He began making a buzz in the music industry by uploading anonymous songs on YouTube under his moniker. It wasn’t long before The Weeknd dominated the mainstream music scene. In 2011, he launched three mixtapes, House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. In 2013, the artist released his debut album called Kiss Land. His sophomore album soon followed suit, entitled Beauty Behind the Madness, which became the number one album on Billboard 200. 


  1. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, simply known as Olivia Rodrigo, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her songs have generated quite the buzz among today’s audiences, recognized for her unique storytelling and note-worthy vocals. Olivia set a record high with the launch of her hit song “Driver’s License,” making her the youngest female artist ever to top the Billboard Hot 100. Olivia starred in several movies and television shows, including playing the lead role in An American Dream: Grace Stirs up Success, Disney’s High School Musical Series, and Disney TV’s Bizaardvark. Olivia began her music journey at age 12 while growing up in Murrieta, California. She is also known for her singles “Deja Vu,” “Good 4 U,” and “Happier.” Recently, Olivia made waves when she released her debut album Sour. The music video of which has gone viral with over 12 million views on YouTube.


  1. Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil’s artistic journey began in 2009 after sustaining a head injury in a car crash. Out of nowhere, Andrew began to chart his own journey into songwriting, which he kickstarted by learning the keyboard, and then the guitar by writing songs. Struggles with Mental Health and Cancer have framed his lyrical content. Alt Rocker and close friend to the late Daniel Johnston, Kathy McCarty says this about Andrew’s new album “Sunny Side”: “The outpouring of melody and counterpoint is deeply affecting, seeming to come directly from a heart so genuine that it is almost too pure for this world”.

Spotify: Andrew Neil

  1. Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.

Legendary performers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. are 7-time Grammy Award winners who earned 15 gold and 3 platinum records. The couple can currently be seen in Questlove’s Summer of Soul (..Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised). McCoo and Davis are working on an expanded version of their first album in 30 years, Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons, released in April 2021 to critical acclaim. The husband-and-wife duo, who paved the way for countless Black artists, just became the first Black couple to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame honor, their second Walk of Fame honor.

Spotify: Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.


  1. Winona Oak

After landing various collaborations with What So Not and The Chainsmokers, Winona Oak is indeed one an artist to watch. The Swedish singer and songwriter is known for her ethereal and enchanting songs, which encapsulate her upbringing in the Nordic forests of Sweden on Solleron, a small island known as the “Island of the Sun.” She spent most of her childhood with more animals than people, making her gentle, sympathetic, and unique in many ways. Winona produces beautifully haunting songs that have captivated listeners across the globe. In 2018, the rising artist signed with Neon Gold and Atlantic. Later in the year, she released a music video for her cover of the song “Don’t Save Me” by Haim. Starting 2020 with a bang, Winona releases her debut EP called Closure, dubbed as a “portrait of ethereal melancholy.”


  1. Ruger

Sometimes when you hear a song for the first time, you know. That was the case with Nigerian-born Afrobeat artist Ruger’s unconventional dancehall hall debut EP – Pandemic. It was not about knowing that Afrobeat has the best sounds or that the debut EP was a hit with millions of views on Youtube; there was a weight to the songs that earmarks it as the beginning of something important. 

Born Michael Adebayo, Ruger was officially unveiled as one of the newest additions to the Jonzing World record label currently distributed through Mavin Records. This eye-patch-wearing musical talent dominates the Nigerian music scene with his ferocious lyricism, the infectious Afrobeat sound going viral on social media platforms like TikTok, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. 

Learn more about Ruger by visiting his Instagram page. In addition, you can watch his videos on Youtube.

Instagram: @rugerofficial  

YouTube: Ruger Official  

  1. Blxst

When Blxst sings, everything changes. You find yourself unconsciously moving to the beats, the addictive sounds instantly filling you with warm, fuzzy feelings and awakening the dancer in you. This Los Angeles-based artist first made a musical statement with his 2019 hit “Hurt,” which instantly went viral. Then, riding the wave, he released one of the best projects of 2020, his EP, No Love Lost. Each of the eight songs was conceptually powerful, his smooth, unique laidback style shining through in a perfect fusion of beats and lyrics to peak at number 3 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

With collaborations with established artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga and more on the horizon, Blaxst is on an upward trajectory to success and recently released his new song with Bino Rideaux, “Sixtape 2,” on  July 16. 

To learn more about Blxst, visit his Instagram. In addition, you can watch his videos on Youtube.  

Instagram: @blxst  

YouTube: BLXST 

  1. Nilüfer Yanya

There are no rules to being a great artist—they come in all forms. Still, the ability to combine influences from indie rock to soul, jazz, and trip-hop into a musical treat takes the lead, and London-based Indie artist Nilüfer Yanya is proving that she is an artist worth her salt. 

Making her debut in 2019 with the full-length album Miss Universe, Yanya sparked a stream of appreciation from fans, peers and established artists. Her breathy vocals with unabashedly honest lyrics blending perfectly with inventive guitar work and big drums. As revealed by her last song, Yanya’s talents stay evolving, her music consistently entertaining and flourishing with every release. 

To learn more about Nilüfer Yanya, visit her Instagram page. In addition, you can watch her videos on Youtube. 

Instagram: @niluferyanyaaaaaa  

YouTube: Nilufer Yanya  

  1. Baby Queen

Baby Queen is unique—her hypnotizing voice armed with biting wit and unbridled emotional honesty while still sounding like your little secret. Born Arabella Latham, this South African–born singer-songwriter, has a fearless lyrical talent that transcends the need for traditional career milestones. 

In 2020, the London-based artist blew us away with her debut EP Medicine, an evolution from her first single, “Internet Religion,” effortlessly cemented her sound and hallmarks as one worth the attention. A brilliant lyricist with a knack for making sparkling pop songs, Baby Queen makes cynical satires and uses them to examine critical issues, from the toxic effects of social media to depression and mental health. Her latest singles “Dover Beach” and “Raw Thoughts” have racked up raving reviews putting her in an upward motion for success. 

Learn more about Baby Queen by visiting her Instagram.  And listen to her music on Spotify. 

Instagram: @queenofthebabies  

Spotify: Baby Queen

Putting the Spotlight on Multi-Talented Woman Sharon Champagne Terry

Sharon Champagne Terry is a multi-talented woman who wears many hats. She is an actress, model, author, screenwriter, executive producer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, the true embodiment of a modern-day renaissance woman.

As an actress, she has been cast in a few roles, including Vanessa in the comedy created by Unc Trent called I’ll Drink To That. She has also appeared in the film Living the Dream as well as the web series In Between Jobs.

Sharon Champagne Terry is a professional runway and print model with Hass Entertainment. She has walked the stage for high-profile fashion shows such as “The Night of Elegance” and “The Summit” in the highly anticipated and world-renowned New York Fashion Week.

Due to her highly successful career in front of the spotlight, the woman of many talents was motivated to create her business. She realized that she could build a one-of-a-kind brand from her unique personality and self. 

Now, she is a certified entrepreneur and is the owner of the publishing company Champagne Books LLC. Recently, the prolific author has penned an urban fiction called The Goddess of Lust, Love & Infatuation Part 1, and Blissful Lust Part 2. She has also created the anthologies Dark Memories and The Crossover.

Prestigious award-giving bodies have recognized the novelist’s talent and potential. In total, she has received two nominations, one from ROC Awards as Author of the Year and another from The Author Academy Awards for Top Female Author of 2019.

Hoping to help others who are in need of encouragement, she shares her wisdom as a motivational speaker. She has even gone on multiple radio shows such as The DJ Gatsby Show, The beautiful Butterfly radio program, Good Deeds Radio, and The Authors Show to name a few. Her website also has a section dedicated to daily reinforcements that help readers become more positive and optimistic.

Aside from her numerous talents and abilities, what truly makes Sharon Champagne Terry stand out is her natural skill for sharing and imparting her knowledge with others. She is a screenwriting trainer at Coach John Screenwriting Academy. On top of that, she offers business and personal coaching for aspiring authors through Champagne Books.

Despite juggling several endeavors at once, the impressive woman manages to stay at the top of her game. She has consistently delivered top-quality projects and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

When asked about her aspirations for the future, the vibrant person confidently shared, “I see myself at the top of the film industry and being creative in every aspect of my life.” The future certainly looks bright for Sharon Champagne Terry as she pursues her goals and plans in life. 

Lastly, fans and supporters should be on the lookout as the creative mind is gearing up for the TV pilot of The Goddess, which she wrote and created. The show is scheduled to air in the fall on the MJ OWN Network on Roku.

Learn more about Sharon Champagne Terry by visiting her Instagram page and Champagne Books LLC by checking out its official website.