Bobby Brown Says Janey Jackson is ‘the crush of my life’

Photo: NBC

Bobby Brown is happily married, but it seems like he can’t help being smitten with Janet Jackson.

“Janet was the crush of my life,” Brown stated in his A&E two-night documentary, Biography: Bobby Brown.

“What was it about Janet?” he stated. “Everything. Her little smile, body, her dance moves, her little laugh.” 

The clip shows Brown telling BET that he was “madly in love with her” and an interview with Jackson’s past boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, who claimed that he would tease about their relationship while going out with Jackson.

Brown stated that he and Jackson “loved each other’s company” but didn’t have that long of a relationship.” 

The 53-year-old singer added that things didn’t work out “because she couldn’t be with a man like myself.” 

“I’m from the projects. I’m hood,” Brown continued. “And her father [Joe Jackson] wouldn’t allow her to be with someone like me.” 

Brown later dated Whitney Houston afterward. He even referred to Houston as the love of his life. The couple tied the knot in 1992 until 2007. 

After a few years, in 2012, Houston died at 48. 

Brown is now married to Alicia Etheredge Brown. The pair have three children together and star in a new reality show, Bobby Brown: Every Little Step.

Some media outlets have contacted Jackson, who has never officially acknowledged her past relationship with Brown, for comment.

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