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Matt Corman Is the Independent Hip Hop Artist to Watch Out For

When he first began creating music from his college dorm room back in 2014, Matt Corman never expected that his first mixtape called Bars Over Bass would take him further in the music industry. Since then, Matt has worked with some of the biggest names in the hip hop scene, toured across the country, and even built his record label. 

Matt Corman is one of the most tenacious and promising independent artists of his generation. After the success of his debut, Matt released his second mixtape in 2015 called Speak First. During the same year, the artist became a notorious supporting act for music icons such as Post Malone, Fetty Wap, Sammy Adams, and Cam Meekins. Matt continued to work with some of such artists over the next few years.

In 2016, Matt teamed up with Nicco Catalano, aka Neek. The artist from Los Angeles, California, helped Matt craft and solidify his sound. Furthermore, during the winter of the same year, Matt had the opportunity to work with Sammy Adams again in a sold-out performance held at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts.

Matt Corman was riding the tides of his success after releasing new music month after month. Later on, he joined Fetty Wap on his sold-out performance in the fall of 2017. The event ticked off a new milestone for Matt’s career and marked his name down in history. Because of this, he was hailed as the first alumni to ever perform at Southern New Hampshire University for their Major Homecoming Concert, where he showcased his talent in front of over 3,000 people. 

The following year in February, Matt became part of yet another sold-out performance and other select few artists in Boston. Months later, in the same year, Matt released his project called Whiteboards & Windows. Also, in 2018, Matt worked with Aaron Carter on a tour while simultaneously running his business.

Being the dedicated independent artist, Matt Corman pursued building his own label company called MIH Universal. The label is the embodiment of his life slogan, “Make It Happen.” For Matt, MIH is not just a brand but a lifestyle. In return, fans have been raving about his music as they saw his authenticity and contagious personality. 

Matt Corman is continually growing his influence in the music scene. He has gained over 20 million streams for his growing catalog and has emerged as a force in the hip hop landscape. This year, Matt is dedicated to releasing a new song every Friday for the rest of 2020. He is looking forward to carrying the practice on to 2021. His songs are currently patronized and used by prominent Youtube personalities on their videos, such as NELK and FaZe Rug. 

Matt Corman values being an independent artist above anything else because it gives him the freedom to stay true to his music. “My Make It Happen brand is everything I live for. I didn’t come from money. I never had connections to the industry,” recalled Matt. “I had to figure out a way to “Make It Happen,” even when I didn’t have the resources to do so,” he added. 

Nonetheless, Matt Corman built his brand from the ground up despite the lack of funding from big-name music companies. His resourcefulness and determination truly set him apart from the rest of the pack. Asked what he envisions doing in the future, Matt said that he would love to mentor other aspiring artists and be the “beacon of hope they can count on to help get through in tough situations.”

Learn more about Matt Corman on his website and connect with the artist through his Twitter account. To see more of his latest works, check out his TikTok.

Geez Da Gawd Breaking Through the Scene and Making Hip-Hop

Independent and upcoming artist Babajide Bamiduro, aka Geez Da Gawd, is rising up the hip-hop ranks. With a unique sound unlike any other, he’s bringing something new into the scene, and hip-hop fans from all over are starting to take notice.

Geez Da Gawd is a rapper, songwriter, and engineer from Park Heights in Westside Baltimore. He grew up in Detroit most of his life, spending most of his childhood on Seven Mile in the West part of the town. His music started to pick up in 2018 when he released his single “Little Brother.” Eastside Detroit-based producer Gtrak produced the track. 

The musician’s music has appeared and aired on 92Q Jams Baltimore and 93.9 WKYS DC. Geez Da Gawd also runs Prominence Recording Studio in Maryland, a venture he started to publish his own music. Later on Prominence would grow into a full studio. “Engineers wouldn’t mix my music to my liking, so I began to mix my own in 2016,” shares the artist. “I enjoy the comfort of my own space and saving thousands of dollars. Things kinda took off, with other artists wanting to get services from my label.” 

In the near future, Prominence Studio will be shifting into an all inclusive record company. The music professional now has a few artists lined up for signing within the next couple months. Yahboy Soda, the artist who pushed Babajide to make the business official, will be one of the company’s first artists.

But the true passion of artist Geez Da Gawd is performing and writing original music. He takes after the styles and sounds of other well-known artists like Future, Sada Baby, G Herbo, Rio da Yung OG, Peezy, Babyface Ray, and Icewear Vezzo, to name a few. At his core, the artist believes that his music begins with an appreciation of other people’s work. Through this, he can grow skill-wise and move further in his music career. 

On the social platform YouTube, Babajide has seen the most success in terms of digital presence. His music videos have cumulatively collected over two hundred thousand views on the video streaming platform. Geez Da Gawd is self-made in every single way. He writes his own music and has a heavy hand on his recording and music video work. Most of his creative masterpieces come from his vision and direction.

“To break through and get recognition is the greatest hurdle. An artist needs to elevate above the noise to really stand out,” shares Geez Da Gawd. “I realized that I have a responsibility to carry people through their moments.” The artist knows what it means to work hard. While extremely passionate, he never lets down his guard, always ready to overwork anyone. He acknowledges that everything he wants won’t just fall into his lap. Hence, he never stops to think about what the world owes him, but instead goes and gets it himself.

Consequently, Geez Da Gawd has grown a massive fan base for an independent artist. He receives messages from fans everywhere, expressing how much they appreciate his music and how his positive and uplifting messages have brought them through tough times. The artist finds inspiration in knowing that his work is making an impact in the lives of others. 

And as he slowly increases his fanbase, he never rushes anything. Geez Da Gawd is taking his precious time. His focus has solely been on creating good quality music that hip-hop fans all around would love. He believes that there is no shortcut to greatness and maintains his value for hard work, not forgetting to enjoy the journey. He looks forward to creating more music that people will enjoy and collaborating with other artists.

To learn more about Geez Da Gawd, visit his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

The Band Curt Cannabis Is Bringing Back Some Nostalgia With Their Album “Saved My Life”

When a band performs in most concerts, a member, usually the lead vocalist, keeps the crowd entertained by interacting with them in between sets. Musician Curt Cannabis is familiar with this kind of role.

Curt Yeoman, best known as  Curt Cannabis, has had quite the experience in the music industry. He has produced and performed for many years. Curt Cannabis’s experience began when he was still producing songs for garage bands and even Grammy winners.

The veteran vocalist has fronted for many bands, from Wolfgang to Ninestrum and From Adam.

Curt Cannabis would later start another band, adopting his stage name as the band name. He enlisted fellow artist and producer Brian Dinger as the guitarist, Brian Bundy, to play the bass, and Matt Call to handle the drums. Each of the members have had experience in the music industry and have supported other bands such as ZZ Top, Puddle of Mudd, Daughtry, and Switchfoot, to name a few.

They started the band together with the goal of not just producing music, but also giving the audience the performance that they deserve. On a more reflective note, Curt Cannabis also sees how screwed up the world is. They want their music to reach out to people and have them say, “He gets it.”

As musicians, their sound is reminiscent of the late ’90s and early to mid-2000s rock and post-grunge sound. Many of their songs are inspired by the events going around them. 

In their songwriting process, Curt writes down the lyrics with basic guitar, drums, and bass. He then gives them out to the members, who have the freedom to play the song however they see fit. Once they get a rhythm, the band fine-tunes the song. This approach helps them capture the sound rather than waste time overthinking how it should go. 

In their journey as a band, the biggest hurdle that Curt Cannabis encountered was the logistics of getting the tracks recorded. Scheduling the recording was difficult as Brian Bundy was still involved with various projects. The band went through four different studios all around the world as they worked to make their first album. They were able to release their first album Saved My Life earlier this year in March.

The album consists of seven songs, starting with the track “Face.” However, the song that certainly stands out from the others was “Pushing Paper Bridges” as it brings a new brand of pop punk. Fans of the band Against Me! will be surprised, as they share a similar sound. 

As of the moment, the band is currently working on several music videos for their album. They are also in the process of creating a follow-up album to Saved My Life and are hopeful of putting a tour together once everything returns to normal.

To find out more about Curt Cannabis and their music, you may visit their website and YouTube channel.

Black Sasuke, an Up and Coming Artist, Implements Both Western and Japanese Influence in His Career

Japanese anime has such a significant impact on popular media, such as influencing films like Pacific Rim. In the music industry, the influence is typically evident in music videos, but so far, that is where the evidence ends. Black Sasuke, an up and coming rapper, wants to change that.

Black Sasuke, whose real name is Aaron Scott, is one of the thousands of people who appreciate Japanese culture. He is an avid fan of anime, especially Naruto.

His love for the series played a heavy influence on him. Black Sasuke took his name from one of the show’s characters, Sasuke Uchiha, who showed how he worked in silence to become one of the show’s strongest characters.

Black Sasuke admired his “hustle in silence” attitude and took up the name to pursue a career in the music industry. Not only did he adopt the name, but he also based his image on the character, specifically in the follow-up series to the original, Naruto Shippuden.

He wears red face paint that starts from the bottom of his eyes, trickling down to his cheeks. He also wears a black jacket with red outlines on the inside with a red cloud lined with white outlines on the center, a tribute to Sasuke’s costume in the series.

Black Sasuke started his career  just over a year ago. He had struggled with finding what he wanted to do in his career. He would later realize that he wanted to make it into the music industry. Although he was broke, Black Sasuke was driven by his dream and found ways to get himself back on his feet.

Once he started earning money, Black Sasuke took the opportunity to jump right into music. He started making music. His musical inspiration is former artist XXXTentacion, whose influence helped Black Sasuke come up with tongue-twisting verses in his song “Shotti, Pt. 2.”

Black Sasuke also takes influence from another millennial artist, Lil Nas X. This is evident in his song “I’m So Lit,” a chill song that features him using a ukulele in its chords. The song also takes some influence from traditional Japanese instrumental scores in popular media. He also has a song wherein he disses artist 6ix9ine titled “6ix9ine Slice.”

Despite the aggressive nature of his song, Black Sasuke typically creates songs that are creative, original, and entertaining. He wants to teach people to do the right thing in the world to help make it a better place for everyone. 

Black Sasuke also wants to break the stigma that anime is only for children. He wants to encourage other rappers who enjoy anime as much as he does to embrace them and implement them into their identity in the industry. He is hopeful that he can create more amazing music and preach positivity to others in the future, and in time, design clothes.

To find out more about Black Sasuke, you may follow him on Instagram, where he constantly updates his works. Black Sasuke’s videos are also available for viewing on YouTube.

Double.r : Finding Life’s Real Reason through Music

Because of the hardships they faced when they were still young, Matthew Zakiewicz and Steven Frazer brought to life Double.r to bring smiles and relief to their audience. This creation was inspired by “the fact that even though life can be hard at times, we are living proof of change.”

Through Double.r, the duo is able to spread positive vibes and bring light on the dark phases of their listeners. Moreover, the two claim that the very essence of making their craft runs through its lyrics and tone. For them, the flow of words in their music aims to also motivate its young audience. The young artists said that instead of flexing the things they have, releasing music with significant themes is something they are proud of.

Inspired by the reaction of listeners to the craft of other artists, Double.r knew what they would be aiming for through their music. For them, the fans are tied to their music. Helping other people go through the bad times is their inspiration.

However, Matthew and Steven did not have easy lives growing up.

Now 20 years old, Matthew moved back and forth between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With parents that are drug users, Zukari, Matthew’s stage name, eventually succumbed to drug addiction. He has changed his life when he overdosed on drugs. He turned his life around and decided that music would be the only high he would have in his life.

Although born in Garfield, New Jersey, Revo, Steven’s stage name, was mostly raised in PA. Similar to what Matthew has experienced, Steven’s drug-using parents caused him a lot of stress. The 19-year-old committed acts that have even threatened his life. However, he has regretted his decisions and is now recovering from his bad experiences through music.

United because of their traumatic pasts, the individuals behind Double.r believe that everything has a reason. And the hardships they have faced only made them stronger.

With a burning passion for the craft they have come to love, Double.r started their journey humbly. By saving enough money, the duo released their music in their town just to serve as their own outlet of escaping their harsh realities. With younger audiences embracing Double.r and their craft, they became known throughout the town. Eventually, they saved up enough money to make their own studio.

“We just feel like our whole lives we have been working for the moment we break through and have that massive exposure and really take off with the biggest win of all. The fans, the consistency, and the movement are all tied together to form our craft.”

Although they are still underrated artists, their listeners are constantly growing. Double.r envisions their dreams turning into reality. They are also hoping that their music will evolve dramatically. However, they are also grateful for the growth they have experienced as a band. Someday, they will see that their music was an impactful craft not just for them, but also for their audiences.

Stream their music in SoundCloud, Spotify, and in Apple Music.

Kaden Asher Imparts Joy and Positivity to Fans Through His Music

At a time when all of the world is experiencing the dismal effects of the pandemic, there is a growing need for encouragement and inspiration among people. Singer, model, and entrepreneur Kaden Asher is extending positivity and happiness through his music and personal advocacies to help people cope in this challenging season. By putting a smile on their faces, the young artist hopes to lighten their burden and help them move forward in life. 

Born Randolph Stoughton, the Cincinnati, Ohio born artist, was first introduced to the world with the debut of his ever video on October 24, 2017. He was best known for his entertaining appearances on various streaming and social media platforms that include YouTube, Twitter, and live streams. People were instantly drawn to him due to his innate and uncommon humor plus his ability to empower listeners and viewers with his words. Kaden Asher has made a lasting impact on a lot of people. 

Eventually, the promising artist discovered his talent and deep love for music. He decided to pursue a career in the music industry, and his debut attracted the attention of some musical artists such as Molly Moore, who created her EP Piece of My Heart. With his determination to win the hearts of music fans worldwide, Kaden Asher released his first album called Rebirth on March 21, 2018. It was during this release that he gained the attention of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. 

On June 12, 2018, his second album Awakening was released much to the delight of his ever-growing following. On November 6 that same year, Kaden Asher introduced his third album to the world called Inverted Creations. In all of his music, his positivity and desire to impart happiness to his listeners are very evident. For him, he has a role to play where it concerns introducing his music to his fans. He wants his music to radiate hope, especially during times of despair. 

“If I can get somebody to smile then I would have fulfilled my main purpose not only as a businessman but as an influencer, actor, and musician. My company, my music, and my friends are focused on positive enlightenment, happiness, and encouragement to those who need them and those who may be struggling in their lives, who need that light at the end of the tunnel,” Kaden Asher explains. 

With over 30,000 views in his personal channel, it is safe to say that the admirable singer is making the world fall in love with his music, his charm, fun-loving nature, and charismatic personality. For Kaden Asher, making a connection with his fans is of utmost importance. He believes that all the fame in the world would mean nothing if fans are not able to see themselves in every song he creates. 

Aside from his music and company, Kaden is also actively involved in worthy causes. He has advocated and mentored countless individuals who are victims of domestic violence. He is also a passionate supporter of the LGBT movement. By keeping an open mind and a kind heart, Kaden Asher believes that it helps people to see things from the right perspective. 

Currently, Kaden Asher hopes to be able to connect with the younger generation to motivate them to be bold in pursuing their dreams regardless of the challenges along the way. By being a positive influence on young people today, he hopes to be able to contribute to raising a new generation of artists and influencers. 

Follow Kaden Asher on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about his latest projects. Check out his Spotify account to listen to his music. 

Randy Boo Releases GFY Remix for Late Chi Chi DeVayne

It was just in February when Randy Boo and Chi Chi DeVayne released their collaboration titled “GFY.” The upbeat track is an inspiring anthem for LGBTQI individuals. However, what was supposed to be a celebration of living life to the fullest by not listening to cynics took an unfortunate turn.

A few weeks ago, Chi Chi lost a battle against pneumonia at the age of 34. The fans and friends of the celebrated entertainer were saddened by her passing, including Randy. In honor of the RuPaul’s Drag Race star, the new independent artist produced the remix of their track, complemented by an edited music video. The song is available on all music platforms, including YouTube and SoundCloud.

Born in the Philippines, the 34-year-old Randy Boo has always had a penchant for music. He said that he realized his love and passion for music ever since he was still young. Moreover, he claims that he can feel the rhythm in everything, in the music, and in the world.

Boo has an impressive skill set that equips him for the challenging music industry. The Filipino can sing, rap, dance, and produce music. Apart from that, he writes lyrics, models occasionally, and has acted in some films.

Most artists release music that has lyrics that are close to their hearts. The subject of the lyrics can be about love, race, growing up, struggles, politics, etc. As for Randy, it is something that he is loud and proud of: the LGBT community. With the lyrics of the music he has released being relatable to the LGBT community, it is no wonder why his audience is mostly individuals that belong there. Moreover, his music video and his stint as a host in Gay Town Hall has attracted more listeners.

However, he also said that regardless of sexuality, his music is a universal craft. According to Randy Boo, even individuals that are in their 30s can relate to his music.

Raised in Denver, the fresh artist has also used his skills in different platforms. He has opened for big stars. Randy has worked for Todrick Hall, Jussie Smollet, and Dev. Additionally, he has been part of a band, Echo V, where he stayed for three years.

Randy Boo’s previous works do not just end there. Boo has graced the cover of two magazines. Impressively, he landed a lead role in an indie film. Apart from his hosting duties in Gay Town Hall, Randy has strutted his wares in Hey Qween, where he was a dancer for the show.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, Randy has made quite a presence on social media platforms. Currently, Boo is an HIV tester. Also, he can speak two languages, Filipino and English, and this is partly because he is a citizen of the Philippines and was raised in the US.

With music that has relevant lyrics and relatively lengthy experience in the entertainment industry, Randy is all primed to step up his game.

Check out his website or visit his Instagram account for more information.

AMG Task Ready to Take on the World with His Music

The hip-hop world has seen its fair share of distinctive artists. And the music world is in for another unique treat as Christopher Patterson, aka AMG Task, gets ready to put his music out there.

The twenty-four-year-old musical artist is a character with a style and flavor, unlike any other. With his wild colored hair, gothic fashion, and highly explosive hip-hop beats, Task is always turning heads wherever he goes. Chris’ roots start in Philadelphia, though he would move to Atlanta, Georgia, with his brother, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother when he was six years old. From a very young age, he’s always loved music. He started out playing the drums at church when he was only eight years old.

To AMG Task, music is his main form of expression. He uses music to convey his deepest feelings and communicate messages to people who wouldn’t understand him, especially at face value. One thing that separates Chris as an artist is that he isn’t out to compete with anyone. “I’m doing what I love and what I feel is best for me,” Task shares. “I can’t compete with a person like me no matter how good or better someone is at something. I’ll always see myself as the first place or number one.”

Apart from his music, Task is an avid entrepreneur. He loves starting business ventures and has gotten good at it. His latest business venture is a clothing brand called Not Friendly. The apparel features a unique clothing line with some of the loudest statements and designs by a musician-started business venture. Not Friendly features everything from T-shirts, tank tops, full tracksuits, men and women’s fitness wear, hoodies, turtlenecks, and even thongs. 

AMG Task has built a solid social media following, especially on Instagram. He is a little bit shy of the 24,000 mark in terms of Instagram followers and still growing until today. His masterful tracks have earned him a solid fan base that readily waits for his next track. On Spotify, the hip-hop artist has also built a significant level of success. He has over 3,800 monthly listens on the streaming platform. On YouTube, Task’s tracks have already reached over 57,000 streams in less than two years.

Task has released a barrage of hard-hitting songs. Some of his top tracks include the songs “Bishop,” “Late Nights,” “Eat Freestyle,” “Gorilla Warfare,” “Whiz,” “Tell You,” and “No Love,” to name a few. In late 2019, AMG Task launched a full album called Stepped On, containing twelve minutes of the writer and performer’s original tracks. AMG Task’s music has pulled in followers from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, and London.

Chris is more than ready to bring his music to the next level. The musician maintains that he has so much more to offer still and that his best music is still ahead of him. He also looks to keep launching new businesses. He’s invested in “Not Friendly Slays,” a new salon with a unique twist in recent days.

AMG Task looks to conquer more stages soon and silence naysayers with his punk hip-hop style and intricate lyrical work. To learn more about Task and listen to his music, follow him on Instagram and Spotify.