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Rising Artist OWKZ on Releasing Thirty Music Videos a Year Into His Debut

Everyone aspires for greatness and envisions the best kind of life when they grow up. For many, the dream is to thrive in a career where they are in complete control of what they do. Kendahl Blakely is no different from the thousands of individuals who want to become their own boss, and he is currently living the dream through his music career under the stage name OWKZ.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, but raised in Las Vegas, OWKZ is one of the latest names to join the colorful roster of the music industry, and he has been making a significant impact on the west coast music scene. Since breaking out as one of the latest names in the hip-hop genre, OWKZ has consistently released quality tracks. Despite having been in the game for over a year, the rising artist has already released over thirty music videos on YouTube, with his latest song, “M.I.A.,” getting dropped over a day ago. 

OWKZ takes great pride in his work. “That’s what you call dedication,” he said proudly. While most people would quickly dismiss him as one of those cocky rising stars, OWKZ’s work rate cannot be overlooked. His debut album, The Birth of Zo, packs seventeen tracks and features big names like Skilla Baby and Skinny T FOD and is currently available on every major music streaming platform. 

When asked about his drive, the artist replied with this, “I always wanted to be my own boss and call my own shots. I always wanted to own my business and build assets to create generational wealth.” OWKZ has also cited his mother as his inspiration. Growing up as a child, he would watch as his mother struggled to make ends meet. The image of his mother breaking her back to provide for the family was reason enough to propel the rising artist to pursue a career in music. “I wanted to find a positive and creative way to escape poverty.”

As an artist, OWKZ dedicates most of his works to hard-working people. With so many people striving to change their situations despite their messed-up predicaments, the artist understands them perfectly and emulates their spirit. Even more impressive is the joy he gets when he is working hard. 

Since making his resolve, OWKZ developed a mindset to always plan his next step, giving him the work ethic that lets him stand out from other rising artists. “There aren’t too many artists working like me,” he said. “I stay consistent, and I release good music.” OWKZ takes pride in his craft and work ethics. While most artists create one good track and bask in their fleeting success, OWKZ is already in the studio, working on his following material. The artist tries to set himself as an example for other children in the situation he has been in.

OWKZ may just be the new kid on the block, but he has already exhibited professionalism. With the road wide open in front of him, he strives to find success in one of the most competitive industries today. Eventually, the artist plans on using his success and owning several businesses and assets. OWKZ has his eyes on real estate with the idea of raising a family not too far away. 

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Leikyn Bravo, an Inspirational and Passion-Fueled Musician Set to Make Waves With Her Debut as a Solo Artist

Discovering one’s passion is the easy part, but if there is anything that adulthood teaches anyone, it is the fact that it does not take a lot to fall out of love with what they once held dear. In particular, countless artists have ended up losing interest in their craft due to several reasons. For some, developing a fascination for something else extinguished their desire to make a name for themselves in the industry, while for others, it is during the process of materializing their dreams that they lost sight of themselves. In the case of Leikyn Bravo, trying to conform to other people’s definition of success led to her first big fall out with music. Today, she brings with her an inspiring story that resonates with millions of aspirants worldwide as she carves a path toward the summit of the music scene.

Leikyn Bravo is a multi-talented figure who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Songwriting from the renowned Berklee College of Music. Ever since she was young, Leikyn Bravo has always had a deep-seated love for music. Growing up, there was nothing else she wanted to do more than have her voice be heard, and her songs touch hearts. “For as long as I can remember, there has always been a song in my heart and a tune on my lips. This remained true until I hit my early twenties,” shares the multifaceted personality. The efforts she expended to change her music and image in the hopes of satisfying others and meeting their conception of success led her astray. Fortunately, with the support of her friends and family, this rising star managed to reignite her passion for music and get back in the game. 

Currently leaving a mark worldwide, this skillful singer, versatile songwriter, actress, and all-around musician has shared live music in forty-five countries across six continents. Not only has she fronted and toured with the EDM band Sounds Limitless and danced the samba, but she has also drummed with the Brazilian batucada Grooversity, graced a Broadway Chicago stage, and launched songs that have found a place in an official IMDb movie. Armed with an impressive portfolio and an arsenal of skills, she is ready to take center stage as a solo artist.

Set to debut this year, Leikyn Bravo will hit the ground running with her album titled “Songs You’ll Never Hear.” Years in the making, this compilation is a glimpse into her journey and will shed light on the numerous obstacles she had to overcome to make it in the industry, including having doors slammed in her face and losing and finding her love for music. 

Apart from cementing her name as an artist to watch out for, Leikyn Bravo hopes to prove the naysayers wrong with her upcoming debut. Highly driven to counter their claims that she is nothing more than a pretty girl with a pretty voice, this inspiring icon aims to show the world that she is in the game to win it. Above anything else, she also wishes to send across the message that success is a goal that a person can define for themselves and achieve in the long run so long as they are determined and committed. 

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Fortress Radio Pushes Forward Despite Pandemic Challenges and Discovers a Way to Diversify

The challenges that the unexpected pandemic brought upon the world and the business industry is no joking matter. The whole world witnessed as businesses were brought to their knees and were forced to close down either temporarily or permanently. Those who took heart and were brave enough to give their business another shot knew the risks involved but pressed on if only to survive. WMFR Fortress Radio founder Christina “Lady Rose” Palmer knew she did not want to give up on her station easily without a fight. So she pulled great minds together to come up with an awe-inspiring idea—diversifying into a rock and roll themed physical boutique store at the height of the pandemic. 

Palmer wanted to be able to offer their loyal followers and music fans something to look forward to despite the dreary condition of the times. Together with her son Christopher, she reinvested money into creating the physical store and kept her hopes up that Fortress Radio will once again see its glory days despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Things looked pretty exciting when Palmer finally opened the boutique last 2020 and did not expect a shocking turn of events immediately the day after. Unfortunately, a car running 130 mph slammed into their building, forcing the store and radio station to close down again for another six months. 

The mishap would have understandably discouraged any entrepreneur to just drop the project. Some would have even taken it as a sign to finally put the businesses to rest. Palmer, being the driven and go-getter individual that she is, started rethinking another way to maximize her current dilemma. Instead of giving in to what seemed to be a failed relaunch of Fortress Radio, Palmer came up with a brilliant idea to live up to what its name stands for. Without hesitation, she once again started rebuilding and developed a castle within the building—a fortress that clients can visit excitedly.

Fortress Radio, originally called Metal Fortress, was founded in 2004, and it aired over WHUS 91.7 FM with Palmer, also known as Lady Rose on air, and Thomas “The Beast” Blardo being two of its most sought after on-air hosts. Blardo is a seasoned musician of 30 years and has a fanbase unlike any other. The on-air tandem eventually blossomed into a real-life romance, and Rose and the Beast became an unstoppable partnership that would take the business to the next level. 

Over the next few years, the radio company went through several reformatting and evolved from Metal Fortress to WMFR Fortress Radio without losing its genuine character—a radio station that became a haven for rock and metal music. Since 2014, Palmer and her husband have been faced with the challenge of finding a bigger space where they can operate comfortably. If anything, business growth was something that constantly followed them. 

With Fortress Clothing and More LLC complementing Fortress Radio perfectly, Rose and the Beast are looking forward to creating new ventures in the future that will continue to promote rock and metal music genres while giving music fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The pandemic may have caused uncertainty and fear among people, but one thing is for sure, Palmer and her husband will continue to brave the storms. 

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Music Manager Lindsay Mulder Seeks Out the Misfits of Society in Hopes of Helping Them Navigate Life and All Its Challenges

Music is organized chaos. It is an art form that manages to find a beautiful sense of order despite everything that’s been going on around us. Lindsay Mulder’s life perfectly matches the tune of a beautiful melody; only the lyrics are messed up. She has never been the type to lecture people about dreams and motivation. In fact, Lindsay can’t recall any moment in her life where she thought that life was fair and balanced just because she decided to “do something.”

Lindsay Mulder is truly aware of the ills of our modern society, even falling victim to the darkest depths of addiction. Before she knew it, she had spiralled down and hit rock bottom without any sense of escape in sight. Fortunately, she found solace and refuge in the form of sounds, chords, and notes ever since she was a little girl, which ultimately led her to find her way back to freedom.

Admittedly, as a little girl, Lindsay Mulder never understood the world around her. She merely saw herself as a reflection of the world and the people that inhabit it. In turn, the world didn’t seem to bother to understand her either. She developed a sense of disdain for the world, which would cause her to distance herself from it and not conform to the rules of society. 

Throughout her early life, Lindsay Mulder found a companion in music and never looked back. Through music, things started to make sense, time seemed to go a little faster, and life got a whole lot better. Music was also the light at the end of the tunnel regarding her drug and alcohol addiction, allowing her to see the world through sober eyes. Nowadays, she is allowing herself to do what she never could: live.

On the path toward her new life, Lindsay Mulder established Rock Prairie Productions LLC. She knew that if she amassed enough influence, she could convince people who are yet to be jaded by the horrors of life that there’s something worth saving on this earth.

Currently, Lindsay Mulder is a 40-year-old disabled Army veteran who served for 16 years. She has conducted vet crisis coordination and performed her civic duties to the best of her abilities. She is constantly looking for people who think that there is no hope left. She actively seeks out the misfits of society so that she can help them find their place in the world. 

“It comes from a place of familiarity. I don’t want to be like everyone else, and I’m simply not going to be. I’m not going to live the rest of my life by what society thinks,” says Lindsay Mulder. “I have never been a conformist, and I’m not going to start now as someone who is middle-aged,” she added.

Lindsay Mulder wants people to know that they aren’t alone and that they are far bigger than the battles they are facing. “I want them to wake up and feel what I couldn’t: hope. I listen to them and their words and their narratives set to song. I hear their expressions of love and pain and hate. And I help them make sense of it as I did,” explains Lindsay.

As a recovering addict and a trauma survivor herself, she knows the hardships that one must face in order to come out of this world unscathed. “It’s never too late to start living,” says Lindsay. She is a testament to hope in the face of the difficult challenges of life, and she is out there to prove to the world that she is carving her own path and doing things her way.

To know more about Lindsay Mulder, make sure to check out her company’s official website. For more live updates, check out the company’s Facebook page as well.

Hip-Hop Artist Inky Making Timeless and Inspirational Music to Reinforce Hope

With his focus on communicating with people through his music, Inky stands out tall among many of his peers. His sight is set on the bigger picture, which is to make an impact, turn lives around, be a role model, and show the world what creating success from scratch looks like. Inky, born Sharn Forrest, is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer from the Caribbean. He started his musical journey at the age of 14. More than a decade later, a change of name from “Young S” to “Inky,” and the establishment of his record label, Ink Gang, he has shifted his focus to music that can stand the test of time while ministering directly into his fans’ lives.

Inky believes strongly in the power of music, and this takes center stage each time he’s creating music. “I often think about people going through different things and how much uplifting words can make them feel better, give them hope and make them keep going. So I do that through my music while hoping they can find all the succor and rejuvenation they need in the lyrics,” Inky said. The 31-year-old musician has collaborated with various musicians based on the Island of St. Maarten and New York City. He releases music under his record label, Inky Gang, with plans to grow the label and give more artists a platform to thrive.

Inky’s music is targeted towards people from all walks of life trying to get their lives together or dealing with one life issue or the other. “I often refer to my music as a potent stress reliever. Once you plug your earphones in, it takes you to another world entirely and helps you forget about your hardships of the day. It places you in my zone and creative space where I take control of your wandering mind through my lyrics,” Inky said. He wants to pass across his message to everyone going through one struggle or the other, thinking there’s no way out. Through his music, he sends them hope and positivity, showing them they are not alone 

Inky has said many times that making music isn’t about the money for him. While he wants to be successful enough to take care of himself and his family, his biggest goal is to impact many people’s lives significantly. This goal also primarily motivated his dreams. He spent years watching music idols like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Dame Dash build their brands from music before expanding into other areas like fashion, business, and even the corporate world. Inky wants to do the same and, in a few years, be seen as a worthy role model for many young people coming behind.

With his music still in the take-off stages, Inky has his plans well thought out. In five years, he expects to be an established artist and brand in hip-hop. He also intends to focus more on the business aspect of music, which primarily involves developing other artists and projecting them to commercial success. Building the Inky brand remains the one he has dedicated his entire life to, and he hopes the process inspires someone out there never to give up. He believes that his success story is right around the corner and will be the perfect climax for a long, winding journey to musical success. Learn more about Inky on his official Instagram page.

KCAST on Rising Above Hopelessness and Pursuing Music Greatness

For many people in the Bronx, living in the area is synonymous with living in poverty. That was certainly the case for musician and artist Kenneth Castro, better known as KCAST, and his family as most of his life, the borough in the Big Apple was all he knew. Yet despite his humble upbringing, KCAST has risen about the challenge and hopelessness and created a legacy in the music world that only grows with time. 

KCAST is the founder of KCASTMUSIC, an independent music company that hosts the artist’s music and many other endeavors in the arts and entrepreneurial spaces. Apart from his business, KCAST is best known for his singing, rapping, songwriting, recording, producing, and beat making. On January 4, 2000, the artist was born to a simple family out of the South Bronx area. When KCAST was only a few months old, he lost his father and grew up with his mother and sister for most of his life. 

KCAST is extremely honest about his origins and leaves no details left out. “Growing up in the Bronx is metaphorically similar to living in poverty,” he shares. “Almost every time of the month, you feel depressed, anxious, sad, unwelcome, etc. Many people lose hope when situations make humans lack confidence in their desires and will.” Despite the hardships that he and his family faced, KCAST kept a champion grip on his dreams and never gave up on his aspirations of doing something great. His family’s predicament would only serve as motivation for him as he would constantly seek ways to better their situation. 

It was through these circumstances and beliefs that KCAST would land in music. Throughout his life, the artist has always been about creativity, evolution, and pursuing dreams. Those foundational principles would become the inspiration for his first album entitled Dream Boy because KCAST “never stops dreaming.” In 2020, KCAST decided to put himself out there and show the world what he had to offer. It wasn’t easy as he would struggle with impostor syndrome followed by a worldwide pandemic that put most of the world on pause for a season. 

Despite the challenges, KCAST was determined to keep pushing hard for what he wanted to achieve for himself, his family, and for all the people who he knew he could touch with his music. He released “Dream Boy,” which would become a massive hit across digital and radio airwaves. Some of his tracks, including songs like “Lost in a Dream,” “Fortune Cookies,” “Missing the Past,” “Out of Something,” “Fighting to Survive,” and others, became instant hits. 

Today, KCAST has over 12,700 monthly listeners on his Spotify account, with many of his tracks hitting five-digit streams in record time. On YouTube, KCAST has an additional 128,000 views and over 2,000 subscribers. All those numbers have come most recently and continue to grow exponentially with time. KCAST has become an inspiration for many youths in the Bronx and many other parts of the nation, standing as a testament to the power of belief when it comes to overcoming seemingly impossible odds in life. He hopes to inspire more as he aims for greater heights in music. Learn more about KCAST and his music by visiting his website and Instagram account.

DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. Sets the Ball Rolling to Achieve Musical Success and Lift Others Up

DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr. got into music because of his love for how powerful music is. In his words, “I don’t do it for fame, girls or validation. I make music to bring people together, make a living, change my life and that of my family, and bring other people up with my Influence.” He is passionate about fixing the world’s most prevalent problems like poverty, segregation, climate change, and violence. He has taken the first step with his music, and even as he’s still chasing success, he already created a platform to help other people get on their paths to success too. His music academy and artist management company, Parabolic Moves, was established together with Salo Sion to give aspiring musicians a chance to achieve their dreams and have a platform that supports them.

Jerzy is all about showing the world that nothing is impossible, and there is hope for every problem as long as it is addressed early enough and properly. Alongside his music, he’s passionate about mental health and is doing everything in his power to create awareness about it. As a testament to his commitment, he’s enrolled in an accelerated nursing program at Keiser University so he can get involved in the fight. “I want the world to understand that being vulnerable is okay and to know about the worsening global mental health, something that is not talked about enough,” he says. 

After meeting a fellow brother and talented artist Salo Sion, Parabolic Moves turned from an idea into a movement. Parabolic Moves Entertainment was created by Salo Sion. Jerzy and Salo became brothers, and they decided to be partners in making this movement happen. Parabolic Moves is the first move toward enabling other artists to make something out of their careers. The company’s motto, which is about “setting artists free eternally,” reinforces its commitment to giving artists an environment where they can be the best they can be and succeed in the music scene. Signed to the company himself, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr has a verified SoundCloud account with more than 5 million streams to his songs on the streaming platform. He has climbed to the top 5% of artists globally, and his hit single “Remember” coming out May 28th, 2021 helped him land a record deal with major labels Hexagon and Freshsqueeze. Not only this, but he also landed a monthly mix-show on America’s number one dance music station; Revolution 93.5 FM.

Alongside building his career, DJ Jerzy has many top-tier artists he manages. Within six months, Parabolic Moves Entertainment has made a definite mark on the entertainment music scene, and Jerzy Roginski says it’s only the beginning of great things from the company. “Our work ethic is uncanny. What we have been able to do in only six months not many have done before us, and we do not plan on stopping! We work intelligently, quickly, and diligently to produce real results, all in all, keeping it about building long-term relationships and bonds with others,” he says.

Jerzy Roginski wants to see artists achieve success while enjoying their creative and financial freedom. The company’s goal is to ease the path to success for these artists, put out positive messages through music, and generally make a difference. Jerzy’s goal is to build his brand into a global brand, touring the world in the next few years. Jerzy Roginski Jr, CEO, and Salo Sion, CEO are building a musical empire out of Parabolic Moves Entertainment and will continue to grow over the next decade and create a new generation of music stars and turn them into global household names in the music industry.Learn more about Jerzy Roginski Jr. on his official website. Also, don’t forget to follow him on social media for new updates; Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud.

Kick 5000: The Making of a Generational Talent

To be considered a generational talent is in itself an accolade that many entertainers struggle to achieve. Simultaneously, it is an accolade reserved for very few percentages of people in any industry. For Jamaal Michael Jackson, who is popularly known as Kick 5000, the tag “generational talent” is one he has earned early in his career, and living up to the expectations of the tag is what he is about right now. 

Kick 5000 is a generational musician who specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae. Having realized that he has the talent and passion, he decided to study music; after spending countless hours listening to catalogs of music, he honed his skills and worked on his melodies. 

For Kick 5000, growing up was tough, having lost his father when he was three years old and having his older brother getting locked up for life when I was thirteen. By the time he turned fifteen, he had lost his mother too. With the latest turn of events, he realized he had no immediate family in the state to take custody of himself and his sibling.

Rap music started for him when he turned seventeen, and according to him, he used to recite his friend’s rhymes every time someone asked him to rap and make fun of their verses, until one day they asked him to try it, he thinks it’s so easy. Subsequently, he began to write verses in his composition book and joined a group known as “The Goons,” a local rap/ hip hop group out of Carol City, Florida. “We created something organic for the love of rapping the best bars. It was four members that pushed each other to be great in every way.”

Recalling the most pivotal moment in his music career, Kick 500 remembered when an A&R told him to refine his lyrics. This period according to him, was when he decided to work on his musical weaknesses. 

Away from music, Kick 500 likes to channel his art and artistry in numerous mediums. His most notable non-musical ability includes his ability to draw, paint and design custom-made pieces. He has been described as a bag of experience and talents by those close to him; little wonder, there are not many music artists in the world today who have the same level of consciousness as Kick; this he admits is not accidental. 

Driven by the desire to make timeless music, transcending beyond preferences and cutting across numerous genres, Kick 5000 describes his target audience as listeners who enjoy lyricism, melodies, beats, and metaphors. In his words, “Especially for listeners that have tried to succeed and could not. My music is out of this world; even aliens have me on their playlist. My music spawned from pain! So it’s for people who are passionate about everything that they do.”

On what separates him from his dedication, Kick 5000 has this to say, “My story and dedication to making something of these gifted talents. My talent emerged out of nowhere, coupled with being a student of the game; I change with the times. The music I provide will always have a different sound than what I put out before. I can harmonize; I can walk on any beat. My ow will grab both ears! My content is just my life. Which makes it authentic.”

In five years, Kick 5000 hopes to be at the top of his chosen career in popularity and numbers. And realizing the amount of work required, he is putting in the work and not resting on his laurels. 

Connect with Kick 5000 on Instagram or visit his website

Hip-Hop Artist Marco Cxupreme Brings a Fresh Sound to the Music Industry With His Honest Content

One of the biggest and longest cliches in hip-hop is the fabrication of the artist’s image to make listeners believe that they came from the streets. With plenty of artists repeating the same act to gain sympathy and an audience, rising artist Marco Cxupreme decided to take a different route.

Marco Cxupreme is a recording artist and owner of the independent record label Live Dynasty Entertainment. Based in Dallas, Texas, Marco has been thriving in hip-hop and has shown to be an incredibly versatile artist, often tweaking his delivery, flow, or how he uses words. For him, music is all about getting the listener’s attention and keeping them hooked on what he has to say.

The artist on the rise came from humble beginnings. Marco was raised in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas, where he joined the youth choir of his church at a young age. Marco would later discover hip-hop, sparking his desire to build a career as an artist. When he turned eleven, Marco started writing his own songs. Surrounded by friends and family who shared his enthusiasm, he would often freestyle with them, showcasing his progress. Despite the fun that came out of it, Marco found he was more comfortable writing down his lyrics.

In high school, Marco Cxupreme joined a band to continue his music development. But by then, he took an interest in sports and set his goals to become a professional athlete. However, as Marco grew older, he abandoned his athletic pursuits to chase his artistic dreams. His father played a heavy influence in this decision when he passed away. Since he was young, Marco watched his father exhibit creative talent but never capitalized on his gift. 

Realizing how fleeting life can be, Marco Cxupreme set out to make the best of his time and introduce himself to the world. In the early years of his career, Marco took the stage name Marvelous MC, singing at the Dallas music scene’s open mics. By 2019, he put together a series of tracks and released them as a studio album called Harmonic Kaos. A year later, he opted to use his current stage name, releasing a shorter version of his debut album.

It was only recently that Marco established his independent record label called Live Dynasty Entertainment, crediting business partner & entrepreneur Marvin Williams for taking an interest in his projects. Marco is joined by his brother, Tru Bank$, with whom he collaborated on a single called ‘Not Even Close.’ 

As an artist, Marco takes great influence from established names like Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, and Maroon 5, to name a few. Throughout his career, the hip-hop artist has avoided painting himself as someone who came from the streets. Looking to set himself as an example to his children and the next generation, Marco seeks to pour out music from his heart in a genuine way that can positively influence others. 

Marco Cxupreme has set his sights on winning awards to celebrate his hard work, talent, and lyrical genius, with his goals coming to fruition. He plans to spearhead the change in the culture of the music scene in Dallas, owning several businesses and investing in others. Additionally, Marco is determined to use his platform and success to give to charities and guiding the youth.

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DJ MASS DEMP Takes His Artistry to the Next Level by Launching His Personal Brand as a Rapper

Just like so many others, MASS DEMP’s career as a DJ was greatly affected by the pandemic. What was supposed to be downtime in his career turned out to be an opportunity in disguise as he hustled to come up with a new way to create and earn. Amid the pandemic scare and the uncertainty of the times, he mustered the courage and enough inspiration to formulate his own personal brand as an artist and hustled to create a multitude of original songs that he independently distributed on all streaming platforms. 

From the time he released his singles and albums, MASS DEMP, born Masterson Dempsey, was never the same person again as his passion for music further fanned the flame that has always been burning within him. He has always enjoyed his decade-long career as a DJ, but taking another leap of faith to formally launch himself as a serious rapper meant playing in the big leagues. Confident that his experience and wealth of knowledge about different musical genres would be enough to jump-start his new journey, he boldly entered into a whole new ballgame and has never looked back ever since.

He reunited with a college friend, Jon Tennant a.k.a. Banger Beats, who notably solo produced the beats for his entire first album. They originally set up their studio in a makeshift apartment closet and recorded their debut track “Wintroduction Make Way.” The single was later remastered and officially released in April of 2020. Sometime after, he released his feel-good pop single entitled “Goodtimes” aimed to lift peoples’ spirits up at the height of the pandemic. Within his debut year, he was able to successfully release two 10-track albums: Mass Bangers and Wild Awaiting. MASS DEMP believes that all was only made possible through his faith and the exercise of his inner values founded on the belief of God as the source of all strength and hope. 

His deep love for music was ignited when he was just a young boy when he watched his first concert, the Supernatural tour of the legend himself, Carlos Santana. After that experience, MASS DEMP found himself wanting more and started exploring other musical genres. Eventually, hip-hop became his greatest passion. He was so determined to pursue music that he gave up his Berkeley Preparatory High School football and track athletic teams to dedicate more time mastering the acoustic guitar that he inherited from a deceased cousin. That season prepared him for the life he would live entertaining audiences as a DJ. 

MASS DEMP is nothing but excited about the possibilities that are in store for him and his career in the upcoming years. He sees himself expanding his influence further and using what he has successfully built this year as his jump-off point. He intends to focus on sharpening his entrepreneurial skills and grow his brand’s clothing business significantly. Alongside strengthening his business is his goal to be able to perform on tours in the near future and promote his music. 

As he continues to take his place in the music and business industries, he aspires to serve as an inspiration to others who are also working hard to reach their dreams. He hopes that his story will motivate them to never give up, to push even harder when the times get tough, and to be driven by their deepest passions in life. Just as he has found his place in a niche he loves the most; he hopes that others will live out their purpose as well when the right time comes. 

Learn more about MASS DEMP by following him on Instagram