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Brad Pitt Takes Legal Actions Against Angelina Jolie for Selling her Ownership Stake in a Vineyard They Purchased Together

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Actor Brad Pitt has filed a lawsuit against his former wife Angelina Jolie for selling her ownership stake in the French vineyard that they acquired together in 2008 and got married in during 2014.

According to the court documents, the vineyard Chateau Miraval SA “has grown into a multimillion-dollar international success story” through Pitt’s management. 

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles, claims that despite the former couple buying it together, Pitt put much more effort and investment into converting Chateau Miraval SA from a year-by-year losing business to “one of Hollywood’s most highly regarded producers of rosé wines.” In addition, he turned an area at his property into a private residence. 

Pitt’s side alleged that he put a good amount of effort into the business due to an initial agreement between them that stipulated that he and Jolie would never trade each other’s shares without permission.

After their 2016 divorce, Pitt and Jolie discussed the possibility of purchasing her ownership share; whether he does so with entire or part-ownership has yet to be seen. 

According to the complaint, however, Jolie informed Pitt in January of last year through writing that she had made a “painful decision, with a heavy heart”: She could not keep any ownership in the business anymore, although they had looked forward to “grow old together” in the vineyard to begin with. 

According to the court documents, Jolie’s lawyers have informed Pitt that they will no longer continue discussions about the matter and “accused Pitt of having no intent of finalizing an agreement.”

The first time Pitt and his representatives heard of the news of the sale, stated in the lawsuit, was when Tenute del Mondo published a press release on his acquisition of the share of the vineyard, and it was a massive blow for Pitt. 

Jolie is being charged for breach of contract by Pitt’s lawyers, demanding a jury trial.

50 Cent wife, Mrs. 50 Cent aka Kimberly Ms. MTV talks Telosa TX, the New Silicon Valley Utopia vs Dystopia

In the 1990’s The Blair Witch Project used a marketing campaign based on a fabricated curse that was made to appear true.  The entire marketing campaign included newspaper articles, newsreels, television reports, and interviews.  The film was very successful, but some reviews were critical about the story being completely fictional.

Utopia vs Dystopia: The Fight of Good Against Evil Part 1 deciphers fact versus fiction.  Mrs. 50 Cent posted on IG declaring herself the wife of 50 Cent. She has been gifted by 50 Cent a Black American Express credit card, a 50 Karat diamond wedding ring, high-priced designer goods, a luxury penthouse apartment, cars, dinners, and trips. Most recently Mrs. 50 Cent appeared in a wedding dress and kissed 50 Cent during a public appearance and requested a public marriage, the rapper stated, “I will think about it”. Onlookers say they appeared to have very positive chemistry for one another. 

The novel Utopia vs Dystopia is a mixture of tantric romance, violence, suspense, supernatural forces, science fiction, and a cliffhanger ending. The novel ends after the 6th chapter.  Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “Christ had 12 disciples and so a total of 13 were included. Some people feel 13 and 666 are good numbers, especially in numerology. It symbolizes death and passing into a higher spiritual level.  The opening character in the book dies and is reborn after being shot 13 times.  He then goes on a spiritual journey that leads him to the Himalayas. He falls in love and untaps supernatural abilities.”

The novel is based on very similar real life or actual events.  Since COVID-19, many people are trying to go back to the old way of living while others predict this is only the beginning of the New World Order.  Theories about how the world is transitioning to a new regime is not a new idea. Mrs. 50 Cent brings another theoretical perspective while incorporating illuminated enlightenment and current events. 

In 2011, Discover Magazine’s new stories broke about the United States Government funding a multimillion-dollar scientific research project to turn US soldiers into telepaths.  The research was allegedly conducted by New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center in Albany Medical College with a team led by Albany Paranormal Research Society.  Since then, we have seen countless disasters- natural weather catastrophes, swarms of locusts, COVID-19, rivers turning to what looks like blood, a flock of birds falling from the sky (killing hundreds for no apparent reason) … It has made millions believe biblical prophecies. Many now believe the world as we knew it has ended and the New World Order has risen.

In 2021, news broke about a new city of utopia called Telosa.  That same year, Tesla, Oracle, Meta (which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), TikTok and other Silicon Valley corporations relocated to Texas along a tollway that stretched for miles and had acres of clear land large enough to accommodate an entire city. These stories provide clues for the reader to decide what is fact or fiction. 

This is a real-life expedition interwoven in a story about a superstar rapper, who happens to also be an undercover federal agent, meeting his soulmate and transitioning into a sovereign New World Order. The reader must search for evidence or lack of evidence to decipher facts from fiction, proving whether we have entered or are entering the New World Order. 

Mont’e Millions Off to a Spectacular Start for the Year with Red Bull Commercial

Closing the first quarter of the year with a significant win will always be a big deal for anyone, and pop, country, R&B, and hip-hop star Mont’e Millions is doing it in style. The musician recently teamed up with Molly Flynn and Molly World Productions to land a spectacular deal with Red Bull, which sees the musician become the face of the company.

In what Mont’e calls an exciting deal, the musician, entrepreneur and author is set to play a major role in one of the areas he’s heavily interested in: the business world. The partnership between him and Molly Flynn, the owner of Molly World Productions, will see the musician campaign for the new Red Bull Commercial, co-directed by Molly. Bringing this project to life will surely send 2022 to the top of Mont’e Millions’s achievements, and he believes strongly that such a huge win heralds even bigger things to come.

Born Montressa L. Cullingham, Mont’e Millions has built a career inspiring and motivating his audience globally. His work as the new face of Red Bull will also serve as a reminder to every entrepreneur and talented person watching his journey that they can achieve their dreams by simply moving on the path that can get them there. “Never stop believing in yourself, and don’t joke with your network. If you have a relationship with the best in the business, your work is cut out for you,” Mont’e said.

Content from Mont’e Millions is for everyone looking to achieve their dreams and better their lives, ranging from entrepreneurs to entertainers and the average person out there. The firm belief that he can achieve the impossible regardless of odds stacked against him has kept Mont’e going strongly over the past years. His biggest motivation is the clear vision to become successful and use his success to uplift other people. The new collaboration with Red Bull edges him towards that goal, and his excitement about what’s to come is all he needs to keep making these landmark collaborations.

Mont’e Millions hopes to work with more brands, expand his brand’s reach, and become more bankable as an entertainer and entrepreneur in the next few years. His success in the music world with his record label with a seven-figure value and his pop-country hit “SALLY,” which has garnered over 12 million streams, has inspired confidence in many of his associates who believe the sky is the starting point for him.

Mont’e Millions also expresses his enthusiasm towards working with Molly Flynn, a director who, like him, began to follow her dreams at a young age. He looks forward to more collaborations and hopes the upcoming one with Red Bull achieves the desired impact.

Keith Milo DOMINATES SxSW Music Festival!

(Keith Milo Poses Backstage After Performing at SxSW)

It’s one thing to be the King of Texas, but this weekend, Keith Milo has shown us he’s also the King of the Stage! The pop star performed this past Sunday for a private party held by HBO Max during the SxSW Music Festival. With guns-a-blazin, he immediately owned the stage and commanded the attention of everyone in the room. From executives in VIP sections to the locals standing outside wishing to gain access all night, everyone unanimously praised Milo for his vocal technique, stamina, charisma, dance moves, and overall stunning aesthetics and a sonically amazing 4-piece band.

(Keith Milo wears a hand-beaded pearl bodysuit)

For his performance, the singer was dressed in a vintage bodysuit with hand-beaded pearls all the way down, paired with knee-high leather boots. Styled by @EphranceVintage of Austin, TX, his look matched his energy and superior performance!

Just before he flew in to prep for the show, Keith Milo visited Miami, FL, for meetings with different industry reps in the music and NFT spaces. With this festival being the follow-up to all his travels, it was the perfect place for his art to come alive since the event featured all kinds of ground breaking AR/VR immersive technology! It would seem that the artist is in for quite an exciting season. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of his journey!

(Keith Milo Performs At SxSW)

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Big Sky Song Records Proudly Presents: Tom E Morrison — “Eyes of Love” featuring Shalane and Rachel Morrison

London based multi-genre music producer, composer, musician, and sound engineer Tom E Morrison presents his first single for 2022. “Eyes of Love” was unleashed on Valentines Day, Feb 14, 2022, via all major digital music platforms. The music video was released on March 12, 2022. It was featured on the radio thrice, first on February 3 on the Soho Radio Magic Mix Show by Kate Magic, second on March 3 by the legendary German radio host/DJ Peter Urban on NDR Radio, and third on March 13 by WCR FM Radio’s “Pandora’s Box” hosted by Fay Morgan-Hine.

But take hearts and clichéd strings out of the equation—this is a cool, mood-enhancing soundscape.

“Eyes of Love” was, for Tom E, unfinished business. A drum groove, an insistent bass line, and the soulful vocal lines of Rachel Morrison: it was sounding good but had been left as a half-finished project.

Lockdown gave him the opportunity to breathe new life into the track, and this happened via a chance reconnection: a Californian poet turned rapper/singer/ songwriter called Shalane, who he had crossed paths with in London some years ago, got in touch from her home in LA.

Tom E suggested a collaboration on the incomplete track, and she added rapping and melodies from her own studio. Tom E finalized the production in London, and so “Eyes of Love” came together.

“Eyes of Love” is a chilled out fusion of electronica, soul, blues and jazz, featuring Shalane’s and Rachel’s haunting, soulful vocals. Their vocals are embedded in Tom E’s atmospheric guitar-keyboard soundscapes and hypnotic bass line. Marc Layton-Bennett (Jah Wobble, Bliss, Meeker) drives a gentle drum groove. And the track is topped with a passionate saxophone solo from Rob Hughes (ABC, Swing Out Sister), whom Tom E had met on tour.

Rather than edit it down, Tom E’s vision for “Eyes of Love” was to keep it at its full 7.20min. “It’s a vibe, it’s an atmosphere,” he says. “It works as it is as a soundscape, and I wasn’t going to compromise on that.”

Tom E Morrison’s (Bliss, Meeker) extensive list of multi-genre collaborations include Andrew Roachford, Bonnie Tyler, Shalane, Carroll Thompson, Rupert Hine, Kuljit Bhamra, Underworld, Sydney Jo Jackson, James Brown JR, Deth Enemy, Carl Sentance, Michael Voss and Darren Emerson.

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact Big Sky Song Records | Music Publishing | Music Production |

Introducing DJ Don Nova: Rising Artist and Entrepreneur Out to Build an Empire

Although building an empire may sound challenging, overwhelming, or intimidating, DJ Don Nova proves that it doesn’t have to remain as a mere dream. Anyone who is willing to put in the required elbow grease for building such a legacy can surely obtain it, and the artist is the perfect example. 

Born Donald Noble, DJ Don Nova is a rising artist, DJ, and entrepreneur from Queens, NY. He makes music for various events and collaborates with other artists in the industry to continually grow his brand and learn from others. DJ Don Nova is set to release his album in the fourth quarter of 2022, and it is already making a buzz within the music community, seeing how his five-track EP gained a lot of traction in 2021 on Spotify and Apple Music. Backed by tremendous success from his previous drops, there’s no doubt that DJ Don Nova’s upcoming album will also captivate the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

DJ Don Nova aims to inspire and empower people with the story he tells through his music. “I feel like I have a lot of things that people can learn from. I can enlighten people on a lot of different things as well–being an artist DJ, people seeing how I put together fashion and incorporate that into my music as well,” the artist said. His unique personality, coupled with his natural charm for winning hearts, makes DJ Don Nova one of the most promising artists of his generation. He wants people to see his genuine narrative and has always been humble in his music journey despite reaching many milestones in his career. 

In addition, DJ Don Nova believes that the music industry is big enough for everyone. Therefore, instead of competing with others, he focuses his energy on improving himself and his music. “I don’t feel like I have competition. The only person I’m really competing with is myself,” he said. DJ Don Nova is confident that his music is powerful enough to rise to the top because he is putting so much energy and soul into every track he releases. Furthermore, he merges his talent with an unrivaled work ethic and positivity.

Asked what motivated him to pursue music, DJ Don Nova said he never saw himself following the pack. He always wanted to create his own lane and build a brand that people would trust for generations. Hence, he showcased his genuine talent and passion for creating music fearlessly to the world, knowing that it is the best way for him to be heard and at the same time influence people positively. 

On top of building a music career, DJ Don Nova is also thriving as an entrepreneur. He currently manages a successful consulting company in New York City dealing with various real estate ventures. 

In five years, DJ Don Nova envisions himself traveling the world, establishing his brand as a respected household name worldwide. Always a big dreamer, the artist sees himself winning the Grammys and scaling his brand into a multi-million dollar venture in the music industry. He also wants to explore ways of merging both his music venture and his real estate consulting company. 

Having his hands full for both his music and entrepreneurial journey, DJ Don Nova shared that this is merely the beginning of the empire he envisions for himself in the future. As he continues to tread on many fulfilling paths, DJ Don Nova aims to amplify that no goal is ever too big for one who is not afraid to dream.

Brotherofcolor Shares How He Managed to Expand His Brand From Content Creator to Influencer

There was a time when the only way one could reach celebrity status was through music or entertainment, the latter of which was almost always through acting. But since the 2000s, video streaming platforms like YouTUbe have given charismatic and talented individuals an avenue to perform. Moreover, since gadgets started evolving, platforms like Vine and TikTok have ushered in a new era with a new generation of entertainers. Paris Kinsey is among those making viewers laugh through his TikTok channel, where he goes by the name brotherofcolor.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, brotherofcolor’s venture into content creation was not so different from many of his peers. He started filming his works in the early 2010s, which had only been a habit at the time. Over a decade later, his platform grew bigger than he could have imagined.

Brothercolor was born out of a passion for creating content and making music for others to enjoy. Paris had not given much thought to building his own brand until he joined TikTok and started doing works that generated a positive reception. Since his success, the content creator set out to work hard and maintain consistency.

The content creator’s rise in content creation started with a recording that showed he lost a bet to his sister and handed her cash—the clip circulated around the web, reaching millions of viewers with reposts from celebrities. The video catapulted his career with his following on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms growing. With more people noticing his content, brotherofcolor set out to steer his career as an influencer, collaborating with a few brands, including fast-food chain McDonald’s, where he was the brand ambassador. 

Brotherofcolor started his social media when he made his TikTok channel in late 2019. He started to gain more followers in a short period until he eventually went viral with his losing bet. “I believe a lot of my followers follow me because of the unique type of content I create,” said Paris. “I really try and create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time.”

As a content creator, brotherofcolor creates clips that cater to anyone who enjoys watching and listening to his brand of work. “The content I create is very diverse so that anyone who watches could enjoy, whether it’s a young kid or an older adult,” 

With the number of influencers on the digital landscape, brotherofcolor strives to create different and diverse content. However, he makes sure that his works aren’t just to generate views and only films content he can be proud of. “Every piece of content I’ve created, I enjoyed the process,” Paris revealed. “Even without the success that I’ve had, I would still do it because I truly love what I do.” 

Although he already has a massive following, brotherofcolor hopes to see his following grow more with brand rippling throughout the globe, raking in new audiences so they can see what he has to offer. The content creator also hopes to get the opportunity to appear on television and film with his sights on creating his own TV show.

Kanye West’s Donda and the Controversies Surrounding the Music Icon’s Latest Album

Source: The Guardian

News broke out across music channels and circles about Kanye West’s latest album after Universal released the record last Sunday. But the long-anticipated release has been met with controversy and a whole pile of messy reactions, most notably some from the artist behind the album himself after West claimed that the record company launched the album without his approval.

Fans will remember that Donda was supposed to hit the market back in July 2021 but would face several delays for reasons undisclosed. So before launching the rap and hip hop icon’s latest album, organizers and promoters mounted several events to create anticipation for the new release, including a listening event that would see several stadiums booked where Donda’s songs would blare out at full volume. In addition, Kanye appeared suspended in mid-air in one venue and would get set on fire before restaging his wedding with ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The spectacle was no less than outrageous.

Donda is Kanye West’s tenth record to come to market, although the artist claims that he didn’t have a say in the recent release. Reviews have come in response to West’s latest creation, but criticism has come in surplus. One reporter writes in the Financial Times saying, “Like its maker’s ego, the album is a vast, unruly, rapacious affair.”

Some expressions of disappointment have also come from co-music creators like Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, who have expressed their dislike for the new album. The two artists disclosed that they had parts in two separate tracks axed from the final mix without communication. “If he didn’t like the verse, he should have said that don’t text me acting like u f—— wit it then secretly take it off. What kind of s—— is that I was working on my album too I don’t got time for this s——,” tweeted Deandre Cortez Way, also better known by his stage name Soulja Boy. Brown would also later take his frustrations to social media after sharing how his part in the song, “New Again,” was heard in the early release but would later be edited out and replaced with a version without him in it.

The album is named after Kanye’s late mother, Donda, who died on November 10, 2007, after undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery. Though the report was inconclusive, the family pointed at the medical professionals involved in the procedure. Kanye’s new album is one of the artist’s ways of moving forward as he seeks peace after the tragedy.

The album, Donda, features twenty-seven tracks with several collaborations, including some with controversial figures DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, among many others. During the album’s development, news had also spread about unsettled matters between Kanye and Drake, which further complicated the album’s production and promotion.

“Jesus Lord,” one of the record’s more notable tracks, links mental instability and grief he has experienced after Donda’s death with current issues around racism and gun violence that has claimed the dignity and lives of many African American men and women in the country.

Despite all the turmoil surrounding West’s tenth release, it would go on to break records, garnering over 60 million streams on its first day in Apple Music. Listen to all twenty-seven tracks on Spotify here.

Will Buck on Self-Awareness and Growth Through Music

The music industry remains to be one of the most cutthroat and competitive businesses worldwide. Behind the glittery facade lies the fact that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make a name for oneself and maintain it. Perseverance, talent, and hard work are all needed to dominate the industry, as experienced by alternative singer-songwriter,  multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Buck

Will’s journey to becoming an established musician was not easy. Hailing from Baltimore, he moved to Colorado to form a high-energy rock and roll band called the West Water Outlaws. To get their name out, Will spent his early twenties traveling with his bandmates around the United States for over a hundred days. He learned to cut his teeth as a performer in dive bars around the country, along with the difficult nights of sleeping on hotel room floors, working odd jobs, and playing three-hour bar sets for small fees and food. 

Starting from the ground up, Will’s band rose from playing on parties and basements to selling out venues and appearing at major festivals. Life has a weird way of playing out, however. Unfortunately, the promising band broke up overnight before they were ready to play the biggest show of their career, sign a management deal, and land multiple network television placements. 

In the aftermath of the disbandment, Will sold the majority of his belongings, packed up his truck, and traveled west for what would be a year-long solo journey of rediscovery that culminated in Eastern Australia. After returning to the United States, he moved to Los Angeles seeking a second opportunity to push through with his music career. With the lack of resources, Will ended up working in a 40,000-square-foot apparel warehouse packing T-shirts. At nights, he committed himself to writing and recording song demos. 

Will eventually rebranded as a solo artist in 2019 and began to rise through LA DIY music by writing, producing, and practicing relentlessly. Several years of multiple EPS, countless shows, a bunch of setbacks and triumphs later, Will is now steadily climbing the ladder to fame. He has been named “someone to watch” by the Hollywood Digest, “a diamond in the rough” by Voyage LA, and finished as a semifinalist in The Opening Act’s Hollywood Bowl competition.

The artist is about authenticity and being true to oneself. Will’s music speaks of personal redemption, the unbreakable will of the human spirit, overcoming addiction, grief, the road to healing, and ultimately cultivating inner peace. But no matter the message he wants to convey from his songs, what wins out in the end is Will’s honesty about his experiences and his willingness to share them openly.

He is currently promoting his recent song release “Shadows,” which is now available on different music streaming platforms, including YouTube and  Spotify. The song’s compelling message, coupled with Will’s smooth vocals, is bound to capture fans of the alternative rock scene. 

Without question, Will Buck established himself as one of the music artists people should anticipate. His passion for achieving big things and his desire to keep on improving will surely pave the path for him to achieve great success.Learn more about Will Buck through his Spotify and Instagram accounts.

Boss Startup Science: Honing Small-Time Business Owners to Become Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Most small business owners dream of someday growing their venture into a massive enterprise. However, a lot of them find it extremely challenging to accomplish this. Seeing an opportunity to impart his expertise on the matter, serial entrepreneur Gregory Shepard has co-founded a learning center that teaches people how to successfully scale a startup called BOSS Startup Science.

Gregory Shepard is the leading authority in the startup scene and has impressive achievements to show for it. He is known for being responsible for 12 liquidity events, two of which were sold as part of a $925 million transaction. In addition, he won 4 Private Equity Awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion.

He has written hundreds of articles published in 25 national and international publications for ForbesBooks. Additionally, he is the host of The BOSS Podcast, featured on ForbesBooks. He has shared his expertise on how to grow a startup on several podcasts, popular network TV programs, and radio shows.

However, on top of his remarkable accomplishments, the awe-inspiring man wishes to share his success with others. He said, “I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check-to-check into a different category of wealth.”

Because of this, he has made it his mission to create brands that fulfill his long-term goal. One of which is BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing in tech startups worldwide.

Counting on the knowledge and extensive experience he amassed from his 25 years of experience growing new businesses, the brilliant individual has developed the Business Operating Support System or BOSS. It is a business methodology focused on early-stage startups providing a framework designed to achieve a successful liquidity event within five years.

In addition to that, the program was created to help founders who are at the early stages to avoid common mistakes by improving their understanding of starting, growing, and scaling with less risk. Ultimately, it empowers entrepreneurs and boosts their confidence, effectively increasing the success rate of their startups.

From there, BOSS Startup Science was created as an avenue that connects the remarkable program with potential users. The one-of-a-kind learning center provides educational tools and crucial information that uses the principles of BOSS. 

Aside from that, Gregory Shepard also wrote a research paper called Silver Master that tackles what most startup companies around the world are doing wrong and why they have a 90% failure rate. But on the other hand, he has successfully proven that this does not have to be the case through BOSS Startup Science. The research paper will definitely help entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

In the foreseeable future, the outstanding individual plans to scale his venture’s influence further and reach a wider audience. Moreover, he hopes that with its current success and the testimonies of the students it helped, more people will see the invaluable service given by BOSS Startup Science.Find out more about BOSS Startup Science by visiting its official website. You can also check out Gregory Shepard’s page to get more information about his other projects.